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52 minutes ago, will81 said:

The Becker storyline is chilling. The synopsis in SOD also mentions when Ron is acquitted a smile slowly forms across his face and he says "how about that" I guess we could see him as Y&R's first psycho or at least an early version, considering what he does to Nancy. Poor Nancy. Would love to see Trish Stewart playing this whole story out.



Awww Brock, how many women did he ask to marry him. Why did Bell always have Brock kiss women and tell them he would be happy to be their love, and they're like, you're really more of a friend, like a big sister




The Becker storyline details are really mundane in a good way. Him pleading his first case from rape to burglary, then claiming he wasn't even guilty of that, the jury basically thinking he's guilty but not beyond reasonable doubt, the obscene phone calls after the case is over, but not being able to prove it's him or being able to do anything about it... this is messy, this is the way things happen IRL. Not every rapist becomes a full blown psycho (not that I don't enjoy those stories too). The idea of Peggy not getting justice and then just holing up in the house in fear is realistic and compelling.



Did Brock ever have sex in the history of the show, LOL. Other than the time that Mac was conceived offscreen, I mean. There were allusions to him having a wild life before he became a Christian... he's not a priest, so no vow of celibacy, but I suppose as religious as he was he wouldn't be having much pre-marital sex, other than the time with Mac's mother. I know he was married to Jill, but the marriage was never consummated, which gave the writers an opening to make Jill Kay's daughter.




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42 minutes ago, BoldRestless said:


The Becker storyline details are really mundane in a good way. Him pleading his first case from rape to burglary, then claiming he wasn't even guilty of that, the jury basically thinking he's guilty but not beyond reasonable doubt, the obscene phone calls after the case is over, but not being able to prove it's him or being able to do anything about it... this is messy, this is the way things happen IRL. Not every rapist becomes a full blown psycho (not that I don't enjoy those stories too). The idea of Peggy not getting justice and then just holing up in the house in fear is realistic and compelling.



Did Brock ever have sex in the history of the show, LOL. Other than the time that Mac was conceived offscreen, I mean. There were allusions to him having a wild life before he became a Christian... he's not a priest, so no vow of celibacy, but I suppose as religious as he was he wouldn't be having much pre-marital sex, other than the time with Mac's mother. I know he was married to Jill, but the marriage was never consummated, which gave the writers an opening to make Jill Kay's daughter.




He never had a lover. Closest was Julia and even that went nowhere. She didn't end up having an affair until just after Brock left and Michael stepped in, so I do wonder if Bell had finally planned to get Brock laid


Yeah he and Lorie slept together in Europe, but that was before they both came on the show. She tried multiple times to get him back in the sack, but he had found his calling and preferred to sing to the patrons of Allegro than get laid.


With Ron, yeah it is the smaller details that really make me shiver a bit. There is one scene where Peggy is trying to remember the man's face and I think at the same time Ron has a flashback to the rape which finally reveals to the audience he did it just as Peggy is also sure it was Ron. Up to that point you couldn't be sure. Everything you mention and that smile (described by SOD) is just dark af. The scariness of the reality


I'd say the psycho or sociopath stuff is more what he does to Nancy as we go along. It is pretty horrible and even worse the ending to this story

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All My Children


Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss


Paul and Anne Martin were elated with the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth "Beth” Tyler Martin. Paul's excitement was diminished, however, when the serum test results were returned positive. Their beautiful little girl had been affected by Toxoplasmosis, the disease Anne contracted while she was pregnant. Dr. Karras, Beth's pediatrician, had informed Paul that there would definitely be some degree of retardation, and possibly blindness. Paul questioned this diagnosis since Beth had appeared to be such a quiet, contented baby. This was a definite sympton according to Dr. Karras, and the tragedy lay behind It, disguised as a normal baby. Paul faced the dreaded moment when he had to tell Anne. She listened to him carefully but prefered to disbelieve the medical evidence. She was as adamant as she was all through her pregnancy, Beth was a perfect child, perfect in every way!


When the baby was kept at the hospital nursery for feedings, Anne was frantic that they were hiding something from her, that Beth had become seriously ill and she hadn't been told. Dr. Karras assured her it was only a mild congestion and allowed Anne to feed her baby at the nursery. Confident it was the closeness to her mother that cured Beth, Anne clang to the thoughts that Beth couldn’t survive without Anne's presence. In a solemn mood, Paul talked of having a crystal ball to view the future in. Dr. Karras recommended that Paul take this situa-tion "one day at a time." After Paul left, she focused on her own life and asked herself, who was she to give advice?


Just then, David Thornton came in and joined Christina Karras in conversation. As she knew all about him and his past, he was interested in the events of her life since their intern days at San Francisco General Hospital. He catachized her about her affair with Hadley Caldwell. This infuriated Christina. She tried to end David's probes claiming he was still the "uncouth, ill-mannered narcissist she remembered him as being." She reminded him of his inability to perform as a surgeon, and he brought out the fact that after Christina's father died, she turned from surgery to pediatrics — hence a weakness they both shared. David, however, had decided to return to surgery, accepting a position in Atlanta beginning December first. He rushed to give this news to Ruth Martin. He wanted her to tell estranged husband Dr. Joe Martin immediately so they could begin divorce proceedings, enabling Ruth to join David in Atlanta to be married. Ruth procrastinated in talking to Joe, giving David the excuse she wanted to tell him at the right place and at the right time. David lost patience and told Joe himself. Ruth was enraged that David took it upon himself to do this and resented him forcing her hand in the situation. Later she apologized to David for showing her temper and promised to talk to Joe the following day.


Joe was suddenly rushed to the hospital because he had buckled over with pain, ruling out what he mistook as an ulcer. At the hospital, Ruth was shocked to learn Joe was admitted for acute appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery to prevent a rupture. Dr. Cahill was the surgeon called in to do the surgery. Adding to the crisis of this emergency, Dr. Cahill crushed his hand in a car door on his way to meet the emergency, and then the only doctor available to perform the delicate operation was a resident, Dr. Peter Jessup. Peter, however, had never performed surgery alone. assisting had been his only experience. When Dr. Frank Grant gave Peter no alternative, he had to perform the surgery because there was no one else qualified. Ruth glaringly turned to David. - Only Ruth had knowledge that David was a surgeon and gave up his practice as a doctor when, in Vietnam, his surgical skills failed to save his brother's life. - While Joe was prepped for surgery, Ruth confronted David with the situation at hand. She begged him to take over and perform the surgery that would save Joe's life. He refused, claiming he was as scared as Pete Jessup, and could easily "botch it up." David retorted that Joe could die, Ruth refused to accept this. "Don't you DARE say that" was David's message from Ruth that she still loved Joe. In the operating room, Pete Jessup was frozen with fear and once the scalpel was in his hand, he stood numb. As Frank demanded that Pete snap out of it, David walked in gowned for surgery and began the operation. Frank protested until David assured him it was okay, he was a surgeon.


David had amazed many people because despite the intricacy of Joe's operation, he performed to perfection saving Joe's life because of a ruptured appendix. David had accepted Charles Tyler's offer as a surgeon on the hospital staff. He witnessed Ruth in Joe's room confessing that she still loved him and needed him so badly. She begged Joe to take her back as his wife. He slipped back into unconsciousness as she sadly admitted her life would be nothing without him.


Donna Beck was near full recovery from her injured leg but continued to worry about her life once released from the hospital. - As a prostitute, Donna was cared for by her pimp, Ty. Then imprisoned, Ty was no longer in Donna's life and she was rehabilitated enough to want to remain "clear.”- Her nurse, Caroline Murray had offered to share her apartment with Donna, welcoming the company. Dr. Chuck Tyler, who had shown a sincere interest in Donna since her initial admittance to the hospital, wanted to be Donna's legal guardian. Chuck explained to his wife Tara, that his reasons for this guardianship was his strong obligation to help give Donna a chance to live the kind of life he and Tara were born into. Tara's first reaction to Chuck's devotion to Donna was jealousy, but she then understood the compassion Chuck had expres-sed. - Chuck and Tara were legally separated as Tara planned to marry Phil Brent. Tara and Phil's relationship had been uneasy lately, as Tara couldn’t release herself from Chuck completely, she seemed to be overwhelmed with the guilt of hurting him. - Chuck sensed Tara's protection towards him and urged her to go to Phil, he was completely self-reliant and she was not to worry about him. Having her doubts about Chuck resolved, Tara confided to her grandmother that she hoped it was not too late to return to Philip, she feared she might have lost him already.


Phil was nearing the end of his police training and would be a full-fledged rookie in a few weeks. His training had kept him occupied while allowing Tara the time to make up her mind about him or Chuck, by herself. Ruth suggested that Phil go to Tara, that "nothing can ruin a person's life faster than stubborn pride." He refused, disagreeing that it wasn't pride in his case, it was self-protection. He believed when Tara was ready, she would have to come to him or her own. In the crisis of her father's illness, Tara did this, confessing to Phil that she realized she couldn’t continue to give Chuck the love tha belonged to Phil.


While Charles Tyler was driving Mona Kane to the airport, he pondered out loud of their future together as husband and wife. Mona was on her way to Minneapolis to follow through Lincoln Tyler's suspicions that his wife Kitty's "mother" was an imposter. - Deciding Kitty was not good enough for her son, Phoebe Tyler embarked on a scheme to cause dissension in their marriage. She hired a Mrs. Lum in Minneapolis to contact Kitty as her long-lost mother, beckoning Kitty to stay with her as her days were numbered due to a heart condition. - Going according to Phoebe's plan, Kitty had devoted herself entirely to being a companion to her mother, allowing time with her mother take preference over her marriage to Linc. Phoebe had found out about Mona's investigation and called Mrs. Lum to forewarn her. - Since Mona knew Kitty's real mother years ago, she would he able to identify her as the real Mrs. Carpenter or not. - Mrs. Lum met Mona at the door, and when Kitty left for work, Mona let Mrs. Lum know she had not been fooled. Mona was determined to tell Kitty the truth, but Mrs. Lum pled with her to not reveal her true identity, as it would crush Kitty emotionally. She was honest in her expression of love for Kitty and promised Mona if she would keep their secret, she would leave Kitty's life but in a manner that would not hurt her. Mona hesitated about this deception but to Mrs. Lum's great relief, did not expose her to Kitty. At the airport in Pine Valley, Mona met an anxious Linc. She told him that Kitty's mother was not an imposter. She also convinced Linc to see Kitty and try to work things out with her as she had seen that Kitty still loved and missed Linc very much. He phoned her immediately, and they planned to have a meeting. Upon Mrs. Lum's insistence, Kitty agreed to go to Pine Valley to reconcile with Lincoln.


Mrs. Lum then contacted Phoebe who was frantic with anticipation of exposure. She led her to believe they "pulled it off." She had questioned Kitty earlier about the Tyler marriage, and found out that Phoebe and Charles were on the outs. Her relationship with Kitty had given Mrs. Lum a new outlook on life, she couldn’t tolerate the likes of Phoebe any longer, and mused to herself how she'd like to see Phoebe's face when her little game was unmasked.


Phoebe’s good mood was shattered with the arrival of Charles’ divorce petition. She sobbd to Lincoln that he had to dissuade his father's action, as she could not live a life without Charles. Lincoln refused.


Phoebe had reached the end of her rope. Mona confronted her with the complete details of her scheme involving Mrs. Lum. Mona gave Phoebe a choice — she gave Charles his divorce immediately or she would be exposed. Mona had watched Phoebe manipulate people to her own benefit for years, she couldn’t be intimidated and wouldn’t let Phoebe get away with nothing. Trapped, Phoebe agreed and allowed Mona to contact her lawyer. While Phoebe began the divorce proceedings, Mrs. Lum was bidding Kitty her final farewell.


Erica Kane Brent remained dissatisfied with her job as hostess in Nick Brent's - her ex-father-in-law - restaurant. Nick had previously muffled Erica's complaints by making love to her in his restaurant office. Again he tried to reduce her fit of rage to a simmer by a passionate invitation, she protested "this is insane,” but submitted.


A customer at the "Chateau" reminded Erica that she had settled for the menial job co-hostess when she could be again the famous model she once was. With her flame ignited, Erica stormed into Nick's office voicing her grievances once again. Phil happened to be there so she threw her self-pity darts at him. She cried and cried how nothing ever worked out for her, Philip could have his precious Tara, all she had was a job as a glorified waitress at a hashjoint in this crummy town! She quit to resume a job modelling in New York. Nick yelled to her she couldn't quit, he just fired her. Later. Nick came to her home and they resumed their verbal violence. She told Nick he was too crude to insult, and he was a lousy lover. With that, Nick swept her into his arms and carried Erica to her room, kicking all the way.


They made love again, but this time with sincere emotions. Erica asked Nick to stay the night, and he did. The following morning, Erica had an air of serenity as she served Nick breakfast. Their cozy morning was abruptly interrupted by Mona who called to say she'd be over in ten minutes forcing Nick and Erica to keep their affair a secret by Nick leaving immediately to avoid Mona.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


The days devoted to building Willis Frame's empire had ended. With the knowledge of the strategem he used to gain more power in Frame Enterprises, Alice Frame, owner and operator of her deceased husband’s firm, had fired Willis. – Alice was in love with Ray Gordon and entrusted business decisions to him. In order to break up their relationship and get Ray out of the business, Willis hired Ray's estranged wife Olive to come to Bay City to stir up some trouble. Willis and Olive were caught red-handed in the act by Ray and Alice. who were alerted by Angie Perrini, thus rendering Willis' severance from Frame Enterprises. –


Assisting Willis in his rise to the top was Carol Lamonte, architect for the Frame contracts. During their months of scheming towards Willis' power climb, Carol fell in love with Willis. Willis, however, made no secret that his attraction to Carol was purely for her contribution in furthering his career. Then unemployed, Willis was strong-willed for revenge. He merely had to suggest that Carol quit as architect to Frame Enterprises and she did so instantly. Together they hoped to take two major construction accounts from Frame Enterprises and cause them great financial loss.


While Carol was arranging the legal work necessary to reincorporate a construction division within Lamonte Associates, with Willis as full partner, Angie had appealed to Mac Cory to give Willis a job at the Cory Complex. Despite Willis' diversion from Carol's plans, she proceeded to withdraw $200,000 from her trust fund to establish this partnership. Trying to take advantage of Willis' vulnerability, Carol catered to him constantly. She was so convinced they were a twosome, she proudly announced to her mother they planned to marry. Willis had rejected Carol's intentiveness and was appalled when Therese Lamonte welcomed him as her prospective son-in-law. Willis accepted Mac's job offer as head of new construction projects resulting from the Cory-Parsons merger. Mac was candid to Willis, informing him he could never be anything but secondary in the firm. Mac's intentions were to lead Dennis or Jamie - his grandson and stepson, respectively - into heading the Cory domain. Willis heartily accepted the job with full respect to Mac's authority. He later confessed to Angie that he had learned his lesson then and assured her the only part Carol played in his life was in supporting his power grab. He had lifted his grudges and promised to reform. He hoped to date Angie again, she would when he proved the sincerity to his claims.


Carol returned to her apartment to find Willis packing. She couldn’t believe his sudden change in morals. She fluttered around waving the legal papers drawn up for his partnership in front of him - as a bribe to stay -. Willis unequivocally proclaimed he was not for sale and his relationships with Carol had ceased. Carol gave way to tears, for the first time in her life she had loved and lost. She prepared to leave Bay City forfeiting her career to escape her emotions.


The agitation within the Cory marriage was increasing. When Mac explained that he would underwrite Clarice's legal expenses against Iris, Rachel lashed out at him for the way he handled Iris. She was convinced that nothing but a court case would force Iris to leave Clarice alone. Instead, Mac had allowed her to write a full confession of the badgering she had done to Clarice, enabling him to use it if needed. - Embarrassed and embittered by the continual presence of Clarice and her illigitimate son fathered by Iris' estranged husband, Robert Delaney, Iris tried to force Clarice from town by threatening to legally take her child from her. –


Realizing they needed help, Rachel asked Dr. Dave Gilchrist for advice. He recommended that she make concessions in the marriage and, perhaps. with her giving, Mac would change also. Dave reminded Rachel that "concession is the definition of marriage.


In her attempt to to yield to Mac's wishes, Rachel declined her art exhibitor Howard Chandler's request to make another trip to New York for publicity of her upcoming sculpture exhibit. She had promised Mac she would not allow Howard to interfere in their lives. With this assurance, Mac pledged to control his anger.


The closeness was curtailed quickly when Mac made plans for an immediate trip to New York expecting Rachel to accompany him. Once again she gave priority to her sculptures and they separated in anger. Jamie had overheard their bitter quarrel and confided his misery over it to his grandmother, Ada. Ada relaid Jamie's concern to Rachel but Rachel overlooked Jamie's regards to tend to her own anguish, retreating to her tutor Ken Palmer's cabin. While in New York, Mac had been introduced to a female architect, Gwen Parrish. Her flattery of Mac flew freely which gained his attention instantly. She quickly contacted Mac in Bay City to discuss his job offer to her as architect for his expanding business.


Iris Carrington had alienated her son Dennis once again. He found several charge bills in her desk with his girlfriend, Molly Ordway's signature on them. He bluntly asked if Iris had used these charge accounts to bribe Molly. Iris flatly denied it. She claimed she allowed Molly to run up exhorbitant bills buying clothes because she wanted to be nice to Molly. Dennis doubted the truth in her statement and vowed to get the right answers from Molly herself. Iris phoned the girl she called a “nobody" to ensure Molly gave Dennis the same story Iris did. Iris then decided to end the friendship between Dennis and Molly - because she believed Molly was socially beneath Dennis -, by sending him east to Chescott Academy Boarding School. Her housekeeper Louise could see how cruel this was to Dennis and begged Iris not to do it, she told Iris she shouldn't overrule Dennis' choice of friends.


To escape Iris' demands, Dennis went to the Corys'. There, he and Jamie Frame prepared to take the Corys’ sailboat out to an island. Dennis wanted to use the island as a hideaway to avoid the plane flight to boarding school. A storm was brewing when Iris came to the Corys' to find Dennis. Her alarm sent Willis, who was temporarily staying at the Corys', out to find the boys. He tried to talk them out of running away. He wanted them to realize how fortunate they were and running away to punish their parents was not showing gratitude for the opportunities they had been given. Believing he had dissuaded Dennis and Jamie, Willis returned to the house and sent Iris home.


Sally Frame was visiting her grandmother Beatrice, the Corys’ housekeeper, and asked Willis to take her to see Jamie. At the dock they discovered the boat was gone!


Mac was in New York and Rachel at Ken's mountain cabin. Gil and Ada McGowan rushed over as soon as Willis called them about their grandson. They notified the coast guard and Mac in New York. Louise arrived and the whole Cory household was in a state of frenzy as the search continued for Jamie and Dennis.


Mac flew in from New York but Rachel couldn’t be reached. When she phoned in the following day, she was told by Ada that Jamie and Dennis were rescued in the storm by Willis who swam out and saved them after they had been hanging on to an overturned boat for nearly eight hours. She reported to Rachel they had suffered from shock and exposure but were recovering slowly. Ada, angered by Rachel's negligence of Jamie, acrimoniously blamed Rachel for the accident, believing if Rachel were home where she should've been, this wouldn't have happened.


When Rachel got to the hospital, Iris and Mac had just been told by Dr. Russ Matthews that Dennis had been put onto a cardiac monitor because of an irregularity in his heartbeat. - Years ago, Dennis had a heart condition, but Russ treated him and he had been fully recovered. This accident had stimulated a reoccurrence. - Iris was bordering hysteria, crying to Mac that she was being punished for her selfishness. Mac had ended his isolation from Iris devoting himself to her consolation. He assured her, when she wept about losing all the people she loved, that she was still his daughter and they would help Dennis together to face his problems so he wouldn’t react so impulsively again. She continued to sob pitifully, letting Mac know he was the only one who could save her from hurting her loved ones.


Rachel thought Iris was magnifying the situation to endear Mac to her. Mac retorted to Rachel that was a callous remark. He mused that they both had to make concessions in their lives, they had made too strong an effect on Jamie and Dennis.


