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Episode #30 - January 20, 2006:



Episode #30 - January 20, 2006:

- Mimi and Shawn are appalled when Rex shows up at the loft!

- Rex shares a hug with his cousin, Shawn, and Mimi. He tells them he hears congrats are in order.

- Carrie and Austin spend a romantic date together.

- Belle tells Phillip that she is not ready for a new baby.

- Celeste gets horrible vibes that Abe is close to finding out the truth about Lexie and Tek.

- Marlena tries to break out of the prison that Stefano has put her in.

- Victor sets his sights on a new designer whose designs he wants to launch Titan's first fashion line. He is dismayed when he learns that Basic Black is also looking to land her and her designs.

- Kate is still reeling from the fact that Victor hired Belle, her ex-employee and daughter-in-law, as her Junior exec, but she is even more horrified to learn that Billie has landed her old job at Countess Wilhemina cosmetics!

- Celeste tells Tek that he needs to leave town forever or she will tell Lexie that they slept together!

- Marlena once again sees the mysterious girl on the estate through her prison cell window.

- John calls an emergency meeting at Basic Black. Kate, John, and Sami are in attendance. Austin and Mimi must leave Carrie and Shawn to attend the special meeting. Kate, John, Sami, Austin, and Mimi strategize and realize that Victor, Billie, Belle, Carrie, and Lucas will not be an easy group to beat.

- Tek is outraged at Celeste, but he calls her bluff - saying that Lexie will hate her as much as she'll hate him if the truth is revealed.

- Rex asks Shawn if he could stay at the apartment. Shawn says he doesn't think that is a good idea and offers his room at Bo and Hope's to Rex, but Rex says his name is still on the lease and he is still paying the rent, so he TELLS Shawn that he's staying in the loft.

- Jan plans to ruin Mimi's life first and foremost. And then make sure that Phillip, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, and Rex all end up miserable.

- Abe does another check on Tek, and his source tells him that Tek recently spent the night with CELESTE!


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Hehe! Well, they didn't actually sleep together, but Celeste drugged him and made him think that as part of her plan to rid Lexie's life of Tek.

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