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Couplings that happened because writers didn’t know what else to do with the characters

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I do know that this is at the time that both Jaime Ray Newman and A Martinez left GH. Maybe that's what sparked Felicia/Ned rumors. That coupling would probably have worked much better than Ned/Kristina and Felicia/Roy.

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I also remember Ned and Felicia sharing several scenes around then, and thinking I was interested.  I have to be honest that I was so over trying to pair her with Mac because Mac was devoid of any personality under Guza’s tenures, and she was still more viable I thought.


Guza got to do his one story basically destroying her with the Luke affair, and then they just lost interest in her.  She was one of my absolute favorites, but as the show got darker and darker she really didn’t fit in with what they were doing.

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1 hour ago, amybrickwallace said:

I still don't know what GH was thinking with pairing Ned with Alexis' insta sister. Wally tried, but he just couldn't sell it.


I might be the only person ever that liked Ned/OGKristina.  I liked Jamie Ray Newman.  But that was the year everyone got sisters.  Taggert, Sonny, Alexis..  Sarah returned.  Skye became a Q.  It was a lot of insta family stuff, so I get why she was unpopular.  Alexis's speech to Sonny at Kristina's funeral was probably my fave Alexis scene ever though.


Anyhow, Felicia/Roy were boring and, let's face it, so are Mac/Felicia.  A Ned/Felicia pairing actually makes a lot of sense to me.  It's a shame it was never tried.  Felicia and Ned both had their share of really dull pairings and obviously they were capable of creating memorable pairings.  Of course both actors were involved with their co-stars in their most memorable pairings so maybe that helped them lol.

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