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Yay...wow...two pets going at each other...lol.


That said...watching 1/26 and I have to admit...the reveal of the whole town leaving about Franco and the tumor does feel ripe. I don't even like him, but it would be shameful to not get all of the reactions and treating the potential return of the serial killer and play that beat. It makes Liz look like a clown and as a Liz fan...well...I'll deal.

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 It is the right thing to do. 


ETA: @Dion thank you for the videos. Yes, I missed that and love that. Hopefully, they keep some undercurrent of tension.

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Yay last day of January!!!


And...yay for Monica!!!


Double yay for the AJ mention!!!


And ugh at Monica kicking Tracy out. I hope this isn't her last day. I sooo wanted her at the double wedding when all Hades breaks loose. 


And...Yuummmm...at how Ned looks in this blue V-neck. 

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