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Episode 25-27



Lucinda and Luke talk some more once they get to the house. Luke calls up his friend Bart, who comes over with some weed. Luke is hesitant at first, but eventually starts to smoke it. Luke starts gagging and becomes infuriated with himself. He tells Bart to beat it as Luke cries to himself that he doesn't know what's wrong with himself.

Lucinda, Sierra, and Lily are all together as Lucinda comes in for her surgery. Bob comes out and tells the girls that their mother is fine and resting comfortably. Lily and Sierra gather around Lucinda's bedside, vowing to be there when she wakes up. Both women are horrified when Lucinda's monitors start going haywire.

Holden and Jack share some quality time together at the barn. They talk of their family and Meg soon joins them, wanting to talk to Emma. They both share a heart to heart with Meg and tell her that even though she messed up, they forgive her and still love her. Meg is touched and goes to talk to Emma, who kicks a crying Meg out of her house and asks her never to come back. Meg continuously apologizes and asks why her mother won't forgive her, but Emma just slams the door in her face.

Carly and Gwen go over designs for Threadz and Carly still can't believe that her and Gwen share the same talent. Nick comes in and says that one of the fitting models called in sick and they'll be backed up if they can't find a replacement. Luckily, a woman comes in looking for a job, and is soon swarmed with working designers. Gwen introduces herself and the woman introduces herself as Roxie.

Jennifer is ecstatic at her new position with NewBreed/Threadz and promises to make Nick proud. They talk briefly of Mike and Jennifer says that her and Mike are finally divorced but still remain good friends. Nick, alone, sets his eyes on Jennifer and vows to win her heart, no matter what it takes. Jennifer gets a call from her Aunt Kim, who says that Johnny has a fever, and Jennifer leaves to pick him up.

Paul, James, and Barbara all arrive at Barbara's cabin. Paul and James come to an agreement once Barbara has left. James will set up a lovely, romantic vacation for him and Barbara, but Paul will tell Barbara that she has a business meeting at whatever place James arranges. Later, Barbara shows up to the cabin and is startled to find just Paul there. He tells her of the business meeting, but keeps hinting that she might not want to go. Barbara catches on and demands to know what's going on, but they are interrupted when James calls Paul and asks where Barbara is. Pual finally gets Barbara to leave, and once she does, he starts crafting his master plan to rid himself of James forever.

Andy and Emily share a romantic date at Metro, as the two come close to a kiss. They are interrupted by a waiter. Andy and Emily begin talking of theur overprotective mothers and they decide to keep their budding relationship a secret. Working off of her promise, Emily returns home to Susan's and begins crying that she hates the Hughes men and would be perfectly happy if they dropped off the face of the earth. Andy returns home and tells Kim that everything between he and Emily is over. Kim is unusually excited.

Henry and Katie hash it out, and eventually Katie once again, agrees to help Henry with developing his own TV station. Maddie comes with Casey, who has volunteered to help in any way he can. Katie gets an idea and begins jotting down stuff on paper, claiming that this is going to be the best fundraiser ever.

Dusty gets a call from Emma asking him to help her come to terms with what Meg has done. Dusty calims that Meg is sincerely apologetic and asks Emma to give her a second chance, no matter how difficult it may be.


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