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Episode #147 - Tuesday, July 4:



Episode #147 - Tuesday, July 4:

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- Cassie talks herself out of her awkwardness with Lucas and Sami when she realizes they don't know WHAT she is talking about.

- Liam and Hope AND Bo and Billie grow closer than ever.

- Cassie gets into another raging fight with Abby. Cassie tells Abby that she knows something she doesn't. Abby is intrigued.

- Melissa and Frankie share a delicate kiss under the fireworks.

- Victor tells Caroline that he will find whoever is trying to run Bella and Titan out of business, and he'll destroy them.

- Celeste begs the Reaper to leave the kids of Salem alone, but he refuses.

- Abe flashes back to special moments in Theo's life that he shared with Lexie as he can't believe that his marriage to Lexie is over.

- Cassie tells Abby that she just found out that Max and Chelsea were intimate. Abby doesn't believe Cassie, but Cassie says she just heard Max telling Frankie. Abby is shocked, but she doesn't want Cassie to know that it bothers her. Abby has a "so what?" attitude. Cassie says that if "virgin" Abby can live with the mental images of her boyfriend having dirty, passionate sex with Cassie AND her dead best friend, then to have at it! Abby can't take it anymore and runs off.

- Bo and Billie re-count all of their times together during a romantic night under the stars and the fireworks.

- Belle confides in Marlena that sometimes she feels like she shouldn't be raising Claire and sometimes resents her. Belle is unaware that is the effects of Megan and Kate's hypnotic suggestions.

- Abby confronts Max, who confesses that what Cassie told her is the truth. Abby lashes out at Max saying that she can't believe that Max would not have mentioned this in the last 7 months and would let her go on thinking that they hadn't been intimate. Abby says this changes everything and runs off. Max tries to run after her, but Erika suggests maybe she should go. Max says that is a bad idea because it was a fight over Chelsea, whom she looks almost exactly alike. Erika gives Max a comforting hug.

- Carrie remembers how she first cheated on Austin about 6 or 7 years ago today when she shared a kiss with Mike. It helps her remember her deep love for Austin. She grabs him and kisses him when she sees him. He asks what that was for, and she tells him that she just never wants to lose him again and that she's sorry it took her so long to forgive him for believing Sami over her. But she asks one thing. Austin promises anything. She says if Carrie ever accuses Sami of something again, then Austin must side with Carrie and believe her over Sami, or their relationship is over for good. Austin agrees, and they kiss.

- Bo proposes to Billie as they flashback on their greatest times with one another, and Billie is overcome with joy. She accepts Bo's proposal!

- Georgia and Will find Mason at the front of the house and are unaware that he is drunk. Before they really get a chance to talk to him, Abby comes racing around the house crying. Will asks her what is wrong. She refuses to talk about it and just begs that someone drive her home because she's too upset to drive. Georgia and Will say they don't have their lisences so Mason volunteers. Will, Georgia, and Abby all get into the car, and Mason drives off. The Reaper warns Celeste that the time of the child's death is upon them. Celeste hears a car getting closer to the backyard. Celeste screams "No!" Everyone turns to look at her as a hush falls over the party. Mason begins scaring Abby who quickly realizes that Mason is drunk, but before she can get him to turn the car off, the car barrels into the backyard.

Listen to the BLOG BONUS now!: The car crashes the party in slow motion. Everyone screams and yells and runs for cover. The car heads straight for Erika/Max and the children. Caroline screams for someone to save the kids. The last thing Abby sees before she throws her hands over her face is Erika and max hugging. The car plummets into the house. Mason lies on the steering wheel. The horn blares. Abby is shown unconscious in the car. Georgia and Will also lie unconscious in the back seat of the car. Claire is no where to be seen. Theo is shown crying. Zach and J.T. lie unconscious and bloody. Pregnant ladies, Carrie and Marlena, are also unconscious. The rest of the party lies in ruins.

Come Back on Thursday Night for Wednesday and Thursday's Shocking Episodes!

Don't Forget Friday's *SIX* Casting Announcements that Will Leave You Jumping For Joy!

And Also on Friday, the blog's shocking 150th episode with so many cliffhangers and shocks that it will leave your head spinning!


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I have got to say that you have a lot of talent when it comes to writing and creating your own stories and that the ending of this episode was awesome, i was able to picture how everyone was lying and the house with the car in the side of it...it was simply awesome

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