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Episode #32 - Tuesday, January 24:



Episode #32 - Tuesday, January 24:

- Thanks to Jan, Rex and Mimi get stuck on the roof together.

- Phillip and Belle go on their romantic getaway and have a romantic date and make love.

- Stefano graces Marlena with his prescence on the estate and unknowingly scares the woman away.

- Victor tells Caroline that he still loves her, and he always will.

- Roman hears that the D.A. plans to nail Bo for Tony's murder. Roman decides to confess!

- Caroline lashes out at Victor for being so selfish while her husband is on his deathbed fighting for his life.

- Abe asks Celeste if Lexie has had an affair with Tek. She lies and says Lexie has been faithful, as far as she knows.

- Rex and Mimi hash everything out. He says that he hasn't forgiven her, and he probably never will, but that he still loves her! He asks if Mimi still loves him.

- Abe finally realizes that Lexie and Tek must have had an affair, and Celeste KNOWS! Why else would she be SO desperate to drive Tek out of town?

- Tek and Lexie's passionate kiss ends when Tek gets a mysterious phone call.

- Hope and Bo's fight continues and blows up into something huge that neither were anticipating.

- Mimi and Rex are let free from the roof before she can answer Rex's question....minutes later, Jan hears Mimi say that Shawn can never find out the secret!

- Jan vows to find out the secret and ruin Mimi!

- Billie and Bo bond over memories of Chelsea....and they almost brush lips when she trips. And Shawn sees!

- Hope has her tea leaves read by Celeste, who tells Hope that everything Tony told her is very definitely TRUE!

- Tek makes a call to his boss.....STEFANO!


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