Jamie explained that he accompanied Dennis because he was upset by Rachel and Mac's arguments and had no one to turn to. She promised him they would try very hard to make things turn out as they all wanted them to. Only minutes later, as Jamie prepared to leave the hospital, he witnessed yet another clash between Rachel and Mac.


Dennis was delirious and shouted Iris' name. When she entered his room, promising to not send him away to school, he screamed he never wanted to see her again. Concerned over Iris' emotional state, Mac let her stay at his home providing she promised to not provoke Rachel. When Rachel returnsedfrom a day at the studio she was furious that Mac had allowed Iris to stay overnight. She stormed out of the house cancelling her plans to have Howard Chandler and Ken for dinner. Iris was gloating at the disruption she had caused and distracted her father from following after Rachel by asking his advice about Dennis.


Iris was then confident she had won her father's affections through Dennis' accident so whenever she wanted his attentionsn she used the excuse they had to discuss Dennis' future to summon her father to her side.


Gwen Parrish had taken her mother's advice and requested Iris' influence to help her get a job with Mac. Iris bluntly accused Gwen of wanting to get Mac, not a job. Gwen denied it and reflected the coldness back to Iris that bad news traveled fast, she knew of Iris' reputation of destroying her father's relationship with all women and she would not let Iris use her in that endeavor.


Iris walked into Dennis’ hospital room witnessing Molly carressing him. She claimed she would no longer interfere with whomever Dennis chose as his friends. This promise had improved Dennis' disposition greatly, which had helped him medically as well. Mac commended Iris for this.


Ignoring Gwen’s stand that she would not be used, Iris manipulated Gwen to accompany her to the Corys'. Rachel, Mac and Gwen failed to be captured by Iris's attempt to push Gwen into their personal lives. Rachel had learned to be cautious with Iris and warned Mac that everytime they made allowances for Iris, they regretted it. Mac had hired Gwen as an architect for his company with Willis' approval.


When first Gil, then Gwen and Mac intruded on Rachel's worktime at Ken's studio, Ken informed Mac he was barring all future visitors. Mac was furious that he was put in the category of "anybody", and refused to pay the rent for Rachel's use of the studio. Again they argued, Rachel calling Mac a stuffed shirt.


With her sculpting dominating her life, Rachel had told Mac she chose to not try and have a family. Because of Rachel's strong conviction about this, Mac had initiated a trust fund for his namesake, Cory Hobson. He convinced Cory's mother, Clarice, to accept the trust fund, as he wanted to be as close to Cory as a father, since he and Rachel wouldn't be having a child of their own. Clarice had asked Ada and Mac to be Cory's Godparents.


John and Pat Randolph were in the middle of acrid divorce proceedings. Their children were in an emotional tug-of-war, forced to take sides. Mike called his father vindictive when he was told John planned to countersue against Pat naming Dave Gilchrist as correspondent. - Pat and Dave did NOT become involved until after John and Pat separated. - Pat prefered to postpone dating Dave so John couldn’t use his previous history in another correspondent suit many years ago, against him in court. Despite Mike's comments to John that he was dividing the family, not uniting it, John would not back down. Mike warned him that his sister Marianne's abortion would be aired publicly if they went to court, John still would not listen. Even Liz Matthews, Pat's aunt, who had originally promoted the Randolphs' reconciliation, begged John to reconsider. If he really loved Pat he wouldn't humiliate her so. - Jeff Stone, John's attorney had told Liz John intended to bring out Pat's former murder trial in court. - John told Liz in confidence that he was only threatening. Jeff suggested that John change his strategy. He advised that the countersuit was a risk, John should block action by filing an alienation of affections suit against Dave. Dave would then persuade Pat to drop her suit fearing John would win his against Dave. John agreed to it.


Alice had severed her business connection with John, having all the Frame legal business transferred to lawyer Scott Bradley. John resented Alice's threat of business reprisals, she noticed how spiteful and arrogant he had become. True to his description, John yelled at Jim Matthews when he gave his resignation as accountant to John's firm. Jim couldn’t tolerate John's disrespect or the anguish he was causing both Pat and Alice.


With Mike’s urging, Pat had told her lawyer Keith Morrison everything hidden in her past. She knew that John thought he could convince the judge that Pat was not capable of controlling her life, and he had evidence to back that up. Keith hoped that with all the information on hand, he could build a case for Pat that John would not be able to beat.


Liz was still trying to influence Marianne and revealed that John was only threatening. She was asked by Jim Matthews to move out of his house, but she wouldn’t budge. Liz then involved Iris in a plan to halt Jim's intentions to marry Beatrice. Meanwhile, Pat and Russ had plans to involve Liz with Dr. Prescott in order to lure her away from the family problems. This plan failed however, when Liz came to dinner at Russ' and in a fit of anger because of Dave's presence, left. She walked in on Jim and Beatrice's romantic candlelight dinner and her ranting on about Dave aggravated Jim into telling Liz she was only a guest in his house and barely a tolerated one. Liz couldn’t understand how everyone was against her suddenly.


Alice was in a turmoil between business and home. Beatrice complained she had to lower herself to beg Alice to allow her to see her grand-daughter Sally. Alice disagreed and was firm to criticize Beatrice for letting Sally pretend it was her own idea to ask Alice to visit Beatrice at the Corys'. When Jim proposed to Beatrice, she saw a brighter future with regard to the closeness she would share with her granddaughter, and admitted her mistake to Alice apologetically. At work, both Alice and Ray were pressed to find a replacement architect for Carol. They were impressed with the unique sketches of Evan Webster and hired him as the new architect to Frame Enterprises.


Ray’s estranged wife, Olive was then employed in John Randolph's law firm. This act had infuriated Alice but delighted Olive since she lost her battle against Alice with Willis. Olive took advantage of the information passed through the office soaking it into her memory for further use, and played up her devotion to John against the Matthews family. In doing so, she suggested John let Pat know that he hasd dropped his countersuit against her. Pat and Dave were celebrating the news Keith passed on to Pat, that John had indeed dropped the suit, but their elation was halted by Jeff's delivery of John's orders suing Dave. This had confirmed both Dave and Mike's skeptism of John's intent for dropping the countersuit.


Marianne, having no ill feelings towards her father had asked Olive to watch over John's interests. Olive was sweet and friendly to John, but switched to a selfish and disagreeable wife to Ray. She had coaxed Jeff to be her lawyer and together they planned to sue Ray for unsurmountable support payments.


Since Willis followed through on his blackmail threat to his sister Sharlene and revealed her past life as a B-girl to her husband Russ Matthews, Russ had become impotent. He still loved Sharlene but couldn’t make love to her successfully. He was using more excuses to be away from home daily. When she launched herself into looking for a new house and talking about having a family, Russ avoided the subjects. They both talked to Dave Gilchrist, who recommended that Sharlene find other interests outside of their marriage to give her a better perspective on things. While partaking in other interests - visiting her nephew Jamie - she ran into Willis. He told her he regretted what he did to her and would for the rest of his life. Sharlene, still bitter, did not believe his reformation. He asked Sharlene to not reveal to Mac why Alice fired him, she only replied she would think about it, that Willis had earned her hatred for him. When he confessed his discontent to Angie, she tried to build his confidence by pointing out how his arrogance and ambition was just a mask. He should let people like him and he would be more likeable. Confirming Angie's predictions about Willis, Ada admitted she saw a side of Willis she didn't know could exist - when he saved Jamie and Dennis' lives -.


Gil McGowan had heard that his son Tim, who had embezzled from Frame Enterprises, was in South America. He told Ada he wanted to go and get him, and asked Alice to drop any pending charges against Tim since Steven had since died.


Russ was concerned about endangering Dennis' health by his confrontations with Iris. Keith informed Iris that Dennis would live at the Corys'. She protested at first, but then allowed it, realizing it would give her entrance to the Cory house. She astounded Theresa with her comment that Dennis's illness was a blessing in disguise.


Dennis had Rachel’s permission for Molly to visit him. However, Iris had discovered that Mike had spent the night with Molly and promised silence if Molly would no longer see Dennis. To keep Iris from going to Mike's parents, she agreed.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore


Nancy Hughes was very concerned about her son Don's relationship with Joyce Colman. Joyce had caused problems for her ex-husband, Grant, and his wife, Lisa, from the day she came to Oakdale and Nancy felt Don should be made aware of this. She was afraid to talk to him about Joyce because there were some bad feelings between them over her interference in the past. Since Don worked under Grant in the family law firm, she asked Grant to speak to both Don and Joyce. The meeting with Don wasn't very successful since Don didn’t like being an underling in the department that he founded before going to California three years ago and felt Grant was jealous of his relationship with Joyce. Grant's talk with Joyce was equally as disturbing since she felt that Grant was interested in her again. Joyce had been certain that Lisa had been talking against her to Don because they had been enemies since Joyce tried to win Grant back, but when she walked in and found Grant and Nancy talking, she realized that Nancy was the one who objected to her relationship with Don. Lisa had come to the office to take Grant to lunch after another argument over Lisa's interference in other people's lives. Little did she know that Grant had done the same. Lisa had no idea what Joyce was talking about when she apologized for thinking Lisa was talking against her. Nancy was afraid that Joyce would tell Don.


Nancy was caught between the opinions of her two best friends. Ellen Stewart felt sorry for Joyce because she could sympathize with Joyce when she failed to gain custody of the child she had given up at birth. Nancy tried to help the situation by asking Joyce to lunch, but felt terrible when Lisa showed up unexpectedly and was appalled that Nancy could be friends with Joyce.


One noon, Don and Joyce saw Grant lunching with Mary Ellison. - Mary and her husband adopted Joyce's son five years ago, and since the custody suit, Mary had raised Teddy with help from Grant and Lisa because her husband died in an accident. - Joyce suggested that Don not tell Lisa that Grant and Mary were together. After his brother, Dr. Bob Hughes, returned from a medical convention, Don asked about Grant's fidelity. Bob had no idea who Don was asking until he said he had lunch with Joyce.


Carol Stallings had gone to New York to be with her father during his surgery, even though her husband, Jay, called her selfish and asked her not to go. Natalie Hughes, divorcee, had as much as asked him to have an affair because some people already thought they were and he was afraid to be on his own. When Natalie heard that Carol was out of town, she asked Jay over. He refused her invitation, but ended up at her apartment. Jay was afraid that someone would see him in her building, so Jay made a practice of taking work to Mary Ellison, one of his secretaries who lived in Natalie's building. Lisa, Natalie's ex-mother-in-law, who knew that her marriage to Tom broke up because she spent a night with Jay, saw Natalie come out of Jay's office and was sure they were having an affair. Grant, Tom and Bob, all told her that she couldn’t accuse anyone without real evidence.


Lisa had dinner with Mary and Teddy while Grant was working late. As she left Mary's, she ran into Jay, who said that he had been to Mary's. Lisa told him that this was very strange because she had spent the whole evening having dinner at Mary's apartment. Jay said that he meant he had been working with Laurie, his other secretary who also lived in the building, and only made the mistake because Mary had been doing so much work for him. The following day, Lisa commented to Laurie about the overtime she put in for Jay, but was told that although Mary needed the money, she didn’t and took no work home. Lisa told her that Jay was in the building, but not to see Mary. Although Laurie knew about Natalie, she vowed that she wouldn't get involved this time. Jay and Natalie set up their next rendezvous for Friday because Jay expected Carol home on Sunday. Jay didn’t know that Carol called Mary and told her that Jay expected her on Sunday, but she was going to surprise him by coming home on Friday.


Lisa was so upset over all that shd has learned that she told Bob, Tom's father, that she had no proof and didn't intend to look for any, but she could tell that Tom still loved Carol. - Tom and Carol were divorced when Carol wanted to adopt a baby after she found she could have none of her own. Tom worked long hours to avoid solving the problem, so Carol asked for the divorce. When Tom found that Carol's husband, Jay, was involved with his wife, Natalie, he threw her out without explaining to his friends so that Carol needed not find out about Jay. - Lisa was upset that in protecting Carol they were letting Jay do as he pleased. She feared what would happen after Jay and Carol adopt a baby. Lisa wanted Bob to know the reason behind it all, if she should decide not to be silent in the future.


John Dixon told Susan Stewart that it would be stupid for her to tell John's ex-wife, Kim, and Susan's ex-husband, Dan, that she made sure that Dan never got the message that Kim had regained her memory and still loved him before he left for Bolivia. Susan seriously considered it because she wanted to break up Dan and Valerie Conway, but was afraid Dan would hate her. Kevin Thompson was the one other person who knew what Susan did and had advised her that she would have a guilty conscience until she told Dan.


Valerie had been mad at her sister-in-law, Kim, and her late brother, Jason, because she thought that they upset her boyfriend, Cliff Tanner, so much by offering him a bribe to leave town, that he had a fatal accident. Valerie finally talked this out with Kim and found that Jason felt Cliff was bad for Valerie and asked him to leave town. Cliff asked for enough money so that he could find a job elsewhere. Valerie forgave Kim and found it very easy as she was sure that she loved Dan for himself and not out of revenge against Kim. Things were also better for her since she hasd learned how to get along with Dan's daughters, Betsy and Emmy. Valerie hadn't had any experience with children, but then found twelve year old Betsy a delightful companion. Betsy had a hard time giving up the idea that Kim would someday be her step-mother, but Kim helped her to see that they could all be friends.


At a dinner party, Kevin learned how much Valerie cared for Dan and gave Susan twenty-four hours to tell Dan and Kim what she had done before things go so far that everyone was hurt. Susan felt that it would be easier to tell Kim. When John learned that Susan was going to tell her secret, he violently ordered her to keep quiet. Dr. Strausfield, who replaced John after he had been suspended, told John that if he ever intimidated any of his employees he would have him barred from the hospital.


Susan told Kim the whole story and said she was afraid of how Dan would react. Kim, nine months pregnant with John's child, realized that Susan had denied her happiness all these months. She would tell Dan. Susan bought a bottle of liquor on the way home, but managed not to take a drink. - Susan was a recovered alcoholic. - Her boss, Dr. David Stewart, told his son Dan that Susan had not been in to work for several days and had not called in. Susan would only see Dan in public because she was afraid he would be angry, but he didn't mention talking to Kim.


Kim asked to see Dan, but after deciding that she didn’t know what to say, she left a message cancelling their appointment. Dan was so concerned that he visited Kim anyway. Before Kim could think of a reason Dan put words in her mouth. She went along with his suggestion that she was worried about Valerie's relationship with his daughters, but cancelled their talk after Valerie and Betsy, exhilarated from a shopping trip, told Kim how much fun they were having.


Susant old Kevin that Kim’s not telling Dan was putting her through almost as much hell as if he knew. Kevin suggested that Kim was really concerned about Dan, Valerie, and the girls rather than herself. Susan hoped that things would change and then she wouldn't have to worry about Dan finding out or marrying Valerie.


Beau Spencer was still dropping in unexpectedly at the apartment Dee and Annie Stewart were renting on campus. Annie was very concerned about her sister's feelings since she thought she loved Beau and he seemed to be playing games. Annie had used Tom Hughes' company to get out when Beau came over. When Dee suggested they might be more than friends, Tom and Annie decided to use this to keep Beau away from Annie. After Tom sought Beau out to tell him that he and Annie were serious and he watched out for Dee also, Beau told Annie he was calling everything off and he hopesd they could be friends someday.


Judge Lowell, Dee’s grandfather, and Dick Martin, Beau's lawyer, discussed the Spencer family. The Judge remembered that some years ago Beau's father lost a paternity case. Dick said that the rumor was that Beau's mother is devoted, but he still ran around. He had heard nothing bad about Beau, but Beau had commented that he was like his father.


Carol returned to Oakdale and called Mary and Laurie trying to locate Jay. Laurie finally decided to chance going to Natalie's on the pretext of needing coffee to let Natalie know that Carol was home just in case Jay was there. Jay hurried home with an excuse for being late. Lisa confronted Natalie and then told Tom that they had to decide just how long they were going to ignore this because Carol contacted the adoption agency after she returned and the Stallingses had been placed close to the top of the list.


Jim Straufield was having dinner with Kim when she went into labor. She asked Jim to call John before they went to the hospital so that he wouldn’t think it was an after thought. Jim left a message with Mary Ellison when John wasn't home. John saw Kim and then spent the night in the fathers' waiting room. Just before eleven o'clock the following morning Kim gave birth to a seven pound six ounce boy. John only saw Kim for a few minutes because she was very tired.


Dan proposed to Valerie after he discussed things with Betsy. Valerie asked for time to think it over before giving him an answer since she had been hasty in the past and made many mistakes. Valerie visited Kim and the baby. When Kim was told that Valerie was thinking over Dan's proposal, she cautionned Valerie not to take too long.


Tom told his father father that he offered Natalie money to leave town, but she refused. He would like an objective opinion on whether to tell Carol because his judgement was clouded by the fact that he wanted her.


Hearing that Dan had proposed, Susan tried to talk Kim into telling Dan. Failing this, she told Valerie that she knew Dan still loved Kim.


While Don was telling his mother that Joyce had made all the difference in his life, almost in the same breath, Joyce told Bob Hughes an Grant Colman that she would give Don up for either of them.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Bob Anderson arrived at the Hamilton apartment to drive Brooke and her mother Adele to the airport. They were on their way to New York to join a cruise to the Greek islands. Adele, dying of cirrhosis of the liver, despite a liver shunt, was delighted at Brooke's evident pleasure in doing this for her. Adele was unaware that Brooke embezzled the money from Bob to finance the trip. Bob promised Brooke he would fly to her anywhere if she needed him, since all knew Adele's death was imminent.


David Banning and Paul Grant, Bob's former head of accounting, had been blamed for the embezzlement and fired. Bob kept things quiet so David could attend his mother Julie's wedding to Doug Williams and then leave on a honeymoon without worry. Brooke was uneasy about the stolen money, but was determined that Adele would have this one last chance at enjoying life, no matter what happened later.


David, who had been living with the Grants, a compassionate black family, had fallen in love with, and proposed to, Valerie Grant, rocking the Grant family. Val finally accepted David's proposal, despite her mother Helen's violent opposition. Val felt she had to reach out for her own happiness. Helen's furious when she learned Paul had been fired, feeling Bob did it because Paul was black. Paul refuted that, saying his department was responsible for the loss; therefore, as head of the department, he was responsible. Helen felt the lack of communication in the family lately started when they "moved into the white man's world." When Val and David arrived to announce their engagement, Helen ran out. When David learned Paul had been fired, too, he was appalled. Val tried to convince Helen that David's and her love was right, but Helen refused to listen, pointing out that David got Paul fired - she believed David was the embezzler -. When David accused Bob of firing Paul because of his color, Bob vehemently, sincerely denied it. Paul chatted with son Danny, who had been hostile since Paul asked David to help him through an alcoholic crisis instead of Danny. Paul admitted he might have treated David as a son, but he just wanted to give the boy a man he could depend on. Paul told Danny not ever to question his feelings for his own son. Val overheard Paul ask Danny how they could let Val marry a boy Helen didn’t even want in the house?


Val and Danny argued. He'd been on her side, but had changed his mind. When Helen intervened, asking if it was her fault, Danny replied that he didn’t want Val to "be a second class citizen in anybody's world." Val discussed it with Dr. Laura Horton, for whom Val worked. Laura told her there was "sometimes more hurt in not marrying the man you love."


In an attempt to uncover any lead to the embezzler, Don Craig and Bob had obtained the video tapes from the three banks that cleared the embezzled checks. Bob told Don that Paul was the best head accountant he had ever had and he hoped he hadn't alienated him totally. When Brooke turned up in films from two banks, they became suspicious. Bob's investigator suggested Bob talk to Brooke himself. Bob flew to New York. Don had a lipreader view the films. The conversations between Brooke and the tellers appeared to prove Brooke was the guilty one.


When Bob arrived, Adele was ill. Brooke went for seasick pills, but Adele told Bob she just couldn't go on any more, that she was too sick to take the cruise. As Bob was telling Brooke he knew about the checks, the ship's doctor asked Brooke to call an ambulance for her mother. Brooke refused, insisting her mother would be fine once they started. Brooke noted she sold her soul for this and her mother would have this happiness. Brooke told Bob he could do anything he wanted later, but then her mother would have the cruise. Finally, Adele told Brooke she would have to go alone, that she couldn’t hang on any longer.


