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Episode #148 - Wednesday, July 5th:



Episode #148 - Wednesday, July 5th:

Blog Bonus: Download "To Be Alone With You" by Sufjan Stevens now!

In this special, action-packed episode filled with little dialogue, begin the Blog Bonus NOW!

- Frankie and Melissa and Bo and Billie rush to the backyard where they just heard the crash. They find their loved ones lying lifeless all of the yard. The smokey car rests half inside of the house and half out of it.

- Melissa rushes into the house and calls 911 for help.

- Bo worries for Zach, J.T., Claire, and Georgia. Bo and Billie cannot find anyone in the smoke.

- John and Austin emerge from the flames and meet up with Bo and Billie.

- Frankie finds Max and Erika and gets them to the front of the house, but Max says he has to go back to make sure Abby left and to find the children! Frankie and Max rush back into the fire, leaving Erika worried in the front of the yard.

- John and Austin search the smokey haze for their respective pregnant loves. They find each find Carrie and Marlena unconscious and carry them to safety.

- The car begins to leak a fluid.

- Abe and John manage to get Alice, Mickey, Caroline, and Victor to safety.

- Belle is rushed to the front of the house by a fireman who carries her while she's unconscious. When she wakes up, she begins screaming for Claire, but Marlena and Carrie hold her back with tears in their eyes.

- Sami and Lucas both awake in each other's arms and realize what has happened. They begin screaming for Will. Lucas finds Celeste and Cassie and gets them to safety. He also thinks Sami is safe, but she sneaks back into the rubble to find Will.

- Billie finds Hope and drags her to safety! Later, she reconvenes with Bo in the backyard, and they begin looking for Georgia. Billie finds Georgia in the back of the car. Billie calls out for Bo. Max and Bo come running. Max finds Abby in the car and pulls her to the safety of the medics. Bo is able to pull Georgia from the wreckage. The car fluid mixes with the little flames from the grill that are scattered throughout the yard, and a small fire ignites and goes unnoticed.

- Austin and Max find the bloody bodies of Zach, J.T., and Theo. John finds baby Claire who is crying hysterically. Meanwhile, Lucas demands to know who was driving the car and asks if it was Will. Frankie sees that Will is in the back of the car and realizes the door is stuck. Lucas begins screaming and running towards the car. Firemen remove him from the back of the yard. Hope wakes up in the front of the house and begins screaming for her children - Zach, J.T., and Mason. Mickey must hold Hope back from entering the wreckage. Austin and Max try to resucitate Zach, J.T. and Theo. Bo and Abe stumble upon them. Bo begins screaming and crying for his boys, but Frankie runs to him and holds him back from his kids by hugging him, telling him that he doesn't want to see them like this, while Bo screams "No" over and over again. John hands over baby Claire to a fireman and helps Austin comfort Abe. Medics begin to work on the three little boys while rescue workers work on breaking Mason and Will from the car. Sami is outside the car screaming and crying for Will. She rushes to the door and tries to undo it, but she is interfering in the rescue workers' mission and is literally carried away kicking and screaming. Suddenly, the small fire catches and catches and catches all over the yard spreading and spreading until it hits the engine of the car and the gas tank of the grill. The backyard erupts in an explosion while Bo and Sami's screams radiate.

Don't miss tomorrow afternoon (Friday) when Thursday and Friday's episodes will be posted back to back, and you'll find out which Salem Child will perish. And find out in a special press release that will feature NINE announcements of cast members who will be returning!

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