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Episode 24




Lucinda talks to Luke about his alcohol problem and says that nothing would make the family happier than if Luke put down the bottle for good. Luke thanks his grandmother for her guidance and they head back to the house. Andy talks about his newfound friendship with Emily as Kim becomes overwhelmed the hold that Stweart women have over Hughes men, but keeps quiet to avoid ruinig a special moment with her son. Across town, Hal gets a visit from Susan at the station, as she asks for his help in getting Emily away from Andy. For the first time, Hal refuses Susan's idea, saying that a good friend is exactly what Emily needs right now. Meg and Dusty run into each other. Meg repeatedly apologizes and asks to just be friends again. Dusty finally accepts, but says that he can forgive, but not forget. Jennifer walks in just as Meg kisses Dusty on the cheek. Katie says goodbye to the gym and remembers all the stress and events that led to her opening the gym. She even remembers her wedding to Henry in the gym. Just as she begins to lock up, Henry comes in and starts bragging about what a genius he is, whick Katie stops by saying that she quits. The cop says that he only pulled over Barbara because her blinker is out and after some flirting with the cop, Barbara is let go on a warning. James rises from the back seat and promises Barbara that she will never regret getting her son out of jail, as Paul secretly thinks of what a fool his father is for trusting him.


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