As Adele drifted under a sedative, she recalled her past romance with Bob, telling him how proud she was to be his girl, and even if he didn't love her, she could pretend. As she was about to tell Bob Brooke was his daughter, the ambulance arrived, and Bob was shown out. He demanded to know why Brooke didn't ask him for the money. Brooke didn't want to be indebted to him. Bob was shocked at her apparent hatred of him.


Paul was bitter and depressed over his firing, as all other bookkeeping jobs required references. Helen added to his worries by acting like he would never work again and questioning her faith. Don arrived to tell David and Paul they had been cleared. They were both bitter, noting it was like being cleared after being hanged. Neither wanted to return. Under pressure, Don told them Brooke was the thief.


Adele was hospitzlized and refused life-sustaining equipment, preferring to go in peace. She asked to see Bob. Meanwhile, Bob asked David to come for Brooke. When Bob saw Adele, she told him Brooke was his daughter. Adele hadn't planned to tell Bob, but she couldn't bear to leave Brooke all alone. Incredulous, Bob listened as Adele told him that, by the time she knew she was pregnant, he was engaged to Phyllis. She told him she has loved only him and was happy to have his child. To have told him would have been wrong, since he loved someone else. Adele made Bob promise not to tell Brooke he knew because Brooke couldn't handle it then.


David was stunned when Brooke lashed out at him, forgetting it was her favorite defense mechanism. Bob questioned Brooke about why she stole from him. She replied that she resented his wealth. Bob told Brooke he wouldn't prosecute her, that he would make restitution. Brooke made it clear she wanted punishment, not pity. Bob was anguished. Adele died. Brooke felt Adele died for her daughter's sin.


Upon receieved the offer of his job back from Don, Paul's immediate reaction was refusal. Don made him reconsider. To help Helen work through her emotional turmoil, Paul admitted he had reservations about David, other than David's drinking. They resolved to be more honest in their feelings. Paul told Helen he was taking back the job because he was the best bookkeeper Bob ever had.


Jilted Don Craig tried to turn to Dr. Marlena Evans to forget Julie, but Marlena told him to come back in six months, if he was still interested. However, she allowed a drunk Don to spend Julie's wedding night on her couch. Don ran into Sharon DuVal, wealthy Salem socialite, whom he met when Julie was painting her portrait. Sharon and her husband didn’t interfere in each others' lives. Sharon expressed delight that Julie didn't marry Don after all. Sharon collected interesting people, and it was less complicated when they weren't married. Sharon was annoyed because she was stood up by her shrink. She invited Don to a cocktail party and he agreed. Marlena, a psychiatrist, came looking for Sharon, who canceled the session. Marlena and Don exchanged pointed words. Don and Sharon wound up at her house, and when he asked where the party was, Sharon told him it was right there. with the two of them.


After spending Julie’s wedding night at his parents' house on out-patient privileges, Mickey Horton began to manipulate his family to call for his release from Bayview Sanitarium - Amnesiac Mickey had his whole life flood back to him when his "son" Mike was injured. Mickey found out through blood tests that his brother Bill was really Mike's father. Mickey tried to kill Bill and two women he mistook for his ex-wife Laura, resulting in his commitment. - Mickey told his wife Maggie it was good to see everyone and he thought he would be home soon. In front of his father Tom, whom Marlena hadn't seen, Mickey told her she knew his final healing had to take place at home. Marlena wasn't fooled. She told Tom the speech was a final summation to the jury, and asked if Tom wasn't bothered that Mickey was treating the whole thing as a court case?


Marlena was afraid Mickey could turn on Laura because, due to a deep depression, Laura wasn't able to help Mike through his recent crisis about his manhood. Also, Marlena was aware that Mickey had talked about Laura and Bill's infant daughter as the daughter he and Laura always wanted but couldn't have. Marlena feared for little Jennifer. Tom assured Marlena he would take the responsibility. Marlena replies that she wouldn't.


Linda Phillips, Mickey’s former mistress, who had loved Mickey all this time, had allowed Mike to make love to her again. He was ecstatic. Linda was disgusted with herself because she felt it cheapened what she tried to do for him before. Mike knew she gave in because she saw Mickey dancing with Maggie at the reception. Mike hung around Mickey's law office to be near Linda. Tom told him he was being foolish, but Mike wouldn’t listen. Mickey dropped in on his way back to Bayview and took Linda for coffee. Mike smouldered.


Mickey told Linda she was the only one he trusted and added he might lean on her a lot. Linda asked if Mickey thought of Mike as his son. He was not sure, but everyone kept telling him how much Mike needed him. At the office, Mickey suggested to Don, who had been keeping the practice alive, that he could do the pre-trial work when he was released. Don knew they would need more help then and suggested they hire Maggie, who was then a para-legal. Mickey demured, so Don suggested they ask Mike, who had recently expressed interest in studying law.


Marlena told Linda she didn't want Linda's physical needs putting Mickey back in the hospital. To the suggestion that she herself tell Mickey about Mike so Mickey wouldn't depend on her and get hurt, Linda responded negatively. After Mickey and Marlena left, Don asked Linda, "Are you going to stop bedding young Mike, or am I going to have to fire you?" Linda replied that she would tell Mickey everyone was making up dirty stories because she helped Mike when his mother, Laura, couldn't. When Mike threatened to tell Mickey, Linda responded that she would tell Mickey he was lying to cover up an attempted rape — like Bill did to Laura – resulting in Mike's conception while Laura was married to Mickey -.


Marlena openly told Mickey she still didn’t think he was ready to leave Bayview, that if she released him, she would have been blackmailed into it. She wanted him to put everything that happened since trying to kill Bill into perspective, then reminded him his release would mean no more support from her or Dr. Powell at a minute's notice.


Bill and Laura Horton were at odds over Mickey's release. Bill feared for his family, so he wanted Mickey in Bayview; Laura needed Mickey's release and forgiveness to really enjoy her life with Bill. Laura, also a psychiatrist, visited Mickey for an evaluation, at his request. She told Mickey he might have regrets and remorse, but had to have no guilt because he didn't know what he was doing.


Mickey’s older brother, Tommy warned Maggie not to expect too much or to smother Mickey. Maggie, who married Mickey as Marty Hansen when he was amnesic, had to admit Mickey Horton was coming home, someone she didn't know. Tommy asked if she could be Maggie Horton ?


Aware Mickey would need to work to fill some of his days, Laura asked Don if Mickey was capable of practicing law. Don had to admit Mickey's ability in law at this time was that of a first-year law student. Marlena told Laura she would sign Mickey's release, but only because she couldn’t afford to alienate him at this time. Alice, Mickey's mother, planned a big family dinner. Bill told Marlena he didn’t want Mickey released. She understood. Bill questioned Mickey's acceptance of his and Laura's marriage. - Mickey often called Laura his wife, not his ex-wife. - Tom told Maggie not to fear being the aggressor when the time was right.


The family diner is a fiasco because everyone was uptight. Mickey felt the pressure of each family member's needs. Bill, to be conciliatory, offered Mickey back the home Mickey and Laura built, where Bill and Laura and Jennifer lived. Mickey told Laura he had a house that wasn't his, a son who wasn't his, a daughter – adopted - he hardly knew, and a wife he had no feelings for. He wondered why he was so eager to get out of Bayview.


Alone with Maggie, later, Mickey felt trapped. He called Linda twice, when Maggie was out of the room, but didn’t speak to her. Linda alerted Marlena. Mickey, saying he was going fot a walk, went to Linda's. He felt his family made demands he couldn’t fulfill. He thought Linda was the only person why really cared. Frightened for Linda, Marlena got Don to help her visit on the pretext Don had work for Linda. When they left, Linda suggested Mickey go home to his wife. Mickey said he would go home to Laura. Linda was aghast.


Maggie visited Laura at home, hurt because Mickey seemed to be turning to everyone but her. Maggie saw Mickey watching the house. Bill came by and saw Mickey, so he invited him in. He claimed he came by to pick Maggie up for dinner. Mickey met baby Jennifer. Maggie asked him why he lied. He saw the fear on her face and said he saw it on Laura's face, too, when he touched Jennifer. Mickey asked how he could forget the past when nobody would let him?


Mickey went into work, telling Linda he was ready to work and to face his past. He started rereading his case briefs. Reading and recalling Julie's custody hearing for David, Mickey wondered what kinds of rules he believed in that he could take a woman's son away ?


Linda pushed Mike out and towards Trish Clayton. Mike and Trish were lonely since he left the apartment they shared platonically, until an unsuccessful attempt at lovemaking. Trish let Mike take her home. He kissed her, but she noticed the lack of passion and accused him of still being hung up on Linda.


Robert LeClair and his wife Rebecca were married after Rebecca was left at the altar by Johnny Collins. - Rebecca was pregnant with Doug Williams' child through artificial insemination. When she told Johnny how the baby was conceived, but not who the father was, he left her. Robert married Rebecca and assisted in the delivery on their son, little Doug. Robert didn't press Rebecca for more than she could give. Finally, he asked her if she was ready to be his wife in all ways. Rebecca and he made love, and Rebecca had been coming to love Robert. She told Dr. Neil Curtis she wouldn't tell Robert the truth because she couldn’t risk losing him. - When Robert told Rebecca he wanted to talk to Johnny to make sure Johnny would give up all claim to the child, Rebecca adamantly insisted Robert stay away from him. Searching for a prescription for the baby, Robert found the letter Johnny left saying he couldn't handle the baby's being another man's child, that he would come to hate Rebecca and the baby. Robert was stunned. "My Rebecca with another man? Is our whole life together a lie? And if Johnny's not the baby's father, who is?" Rebecca meanwhile was telling Kim Douglas how happy she was, that she then knew what love really was.


Robert began to read things into everything Rebecca said. Johnny warned Rebecca Robert should be told about the baby. Rebecca refused to risk it. Johnny pulled her to him and kissed her. Rebecca responded. Robert saw them standing close together. Johnny told Robert he was just assuring Rebecca he wouldn't interfere with the adoption. When alone, Robert asked Rebecca if her love was a lie? He asked how many other men there were? Shocked, Rebecca asked, "Where is the man who loved me so much?" He responded, "Where is the wife I trusted?"


Robert told Don he was then hesitant to adopt the baby. He feared that someday Johnny and Rebecca would be drawn back together. Hoping for more information, Robert arranged a meeting with Johnny. Johnny, confronted with the letter, admitted he was not the baby's father. Johnny warned Robert to discuss it with Rebecca before it was too late.


Neil Curtis and Amanda Howard were lovers. When Amanda became fed up with Neil's playing around and gambling, Neil married middle-aged, wealthy Phyllis Anderson on the rebound. Neil had continued to pursue Amanda, who would have nothing to do with him, especially after she learned Phyl was pregnant. Phyl's pregnancy was rocking the already unstable marriage. Neil spent more and more time away from home, putting Phyl into an emotional state that was dangerous for both her and the baby. When Neil missed their first anniversary – he was gambling -, Phyl blamed the deterioration of their marriage on her pregnancy. Neil was hesitant about the responsibility of a child and the change it would bring to their life style. Phyl went to Tom Horton. She declared that her marriage was more important than the baby and demanded an abortion. Tom refused, saying it was illegal in some states at her stage of pregnancy, not to mention the grave danger to Phyl. Phyl left, crying she would find someone.


Tom went to Neil, demanding why he didn't recommend a good abortionist for Phyl. Neil was stunned. He had no intention of asking Phyl to abort the baby. Neil promised to clear it all up with Phyl that night, unaware she was packing. Phyl found the name of a doctor Neil refered patients to in Chicago and made an appointment, telling Dr. Parker her OB's schedule was too crowded and she was coming to Chicago on a visit.


Adele Hamilton’s funeral was a simple affair, with Bob delivering the eulogy. Brooke regretted that her mother never had a chance to tell Bob he was her father. Bob took Brooke to dinner, offering her a job at the plant and to help improve her education.


Dr. Parker refused to perform the abortion. He also refused to recommend anyone else. Phyl returned to her hotel room and stared at a bottle of pills. Meanwhile, Amanda Howard accepted Greg Peters' proposal of marriage. They happily planned to elope. Neil, after learning from Val that Phyl saw his register and wrote down a name, had been calling everyone on the list. He called Greg away from Amanda to help him. Greg talked to Parker and got the address. As he gave it to Neil, he told Neil he and Amanda were getting married. Neil was sick. Before leaving for Chicago, he stopped in to see Amanda with "Best wishes."


Adele’s death had compelled Trish Clayton to seek out her mother Jeri at the roadhouse where Jeri worked as a waitress, having told Trish she entertained. Trish told Jeri there would be no more lies, that she knew she was a waitress, and she loved her anyway. Trish urged Jeri to divorce Jack, get him out of their lives. Jeri told Jack what she was planning and that Trish agreed. Jack found Trish at her apartment and reminded her of all he did for her as a kid. He also brought up Jeri's hooker days, and encouraged Trish to think she had the same tendencies. Jack was drunk.


Mike fortunately interrupted Trish and Jack. Trish got rid of her step-father, then tearfully confessed to Mike her fear of being a latent prostitute — a bad seed.


Neil told Amanda his fears about Phyl's obtaining an abortion. Amanda accused him of forcing Phyl to this decision either consciously or unconsciously. Neil arrived at Phyl's motel room in Chicago and found her unconscious. She had taken medication in hopes of aborting the child.


Rebecca, totally confused at Robert's apparent rejection of little Doug, wondered what had gone wrong? In search of diapers, Rebecca discovered Johnny's letter. Fearful Robert might see it, she destroyed it. Robert later discovered the burned fragments. He was still confused.


The Doctors


Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young


Matt Powers, under suspicion for pulling the plug on the respirator that sustained junkie Joan Dancy's life, had been asked to take a temporary leave of absense as chief of staff at Hope Memorial Hospital, until after the Grand Jury met and decided whether to indict him for murder. Upset that his long years of service had meant nothing to the Board, Matt resigned, He insisted that his wife Maggie and his friends carry on as usual, but Maggie found it difficult. Board member Mona Croft told Maggie the Board really was grateful to Matt. Maggie replied that she "finds the Board's action contemptible." Mona was hopeful of reversing the Board's decision. Maggie felt Matt would never return before being cleared by the Grand Jury.


At his lawyer Jason Aldrich's instigation, Matt was compiling a scrapbook of all the news stories about the case. Finally, Matt saw that the evidence so far supported a murder indictment. Jason told Matt that his resignation wouldn’t sit well with the Grand Jury. Also, Jason told Matt that the missing film was the DA's trump card. - During a scuffle with reporter Rudy Winston outside Joan's room that was instigated by Dr. Paul Summers to give Stacy Wells time to pull the plug, Matt took Winston's camera. Later, after confiscating the camera, the police found the film missing, leading to speculation that Matt destroyed it to protect himself. Unbeknownst to everyone, Billy Aldrich, Jason's nephew, had the film. – Jason began to trace the path of the camera. Following the tussle, Matt and Paul went to Andre's for a drink. Nola Dancy was there and confirmed to Jason nobody touched it, and also revealed Stacy was there and was ill. Jason asked Nola to testify on Matt's behalf. Believing Matt innocent, Nola agreed. Jason told step-daughter Stacy and Paul that someone in this case, the real guilty party, was keeping quiet out of self-preservation. Stacy, never very stable, was again panicked. Paul soothed her. Jason got Joan's history from Nola. Joan was a junkie who resorted to prostitution to support her habit. Nola mused that Jason didn’t really care about Joan. Jason replied, "I'm here to help Matt Powers, not express my condolences for some girl I never knew."


Billy Aldrich, who had been staying with the Powers' since running away from home, had converted part of his "apartment" over the garage into a dark room. Billy and Greta Powers were in love. Matt insisted they not be alone together because he was afraid of what might happen. As Billy and Greta went through many cannisters of film he had promised to develop for friends, Greta found one with a code on it. Billy explained that newspapers sometimes coded their film. When Greta saw the initials "RW" on it, she asked Billy if he had taken the film from the camera. He had forgotten. Greta wanted to turn the film in to the police, but Billy wanted to develop it to pay Matt back for all he had done. Greta left a note telling Matt where they were, and they began. Furious that Greta would defy him, Matt broke down the dark room door, ruining the film. Billy was crestfallen, feeling he always let down those he loved. Jason was furious, feeling everyone would think Matt destroyed the film on purpose.


Jason and his mother Mona discussed her continuing disapproval of her sons' wives. Mona felt Jason was too young to have married a woman with a child straight out of law school. Jason had to admit his ambition caused him to shamefully neglect both wife and step-daughter. Mona admitted she wanted Ann Larimer for Steve, not Carolee, Steve's missing wife. - Carolee left town after finding Steve fresh from bed in Ann's apartment. Carolee had retreated into catatonia, but was having brief forays into reality. Ann found Carolee and put her into a private hospital under a fake name, claiming to be Carolee's sister.- When Ann learned of Carolee's progress, she tried to dissuade the head of the hospital from transferring Carolee to Dr. Brandt's private hospital. Ann told a somnolent Carolee that she had to abandon her in order to keep Steve. Unbeknownst to Ann and the doctors, this had all sunk in with Carolee, who was then panicked.


Stacy told Paul she wanted to confess. Paul dissuaded her by pointing out that nobody would understand and it would ruin their lives, their plans for a future. The Board was about to meet to consider Matt's resignation. Paul told Dr. Althea Davis that he was being asked to appear before the Board on Matt's behalf and he was going to try to convince them they needed someone like Matt. Althea replied they "need Matt, not someone like him." The Board voted to reject Matt's resignation, admitting they acted out of panic. They drafted a letter of reinstatement. Paul was called in and informed. Paul produced his subpoena, saying that Matt still wouldn’t be able to take over right away because of the hearings and suggested a temporary replacement for the time being, for Matt's peace of mind. Jason pointed out to Matt that, if the Board reinstated him, he had to accept in order to help sway the Grand Jury. Hank Iverson was called before the Board to recommend a temporary replacement for Matt. Hank told the Board he felt Matt should have been reinstated immediately, but if they needed someone temporarily, he suggested they pick someone not on staff who had stood behind Matt all the way — Paul Summers! At the news from Mona and another board member Beatrice Lansing, Paul pretended to be overcome, humble, appreciative. - Paul coerced Stacy into pulling the plug in order to avenge himself on Matt, who kept his brain-damaged son alive, leading to his wife's suicide. Paul also wanted Matt's job.-


Jason had subpoenaed Nola and Jerry Dancy on Matt's behalf, feeling the Grand Jury would be sensitive to support from the Dancys. Jerry was afraid what he had to say might damage Matt's case.


Eleanor Conrad and Althea Davis had become friends following Scott Conrad's suicide over his unrequited love for Althea. Eleanor had recently recovered from 15 years as a schizophrenic, and then wanted to do something useful with her life. Althea proposed her as chairperson for the hospital fund drive. Mona approved and gained the Board's approval, despite Beatrice's bringing up Eleanor's past instability. Lew Dancy, purported gigolo, spied Eleanor at Andre's one night, and after learning she was a rich widow, he began to woo her.


Matt had been drinking too much, in anticipation of the Grand Jury hearings. When Jason felt it necessary to ask Matt if he pulled the plug, Matt was totally demoralized. Jason was worried about Matt's flying off the handle, knowing the DA would try to make Matt look unstable. Jason also worried that Hope staff had also said Matt could pull the plug — out of compassion.


Jason made Nola change her clothes and remove her make-up, saying he wanted the Jury to concentrate on her story, not her. Matt asked Jason to wait in the car. He took two stiff belts. Nola redressed.


When Stacy didn’t appear at his apartment after her dinner with Jason, her step-father, the night before, Paul was worried and called on her in the morning. She was aglow with the new rapport she had found with Jason, saying she understood his neglect of her as a child. Paul undermined the burgeoning trust by telling Stacy Jason was only using her to help Matt.


Mike Powers hired Sara Dancy to babysit Michael Paul while Toni was in California. Jason promised to try to help Jerry Dancy find a job as a law clerk.


