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New OLTL Showfax script for prison guard who Blair talks to

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New OLTL ABC MediaNet pictures are up for the week of April 17th....

pictures include John, Natalie, Kevin, Kelly, Duke, Layla, Evangeline, Cristian, Rex and Adriana.

Link to the pictures (newest pictures are on first page, and first two pics. on second page): http://www.abcmedianet.com/ph_search/searc...=150&pgsplit=12

Link to larger versions of the pictures (newest pictures are the first 14): http://www.soapsites.net/forums/modules.ph...=view_album.php

New Showfax script as well...


It is for a prison guard who refuses to let Blair see Todd, per Todd's orders.

It's Todd's final day. And Blair's trying to see him. She tells the guard: "You have to let me back in there. I need to talk to my husband."

Anyway, Todd doesn't want to see her. Just the kids.

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I find it laughable that Blair would think she have a right to see Todd after boning Spencer (unless it's something to the nature that she knows the truth and wants to tell Todd that...). And with that being said, she'll probably find some way to see him and make me not only FF but throw up my lunch too.

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