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Episode 21




Jen goes to the Street Jeans office and begins to clear out her stuff, wondering what would have happened if Street Jeans had not been bought out by Worldwide. She can't believe that NewBreed Fashion is dissolving her company. Dusty comes in and tells Jen to stop packing up her stuff.

Carly asks Gwen to come by so they can talk. Gwen and Carly talk about the possibility that they may have jobs working for NewBreed Fashion's new clothing line. Carly brings up Gwen's living arrangements and Gwen says that Iris's house is for sale because the bills weren't paid and Carly invites Gwen to live with her. Later, Gwen sees Will at work and he suggests she try and work stuff out with her sister so she can have someone in Oakdale besides him. At first, Gwen is rattled, thinking Will's breaking up with her, but he explains that she needs not just a boyfriend to stay in Oakdale. She needs family.

Bob finds Lisa closing up at Fashions and tells her that sadly, Scott was killed in a boating accident when the fishing vessel he was on in Spain sunk and he drowned. Bob tries to console Lisa, but she is beyond upset that the son that used her and manipulated her is never coming back. Bob asks her why she's so attached to Scott and Lisa just says that she has a feeling that if he had lived, they could have made amends and done things a lot different.

Andy runs into Emily at Memorial. She's there looking for Susan and he's getting some paperwork. Andy asks Emily out on a date and she reluctantly says yes, but says that it is just a "friendship date", saying that Paul already broke her heart and she hasn't fully picked up the pieces yet. Andy understands and leaves. Susan overhears part of the conversation and berates her daughter for trying to sink her claws into yet another Hughes man.


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