Paul Summers dropped by to escort Stacy to the hearing. Stacy accused Paul of using her to further his own ambition to replace Matt as Chief of Staff. Paul replied that her changed attitude was a result of Jason's manipulation of her. Stacy didn’t buy this. Paul worried that Stacy might confess.


Steve urged Althea to allow him to place her name before the Board as Matt's temporary replacement. Maggie concured and Althea reluctantly agreed. In this conversation, Steve revealed to Maggie that the Board had sent Matt a letter of reinstatement. Maggie was upset that the letter had not arrived, as thee would have greatly boosted Matt's spirits.


Carolee’s doctors were confounded that the special delivery letter they sent to "her sister" was returned. Meanwhile, Ann checked with the postmaster to make sure nobody could trace her. The doctors were concerned that their patient was slipping deeper into the catatonic state and they might lose her entirely.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Nicole Drake had undergone narcosynthesis to break the memory block of her days on Guadalupe. Under the influence of the drug she told her husband Adam about Claude Revenant, the owner of "Limbo Island" where she was being held prisoner. - After an explosion on their honeymoon yacht, Nicole was presumed dead. Then returned to the United States. she and Adam were unravelling the mystery of Nicole's imprisonment. The imprisonment was the cause of Nicole's continual nightmares and headaches. - She remembered Revenant telling her he had reason for his discretion about her whereabouts. He would not submit to foolish generosity by releasing her and ruin his chance for the future he had spent years planning for.


With the knowledge of Revenant at hand, Lt. Chandler went to work and dug up some intriguing facts about him. Revenant had been dead for six years! His police mug shot was identified by Nicole. The true identity being a man named Gilbert Darcy who was known as the controller of a syndicate. Chandler and Adam speculated that Darcy faked a death certificate, eluded the syndicate amassing their money and then Nicole's presence was an obstacle he wanted to eliminate.


Dr. Clay Jordan - the man who treated Nicole's amnesia in Paris and accompanied her back to the U.S. -, was also attempting to pick Nicole's brain. She wouldn't tell him what she had recalled, so he revealed what he knew. - Jordan had already aroused suspicions of his authenticity as a doctor. Phoebe Jamison suspected Jordan stole Nicole's file from her former employer, psychiatrist Quentin Henderson, however, she asked herself WHEN did he steal it? Known to no one was the fact that Jordan killed Quentin for this file. - He confirmed Adam's suspicions about Darcy, he had embezzled millions from the syndicate. Jordan was paid to go to St. Therese and pretend to give medical aide as a front to enable him to get Darcy's location from Nicole and pass it along to the mobster leaders — she was the only link that connected them. He cautioned Nicole that Darcy was still her enemy. During his involvement with Nicole, Jordan declared he grew to love her and was trying to save her. Nicole concluded Jordan was not showing concern for her, he was doing the job he was still hired to do. But Nicole kept her new findings from Adam.


In another drug therapy session, Nicole relived her last day with Revenant. It was a chaotic scene with boats docking and men running and shooting guns wildly. Revenant led her through a secret escape route. They were met by Billy - the native who attacked Nicole with a machete in her nightmares - as Revenant prepared to board a boat.


When Nicole refused to leave, Revenant ordered Billy to kill her. At that moment, the moment Billy raised his machete for attack, Nicole's mind blanked out.


Jordan was then working from another angle to penetrate Nicole's memory. He contacted Brandy Henderson - formerly engaged to Adam until Nicole returned - and planted into her mind the prospect of breaking up the Drake marriage. He lied to her that the marriage was already close to cracking up, and if Brandy still loved Adam, then was her chance to take him from Nicole. Brandy refused to allow Jordan to do this to her, she suspected his altruistic motives.


Brandy reported this to Adam and he cautiously forbade Nicole to have anything to do with Jordan again. Nicole thought Jordan was about to leave town. Not having the same fears for her safety as Adam did, Nicole returned to her job as hostess at the New Moon Cafe. Beginning her first day there also was a new waitress names Molly O'Connor. She had befriended Nicole and Johnny, owner of the New Moon, but there was a dangerous side to Molly unknown to all. She appeared jovial in their presence but soon dropped her laughing front when not in view. Molly also possessed a gun which she kept in her dresser drawer.


At the same time, Phoebe and Kevin were having dinner and discussing Phoebe's increasing suspicions about the connection between Jordan and Quentin Henderson's murder. They believed that it was too coincidental that Nicole's file was missing from Quentin's files after Jordan was so emphatic about getting the information from this file. At the restaurant, Kevin saw Tony Saxon alone at a table. He went over to him and pumped Tony for information about his upcoming trial. Tony was cold and rude to Kevin. He cut his conversation short when his dinner guest arrived — Kevin surmised this man was the same person he saw kissing Nancy Karr a few weeks before —Kevin was correct, Tony's dinner guest was his right-hand man, Beau – Smith - Richardson.


Geraldine had impressed her friends greatly by making her debut at her dinner party walking with a cane. - She had been confined to a wheelchair since being pushed down a flight of stairs several months ago. - She remained possessive of Kevin despite the fact he was married, and living away from Geraldne's residence with his wife, Phoebe. In a lonely moment she called him and asked him to dinner while Phoebe was at nightschool. Just then Phoebe came home, and Kevin regretfully declined. He was sensitive to Geraldine's loneliness, although Phoebe was not.


Nancy Karr was no longer the same woman, remarked her husband, lawyer Mike Karr to Adam Drake. She had recently leaped totally into her job as columnist for the Monticello News and her personality had undergone a transposition. She was distant and distracted from Mike, their once close relationship was drifting. A clue to her discontentment lay in her opposition to Mike's position with the crime task force, although Nancy was still vague with Mike about what troubled her. When he tried to break through her barrier, she shocked Mike suggesting they separate. She assured him the separation was not because her feelings for him had changed, but she needed to be alone, something had happened but she couldn’t tell him what it was. Nancy told Laurie, her step-daughter, of the separation and of her planned departure for Peru. While Laurie was absorbing this startling news, Nancy got a phone call from "Beau Smith," the mystery man in her life. He hinted at an interest in Laurie.


In the midst of discussing Nancy's intentions to leave Mike, Beau called her. She was very discrete in hiding Beau's conversation from Mike. She told Mike Beau was her informant for the column she wrote, and had asked her for money for information. Actually, Beau told Nancy if she really loved him and wasn't just stringing him along, she would do what he asked of her. Nancy was extremely upset by this and Mike guessed that she was using Peru as an excuse when all she wanted was to be apart from him. He gave her the choice to move to her own apartment or he would go. She chose to leave. Fulfilling Beau's request, Nancy sneaked some paperwork from Mike's briefcase.


“Beau” was the owner of a nightclub called the Ace of Clubs. Danny Micelli had been hired to manage it. The reason Tony Saxon, Beau's boss, was eager to get Danny under his wing was because at the New Moon Cafe which Danny co-owned, he earned the reputation of hospitalizing two of Saxon's goons. Unknown to Danny, he was confronted by a drunk and boisterous woman in the bar, the woman being the daughter of Tony Saxon. The following day, Deborah Saxon asked her father to have Danny fired.


Tony Saxon had been indicted as a result of Mike's crime task force's efforts and had hired Ansel Scott to defend him. Ansel defended Tony successfully a decade ago, he would then try to do the same against his son, Assistant District Attorney, Draper Scott. Draper informed lawyer Brandy Henderson that DA Ira Paulsen had recommended Brandy head the case teaming with Draper to abate the publicity of father and son opposed in court. -City politician Tony Saxon's indictment involved his financial participation with political control over city council decisions. - Tony promoted Draper's involvement in the case hoping his contact with Ansel would provide a pipeline of information to him.


Ansel asked Draper to dinner using the opportunity to get Draper to resign from the case. Draper admitted his interest was backed by the publicity he would gain from being on the prosecution side, and the money he would gain in the long run from the recognition he would earn. He questioned his father's opposition since he always degraded Draper's preference to working for the less prestigious D.A.'s office. Ansel bluntly accused Draper of being on the case to place himself closer to Brandy Henderson. - Draper had proposed marriage to Brandy, but she still carried a torch for Adam. –


Ansel’s fiancée, Nadine Alexander and her daughter Raven had accompanied Ansel to Monticello for the trial. They were residing at Geraldine Whitney's mansion. Nadine confided to her life-long friend Geraldine, her doubts of Ansel's intentions to marry her. She had reason to feel concern. Unknown to Nadine, Geraldine's maid Trudy interrupted a warm embrace between Ansel and Raven. Nadine also busied herself encouraging a romance between Draper and Raven, but to no avail — so far.


The police had a new light on Quentin's murderer. Phoebe had told Bill Marceau of her theory that Clay Jordan killed Quentin to get his hands on Nicole's then missing file.


Nicole had told Guthrie that the tape believed to be Rydell's was really intended for Randy. - Joe Randy was the original hired assassin stalking Nicole. He was murdered for incompetence and Rydell took over the project. - Therefore, Rydell was the replacement. Guthrie disagreed.


Molly planned to have a chat with Nicole. Before doing so, she insured their privacy by convincing Johnny to take a nap in the back room and locking the front door of the restaurant.


General Hospital


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Dr. Peter Taylor and wife Diana had flown to Switzerland to try to adopt a baby, having found that they would have a long wait here, whether they went through a private adoption or an adoption agency. They arrived a week early and met the pregnant woman, Gretchen, who wanted an American couple for her baby. Gretchen told Peter her father disowned her. He was a prestigious banker. Gretchen didn't want to see the baby, which she felt would remind her always of her foolishness. Gretchen gave birth to an 8 pound boy. Peter and Diana were ecstatic because their daughter Martha wanted a baby brother. When the doctor told them Gretchen wanted to hold her baby, Diana's hopes plummeted. She felt no mother could reject a baby she had held in her arms, and Diana's fears were realized. Gretchen told them, when she held her baby she realized she was a woman, her own person. To lose the baby would be to lose a part of herself. Peter consoled Diana by telling her their happiness lay in what they had already got. Meanwhile, Heather, their mother's helper had also been caring for Tommy Baldwin while his mother Audrey was assisting her sister, whose husband had just had a heart attack. When the Taylors returned and saw how well Martha related to older Tommy, they felt Martha could accept an older sibling and returned to the adoption agency.


Lesley Faulkner had her suspected pregnancy confirmed. The doctor felt the baby would be a great comfort to Lesley after the recent death of her husband, Cam. However, Lesley came to know Cam as an evil person, and feared this child, conceived in rape, could bear the same evil as its father. Lesley considered abortion, but knew she couldn't go through with it, just as she couldn't abort an illegitimate baby when she was 18. Her friends affirmed her decision. Just as Lesley came to accept the baby, she was contacted by Cam's former secretary-mistress, Peggy Lowell. Peggy had a letter from Cam that discussed in graphic detail the differences between the two women. Since Peggy was out of work following the collapse of Cam's empire at his death, she offered the letter to Lesley for $1,000, saying that was the offer she had from Kimberly Hughes of "Men-Women Magazine." After reading the letter, Lesley wrote a check. She was also plummeted back into the abortion quandary. Her best friend, Terri Arnett, urged Lesley to discuss the whole thing with Peter. Peter assured Lesley her fears were groundless, saying Lesley "has enough love to give to make any child turn out right."


Mary Ellen Dante, wife of Mark Dante, new head of neurosurgery, had been confined to sanitariums since the loss of their baby and a hysterectomy following an accident caused by Mark's slamming on the brakes during an argument in the car. Mark moved Mellie to Lake Cliff, outside Port Charles, when he accepted his new position. Mellie had been making progress — she then spoke to Mark and had resumed painting. Mellie asked Mark to take her to a play, but he had surgery in the morning and couldn't. Dr. Stason saw the request as a good sign and suggested Mark bring in someone to tell Mellie about the world. Mark asked his good friend Terri Arnett to do it. Terri tried to refuse, but Mark persuaded her. - Terris husband had been dead for five years. Mark was the first man she had responded to in that time. He was also fond of her, but loved his wife. Terri knew it was hopeless, but couldn't help falling in love with Mark. - Terri's visit was a disaster. Mellie, a bit jealous of the lovely Terri and her friendship with Mark, brought the conversation around to babies. Mellie told Terri what Mark "did to her," and went into hysterics. Terri, dumbfounded because she had no idea, tried to comfort Mellie, to no avail. Terri called in the doctor. She and Mark left. Terri told Mark he had no right to send her in there without telling her everything. Mark's explanations fell on deaf ears. He told Terri he was afraid to reveal his bad temper.


Mark and Terri finally made up. While discussing the situation, Mark got a call. Mellie disappeared from Lake Cliff and was hit by a car. After talking to the driver, Mark felt sure it was a suicide attempt. He told Terri he was sending Mellie back to Boston, where he wouldn’t be around to drive her to such extremes. Terri went to see Mellie to plead Mark's case. Terri said all Mark wanted was Mellie's happiness. Terri pleaded, "Please forgive Mark. He loves you. Let that love get through, if nothing else."


Mellie’s father, Ben Lowell, arrived to take her back. Mark, meanwhile, told Peter of his decision. Mark felt Mellie hated him so much she'd rather be dead. Mellie asked Ben what he'd do if he had enemies, keep them in view or ignore them. Puzzled, Ben replied that he'd keep them in view. He wondered who Mellie's enemies could be, but she reverted to silence. Mark took the "enemy" to Peter, who said "enemy" could be something other than a person. Mark decided to keep Mellie in Port Charles and asked Peter to take her case.


Tom Baldwin, serving a life sentence in a Mexican prison for a murder he didn't commit, had been given hope by a Mexican lawyer. Hernandez had found an eyewitness and had petitioned the judge for Tom's release. However, since Tom had papers forged to prove he was dead, in order to save son Tommy the ignominy of having a jailbird father, the judge refused, saying he couldn't release or re-try a dead man. Tom's only hope was to find the nurse who was taking care of Tommy and supposedly took him home. Meanwhile, Steve Hardy and Tommy's mother, Audrey Hobart, were making plans to marry and for Steve to adopt Tommy.


Terri gave a first anniversary party for her brother Jeff Webber and his wife Monica. Jeff was drunk, then convinced Monica loved his brother Rick, after receiving a letter Rick once wrote to Monica. - Rick and Monica were lovers, but Rick wasn't ready for commitment. He accepted a medical post in Africa. On his way, he wrote Monica a letter telling her it was all over, although he didn't think he'd ever get her out of his blood. Monica swore the letter was a proposal, after Rick was believed dead. She wanted to stay within the bosom of the Webber family, never having had a family of her own. She married Jeff. Six months later, Rick was released by insurrectionists and returned home. He had moved out of the family home to better avoid Monica, whom he still loved. - The highlight of the anniversary debacle was Steve Hardy's gift — a week's honeymoon in Miami. Monica accepted, then worked on Jeff to get them out of it. When he purposely failed, feeling it would be a chance to get their rocky marriage back on an even keel, Monica faked flu. Monica had told Rick she was afraid to go away, reminding him of the bruises -accidental- Jeff gave her recently. Monica had taken advantage of the bruises to convince Rick Jeff abused her. After the trip was cancelled, Monica made a remarkable recovery. She learned Rick's surgical mentor, Dr. Pierre Namath, was at the hospital for a check-up. She visited him, reminding him she was Rick's girl. Rick entered to see Pierre, who invited them both to his farm to talk shop. Rick refused for Monica, telling Pierre she was married to his brother.


Rick was flabbergasted to find Monica at the farm when he arrived. She had taken the bus. She assured Rick Jeff knew her whereabouts, saying she left a note. After a pleasant day with Pierre, Rick's car broke down on the way home, necessitating their staying in a motel. Rick called Terri so she wouldn’t worry.


Heather Grant, aware of the rift between Jeff and Monica, and wanting Jeff for herself, saw Monica buy her bus ticket and carefully worked it into a conversation with Jeff. Jeff dropped more pills, then got drunk. Rick learned from Terri that Jeff didn't know Monica's whereabouts. He was furious, but Monica twisted it and ended up crying in Rick's arms. Jeff learned from Terri about the breakdown and tore out after them. Terri's warning phone call broke up an intimate encounter between Rick and Monica. Rick got another room. When Jeff arrived, full of recriminations and jealousy, Monica coolly told him Rick had his own room, which Jeff confirmed. He was humiliated and apologized profusely, but Monica rejected him again, asking why he didn't read her note. At home, Monica quickly wrote a note and dropped it on the floor for Jeff to find. When Jeff found it and tried to apologize, Monica told him, "That note is a symbol of the miserable state of our marriage. We were a mistake." She slept in Rick's old room again. The following day, after Rick told her they almost made a big mistake, Monica told Rick Jeff told her their marriage was a mistake.


Heather called Jeff to the Taylor house to treat Tommy. While there, he poured out his heart to her. Heather told Jeff she was no kid, that she had been married and knew the torment he felt at not being appreciated. He took more pills. They ended up in bed. When Jeff sobered up, he apologized.


Rick destroyed a scathing report by Rex Pearson on Monica. Jeff apologized to Rick. He confided he had tried to talk to Monica, but she wouldn’t listen. Jeff asked Rick to try. Rick said it was Jeff's fault, and refused help. Pearson told Jeff about Monica's visit to a divorce lawyer. - Rex pumped his old friend when Chet called Monica "Mrs. Wagner." - Jeff confronted Monica, after Pearson promised to find someone to cover for him. Monica said Pearson was lying. Jeff tried to kiss her, but Monica broke away. She went to Rick, having mussed her hair and torn her sleeve, crying that she couldn’t go back to a maniac. They made love. Rick confessed he still loved Monica and the trip to Africa was an attempt to run away. Jeff was getting drunk in a bar. The bartender persuaded Jeff to get Rick to talk to Monica, since it was obvious Rick didn't love Monica. Monica asked Rick if he would marry her if Jeff weren't in the picture. Rick wanted to talk it out with Jeff. Monica insisted Jeff accepted none of the responsibility for their problems. Rick gave Monica a key. After Rick left on an emergency, Jeff arrived, pounding on the door, calling for Rick.


The following morning, Jeff was late for work. Steve was informed. Jeff missed surgery with Dr. Pearlman. Later that day, Jeff arrived. He told Steve he had personal problems and forgot the surgery. Steve wouldn't tolerate marital problems interferring with Jeff's duties. Jeff was relieved of surgery until Steve was satisfied he could be trusted. Jeff asked Rick to tell Monica that there could be nothing. Rick refused.


After a terrible nightmare in which her baby was born a devil, Lesley decided to have an abortion and gained a leave from Steve. Lesley swore Terri not to reveal her pregnancy to Rick, denying she had feelings for Rick.


Florence Anderson, Tommy’s old nurse, received a letter from Tom asking her to come to Mexico and testify to the forged death certificate. She was afraid. She found Tommy in the park and took his picture. Florence was upset to learn Steve and Audrey would be married in a month.


Rick failed persuade Steve to remove Jeff's suspension. Mark, aware of what might be going on in the Webber menage, told Steve Jeff was good material and it would be criminal to waste his talent. He asked Steve to lift the suspension and place Jeff on his service. Steve agreed. Jeff later told Steve he was with a girl and had been drinking. Jeff promised it wouldn't happen again.


Rick told Monica he wanted his key back, that he couldn't move towards her as long as she was under Jeff's roof. Monica had a duplicate key made and moved into intern quarters. She told Steve that Jeff's unpredictable behavior had driven her out. She told Jeff they both needed space to figure things out. She told Rick Jeff suggested it because he needed space and said she rubbed him the wrong way. Rick interpreted the separation as the first step towards a divorce and agreed to let Monica come to his apartment.


After a visit from Peter, Mellie asked Mark to see Terri again. Peter, after telling Mark Mellie might be enjoying being the center of attention as she was before their marriage, offered Mellie Diana as a friend. Mellie unenthusiastically agreed. Peter noted her attitude.


Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter


Rita Stapleton, RN, had appeared tense to all involved with her. Roger Thorpe was the only person who knew the reason for Rita's dismay. The reason — Malcolm Granger, a patient at Cedars Hospital. Roger and Rita were employed by Malcolm years ago in Texas, but had kept their association a secret. Malcolm traced Rita to Cedars and had threatened to expose her past in Texas but was stopped by a timely stroke.


