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Episode 22




Dusty tells Jennifer that NewBreed has offered her a job as Vice President and Head Designer of "Threadz", the new clothing line. Jennifer is ecstatic, but gets caught up in the moment and ends up kissing Dusty. Lisa can't believe that her son is dead and Nancy consoles her by telling Lisa that she's blessed to have Tom, who would walk through fire for her. Lily and Lucinda have a heart to heart and beign discussing Luke. Lily says that if Luke doesn't stop acting out, they might send him to rehab, just as Luke walks in. Ben runs into a man at Java after a very stressful day at work. The man offers him a stressless, burdenless life, full of friendship and family. Ben is intrigued and aches to know more. Barbara refuses to let James bail Paul out of punishment for the sickening crime that he committed: keeping his own nephew away from his very own sister. James talks her down and she eventually agrees to go along with the plan, as all three pile into an airport-bound cab...on their way back to Oakdale. Hal calls and summons Jack to the station. Jack thinks it's to pack up his stuff, but Hal ends up offering Jack his job back...and Jack couldn't be more happy.


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