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Episode #29 - Thursday, January 19:



Episode #29 - Thursday, January 19:

- Jan vows to destroy the lives of Rex, Shawn, Belle, Mimi, and Phillip. She reveals that she is over Shawn, and Mimi and Belle could kill each other over him for all she cares. This time, it is about revenge!

- Hope is outraged when Billie beats Hope to bailing Bo out of prison. Hope and Billie get into over Bo.

Shawn asks Mimi what is bothering her and why she was fighting with her mother.

- Carrie and Austin plan a romantic date.

- Lexie is taken aback when Tek ignores her at the hospital.

- Phillip and Belle continue their lovemaking session.

- The Deveraux's continue to bond with Laura.

- Kate and Victor wonder if the other is playing the other or if the lunch they just had was genuine.

- Bo tries to play referee between Hope and Billie, and Hope leaves him in disgust.

- Celeste tells Tek that she won't tell Lexie what happened between them ever. Celeste suggests that Tek leave town, but he refuses.

- Kate is peeved when Victor informs her that he has hired an ex-Basic Black employee to be his Junior Exec is Belle!

- Belle is shocked when Phillip asks about making another baby!

- Kate hires a P.I. to try and track down the real Georgia.

- Mimi lies to Shawn and decides to keep Claire's paternity from him. Shawn tells Mimi that nothing is going to get in the way of their happiness, but just then, there is a knock at the door. Mimi and Shawn are both shocked and dismayed when REX is at the door.


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