He had gradually regained consciousness but remained paralyzed and unable to speak. When Rita had to assist Dr. Tim Ryan in a spinal tap for Malcolm, her presence induced a rapid pulse rate in Malcolm baffling the doctors.


Rita explained to Roger why Malcolm was vindictive. Apparently, when she worked on the Granger estate as a private nurse to Malcolm's ailing father, Malcolm made advances at Rita which she rebuffed. Angered, he was brutal to her. Noticing her bruises, Malcolm's father guessed they were his son's doings and swore to Rita he'd never forgive Malcolm for this mistreatment to her.


Roger was fearful that if his wife Peggy learned of his connection with the Grangers, he'd lose her forever. He was adamant that Rita did not tell Malcolm that he was in Springfield also.


Rita had become emotionally involved with Dr. Ed Bauer since his recent divorce from Holly. Just as they were enjoying the closeness of their relationship, Malcolm came to town, and Rita, frantic that he could ruin her life, had reacted depressed and distracted from Ed's affections. Ed, grateful for the compassion Rita had shown him in the past, tried to console her. His loyalty had given Rita some relief, although she wouldn’t confide her worry to him and still remained ruffled.


Malcolm had taken great strides in his recovery. He tried to talk, mumbling to Peggy Thorpe the words, "lie — father — Rita." He manageg to scribble "RITA S" on paper also. Impressed by his attempt to communicate, Peggy called Rita to the hospital in hopes that she could stimulate him further. At that time, a train derailment had put the hospital corridors into chaos and Rita was asked to administer patient medications, although not on duty. Peggy was very specific to Rita that Malcolm got medication on time. An oversight previously caused a delay in his last dosage, which could have caused major damage. The sight of Rita again excited Malcolm.


Rita later returned home, exhausted and irritable to her mother and sister. At the hospital, the night nurse made a check on Malcolm and found him unconscious fallen over his bed. She called a "code blue" alerting the staff to the extreme emergency of Malcolm's condition. Dr. Steve Jackson tried resuscitation, then direct adrenalin, but failed — Malcolm was dead.


Ed Bauer was notified and rushed to Cedars. He was very disturbed by Malcolm's sudden death and immediately began an investigation. He just couldn't understand how this happened when Malcolm's recovery was inevitable.


Roger, told about Malcolm's death by Peggy, quickly relayed the message to Rita. She was stunned. Ed went to Rita's apartment and asked her to describe everything about Malcolm's condition, as she was the last person to see him alive. Rita tried to put the pieces together, but couldn’t keep in control. She broke down in tears crying to Ed that she could be responsible for his death. He consoled her, but didn't blame her. - At the time Ed and Holly Bauer's divorce was being finalized, Ed was dating Rita Stapleton. Holly made a final attempt to cancel the decree and tried to contact Ed the day of the finalization, leaving a message with Rita for Ed to return her call. Rita conveniently forgot to relay the message and the divorce went through. - Peggy Thorpe knew of this and had told Ed of Holly's desire to stop the divorce. She immediately regretted doing this and told Holly's mother Barbara. Barbara, who had always wanted a reconciliation between Ed and Holly, talked to Ed about it. Ed pondered how he and Holly had become closer since the divorce, though they were building new lives for themselves apart from each other. Barbara disagreed noting that Holly was not building a new life. She philosophied that "people change, feelings change and what seems right now may not be right a year from then. No decision was irrevocable." Ed quietly agreed.


The following day Ed held a meeting to determine if any negligence contributed to Malcolm's death. The head nurse commended her nurses for the conscientious work they did do considering the pressure they were under because of the train emergency. All the facts were presented to the hospital review board. Dr. Jackson had two theories relating to the disconnection of Malcolm's oxygen and I.V. unit. He thought perhaps because of the delayed sedation, Malcolm became more active and tried to reach for the paper that he wrote Rita's name on, causing the tubes to disconnect; or, he panicked because of the lack of medication and this caused a surge of adrenalin causing his aneurism to hemmorage.


While Ed was at Rita's to ask her to attend Joe Werner's going-away party, he called Dr. Kendall, head of the review board. Rita was relieved to hear that the board ruled out negligence as a cause of death. Unknown to Rita, however, Ed had contacted Malcolm's attor-ney, Mr. Schaeffer, and reported Malcolm's death. Mr. Schaeffer had notified Ed that he would be in Springfield to discuss the matter further, and to investigate who the woman was that was with Malcolm at the time of his stroke.


Since Dr. Justin Marler had joined the staff at Cedars, he had disrupted an otherwise congenial atmosphere. He has not gained Dr. Steve Jackson's admiration with his recent donation of property to the hospital. Inasmuch as the board had decided to elect Justin head of the research wing to be built on his own property, Steve believed the donation was the influence for this decision. Administrator Adam Thorpe assured Steve it was Justin's reputation as a doctor that they took into consideration.


Justin saved Dr. Joe Werner's life with his cardiac expertise, and although Dr. Sara McIntyre was grateful for Justin's deed, she remained remote to her former fiance. He left her to marry a surgeon's daughter in order to pave the way for his prestigious career. Justin's marriage crumbled, while Sara and Joe's marriage was still thriving. Justin still brought up the past to Sara, she constantly evaded his interest in her, making her very uneasy.


Joe and Sara prepared for Joe's departure to South India where he will work with a medical team for disaster victims. Joe was elated with the usefulness he felt as he had returned to surgery — Sara shared his elation.


Although Ben McFadden had expressed his love to Hope Bauer, she couldn't return his feelings, yet. She explained how she thought she was in love years ago but she knew then she only "said" I love you. She wouldn’t alloy herself to make the same mistake with Ben. He understood, and was willing to be patient.


Her father, Mike, had reservations about Hope's future with Ben. He resented Ben's desire of freedom — to be dependent on no one. Mike sarcastically commented how Ben's fondness of freedom might not pay the bills. Hope was quick to defend Ben and Mike backed down apologetically. Ben realized there was truth in Mike's statement and accepted it as constructive criticism. Later at Ben's apartment, Hope confessed that she truly loved Ben and she wanted to belong to him. They made love. When Ben proposed, Hope happily accepted.


With Hope’s prompting, Bert Bauer invited Mike, Hope and Ben to dinner. In a quite moment of strained silence, Hope poured the wine and gleefully announced their engagement. Bert was thrilled, Mike offered polite congratulations. He told Ben that Hope was very special to him, Ben replied that she was special to him also. Ben felt that Mike had accepted the engagement, but without pleasure. Bert had offered to have the Christmas wedding in her own home, Ben and Hope were touched by her thoughtfulness. Alone, Bert advised her son to accept the marriage openly, for Hope's sake. Mike expressed his fear that Ben would not be able to keep Hope happy, Bert wisely suggested they wait and see. At home, Hope sought her father's approval, his answer came from the joy he saw in his daughter's eyes — her happiness was all that he wanted.


Ben could no longer be secretive about his family. His younger brother Jerry had quit high-school and landed on Ben's doorstep. He left his home in Nebraska, and after Ben's probing admitted he left his parents on bad terms.


Ben’s brothers seemed troubled but refused to confide in Ben. He borrowed Ben's car for an hour in the evening. During that time, Ber was in the shower and missed hearing the phone ring, it was Hope calling him from her new job at the Metro. Two police officers came to Mike's home and informed him that his wife's car was seen earlier that evening driven by a young man who robbed a delicatessan store. Mike took the police to Ben's apartment, since Ben was then the owner of the car. By this time, Ben's brother had left his apartment in a state of haste, and Ben answered his door questioning why Mike was there with two policemen.


Ben denied knowledge to the police that at the time of the burglary, his brother had the car. Hope went to Ben's apartment after work and was surprised by Ben's visitors.


Holly seemed optimistic that Ed planned to see her despite her mother's comment that he was becoming involved with Rita. Roger, relieved by Malcolm's death, concentrated his attentions on Peggy, telling her he was ready to start a family.


Rita’s sister, Evie, had had her first official date with Cedars’ chief resident, Dr. Tim Ryan. He had shown an interest in her, helping her to register for college. They attended a resident party, cut short because of a hospital emergency, but Eve's later remarked to her mother hint that she could be in love with Tim.


Love Of Life


Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


Carrie Johnson Lovett found the diamond pendant that Ian Russell had given Arlene and confronted Arlene with it. Although Arlene tried to tell her she had done nothing wrong, Carrie wasn't in the mood to listen. Arlene stormed out and Carrie was so worked up that she collapsed. Dr. Tom Crawford rushed her to the hospital, where they decided that they couldn't wait to perform surgery on her aneurysm. Tom wondered how well Dr. Nolan would be able to perform the aortic resection, since he was new to the hospital and hadn't had time to set up and train his own operating team. Despite Tom's doubts, his prayers were answered and Carrie had come through the surgery in good shape. Arlene felt guilty, but Carrie had forgiven her.


Arlene explained to Ian Russell that she felt the pendant was hers and had had it appraised with the idea of selling it so she could pay the hospital bill, but had decided against it. She returned the pendant.


Ray Slater was badgering Arlene for the bail bond money he had put up for her, but she said no one could hurt her as her mother was getting well. If he or the hospital wanted to put her in jail, that was fine. Ian Russell called the hospital and insisted on paying Mrs. Johnson's entire bill. Mrs. Lee from the hospital told Arlene who was stupified. Ray rushed in to tell Carrie that Mr. Russell had paid the bill. Arlene had to admit to her mother that he did, but insisted that she didn't know he was going to do this. Arlene had to agree to tell Ian that they would repay it as they could.


Arlene was on her way up to Mr. Russell's when Ray stopped her. He implied that Arlene had to be sleeping with Ian in order for him to pay such a large bill. Arlene walked off when Ray said that if she wasn't, she soon would be because men like Mr. Russell always expected payment.


Felicia Lamont had asked Lynn Henderson to model for her painting, but the light in her home was very poor. Felicia told Lynn about the studio she used to have. After they looked at a studio advertised in the paper, Lynn and Diana Lamont, Charles ex-wife, urged Felicia to take it. They agreed that Felicia had to continue with her painting, even though Felicia's husband, Charles, objected. In the end Felicia leased it without discussing it with Charles because he was still insinuating that she had spent the afternoon with Eddie Aleata. Eddie had also had the idea that Felicia needed a studio and checked on the same one. He was delighted when Mr. Nosenchuk told him that it had been rented by Mrs. Lamont, but Eddie would respect her wish that they not see each other.


Felicia told Diana that she had rented the studio without telling Charles and was afraid to break the news. Diana suggested that she tell him while Bruce and Van Sterling were there for dinner because he usually behaved better in front of company. Van brought up Lynn's modeling, so Felicia broke the news about the studio. Charles was indignant over not being consulted and said that it was the perfect opportunity for a love nest. The Sterlings agreed that Charles was not being deserted. Mrs. McQuery, his nurse, would care for him, Diana was managing the bookstore and Felicia would be home in time to fix dinner. Felicia told Lynn that she felt guilty and had to explain that Charles was in his wheelchair because she accidentally shot him a year ago when she mistook him for a prowler.


After Joe Cusack warned the family that they had to be very careful because Meg Hart could attempt suicide again, Meg tricked her daughter Cal Aleata, into taking her to her apartment by playing on her sympathy, knowing that this would prevent Cal from marrying Rick Latimer immediately. - Meg planned to prevent Cal from marrying Rick because she loved him herself by planning a fake suicide during the ceremony. Meg had been drinking a lot and forgot that she had already taken the pills. -Meg pleaded with Cal not to let Rick see her. She really loved him and didn’t want to live without him. Van tried to help Cal by telling Meg that Rick was the one person who could make Cal happy, since Meg wouldn’t let Cal discuss her intended marriage. Meg suddenly developed headaches. Meg's mother, Sarah Caldwell, tried to interest Meg in managing Beaver Ridge again, since she had been so happy there. Meg said that Rick was no longer there and she realized when Ian Russell, an old jet-set friend, came into the lounge how far down she had come. She would sell Beaver Ridge if she could. Meg told them, "It's a good think that Joe warned you all."


Ray Slater told Rick he could help him in exchange for a favor. All he wanted was a chance to talk to Rick's lawyer. Rick said he would set up an appointment with Jamie Rollins for him. Ray called Ian Russell to tell him that he might be able to get Beaver Ridge for him, but he wanted a cut. Ian said they would discuss his cut if and when he came through. He also said that he would consider any move Ray would make toward Arlene as poaching.


Rick had to go to New York on business and wanted Cal to come along, but Cal was afraid to leave her mother. Van was concerned that Cal was giving up everything for Meg in fear of her emotional state. Sarah said that there was one alternative — Rick could give up.


Betsy brought Suzanne, her new baby, to see Meg at Cal's. Meg was upset when she hears that Betsy was looking for some live-in help so that she could go back to work. She suggested that Meg do the same, but Meg brought up her delicate condition.


Cal picked up Rick's son Hank and took him to the airport so they could see Rick off to New York. Cal was feeling badly because she was afraid that he might have to go on to Miami, if this business deal went well. At the last minute, he gave Cal a letter and asked her to read it later when she was all alone. That night, while alone, Cal read the letter which said that their love and being together was the only thing that mattered. He asked her to fly to New York so they could get married. She was so tired she only wanted to take a shower and go to bed. Meg saw Cal put the letter in her purse and read it while Cal was in the shower. Meg was very distressed, but finally decided that Joe Cusack was the one to help her. She paid Joe a visit at the clinic, pleading insomnia and asking for sleeping pills. Joe suggested exercise and hot baths to tire and relax her. She said that he just didn’t trust her. She listened at the door to make sure that Joe called Cal to alert her. Cal kept a watchful eye on her mother. Meg complained of another terrible headache and asked Cal for a glass of water to take some aspirin. Cal cautioned her mother about taking four aspirin at a time and then noticed that they didn't look like aspirin. She took the prescription bottle and asked why the label had been torn off. Meg admitted that they weren't aspirin. Cal said that Joe warned her about this so she knew that he didn't give them to her. She said she had to go to another doctor when Joe wouldn't give her any sleeping pills. Meg tried to extract a promise from Cal that she would be there as long as Meg needed her.


In New York, Rick was furious that the backers of his new project wanted almost total control. Jamie said that Rick had no money because everything had been tied up in the suit Meg was bringing against him over Beaver Ridge. He wanted Rick to talk to Meg and ask her to drop the suit. With all the problems he had had with Meg, Rick didn’t want to ask her for any favors. He felt that Meg had been faking her suicide and emotional distress, but was sure that he wouldn't be able to convince Cal that she was being taken advantage of. Rick remembered that Ray wanted to talk to Jamie about a deal which could help him financially.


Cal called Rick’s hotel, but found that he had checked out. She was frantic, but a knock at the door proved to be Rick. Cal told Rick that Joe had warned her about Meg and that she had tried to pass off sleeping pills as aspirin. Rick asked for the name of the doctor and called information asking for his number. Meg had to admit that there was no doctor and the pills were her allergy tablets. She locked herself in the bedroom. Cal was destroyed to think that she had let her mother fool her for so long, when everyone cautioned her against it. Rick asked her to stay with Betsy until he came for her.


Rick told Meg that he would wait as long as he had to for her to come out. Finally Meg ventured out. Rick explained that he had never been afraid that she would commit suicide because he knew her too well. He told her that he admired her and was sorry for all the trouble they had had. He would like things to be amicable between them since he intended to marry her daughter. He wanted to be friends, but Meg still had no desire to be only friends. When Rick picked up Cal at Betsy's, she told him that she wantsedto get married right away since her mother's health was no longer a problem. When Cal and Rick returned to her apartment they found a note to Cal from "her loving mother." She said she felt better as she and Rick were friends and asked them to call her after they were married. Cal commented that after was underlined.


Eddie delivered a letter to Charles from Lisa Cooper asking Felicia to do a commissioned portrait. Charles confronted Felicia with the fact that Eddie knew about her studio and would not believe that Felicia did not tell him. Felicia had had all she could tolerate of Charles' mistrust and packed to leave for a few days determined that they both made this separation work. Charles was disappointed to find that Felicia was not at Eddie's. Eddie became worried and called back, but as Charles reached for the phone he fell, hitting his head. Eddie found Felicia leaving the studio to visit her aunt. Bruce became worried about Charles and called the police who found Charles on the floor with a gash on his head.


Charles, still unconscious, would undergo surgery to relieve the pressure but they had no way of knowing how long he would be in a coma. It could be a few hours or a few months. Felicia arrived at her aunt Mavis' to find she had gone to Rome. Eddie followed her and since it was late, he spent the night in a spare bedroom.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Cathy Lord told husband Tony that she was going to drop out of therapy with Will Vernon and go to New York to see her agent about doing a new book, which she felt would be better therapy. Tony wanted her to stay home and continue with Dr. Vernon. Cathy reminded him, pointedly, that he was pushing her to work, then he had changed his mind. She left, angry with Tony. Tony was sure Cathy would be back. Cathy told a waitress that her daughter was coming home and the would never be separated. - Cathy bore a daughter to Joe Riley out-of-wedlock. The baby, Megan, had a congenital heart defect that would have precluded her reaching adolescence. Joe passed it to his daughter. One night while Joe's wife Viki was babysitting Megan, Megan went into heart failure, and as Viki was driving the baby to the hospital, they were in an accident. Megan died, and Cathy blamed Viki. Viki and Joe had just had a son, Kevin, prematurely, whose health was excellent. Cathy had been maddened by this. - Slowly, in talking over his problems with former lover Pat Kendall, Tony realized his marriage to Cathy was a fraud, that Cathy only married him to have children. - Pat and Tony were lovers over ten years ago in South America. Pat's son Brian was Tony's, although Tony didn’t know. –


On her way into the hospital to look at Kevin, Cathy ran into Peter Janssen. As Cathy was watching the babies, there was an emergency that drew the nurses away. When a nurse returned another baby to its isolet, she discovered Kevin was missing. After a consultation with Dr. Vernon, Tony called Cathy's agent to get her phone number, only to find out Sidney hadn't heard from Cathy in some time. At dinner with Pat, they were informed by Karen Wolek that somebody had snatched the Riley baby.


Lt. Ed Hall asked Tony for a picture of Cathy and the license number of her car, to file a missing person's report. Suddenly suspicious, Ed asked Will Vernon about Cathy. Vernon admitted the possibility of Cathy's taking the baby had crossed his mind. Will remembered that Cathy blamed Viki for Megan's death, feeling Viki did it on purpose so Joe would have only her - Viki's - baby. Will had to admit Cathy could have taken the baby.


The press wanted a statement, but Ed refused. Nobody could locate Cathy. Dorian Lord, Viki's step-mother, offered $100,000 unconditional reward for information. Devastated, Joe and Viki went home, on Jim Craig's orders. Wanda Wolek told Ed that Cathy had two obsessions: her baby and Viki. Ed began canvassing the baby apparel departments. He found that at 12:30 on the day of Kevin's disappearance, Cathy bought a complete layette. Cathy had told the clerk she was waiting for her sick baby to be released from the hospital, but was evasive about its illness. Peter had reported to Ed he saw Cathy in the hospital about 1:30. Considering her mental state at the time, Ed didn’t feel the baby was safe with Cathy. Ed puts out an APB for Cathy. Ed wanted to tell Joe and Viki his suspicions, but would like to be able to also tell them where the baby was. Jim, Cathy's father, felt that IF Cathy took the baby, she'd never hurt it.


Meanwhile, Tony reviewed all the times Cathy showed signs of instability. Vinnie Wolek lashed out about Cathy, listing her previous troubles — drug addiction, refusal to marry Joe, etc. Carla, Ed's wife, said there were many things that could have led Cathy to this state. Tony asked Ed's permission to be the one to tell Joe and Viki. Jim expressed his feelings of responsibility for the incident to brother-in-law Larry Wolek. Jim felt he should have known that Cathy's recent prolonged hostility towards him was a sign of instability. When told, Joe reassured Jim, saying he was responsible because of Megan. Tony felt Cathy would continue to reject help when found and lamented the long time she would be involved with the law.


