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Episode #31 - Monday, January 23:



Episode #31 - Monday, January 23:

- Kate and Billie face off. Kate cannot believe that Billie has taken a job with Victor to run Countess Wilhemina!

- Stefano leaves Salem once again to be with Marlena on the estate in Virginia.

- Rex moves all of his stuff back into Shawn's.

- Belle is upset when she learns that Mimi will not be asking her to be her maid of honor.

- Abe confronts Celeste and demands to know why his contact told him that she slept with Tek.

- Shawn worries what Rex's arrival will do to his relationship with Mimi.

- Mimi tells Belle that she has not forgiven her for telling Rex about the abortion, and she never will.

- Billie explains to Kate that she helped build Countess Wilhemina and she could not pass up the opportunity to run it again!

- Per Laura's advise, Belle and Phillip go on a romantic weekend getaway to the Green Mountain Lodge.

- Hope and Bo go into a fight over Bo's defending Billie and her bailing him out of jail.

- Celeste tells Abe that his contact is wrong, but Abe pushes the matter.

- Marlena gets the attention of the girl on the estate, although she does not see her face.

- Kate and Billie put the Titan/Basic Black feud behind them long enough to come up with a way to track down the real Georgia.

- John finally comes to the conclusion that Marlena will never leave Alex. John realizes that he must let go of Marlena.

- Billie is pleasantly surprised to learn that Kate has hired a P.I. to find the real Georgia.

- Celeste finally confesses to Abe that she set it up to make it look like she and Tek had had sex so she can blackmail Tek into leaving Lexie alone!

- Rex and Mimi are horrified when they both end up getting stuck on the roof together.....thanks to a brooding Jan Spears!

- Lexie tells Tek that nothing can ever happen between them ever again, but Tek pulls Lexie into a passionate kiss.


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