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Episode #34 - Thursday, January 26:



Episode #34 - Thursday, January 26:

- Shawn rips into Billie and tells her to BACK OFF his father and mother.

- Stefano tells Tek to get his act together and move forward with the plan to seduce Lexie away from Abe.

- Billie tells Shawn that she has never stopped loving Bo.

- Mimi decides to break into the computer files and change Claire's paternity.

- Laura and Kate exchange words over Mike, Austin, and Carrie and also, Bill.

- Sami plans a romantic evening for Austin and Carrie, who are shocked at how nice and supportive she is being towards them.

- Mimi breaks into the computer lab, and Jan follows her!

- Austin and Carrie dance the night away and discuss making love. An eavesdropping Sami realizes that her plan might be blowing up in her face.

- Cassie finds Rex's journal and gets an up close look at the pain that Mimi caused him. She sets out to find her.

- Victor must break up a hair-pulling catfight between Kate and Laura.

- Not knowing that Kate has already changed the results, Mimi is shocked to see that someone already HAS changed Claire's paternity results.

- Shawn tells Billie to stay the hell away from his parents and their marriage or she will answer to him. Billie tells Shawn that she still loves his father and has no intention of cutting Bo out of her life.

- While in the DNA lab while Mimi stares at the screen in confusion, Jan realizes what is going on! Jan figures out that Claire is Shawn's baby and that Mimi and Bonnie know the secret.

- On the way out of the lab, Mimi bumps into Cassie. When Mimi insults Cassie and begins to walk away, Cassie grabs Mimi by the hair as a catfight ensues.


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Good stuff. Mimi and the paternity bugged me at first, but the mini-twist with it already having been changed was good.

Oh and the Tek thing? YES! Finally, he has purpose. LMAO. Not that the actor's great or anything, but hey, you have him, might as well USE him.

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Yeah. I know Mimi really isn't all that wicked or manipulative...there's going to be a big twist in February with Mimi being conflicted about telling the truth and confessing (kinda. there's a twist!). It's gonna be good!

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