Ed found the waitress Cathy talked to. The police then found Cathy's car in Portland, Maine. The kidnap was then a federal offense. The Rileys were harrassed by reporters, and Viki has a nightmare — they found Cathy without the baby. Ed and Dorian hatched a plan. Cathy was rational enough to withdraw money and plan the kidnap. They would have Joe tape a personal appeal and put in on TV and radio. Pat remembered Cathy once said that if she wanted to hide where nobody could find her, she'd pick a ski resort in Canada that she had been to. Jim and Anna didn’t know anything. Tony discovered that a woman and baby left on a bus to Omaha from Portland. He was going to fly there.


Karen and Larry planned a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Karen told fellow-waitress Lana that she had big plans, that when she returned, she wouldn’t be a waitress any longer and would have a ring on the appropriate finger. Karen told Larry about a special nightgown she had bought, coyly telling him it was too expensive. When she modeled it, they ended up in bed. Larry had discussed Karen with his sister-in-law Viki, wondering if he was being untrue to his late wife Meredith's memory. Viki urged him to reach out for happiness. Karen was furious when Larry canceled their trip because of Kevin's disappearance, but she covered. He promised her they would take the trip when it was all over.


Karen’s sister, recently widowed Jenny Siegel, had been dating Brad Vernon occasionally. Brad, however, had also been dating Lana. Lana asked Brad to pick her up after work. Karen told him she knew he had a dinner date with Jenny and had been leading Lana on. Brad said Lana was just living in her own fantasy world, but Karen assured him she knew his type. When Brad went to pick up Jenny, he found she had to babysit with Larry's son Danny while Larry was at the hospital to help with the Kevin thing. Jenny told him that when Anna returned to take over, she would want to go to church to pray. - Jenny left the convent to marry Timmy Siegel. - Brad expressed doubt that prayer would help. Jenny said everyone had doubts, that a man's love wouldn't have lured her from the convent, if she hadn't had doubts. Brad asked if she would ever be able to love another man. Brad left and spent the rest of the evening with Lana.


Brad, a tennis pro, cultivated Dorian Lord, hoping she would help finance his prospective health club. As they played tennis, Brad injured his bad knee again. He had to have surgery. Will was concerned that his wife Naomi might have another asthma attack over Brad. Brad tried to reassure her, but Naomi felt he was frightened about the surgery because tennis was his life. Will told Naomi that sometimes she talked about Brad as if he wasn't his son. Brad confided to Jenny that he would have lost everything if the surgery wasn't successful. Jenny replied that he could reach down in himself and find the strength for a new career. The operation was successful. Brad would have to wear a cast an endure intensive therapy, but by spring, he would have 90 per cent full use of his leg.


Karen felt Larry was neglecting her, bemoaning the loss of the trip to Jenny, who asked her to listen to herself. Karen took Lana home and introduced her to her "home away from home," pot. Lana asked if Larry shared Karen's trips. Karen replied that she knew he man and Larry would never know. Karen's quote in a newspaper as a friend of Cathy's: 'She's been withdrawn and not herself." Anna questioned her. Karen assured Anna she said she didn't know Cathy.


Naomi paid a visit to Will's new nurse hurling accusations about Mrs. Crosley's being involved with Will. Mrs. Crosley reported the visit to Will and quit. Will confronted Naomi, who said she probably was mistaken. "It was 10 year ago. Let's try to be happy." At Naomi's suggestion, Will offered the job to Jenny, who accepted.


Lana was upset with Brad because all the do or talk about was sex and she wanted more. Larry put off taking Karen to see Viki, but Karen prevailed. Karen instructed Lana on how to get and keep a man. Women can be called "wives, mistresses or prostitutes." After Karen complained about her job, Larry offered her money for secretarial school, which of course she refused. Karen changed her tune with Lana, observing she couldn't even manage her own life. Larry observed Karen and Peter talking.


Joe and Viki received a lot of vicious crank mail, giving Dorian a chance to offer sympathy and understanding. Viki received a call from a woman who said she knew the baby's whereabouts. The woman demanded the full reward and promised to call back later with proof. Cathy was in an apartment, posing as Mrs. McGregor, a woman waiting for her husband to arrive. She saw the newscast and thought it was terrible someone had stolen Joe and Viki's baby. She swore she wouldn't let anything happen to her baby. The landlady was suspicious when Cathy wouldn't open up to her about the baby or herself.


Tony returned from a fruitless visit to Omaha. Anna told Pat she was aware of Pat's love for Tony. Pat had to admit she would always love Tony and swore Anna to secrecy. Tony told Pat he was through with Cathy.


Brad appreciated Jenny’s lack of sophistication. He wondered that she always got to him. Peter asked Jenny to dinner, after reminding her of their "adventures" in San Carlos. Jenny refused, unwilling yet to face it.


After a fight with Karen about flirting with Peter, Larry told Karen he loved her.


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer


The tow men in Jillian Coleridge's life were showing concern for her health. She had experienced fainting spells and nausea forcing her to take some medical tests to determine the cause. Meanwhile, Frank Ryan and Seneca Beaulac continued their verbal battle over Jillian. When Seneca overheard Frank promise Jill they would be married as soon as he got custody of his young son John, Seneca opposed the way Frank was leading Jill on. If Frank really loved Jill, he would have no reason to lure her, according to Seneca. - Frank and Jill had had an affair going for three years. - Frank ordered Seneca to keep out of Jill's life. Seneca replied that Frank's conscience would get in the way of a future with Jill, and only "if and when" Jill requested it, would he get out.


Dr. Faith Coleridge, Jill's sister, had ruled out Jill's illness as psychosomatic - due to Jill's aggravation from Frank's estranged wife Delia -. She had one more test taken and the results confirmed Faith's prognosis — Jill was pre-gnant.


Retracing the evens occurring at the possible time of conception, Jill concluded the time of Delia's unsuccessful suicide was the beginning of her symptoms. There was only one conclusion, as pointed out by Faith, Seneca NOT FRANK was the father. Jill was aghast to think the man she was in love with was not the father of her unborn child, but rather she was carrying the child conceived of the man she made love to only once. The following few days were agonizing to Jill as she weighed the decision she had to make, whether or not to have an abortion. She felt strongly that Seneca had the right to know that he was the father, yet she couldn’t bring herself to confess to Frank of her intimate night with Seneca.


Jill visited an abortion clinic where the doctor told her what she already knew, the procedure was simple, it was the decision that was complicated. In the waiting room, Jill discussed her abortion with two women who had educated her to both sides of the situation. A sixteen year old girl just had her operation and was relieved that it was done and over with. She feared her father's reaction, but more important she couldn't have raised a child not born out of love. On the other hand, a mother of four children was in tears from the relief of her own decision to keep the baby. She advised Jill to really, really think about it, it might be her body and she was in command of it, but it was the father's child also. More confused than ever, Jill asked Seneca about his desires to be a father, in a hypothetical sense. He beamed with joy at the mention of fatherhood. He revealed to Jill that his deceased wife Nell could not bear children, and this was a great disappointment to him. Abortion, to Seneca, should only be performed for medical safety, but, as he confessed, he was "a sucker when it comes to kids."


As Jill’s time was closing in on her, she sat on a see-saw of indecision. Faith agreed that the abortion was the best decision although Jill admitted she could tell Frank the baby was his, but didn't trust herself to sustain the lie. On the other hand, she had let Maeve and Mary's Catholic beliefs influence her and she decided she should have the baby. When Seneca probed Faith for the reason behind Jill's irritable personality, Faith warned her sister she had to tell him. Jill was desperately trying to cling to every ounce of time until the custody hearing was over, fearing the knowledge of Frank's lover being pregnant would ruin his chances to gain little John's custody.


Delia Ryan had emphasized her need for pity by playing her lover Roger Coleridge's attentions against her brother-in-law Pat's con-cern for her. - Delia married Frank Ryan when her relationship with his brother Pat was going nowhere. Since their separation, the Ryan family had been cool with Delia, with the exception of Pat. He could see no wrong in Delia's spiteful nature and this she took advantage of. –


One afternoon, Delia asked Pat to take her and little John to the park for a picnic lunch. He agreed to meet them there. She then called Roger and made the same plans, asking him to bring a gift for little John. At the park, Delia and Roger talked about a romantic honeymoon interrupted by Pat. Just as she planned, Pat overheard them. Pat asked Delia to stay away from Roger - believing Roger took the initiative -. Delia would do as Pat requested, but protected herself saying perhaps Roger wouldn’t stay away from her. Delighted by the gift of a pearl necklace from Roger, Delia displayed it to Pat. She led Pat to believe she had obeyed him by returning the pearls when she actually asked Roger to keep them for her at his place. At his apartment, Delia wriggled out of Roger's advances using the excuse the Ryans would be mean to her if she didn’t hurry home. - Another attempt for pity -.


Frank was waiting for her to make her a proposition. He offered Delia ten thousand dollars for a settlement. He appealed to her materialistic wants, which the money would grant her. Delia momentarily was pleased with the prospect of having the money to enjoy but realized little John's custody was included in Frank's "settlement," she retorted that she wouldn’t sell her son for any price. Pat witnessed this scene and offered Delia consolation.


Delia painted a picture to Pat of how Roger mistreated her, showing him bruises, supposedly inflicted by Roger. She wanted Pat to believe she felt sorry for Roger which was why she still saw him. Just as she thought she had Pat devoted to her happiness, Faith arrived to pick up Pat for a formal date for the medical association. Delia created a scene ranting on about how Faith had beautiful clothes and the money to buy one hundred dollar tickets to a charity dance, and she – Delia - had nothing. Mary Ryan intervened to stop Delia's childish behavior, prompting her to run to Roger. Delia ran out and Pat, dressed in his tuxedo, ran after her into the rain. Pat tried to convince Delia to go back home, while doing so he got good and wet. Delia dramatically screamed to Pat that she loved him.


Later, Mary faced Delia letting her know she knew Delia's threat to run to Roger was done to stop Pat from dating Faith that evening. Pat stood up for Delia. Mary's response was that Pat, like all the Ryan men, treated Delia like a baby. Confident that she had ended the evening for Pat and Faith, Delia apologized to Faith and assured her she did not intend for their date to be ruined by her. Her apology was cut short, however, as Pat reappeared dry and ready to go. Delia couldn’t conceal her disappointment. Faith and Pat had a good time despite Delia's interference.


Delia felt out the Ryans' thoughts about her dating again - since Frank was involved with Jill openly - and planned to have lunch with Roger, upon their approval. She knew very well Pat and Faith were lunching also, and had Roger take her to the same restaurant. She flaunted herself in front of Pat and Faith, clutching onto Roger, and left, accomplishing her mission to aggravate Pat.


Pat later tried to get the message across to Delia that they could be relatives and friends, and that was all. She declared she couldn't live without a man and would date Roger openly. When her lawyer advised Dee to stress her enjoyment as a mother to little John, she replied there would be no problem there. She went to Maeve to persuade her to testify in Dee's favor as the judge believed Maeve's testimony would carry a lot of weight. Maeve did not fall into Delia's trap, she said she would say what she had to and reminded Delia the custody trial was for the betterment of little John — not Delia! Maeve couldn’t take Delia's side when she saw how unstable Delia was, neglecting John when she was upset and overindulging him when she recovered and felt guilty.


The social worker, Mrs. Simon arrived unexpectantly to see Delia and little John in their home environment. Unfortunately for Delia, little John was covered in chocolate from head to toe while she was busying herself carving pumpkins. She prepared the social worker for the worst, telling her of her attempted suicide, explaining it as a "fit of grief." - She loved Frank desperately and couldn't face losing him, she could accept his career keeping him from her, but not his love affair. –


Despite Dee’s conniving, Pat and Faith's renewed relationship was closer than ever. Dee was determined to remain a Ryan and would try to win Pat from Faith as she told her lawyer, "I want Pat, I want the baby, I want the Ryans!"


Jack Fenelli’s condition was stabilizing since his automobile accident. Regaining consciousness he dreamt of her guardian, Sister Mary Jo, telling him as a boy that she had to leave him; and he dreamt of his wife, Mary, threatening to leave him because he wouldn't let her get pregnant. Only because of Mary's insistence did Dr. Alex McLean give her the facts of Jack's condition. He reported Jack will suffer a "sexual disorder" and very well might be impotent. Mary could accept and live with this, but feared Jack wouldn't. She reminisced how Jack expressed his love for her, implying their love making was the best way they communicated. Jack talked to Mary about their future — making love in the Alps, and, knowing the truth, Mary listened to Jack's fantasies, fighting back the tears.


She tried to talk to him about insurance - Jill had informed Mary that Jack had no medical coverage -, but the excrutiating pain caused Jack to lash out at Mary. He ordered the nurse to get her out of him room. With greater pain, Jack was asking for increased medication.


Mary was under twin pressure of being understanding of Jack and the knowledge they would owe the hospital thousands of dollars.


Delia was scheming again. This time she met Roger for lunch, then proceeded to let him get drunk. While under the influence of alcohol, Roger took Dee to the Ryans' where she knew Maeve, Johnny, and her brother Bob, would be waiting for her.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea / Irving & Tex Elman

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Walter Pace's finances had taken a spiraling tumble downward — he was approaching bankruptcy. It was not a good state for any man to be in; especially one who had a large debt hanging over his head  but, as Walter told his lawyer, he had no fear, he had a "business deal" in the works. This commercial venture involved merging with his daughter Jennifer's, very good friend, the very rich widow, Stephanie Collins — Walter planned to marry this woman and get his shaking little hands on her money. Jennifer had just been released from the hospital and was placed into Stephanie’s care. Stephanie, who was usually a very wise woman, didn't see through Walter's "game." She was playing right into his hands. She believed every romantic word that was coming out of his mouth. Pretty soon, Stephanie might be kissing her money good-bye.


Jennifer had another hallucination — her "John vision" returned to her once again. This time her "hallucination" told her not to believe that little bit of news. Jennifer should know she was the only one that he loved. John’s wife, Eunice was keeping them apart. They had to get rid of Eunice. The vision faded but Jennifer was left with the thought of riding her and John's life of Eunice's presence. She laid back in bed and plotted how to destroy Eunice.


Walter and Jennifer both had plans for a woman: Walter's involved marriage; Jennifer's involved death. Walter's con job was working like a charm. Stephanie was a very willing mark. Observing that everything was falling into place rather nicely, Walter decided to put the clincher on his game. Handing Stephanie a beautiful, large, sparkling, diamond ring - which he hocked his jewelry to afford -, Walter asked Stephanie to marry him. Her answer was just what Walter expected. She said immediately, "Yes, Walter, yes." Jennifer's "John vision" – hallucination - has told her that it's up to her to decide how to dispose of Eunice. She has to pick the right weapon and the right time. Her "vision" advises her to follow Eunice for a few days, just long enough till she gets Eunice's schedule down pat . . . but first things first; first she has to get the weapon. Jennifer decides the perfect foil to use against her adversary is a gun. She had full intention of buy-ing "a piece," but when she's in-formed by the pawn shop owner that she needs a license, Jennifer decides it would be a lot less com-plicated if she stole the gun. When the shop owner turns his back, she does just that. Jennifer now waits patiently for the right moment to blow Eunice away.


Steve Kaslo heard some good news. Kitty Merritt, a very popular folk singer, was thinking of recording Steve's song, “Daisies”. She might even use it as the title cut of her album. It looked like Steve's professional rocket might soon be off the launching pad. However, Steve was hurt when he learned that Kitty Merritt was not going to use his song in her album in the end. Steve no longer thought his future looked so bright. Try as he might, he couldn't share his wife's optimism. He couldn't believe, like Liza did, that someone else would record his song.


Patti and Len Whiting had separated. They both had agreed Patti needed some time alone to think things through. It might be the only may to save their marriage. Their daughter Tracy, would remain with Patti in Henderson, while their son Chris, would return with Len to West Virginia. Patti's mother Jo was not too happy about these recent turn of events in her daughter's life but being the understanding woman that she was, Jo didn't push her daughter to return to her hus-band. Patti was going to be supporting herself by working as a hostess in Hartford House.


Scott Phillips had made a rather agonizing decision. Rather than risk a custody suit, he told his wife Kathy that he was going to let Ralph have Eric every other weekend. Scott then prayed that Ralph would be content with this arrangement. He hoped to the heavens that Ralph would not ask for anything more. Ever since he was reunited with his father, Ralph Haywood, Eric had been having a hard time figuring out where he belonged. Should he remain with his legal guardian, Scott Phillips — a man who gave him love and shelter for many years—or should he go live with his father—a man who had then given him a "real" name, a real identity. This anxiety had changed Eric from a playful, outgoing young lad to a sullen, withdrawn shell of his former self. Seeing that this change was becoming very obvious to both Scott and Kathy, Eric felt the time had come to deal directly with the problem. Eric told Scott he wanted to go live with his father. - Eric petitioned the court to change his name from Leshinsky to Haywood -. Scott saw the torment written all over Eric's face. He knew how hard it had been for Eric to say these words. He wanted to make his young charge happy, but he didn't trust Eric's father well enough to be sure that would happen. Scott said the only thing he could say at the moment. He told Eric he would think about it. After a loud - and rather heated - row with Ralph, Scott decided not to let Eric see him anymore. Eric told Scott he was only doing that, because Eric told him he wanted to go live with his father. Eric added he hated Scott and never wanted to see him again. He then proceeded to follow through on his threat. He ran away from home. He headed for his father's ranch, Spring Valley Stables. Scott and Kathy's world was thrown into a turmoil. They wondered how a small boy of twelve was going to make it all the may to Crescentwood, with just a small amount of money in his possession. They feared for Eric's safety. The heavy rains and winds crashing against their windows did little to ease their fears. Scott decided to hire David Sloane. He helped locate Eric's father, hopefully he could then locate Eric.


Amy Carson's personal life might be filled with potholes – her husband Bruce had just left for a European assignment -, but her professional life was then a smooth, well-paved road. She had found a place to use her medical training. She was working with Gary at the Open Door Clinic – Gary Walton was suspended of the hospital because Walter Pace entered a malpractice suit against him because of how he treated Jennifer - . Dr. Gonzales, the head of the clinic, said Amy could do the work-ups on the patients. Dr. Gary Walton was out rather nervously at the defense table. He listened intently to the testimony being given. He knew - all too well - that his medical career rest on the outcome of this trial — if Walter Pace won the malpractice suit, he would never be able to practice medicine again. Gary realized it was going to be a tough battle. Walter's lawyer was damn good! He was making mince meat out of all the witnesses Kathy had so far subpoenaed for the defense. The ordeal wasn't helped by Cathy's half-hearted retaliations. Her mind fogged over with worry for Eric, she couldn't give her all to Gary. She tried to suppress her anxiety, but it was too deeply imbedded to be banished that easily.


Liza convinced her husband Steve to go to New York to talk with some music publishers in person. When Steve came back home, he saw his wife in Woody's arms. Steve was so jealous of Liza's life away from him, that Liza couldn’t convince him all she was doing with Woody was dancing. It hurt Liza deeply that Steve would suspect her of such subterfuge—and also of being unfaithful.


Walter and Stephanie were married. All Walter had to do was to find a way to make Stephanie's money his own. Meanwhile, Jennifer had stolen a gun and intended on getting rid of Eunice by making look like a burglary.




Written by: Robert J. Shaw

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


The trial of the three organization men accused of murdering Register reporter Greg Mercer drew to a close. Steve Slade, a Register reporter attempting to infiltrate the syndicate, had been called to testify for the defense to refute fellow-reporter Carrie Wheeler's testimony regarding the death-bed confession of an arsonist who named the three defendants. Steve was to make it look like Carrie and Julian Cannell, editor, concocted the whole thing to boost circulation. In the middle of Steve's testimony, Carrie had a breakdown in court. - Steve was to perjure himself, following the perjured testimony of the landlady where he and Carrie hid from the Organization for three days. Mrs. Wilson testified that Steve and Carrie were drunk, loud, and lewd. - When court resumed, Steve told the truth about seeing a hitman in Carries hallway. The DA recalled landlady Mrs. Wilson, revealing a secret bank account of hers containing a recent deposit of a large sum of money. The three men were convicted.


