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RIP: In Memoriam Thread

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Mary was the core of The Supremes, and I sometimes wonder what might have been if Barry Gordy had appreciated her gifts near as much as he appreciated Diana's. Still even with that burden she shone, and I love so much of their style and music...I especially love those few years with Mary, Cindy Birdsong, and Jean Terrell. 



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Mary was definitely the core of the group seeing as she was the only member to stay on for the entire duration of the group. Gordy was all about crossover to the pop charts and Mary's voice was too soulful for the initial effort Motown made in music. By the time Mary did go solo she didn't get the right material. She was a good singer, but never got the material she should have received.

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7 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

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He was also on On Days, GH (Mitch Williams), Y&R and GL (Justin Marler #2, 1990-1991)

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Also on Somerset.


Very sad news. 


I know it's just aging and time but the last few years have been rough for Dark Shadows actors. 

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