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Episode 207



Mike worries when Katie doesn't answer her phone. He calls Margo, who got called into the station about a day ago and hasn't left since. Mike realizes that the note Katie found from Margo asking her to run some errands for her...was a hoax.

Across town, Luke tells Holden of Hal's death, Will's accident, and Barbara's recent decision to go back into the fashion business. A knock at the door startles the two men, but they open the door to find Aaron and Alison. Meanwhile, Lily suggests that Lucinda pick someone from the family to be Vice President..much like she once did with Rose.

Nancy returns to the Hughes home and finds Erin outside. She sends Erin away, urging the teen to not make anymore problems for her or her family. Nancy returns Kims broach to her as Erin look on.

At the Lakeview, Emma introduces Dusty and Meg to Grant and says that since the wedding is only a week away, they will be doing some serious wedding planning. Grant suggests that Meg be thinking of someone to walk her down the aisle...and she realizes the perfect person.

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