Joe Castor, Steve’s contact with the Organization, warned Steve he was definitely in danger then, although Steve insisted he would be no use to them in jail. Steve hid out, instead of returning to his apartment. Lt. Will Price, Julian, and Carrie gave Steve a rented car and tickets to Los Angeles. He took them, but didn't use them. Castor found him. Steve pleaded for a chance to talk to the head man. Castor called him - Fred Harrington, respected businessman -. Harrington said nothing, but listened, then told Castor not to kill Steve. While talking to Harrington, Steve heard a sound in the background that he described as a music box. Actually it was a special chiming clock.


Harrington later told Castor they had to get Julian. Harrington felt Julian had too much influence and charisma, thus he was a real danger to them, especially in his post as editor of the paper. Harrington decided to use Steve — to get Julian.


Det. Sgt. Chip Williams arrived at the Register to inquire why a rented car in Julian's name was abandoned near the airport. Julian covered, saying he rented it for a reporter, who had to be reprimanded. Chip didn’t buy it. Julian and Carrie were upset. Where was Steve?


Julian had followed the conviction of the three men with scathing editorials and Carrie was writing a series documenting Greg's investigation. Carrie was finding her feelings confusing. She was engaged to Greg but was then drawn to Steve. But she had found herself unable to confide her feelings to Steve. After seeing Steve in the Hayloft, where he was greeted like a traitor by his former friends, Julian and Carrie met with him. He assured her he was almost in. Carrie told Steve she couldn't bear the thought of his danger any more. Steve was moved, telling Carrie nobody had ever said anything so nice to him in his whole life.


Several days later, Steve sneaked to Carrie's grandmother Lena Andrews' house. Price arrived and Steve told him about the "music box." Price had a new plan for getting Steve out clean, but Steve agreed only to listen.


Drs. Stan Kurtz and Terri Martin asked Vickie Paisley to head up a fund drive for the hospital. Vickie was delighted, having discovered it was more satisfying to meet others' needs than her own. - Vickie, wealthy Somerset socialite, had long been in love with Julian, but her former frivolous nature, so unlike his steady, responsible character, held them at odds more often than not. However, the recent life-threatening incidents that had occurred to her friends had also affected Vickie, who then wanted to put others' needs first. - Vickie asked Heather Kane, recently recovered from brain surgery and the loss of her child when assaulted by the Organization, to assist her. Heather, with husband Jerry's permission, agreed. Vickie decided to approach Fred Harrington first.


Castor arrived at Harrington's with reports of the day's business, which was down. Harrington blamed Julian, letting slip he was not the only one who wanted Julian out of the way. Although Castor pushed for a name, Harrington refused to say. Castor gave Steve a gun, then returned later to see Steve. Castor cautioned Steve about letting the gun lie around. Steve told Castor he refused to be a hitman, that his usefulness to the Organization was in using his head. Castor, wearing gloves, pocketed the gun. Harrington was furious about the editorials and Carrie's column, feeling they wouldn’t be able to get at Julian then, even through a staged accident, because the FBI would be called in. Harrington instructed Castor to investigate Julian's life minutely. Castor reported Chip Williams was worth cultivating.


Dan Brisken approached Vickie to ask Julian to stop the editorials, saying he didn't want another death on his conscience. Harrington also warned Vickie Julian was in grave danger. Another contact met Steve in a garage. The contact said Julian was getting information from Greg's notebooks and he wanted Steve to stop Carrie's articles. He also wanted Steve to keep tabs on them. Steve refused. Steve's job was to figure out how to launder the Organization's money. Harrington brought in a woman to work with Steve. She didn't trust Steve because of his "double cross" on the stand. Price again presented Steve with a plan for getting out — a traffic helicopter would take him to Buffalo. From there Steve would make it to Washington, where he would be fed and housed while his new identity was prepared, including a new face. Steve refused. He and Carrie kissed passionately. Steve left.


Heather consulted with an artist, Mr. Farrell, about posters for the campaign. He wanted to use baby pictures. As he started to show them to Heather, Jerry stopped him. After Farrell left, Jerry and Heather discussed her ability to deal with the photos. Heather assured Jerry it was all right. They took the pictures home to look at them. Vickie arranged for Heather to get a wig to replace the turbans she had been wearing.


Vickie, at Harrington’s, to pick up his check, noticed his clock. With alacrity, he told her all about it.


Castor reported to Harrington that he had to go slow with Sgt. Williams. Harrington had to leave for a business trip. He tolds Castor he wanted Julian taken care of before he returned. Harrington had a check-up from Jerry Kane. He revealed, in front of Heather and Vickie, that he had in iron plate in his arm, the result of a skiing accident. Harrington begged Vickie to get Julian off the case or else share with the Citizens' Committee of which he was a member. Williams went to Julian demanding his source for the information he had been printing in the prefaces to Carrie's columns. Julian refused. – It was Steve. - Carrie and Julian respected Williams.


Steve made a money run with Denny, the woman the Organization had assigned to assist and keep an eye on him. Communication with Julian and Carrie was, thus, very difficult. Steve followed Carrie for a couple of hours before he caught her alone, to tell her of the difficulty of getting money out.


Heather had not been feeling strong since her surgery. Jerry reassured her, but something was wrong.


Julian was mysteriously called out of town. Carrie was worried. Tom learned from Lena that she had Greg's papers and that Steve saw them and was interested in a portion of them. Tom promised that her telling him would do no harm. Carrie and Steve arranged a secret meeting.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Kay Chancellor had agreed to let her housekeeper, Liz Foster, leave early on her husband Bill's birthday so that she could prepare his cake and birthday dinner. She asked Kay to celebrate with them, but Kay was still wallowing in her own misery. - Ralph Olsen refused her proposal of marriage, and when Bill Foster tried to help her, she lit a cigarette which aggravated Bill's emphysema. - Kay couldn't face anyone yet, but gave Liz a two hundred dollar check for Bill's birthday, saying that she would cut down on her liquor and cigarette consumption this month for him. Kay mistakenly told Liz that Bill's fear that he would leave his family with medical bills wasn’t true since their son Snapper was a doctor on the hospital staff.


Snapper spent most of the day with his father, but told his wife Chris that he was not sure his father would make it through his party. Chris saw that Snapper was being realistic when Bill confused time and people. Snapper told his sister, Jill, and brother, Greg, that even though their father had made them promise not to take him to the hospital, the end was near. Greg refused to believe this, since Bill always seemed well in the evening. Jill admitted that he somehow found the strength to put on a show for their mother. They got through the dinner, but while Snapper asked his mother to reason with their father, Bill walked in. He started to object, but collapsed and was taken to the hospital.


Liz and Greg still clang to the hope that Bill would come home in a few days. Snapper let Liz tell Bill when he became uncontrollable. Jill told Brock Reynolds that their mother didn't know that only Snapper's wife and children get free medical services. Brock went to see his mother, who had given Liz the day off to be with Bill even though she dreaded being alone. He explained to Kay that Bill's expenses weren't included in Snapper's benefit, but as rich as she, Kay, was she would never miss the money. Kay felt sorry for Liz when she heard that she hadn't yet realized that Bill probably wouldn't be coming home. Kay said that Jill would have to ask her for the money personally. Kay told Jill that she would pay all the hospital bills if Jill would sign an affidavit saying that her son, Phillip Chancellor Foster, was not the son of Kay's late husband, Phillip Chancellor.


Even after Liz found out that they would have to pay the full hospital bill, which was about two hundred dollars a day, she had to agree with Snapper that the cost was not important, if staying in the hospital was best for Bill.


Jack Curtis gave Peggy Brooks a ring, telling her not to answer until she was ready, but if she decided to wear it, to call so that he could place it on her finger. Peggy realized that she had to go on with her life even though Ron Becker, her rapist, wasn't convicted and she really could and did love Jack. After Jack placed the ring on her hand, Peggy wanted to tell Brock who helped her realize that she was still the same person that she was, capable of loving and being loved. Joann, Jack's wife, saw Peggy's ring and became so distraught that Jack couldn't wait until their divorce was final the next following day to become engaged. Joann, who had a weight problem, but had been dieting for the past few months, went home to eat out of anger and frustration. Jack tried to convince her that she was only hurting herself, but Joann threw him out. Peggy went to see Joanne, telling her to pull herself out of her misery. Peggy was very hard on her, but it worked. Joann threw out all of the fattening foods she was going to eat.


Stuart Brooks was concerned that he hadn't heard from his daughter and son-in-law, Leslie and Brad Eliot, who were supposed to be visiting Brad's sick mother. Lorie overheard that Stuart's call turned up the fact that they had never been there and told her sister who had been staying with her. Leslie told her parents that Brad had asked for a divorce, but she would not actively seek one. Stuart thought he would talk some sense into Brad, but came away with the idea that Leslie would be better off without him.


No one knew that Lorie Brooks and Vanessa Prentiss had met, so Lance explained that his mother wore a veil to cover the lower half of her face that was disfigured in a fire. Vanessa had remarked to Lorie that she was only second choice with Lance because Leslie was happily married. Lorie said that she and Lance would be married within two weeks and Vanessa arranged to have Lorie investigated.

Lorie realized that she had to get married before Lance found out that Brad and Les were getting a divorce. She begged Brad to hold up the divorce until she and Lance got married, but Brad couldn't put Leslie through all that again. Lorie returned to her apartment to find that Leslie herself had told Lance of her separation. Lorie analysed every move Lance made toward Leslie.


The three of them flew to Denver for Leslie's concert. The flowers Lance sent Les before the concert reminded her that Brad always did this. Lorie opened the bedroom door to find Leslie crying on Lance's shoulder. Leslie told the Maestro that Brad wanted a divorce so she wanted to work hard to forget. In the spring she would have a baby, but she wouldn't use the child to get Brad back. She would then play under the name of Leslie Brooks.


Blind, Brad had the operator connected him with the Denver concert hall so that he could listen to one of Leslie's greatest concerts. Leslie had told Lance "I always played for Brad, but tonight I play for the world." The Maestro got nowhere when he pleaded with Leslie to tell Brad that she was going to have his baby, so he placed a call to Brad. When no one answered, he wrote a letter to Brad betraying Leslie's confidence.


Leslie had told Lorie to go somewhere with Lance alone after the concert, but Lance insisted on a threesome. When she refused to fly to Aspen for dinner with them, he insisted they would all eat in the suite together.


After Lorie had another fight with her mother, Jennifer, about how miserable her life had been since she found out Bruce Henderson, not Stuart Brooks was her father, Stuart overheard Lorie telling Leslie how cut-off she felt. Leslie explained that their mother had a check up this morning. It had been one year since she had her mastectomy. As Leslie left, she saw her father going down in the elevator. She found him at home and explained how vulnerable Jennifer was at the time. She had left Stuart and only spent one night with Bruce and it wasn't until Lorie was going to marry Mark, Bruce's son, that she had to face the fact that Lorie is Bruce's daughter. Leslie asked that Stuart go away until he had cooled off, but not to confront her. Jennifer's doctor called Stuart to tell him that the prognosis of Jennifer's cancer was good, but there were irregularities in her cardiogram and he didn't want her under any stress until they checked it out. He gave her some medication, but she knew nothing about this condition. Stuart assured Leslie that she needed not worry about him confronting her mother. He kept Jennifer's condition to himself.


Chris Foster had received some obscene telephone calls since Ron Becker was acquitted of the rape charge brought by her sister. Chris was sure that the disguised voice belonged to Ron because Sharon Ralston told Chris that Ron had done the same thing to her. When Chris got another call, Snapper took her to her parents and visited the Beckers. Ron swore he was home and Nancy said they spent the evening together. Snapper wasn't convinced, but Chris said Nancy wouldn't lie.


Ron had sold some siding and brought home gifts for Nancy and Karen. Karen played with her new doll while Nancy went in to shower and put on her new dress. They were celebrating until Snapper accused Ron of calling Chris. Nancy could see how Chris would be upset because she didn’t know how she would react if she got one of those calls. Nancy was sure Ron was innocent, since they had no phone and Ron was at home.


Later, Nancy found Karen with a candy bar which she said her daddy brought her when he went to get cigarettes. Ron swore he was only gone a couple of minutes and didn't want to get beat up by Snapper. The following morning, Nancy showed Ron that there was a whole carton of cigarettes in the drawer. Ron claimed she had better pull herself together because this whole thing with Chris was making her a little insane. Nancy felt badly about not having told Snapper the truth, even though she honestly thought Ron had been home all the time. Nancy considered telling Chris the truth, but knew that Chris would again tell her how dangerous Ron was and that she and Karen should leave before he hurt them too. As her parents were dead, Nancy felt they had nowhere to go and needed Ron. Nancy decided against telling Chris. A telephone service man showed up to install their new phone, but after thinking it over, Nancy asked him not to put it in.


Lance and Lorie were on their way to see Vanessa about setting the wedding date when Les expressed her wish to go along. Lance was concerned when she passed out, but Les recovered quickly. When Vanessa asked Lorie to her room to throw Lance and Les together, Lorie realizes that Vanessa was in love with her son. She told Brad and again pleaded with him to help because she feared Lance could be in love with Les. Brad suggested that Les would be more of a threat to Vanessa when she found out that Leslie was getting a divorce. Lorie took Brad's mail home to pay his bills including the letter from the Maestro.


Ron had the phone installed and accused Nancy of trying to run his life just like his mother did. He said that anything he had done had been because she was a mousey nothing wife. While Ron was out Nancy tried to call Chris, but Ron interrupted her. Ron admitted that he had done everything they said, but she had been the bad influence in his life and he was taking Karen away before Nancy could ruin her. As this shock had caused Nancy to return into a catatonic-like state, Ron called and asked the hospital to help his wife, Fran Jackson, who seemed to have had a trauma. After she was gone, Ron located Chris at Legal Aid and had Karen call to say she was all alone. Chris left a message for Snapper and then rushed to the Beckers' to find that Ron had tricked her.


Snapper let his father sign a right-to-die statement for his own peace of mind. Jill wrote and signed a statement that Kay dictated, but told her that it wouldn’t change the facts. Brock praised his mother for her generosity until he found out about the condition.

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Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but this Brooks sister triangle sounds so tedious! The one recurring theme in all the recaps I've read is no one is ever direct about their feelings and just says what they want. I know it's a soap but it drags on this way for years. There doesn't seem to be much action, just endless talking. And Chris is awfully dopey to just trust Nancy's word that it's not Ron making the calls considering all the other times she gave him the benefit of the doubt and was wrong. 


It's in stark contrast to the excitement of the Chancellor/Foster story, but maybe that's just my bias because those are the characters I grew up with.

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4 hours ago, BoldRestless said:

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but this Brooks sister triangle sounds so tedious!

Are you referring to the Leslie/Lorie/Lance triangle?

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, BoldRestless said:

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but this Brooks sister triangle sounds so tedious! The one recurring theme in all the recaps I've read is no one is ever direct about their feelings and just says what they want. I know it's a soap but it drags on this way for years. There doesn't seem to be much action, just endless talking. And Chris is awfully dopey to just trust Nancy's word that it's not Ron making the calls considering all the other times she gave him the benefit of the doubt and was wrong. 


It's in stark contrast to the excitement of the Chancellor/Foster story, but maybe that's just my bias because those are the characters I grew up with.

I've said before I thought Brad's blindness was a weak motivation for the character to leave Leslie, making it all too contrived. I don't believe after everything Brad went through with Barbara and releasing all that and working through it, he would repeat the same cycle by throwing everything away. Especially since he seems to be doing mostly fine handling his blindness. Brad knew better than to assume he would be nothing but a burden if he were permanently vision impaired and the show could have used this opportunity to show how people deal with and maintain independance when losing sight.


I assume the tension would be around the fact that audiences invested in Brad and Leslie and the whole thing could have been ripped apart at any moment and Leslie and Lance were inching closer together. Plus the frustration of having Leslie and Brad keeping secrets. Though it seems like a lot of sturm and drang. I can't imagine I would have enjoyed seeing Leslie depressed every day and stoic Brad going on about saving poor Leslie from a lifetime of caring for him. 


For me the more exciting aspect is Lorie's paranoia about losing Lance and her growing adversarial relationship with Vanessa. 

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This time frame seems slightly more compelling, picturing Janice Lynde in the role of Leslie instead of Victoria Mallory. Though I think I’ve read comments from Janice that these types of stories are what motivated her to quit the show...


Loved this sentence! “Lorie realized Vanessa is in love with her son” whaaaa

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Yes, the 'I'm blind and will be a burden so I'll be noble and lie' was something out of a 1930's radio soap and didn't work in 1976. Bill should have been more inventive in finding away to create a wedge b/w Brad and Leslie.

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On 2/9/2021 at 4:47 PM, BoldRestless said:



Did Brock ever have sex in the history of the show, LOL. Other than the time that Mac was conceived offscreen, I mean. There were allusions to him having a wild life before he became a Christian... he's not a priest, so no vow of celibacy, but I suppose as religious as he was he wouldn't be having much pre-marital sex, other than the time with Mac's mother. I know he was married to Jill, but the marriage was never consummated, which gave the writers an opening to make Jill Kay's daughter.





Brock was a handsome, charismatic dude, but his sexual chemistry with his co-stars wasn't exactly sizzling, lol.   He had really good chemistry with almost everyone on the show -- Jill, Snapper, Greg, Lorie, Leslie, Chris and Peggy, JoAnne Curtis, Nikki & Casey  -- just to name a few! -- but it never really seemed very sexual.  

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Guiding Light is just so excellent at this point. All the characters are woven together so neatly. And all the new characters have mystery surrounding them; it's all so expertly mapped out. Killing off Leslie, however, seems like such a random and altogether damaging decision.


I think ATWT, on the other hand, had almost too much going on. The overlapping triangles makes it hard to keep track.


I agree with others Y&R kind of hit a lull after the initial Jill/Kay story wrapped which was a blockbuster of a story.


The build up to Jennifer shooting Eunice on SFT has been great.

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Reading the summaries from earlier that year, it seems like someone on SFT wanted to off Jo that year - having her shot and then paralyzed for a period of time. Unable to do that, the show offed her sister Eunice.

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All My Children


Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss


Sincer Dr. Joe Martin's appendectomy, his wife Ruth had realized she truly loved him and couldn’t continue her affair with Dr. David Thornton. They agreed to remain friends and saw that Joe's surgery had a dual purpose. It brought out in the open that David was an excellent surgeon - he could not perform surgery after his brother died on the operating table before him in Vietnam but was forced to do Joe's surgery because no other doctor was available -, and it brought Joe and Ruth back into the marriage they almost lost. Everyone involved had come out of this near tragedy a better person. Ruth confessed to David that he made it easier for her to leave Joe when she was rejected and ignored, but she honestly never did stop loving Joe. David would accept Dr. Tyler's offer to be a surgeon on his staff as his reason for leaving - to marry Ruth - was then non-existent. Joe had accepted his daughter's marriage plans to Philip Brent - the original conflict about it led to the Martins' separation - admitting he pushed Ruth into David's arms. He told his daughter Tara that he owed his life to the man Ruth left him for. Ruth was warmly welcomed back into Kate Martin's home by Kate and young Dan Kennicott. David had a discussion with Joe admitting his disappointment that he had lost Ruth, but admitted she did belong to Joe and never should have left him. He asked Joe if he could tolerate working with him, Joe answered with the question, did David want to remain in Pine Valley? David's decision would be predicated by Joe's approval. Joe suggested the events of the last few months should be part of the past and he was willing to forget if David would. They shook hands in friendship. David immediately turned to Dr. Christina Karras, pediatrician on staff who he knew from premed school, and gave her no choice but to accept a date with him that evening. She submitted to his persistence agreeing they were still "best pals."


Dr. Karras had had a heavy schedule devoting a lot of her time to Anne and Paul Martin. Since they had been informed that their infant daughter Beth had definite retardation, Anne's reaction was stoical, pragmatic and withdrawn which was cause for alarm. Her worst fear was that Anne's love for Beth could be her justification to kill Beth. Paul doubted that she could act that strongly although he was concerned with Anne's obsession with motherhood. When Phoebe Tyler, Anne's mother suggested Beth be put into a home, Anne wouldn't hear of it. Moments later, Paul and Dr. Karras went to the nursery and discovered the baby was gone. Once again Dr. Karras emphasized to Paul her concern for Beth's safety, she concludeed this from Anne's statement that she knew now what she had to do. She believed Anne's overwrought and emotional state would allow her to get rid of Beth and she'd consider and deed an act of kindness. Fortunately Paul knew he'd find Anne at their home with Beth. She had neglected Paul's interests for Beth and was over exhuberent with the belief Beth was an exceptionally gifted child. Dr. Karras tried to comfort Paul forseeing an improvement once the initial routine was in effect, but he didn’t see that it would make a difference in Anne's overprotectiveness with Beth.


