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Y&R: December 2023 Discussion Thread

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As it should be. Most of us here do a wait period, use spoiler tags (those who know how

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 ), or do vagueness. But we also keep in mind that a discussion thread is just that. A discussion thread. 


For example, just now watching the 27th, but I have some idea the reveal is this week and what it sounds like it entails, but I still want to see the how, why, and reveal of it all. Since I know what the reveal entails, I don't mind seeing what people think on the discussion thread since I am sure as of when I posted said thread Nov 30th, it had been seen by everyone BUT me cuz we know I take forever to watch my soaps. I am happy to see that I'm actually caught up on all of them to this week BUT DAYS but I don't have access so I wouldn't be. 


In any case...it's all good. 

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I liked the intro of Tucker St. John into the story, but Josh Griffith has really botched his character.

He had fire chemistry with Eileen Davidson, and Tucker/Ashley would have made a great couple. Instead, JG made us wonder why Ashley was ever attracted to Tucker in the first place. There's bad and then there's BAD. There's lies and then there's LIES.

We've been given no reason why anyone -- including his son Devon -- would want him in Their lives.

We don't even get motivation for Tucker wanting to do what he does. Why take over Jabot? Why take over Chancellor/Winters? Saying it's "for Devon" is ridiculous, when an 8-year old would know thatwhat he does is completely outside-the-lines.

It's a shame, but I'm ready for Tucker to leave. Again.

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I ALWAYS love seeing Jess Walton and wish she was back full-time, but MY GOD...I am so sick of hearing people constantly talking about changing jobs, takeovers, mergers, CEOs and COOs...these are NOT stories!

I'm enjoying the whole Jordan/Claire story simply because it's not talking about a takeover or merger!

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