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Episode #162- Tuesday, July 25:



Episode #162- Tuesday, July 25:

- Greta worries about finding a prince to marry within 7 weeks.

- Shawn tearfully confesses his undying love for Belle to her while she's unconscious.

- Eric tells Will that Sami will come around in time and to stick in there. Will, Eric, and Caroline have some chowder at the newly reconstructed Brady Pub.

- Frankie and Melissa grow closer than ever.

- Melissa feels like she can finally open up to Frankie and let him into her world.

- Abby tells Max that she doesn't think she will forgive him any time soon for keeping the truth from her for seven months that he slept with Chelsea before she died.

- Belle wakes up. Shawn is by her side, and Jan is outraged.

- Eric, Caroline, and Will are shocked when a brick comes flying through the Brady Pub window!

- Melissa asks Frankie to spend the night with her. But they don't make love. They stay up all night talking about their pasts and their dreams for the future.

- Greta tells Austin about the telegram that she received. Carrie leaves the hospital and joins them. Greta decides to tell Carrie about the telegram too.

- Will, Caroline, and Eric are shocked to see a letter attached to the brick that says "Salem is no place for people like you!" Will breaks down over the pain he is causing his family. But Caroline and Eric comfort him. Annie arrives and is taken aback at this outlandish behavior of the Salemites! Annie says this would never happen in California or a place like Sunset Beach! She tells Will about some of the trials and tribulations she's been through and how her whole town of Sunset Beach was against her too, but you have to be strong, rally, be who you are, and stand strong and tall. Eric sees Annie in a new light.

- Abby pushes Max away, but little does she know that he is seeking comfort in the arms of Erika. Max tells Erika that he can't get Chelsea out of his mind when he looks at her and that all of his feelings for Chelsea come flooding back when he looks at her. Erika tells Max that she has developed feelings for him, as well. Max and Erika share a kiss.

- Melissa tells Frankie that she sees a future with him and that he can be the man to make her believe in love again.

- Carrie tells Greta that she happens to know a single Prince - Prince Francois Von Leuchner also known as Frankie Brady!

- Jan vows to find a way to get rid of Belle once and for ALL! Meanwhile, at a hospital far away, Phillip (Kyle Brandt) opens his eyes.


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LMAO @ Frankie posisbly being Greta's prince! And I'm loving Frankie and Melissa! -beats evil triangle-

I loved Annie standing up for Will. Not exactly the person to give him such advice, but the way she said it, it's so true and inspiring! I could get behind her and Eric.

Max/Erika/Abby I could do without.

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