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Episode #33 - Wednesday, January 25:



Episode #33 - Wednesday, January 25:

- Stefano tells Tek that he sent him to Salem to destroy Abe and Lexie's marriage and he intends him to do so!

- Cassie and Rex talk about Mimi and he says that he still loves her, but he is not going to do anything underhanded to win her back.

- Jan follows Mimi to the hospital hellbent on figuring out what her secret is.

- Shawn is horrified to see Bo and Billie almost kiss when she falls into his arms. He runs off. And Bo sees.

- Cassie resolves to get revenge on Mimi for hurting her brother like this.

- Jan sees Mimi and Bonnie heatedly discussing something, and when Shawn enters, they quiet down, immediately.

- Hope is horrified now that Celeste has had a vision that confirms what Tony had told Hope before he died!

- Bo and Billie agree that nothing like this can ever happen again. Bo takes off to find Shawn.

- Tek ponders telling Stefano about the Celeste complication, but he decides against it.

- Caroline has agreed to watch Claire while Phillip and Belle are away at the Green Mountain Lodge. She asks Mimi to watch Claire as she checks in on Shawn Sr.

- Stefano warns Cassie not to make any enemies because they will try and uncover their secret - that she and Rex are really Dimera's and that Cassie has been undercover as a Brady this whole time!

- Shawn decides to give Billie a piece of his mind.

- Roman decides not to confess to the murder just yet, as he begs Abe to stall Bo's trial for Tony's murder.

- Jan overhears Mimi talking to baby Claire and saying something about changing the files. Jan puts two and two together and decides to look into baby Claire's file.

- The mysterious girl at the estate gets closer and closer to Marlena's cell window....and closer to seeing Marlena.

- Shawn comes face to face with Billie


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