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November 9, 2006



-Nicole is walking the pier, thinking about her fight with Eric last night. She bumps into Lucas, who makes note of never seeing Nicole look so depressed. Nicole snidely tells Lucas she is fine and that she knows he doesn't care the least about her. Lucas says he will never like her but would hate for her to jump off a bridge or anything, since she looks like she may be thinking about it. She denies that and says she just has a huge choice to make and fills Lucas in on her situation with Eric. Lucas can't believe Nicole is so conflicted as he thought she was heartless. Nicole hits him and tells him that Eric is the love of her life but running Highstyle is a dream come true for her and she only has 48 hours to decide before she is ousted. She admits after the fight Eric and her had the choice may be much easier. Lucas tells her to follow her heart since it is clear to him for the first time that she has one. Her heart will give her the answer, that is what Grandma Horton always tells him. Nicole sarcastically thanks him. Lucas says he must go and wishes her luck. Nicole recalls the past few months with Eric and all the tension and suspicion. She decides that maybe all that was telling her it was not meant to be and that maybe it's time to leave Salem...for good!!!

-Greta comes to visit Eric at the suite and he fills her in on what happened after she notices the broken picture of him and Nicole. He tells Greta he learned that Nicole has to choose between her dream job in LA or staying with him. Greta asks him why she can't have both. Eric says normally she could but he refused to leave. He just Nicole he wanted to be here because he missed so much time with his family in the past, which is true, but he never told her that he is dying and that is why he wants to stay. Greta sees that Eric is on pain and is clutching his head. Eric says it's been bad since the fight with Nicole and is getting worse. Greta urges him to tell everyone the truth. He doesn't have much time. Eric wants no pity and says he is following through with what he has wanted all along-no one must know he is dying. He tells Greta he hopes the fight has made Nicole decide to leave. He wants her to move on after him so maybe it's the best thing. He can't have her give up her dream job to be with him when he is about to die. Greta reminds him that he wanted to be with Nicole in his final days because he said she was the love of his life. Eric says she is and he did but not at the expense of her happiness and her future. If the fight wasn't enough to push Nicole to go to LA and keep her job at Highstyle, then he will make sure that it happens by convincing her it's over for good. He loves her and would do anything for her, even giving up on having her by his side in his final days. Greta gets emotional and embraces him, telling him what a good man he is as Eric nods and says, "Yeah, I know."

-Caroline races into the station. Roman, Abe, and Shane are gathered in Abe's office talking. Caroline tells them that Kayla is missing. Roman tells her to calm down and explain. Caroline tells him that Stephanie called and said she hadn't heard from Kayla for a long time. Caroline admits she hasn't either and nor has anyone else. Caroline says that Stephanie called the AMA and there was no conference scheduled in Chicago when Kayla left Salem. She hasn't been in LA to see Stephanie either. She isn't picking up her cell. She said she may be gone for awhile for the conference, to see friends and Stephanie, etc but she is MIA. Roman tells her to calm down. A cop is talking with a apparent prison guard nearby and they overhear. The guard comes over and seems upset by hearing Kayla is missing. He says he last saw her a few weeks ago and she used him to get information out of Patrick Lockhart by pretending like Patrick was being released. The guard says he hopes Kayla will be ok-he always liked her and used to love when she was around to see Roman and Bo. Shane offers to go interrogate Patrick to find out what he told Kayla. The guard goes with him as Roman comforts Caroline. Jack is there covering a story on a murder investigation and asks Abe what is going on. Abe fills him in but tells him that is off the record. Jack agrees since he wouldn't report it without further information.

-Hope bumps into Billie right after using her cell to book a flight to Sydney. Billie asks why she is going there. Hope explains that she overheard Bo and Victor are going there to bring down Stefano and the Dimera's and she is not going to stand by and watch him die. Billie thinks it s bad idea and tries to dissuade Hope but she won't have it. Billie tells her to at least bring backup. Hope says they will only slow her down and cause more problems. She tells Billie goodbye and begs her not to do anything to stop her. She is doing this for Bo. Hope runs off as Billie makes a beeline for the station to tell Roman what Hope is doing.

-Maggie decides to go see Victor, figuring he would want to know about her finally coming out of her depression and trying to move on. She rings the doorbell but no answer. She hears someone coming around back and fears it could be an intruder. She hides in the bushes and sees that it's Nico. He is just making sure the house is secure. He makes a comment about Lucas and Austin monitoring things along with him while Victor and Bo are in Sydney, Australia. She then hears Nico mention Stefano being there and Mr. Kiriakis wanting to finally put Stefano and the Dimera's out of their misery. Maggie seems intrigued and quietly runs off.

-Hope is at the airport, waiting to board. She goes to buy a magazine and is stunned when the woman in front of her in line turns around. It's Maggie. Hope asks what she is doing at the airport. Maggie says she is heading to Sydney, Australia. Hope says she is too and explains what is going on with Bo and Victor and then realizes why Maggie is there after reminding herself of Maggie and Victor's closeness recently. She tells Maggie she can't do this and Maggie says she can and will. She is going to make sure the Dimera's pay for what happened to Mickey and all the other pain and suffering they have caused. Hope shakes her head and says she is not letting her go on that plane. Maggie tells Hope she can't stop her and, if she does, she will find away to go no matter what just like Hope would. She proposes to Hope the idea of them going and working together.

-Shane returns to the station and tells Abe, Roman, and Caroline that it took some threats and hard negotiating but he knows where Kayla is. Patrick told him despite fearing for Dimera retaliation in prison. Jack hears what is going on and eavesdrops outside the office door, which is slightly ajar. Billie shows up and asks Jack what he is doing. He sushes her and Billie comes in closer to him and listens with him. Shane tells them all that Kayla had spoken to Kim about a probe he did into Steve's death years back. He was suspicous of the death because of Steve's action prior to dying but found out there was nothing more to it. Steve was dead and what happened happened...or so it seemed. Roman asks what that means. Shane says that Patrick told Kayla that Steve was alive and was being held in Sydney, Australia by Stefano and the Dimera's. He has been help captive for years and was originally in Lawrence Alamain's possession right after Lawrence used Patrick to help fake Steve's death as revenge against him. He also grew to hate Bo so keeping Steve further suited his gains but his love for Carly and fear of losing her forced him to make a deal with Stefano to give him over. Steve was put in Stefano's custody and has been in it, moving from place to place, ever since and now Kayla went after him in Sydney. Roman, Abe, and Caroline are stunned. Jack is even more stunned, as is Billie.

Jack: Oh my God...my brother. How can this be? Is this a joke?

Billie: Well...I don't...

Jack: No...He's alive. It just seems...right. My instincts...Steve. My brother...my brother is alive, Billie.

The screen fades to black.

On the next Salem Lives...

Katherine to Cal: The name is Dr. Katherine Harcourt and I look forward to our sessions together.

Maggie to Hope: We can work together, Hope. We can make sure Victor and Bo are ok and help end the Dimera reign of terror...what do you say?

Roman to Shane, Abe, and Caroline: Well, then. Looks like we are headed for Sydney.

Jack to Billie: I am going to find my brother...

Billie to Jack: I know we are on bad terms but count me in too. I'll be your backup.

Victor to Bo: I promise you this trip will end the Dimera reign...no matter what we have to do.

Stefano to Lexie: We will destroy them all and watch all our foes go down in flames.

Celeste: Oh, dear God. NO!!! Death...their doomed. Their all doomed!!!


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