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Episode 23




Luke gets upset and leaves. He goes and buys some alcohol. He then proceeds to sit down on a park bench, just about to open his newly bought bottle of rum...when Lucinda walks by. Emily is hurt by her mother's accusations and tells Susan that her and Andy are just good friends, to mind her own business and also tells her to quit worrying so much. Susan refuses, but Emily just walks away, leaving Susan infuriated. Hal sets Jack up on a case involving a prostitution ring right in Oakdale. Barbara and James arrive in Oakdale and rent a car. They hide Paul until they can make it to Barbara's cabin, but are unexpectedly pulled over by a cop. Carly, Jennifer, and Gwen meet with Nick to talk about the new clothing line, Threadz. Nick says that the new thread isn't just going to appeal to teenagers, but grown women. Gwen is beyond words when Carly offers up Gwen to design the junior line. Nick agrees, but cites that since Gwen is new in the business, someone with experience and business sense must help her out and asks Carly to be that "experienced proffesional".


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