Anne would not heed Christina's advice that Beth be put in her own room, after all, married couples needed their privacy, according to Christina. She later lashed out at Paul for prompting Christina to talk to Anne. She would overlook Paul's feelings to ensure her daughter lived a full and happy life.


Mona Kane had regrets for concealing the truth to Kitty Carpenter about her mother's true identity. - Mona visited Kitty and her mother in Minneapolis to prove that she was indeed Kitty's real mother who had deserted her many years ago. Since Mona knew the real Mrs. Carpenter she was the only person who could ver-ify her true identity. When confronted by Mona, Mrs. Lum bared the facts, she was an imposter hired by Phoebe Tyler. Since her union with Kitty, however, Mrs. Lum had grown to love Kitty as her own daughter and persuaded Mona to keep the secret. She did so, only because Mrs. Lum had agreed to get out of Kitty's life in a way that wouldn't hurt her. - Nick Davis commended Mona's investigation and threat she hung over Phoebe's head to expose her evil scheme. He chuckled that the way Mona got Phoebe to agree to a divorce from Charles was not blackmail, but poetic justice. Charles was ecstatic with the news that Phoebe had granted the divorce, not knowing why, but was confused because Mona did not share his happiness. - Mona and Charles loved each other and planned to marry. Mona gave Phoebe no choice but to agree to the divorce or she would reveal all. Mona was feeling guilty because she had deceived Charles. –


In the meantime, Linc Tyler had planned to move to Minneapolis with Kitty as his bride once again. - Their first marriage was annulled when Phoebe dug up evidence that Kitty's marriage to Hal Short was not legally terminated. - Their contentment was shortlived however, with a phone call from Mr. Fargate posing as a Dr. Jones. He relayed the message to Kitty that her mother died from a massive heart attack. He assured her that she didn't suffer, and had a peaceful death, Kitty was somewhat relieved but her head was filled with questions. Dr. Jones passed along Mrs. Lum's instructions, he informed Kitty that her mother knew the end was near and wanted to spare Kitty the trauma of her death. She wasn't to feel regret or guilt about her death, she had to only remember that her mother loved her very much and spoke of her till the end.


Just as a very robust Mrs. Lum and Mr. Fargate prepared to leave her apartment with mission accomplished, the phone rang. Mr. Fargate answered it, and listened to Linc Tyler tell him he and Kitty would go to the funeral. He and Mrs. Lum had to prepare to stage a funeral for Kitty's benefit. Nick thought that the time and money Mrs. Lum was putting into this is proof of her sincere love for Kitty although Mona was sickened by the idea of a fake funeral. When Kitty asked Mona to go to the funeral with them, she couldn’t refuse the favor to Kitty. Phoebe on the other hand was just as aghast over this dissimulation and prepared to attend the funeral to satisfy her curiosity if nothing else. Draped in black, as if in true mourning, Phoebe prepared to attend this funeral. She lowered herself to wait in Mrs. Lum's dreary apartment in the company of Mona Kane, the fraudulence of the funeral as vivid to Mona and Phoebe as it was real to Kitty and Linc.


The funeral escapade was so realistic Phoebe was convinced Mrs. Lum was really dead. She returned to the apartment to destroy any evidence of their connection. As she fumbled through the drawers, Mrs. Lum appeared, horrifying Phoebe. Phoebe threatened to have Mrs. Lum and Nigel arrested, but Mrs. Lum held the trump card — she could expose Phoebe as she still had the original letter in Phoebe's handwriting with evidence Phoebe hired Mrs. Lum. Pinned to the wall, Phoebe had to agree to give Mrs. Lum $1.000 for fare to California and Mrs. Lum would "remain dead" as long as Phoebe stayed out of Linc and Kitty's lives.


Kitty told Linc she then felt complete having received more love from her mother in the short time of their reunion that most people receive in a lifetime.


Erica Kane was the person responsible for informing Phoebe of Mrs. Lum's so-called death. Erica was skeptical about the authenticity of Mrs. Lum's identity and voiced her disbelief to Nick, who dissuaded her conclusions. With this report, Erica also enlightened Phoebe about her grandson Chuck's recent choice to be a legal guardian to Donna Beck. Because of her past as a prostitute, Phoebe couldn’t tolerate Donna's mere existence, let alone any connection with her grandson. Donna had turned over a new leaf on life and accepted the help of her new friend Dan Kennicott who was teaching her proper grammar. Knowing she was not socially acceptable, Donna daydreamed about being one of the Tyler family members, loved by all of them.


Dan had become involved with Brooke English, Phoebe's niece, and they were both sharing the enjoyment of a warm, close relationship. This behavior was quite out-of-the-ordinary for Brooke whose character ran parallel with her aunt Phoebe's, but through Dan, she was learning to appreciate the simple but rewarding life.


Dr. Frank Grant had become more involved with Caroline Murray, a nurse at the hospital. She was hesitant to be seen with Frank in public, as he was still married though separated to his wife. After a good night kiss, Caroline was distant to Frank explaining they shouldn't encourage their relationship. Frank disagreed as his wife left him and he was growing to care for Caroline more every day.


Tara Tyler had agreed to marry her childhood sweetheart Phil Brent. They discussed their plans while their son Philip eavesdroped. - Philip believed Chuck Tyler was his natural father, and resented Phil's interference in what was once a secure home environment. Chuck gave Tara a divorce realizing her love was for Philip, not him, and though they had all accepted the situation, little Philip had not. - When Tara sat down to tell Philip about the marriage plans, he pretended it was all right. When Tara was talking to Phil, on the phone, little Phil clenched his crayons as if in protest. Phil sensed that something was wrong when little Phil didn’t wait up for him.


Chuck tried to help little Philip accept Phil, explaining he would have two fathers. While Tara and Kate decided Tara would wear her mother's wedding gown for her Christmas wedding to Phil, Phil and Joe made amends and agreed to bury their differences from the past.


David and Christina went to the Chateau for their date. David had informed Christina that Jeff Martin would be returning to Pine Valley. Christina was reluctant to discuss her past in which she knew Jeff.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Iris Carrington was unyielding in her attempts to overpower her son Dennis's choice of friends. She had deceived him with acceptance of his infatuation with Molly Ordway, a girl she thought socially below Dennis. She had a double motive for this deception; one, to help Dennis's heart condition by eliminating the aggravation her disapproval had caused, and the other to endear her father Mac to her. By doing so, Iris had suggested that Dennis gave a party in Molly's honor. His reaction was sheer happiness but behind it hid Iris's artifice as she ordered Molly not to go. Only because of Rachel Cory's persuasion did Molly reluctantly go. At Molly's arrival, Iris concealed her shock well, then rushed to Liz Matthews, involving her in a plot to end Molly's association with Dennis.


Taking advange of Alice Frame's absence, Molly and Mike Randolph had spent the night in her home. Iris just happened to make a spontaneous visit to Molly and revealed with the evidence she had gained demeaning Molly's character. She dangled her threat over Molly's head, stay away from Dennis or she would reveal all! Once Iris had passed this tidbit onto Liz, the news traveled like wildfire. Liz first repeated this gossip to Molly's aunt Sharlene, causing her to bitterly defend Molly to her husband Russ Matthews, then to Mike's mother Pat. Pat and Sharlene also argued. Pat would not listen to Liz's petty argument that all the Frames had used the Matthews to their own advantage. She confronted Iris about the maliciousness of the gossip she spreaded. Whether or not it was true, Pat claimed it was none of Iris's business. Iris seemed pleased by the anger she had aroused in Pat. Joining Liz and Iris in their campaign against Molly was Mike's sister Marianne. She persuaded her boyfriend Darryl Stevens - who recently dated Molly - to tell Sharlene of Molly and Mike's involvement. He sensed Marianne's possessiveness, pointing out how she was trying to be a mother to Mike, just as she had taken over her mother's role in her father's life also.


Since Dennis’ heart condition had been triggered by a recent boating accident, Iris had used his illness as an excuse to see Mac whenever she wanted. She took advantage of Mac's sincere concern for Dennis' health, beckoning him to talk about Dennis' future. In one instance Mac arrived on the false pretense about Dennis only to be badgered by Iris' grievances that Mac had upset and humiliated her by honoring Clarice Hobson's request to be her infant son Cory's Godfather. - Cory was an illegitimate son fathered by Iris' estranged husband Robert Delaney. –


Iris’ close friend and houseguest, Therese Lamonte, unlike Iris, put herself on the same social level as Iris' housekeeper and her friends the McGowens. When Therese talked Louise into taking her to the McGowens, Iris was furious. She forbade Louise to see them again. Louise, always devoted to Iris' commands, took her own stand this time. She promised to quit before she would allow Iris to choose her friends. Iris backed down apologetically, paving her way for future favors from Louise.


As Mac had hired a very self-confident architect, Gwen Parish, Iris was scheming once again trying to maneuvre her to Mac's side. Gwen, however, was onto Iris's motives and refused to let Iris con her. She knew of Iris' obsession with Mac. Iris claimed people talk about her because they envied her as Mac's daughter. Believing Gwen was after Mac and not the job, she commended Gwen's discretion but said she was not fooled — Gwen denied Iris' accusations firmly.


Clarice had repeatedly refused to accept Mac's trust fund for Cory. Finally, lawyer Jeff Stone made her realize it was for Cory's benefit and Mac's feelings would be hurt deeply by her refusal. Learning that Mac had presented Clarice with his very own christening gown for his future godson, Iris went to the McGowens’ – where Clarice resided - to put a stop to this, asserting it was sent by mistake. Ada McGowen, familiar with Iris' lies, told her to find someplace to go where she wouldn’t make somebody miserable! Clarice wanted to cancel the christening as Iris was underfoot with trouble up her sleeve, but Rachel told Clarice that she would not allow Iris to get away with anything. If she had any problems with Iris, to go directly to Rachel and she would take care of her.


Never a quitter, Iris got the minister's name from Scott Bradley and set out to deceive the minister also, disgracing Clarice for having an illigitimate child. Before she could pursue her vengeance, Therese Lamonte and Iris argued violently - about the gown -. Iris accused Therese of using Gil McGowen to undermine her because she was envious. Very agitated, Therese called Iris a selfish, spoiled creature thinking only of herself, then fell to the floor from heart failure. Iris sobbed to her she didn't mean what she said, she wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She vowed to Louise she would never forgive Clarice if Therese died.


Therese gained consciousness at the hospital and asked Mac to get permission to return to Iris' home. Mac did so, and promised Therese he would fulfill her wish to never abandon Iris again, no matter what she did. Therese enjoyed her final days in the comfort of Iris' elegant home.


Mac’s teenage stepson, Jamie had convinced him to be with Rachel in New York during the opening of her first art show. Mac, a powerful and well-known magnate, had been reduced to a shadow amidst his wife's skyrocket to success. Mac accepted Rachel's popularity and gave her confidence by expressing his pride in her. She was extremely nervous and in need of Mac's comfort, though the news media pushed Mac out of Rachel's reach. A mere speck in the crowd, Mac was called "Mr. Davis" - Rachel was using her maiden name in her career - after an introduction to a TV interviewer. He planned a gala champagne reception in Rachel's honor with all his New York socialite friends attending, only to be humiliated again because of Rachel's absence. She spent the evening giving an unavoidable TV interview with her tutor, Ken Palmer.


Without Mac’s consent, Rachel had accepted a job at Midwest University, Chicago. teaching a sculpture seminar one day a week. Back at the Cory Condominium, annebriated Dave Gilchrist had told Mac the world did not revolve around him because he owned part of it. Rachel returned and sensed Mac's rejection. When he commented that his friends were wondering if there really was a wife in his life, Rachel retorted she wondered if she really had a husband.


Rachel stopped Ken’s criticism of Mac when he told her Mac's involvement with his work is his way of avoiding her success. With the news of her job acceptance, Mac forbade Rachel to take the job. Mac voiced his suspicion that Ken was interested in more than Rachel's career - he saw Ken accept a kiss of gratitude from Rachel at the opening -, she called the incrimination ridiculous. Rachel remarked that Mac was jealous of her career, and she was no longer an appendage of him. Mac saw how she had retreated to her sculpting and he was losing her. She disagreed, her love for him was what had made her what she was today. Mac was proven correct, however, after he left for Bay City to help Iris through Therese's crisis, Ken visited Rachel who was anguished by Mac's static and abrupt departure.


Ken bluntly proclaimed to Rachel her marriage might not be worth saving. He admitted his love for her. He didn't want it to happen, they didn’t need this, but it was uncontrollable. Rachel was solemn but firm, she loved Mac despite her anger and no one else could interest her. She told him all she and Ken shared was art, but he wanted to build from there. Rachel would not. He believed they had a chance as he understood Rachel better than she understood herself. Back at home, Rachel went through with her teaching plans despite Mac's forbiddance. As she planned to leave, he threatened that he would not be there when she returned, he would not accept a part-time wife. Putting him to the test, she still went.


As Rachel had completed her first teaching session, she returned to Bay City prepared to meet the problems between she and Mac headed on. She went to Ken's studio first, informing him she would no longer work there. Ken wanted her to continue, promising he would not promote an affair with her. In the meantime, Mac had packed his bags and sadly given Jamie the news that his mother and he couldn’t reconcile their differences. Iris popped in and reversing their roles, consoled her father in his depressed state of mind. Mac took one look at Rachel's picture and smashed it on his desk. With each pounding of his fist, he cried "damn you, damn you, damn you!" His love sept through as he clutched the smashed picture close to his heart.


Rachel’s merriment at home was arrested by Jamie. He showed no enthusiasm to his mother's career as he had in the past. He understood how Mac felt, and Rachel again put in a plea for her wants and needs also. Jamie displayed his teenage maturity stating to Rachel she couldn't have what she wanted always, and if she kept on this way, she wouldn’t have a husband and he wouldn’t have a father!


Pat Randolph’s divorce lawyer, Keith Morrison had presented John Randolph with the facts that would dismiss his countersuit in court. John's usage of delaying tactics was taking the opposite effect than he had anticipated. Pat was then more determined than ever to free herself of John's tenaciousness. Rachel saw the self-destruction inflicted by John himself and tried to rationalize with him. While Olive Gordon eavesdroped, John confessed there was no point to his life without Pat, but Rachel disagreed advising John to let Pat go.


Olive wasted no time in pushing herself into John's personal life. She offered to cook his meals, clean his house and pay his bills. John's lonliness allowed him to accept Olive's attentions. When she mentioned her so-called dejection in facing divorce from Ray, John felt they could help each other get through their problems. - Olive had left Ray and their two sons for another man. When rejected by her lover, she wanted Ray back for a meal-ticket only. Ray moved to Bay City and became involved with Alice Frame. Willis Frame hired Olive to break up the relationship as Ray was becoming a risk to Willis' superiority in his deceased brother's firm. He and Olive were exposed, she had settled in Bay City and then worked for John. - She had gained trust from Marianne, but Michael was skeptical of her motives. Olive promoted John's divorce telling him he couldn’t go backwards and he didn’t have to ruin his future by clinging to the past.


The person causing the dissension between John and Pat was Dr. Dave Gilchrist. He and Pat fell in love, after Pat and John's separation. John had filed a suit of alienation of affection against Dave. Being pushed to the limit, Dave had confronted John about the misery he was causing to Pat. Dave knew Pat married John out of gratitude - he defended her successfully in a murder trial -, and her love came for him later. John was only extracting punishment to Pat and Dave would not let John penalize Pat for not loving him. Dave would match John witness for witness in court and fight him all the way. Mike also would fight John, informing his father he would testify in Dave's favor. John questioned Mike's loyalty only to have Mike throw back to him "don't preach to me about loyalty, you're not such a red hot example yourself!" - Knowing his affair with law associate Barbara Weaver was the beginning of his rift with Pat, John was defenseless. –


Because of Dave’s opposition with John, he and Pat had quarrelled. Dave believed Pat couldn’t trust him to handle John his own way. He escaped to New York to avoid Pat and missed her call to apologize. Pat swallowed her pride and went to John herself to beg him to drop the suit. John had just told his lawyer, Jeff Stone, that he regretted the bitterness and contemplated withdrawing the case. Pat was at first hesitant to believe John's word, but thanked him anyway, upon Mike's suggestion.


Having time to cool down in New York, Dave returned to Pat realizing he missed her very much. They made plans for dinner which were disrupted when Pat admitted she talked to John to warn him about Olive's destructive nature. Dave foresaw more trouble as this deed of Pat's would probably encourage John to think Pat still cared for him. Mike infered, by talking to John and not confiding it to Dave, Pat had developed the same pattern with Dave that lead to the discord in her marriage with John. Pat said no, they would be discussing this at dinner. Mike's conjecture proved correct, however, when Dave walked out refusing to spend his evening conversing about John.


John had told Olive Alice had had Scott Bradley draw up stock options for Ray, a privilege Steve Frame - Alice's deceased husband - always gave to his executives. Knowing he had Alice's financial backing, Olive asked for $100,000 and $100 per week child support as settlement for a divorce. Ray flatly refused offering her $50,000 and her departure from Bay City. Olive surprised all and accepted.


Since Willis Frame’s severance from Frame Enterprises, he had been hired by Mac Cory. Willis had put a great effort into changing his personality hoping to renew his romance with Angie Perrini. Remembering the hurt Willis inflicted upon her in the past, Angie was keeping her distance from him. Evan Webster, the new architect at Frame Enterprises, had dated Angie and Willis had reacted to this with a subdued jealousy. One evening Angie and Evan babysat for Clarice - who had finally accepted a dinner date with Jeff Stone - and Willis interrupted, thinking Angie would let him keep her company. He was disappointed that Angie was obviously enjoying Evan's companionship and let his anxieties about Angie carry through the following day by lashing out at his co-worker, Gwen Parish.


Alice was still having problems with Beatrice Gordon - her adoptive daughter Sally's natural grandmother -. Her treatment with Sally had filled Sally's head with memories of her deceased mother. Beatrice was painting a picture of an ideal mother and Sally was confused as her mother spent no time with her. She woke up with a nightmare of Alice and Ray being killed. Beatrice insisted that Alice protested to this because she didn’t want Sally to remember her mother. She believed as long as she could keep Jenny's memory with Sally, Jenny would always be alive and that was more important than anything else. Beatrice gave Sally a locket she had saved for Jenny, she wore it willingly but its presence seemed to be the basis for her frightfulness and causing Alice due concern.


Russ and Sharlene Matthews were treading on thin ice with their once close relationship. Since Sharlene's life as a B-girl had been divulged to Russ, he couldn’t make love to Sharlene successfully. He loved Sharlene and was grateful for her patience. Russ feared that as they had a new home, the memories from the apartment might go with them to the house.


Russ had persuaded Dr. Frank Prescott to hire his aunt Liz as his receptionist. Liz had moved herself into Jim Matthews house and was beginning to run his life. She did not ratify Beatrice and Jim's romance and was outspoken about her disapproval. She was also influencing Marianne, telling her Pat's curiosity about Olive's sudden interest in John was a sign that Pat still loved John. This gave Marianne false hopes about her parents reconciliation.


Gil McGowan was losing sleep from apprehension about his son Tim. Tim was in South America on the run. Years ago he had embezzled from Steve Frame and Gil had gone to ask Alice to drop the charges enabling Tim to return to the United States. He received support from Ada, but only the agreement to drop the charges from Alice gave Gil his gleeful disposition once again.


In her last moments, Therese ad asked Keith to be Iris' anchor — to give her love so she wouldn’t feel as if Mac was the only person who could love her. Keith willingly agreed to fulfill Therese's wish. As Keith, Mac and Iris were in the house, Therese was content to let herself pass from life under the warmth of the sun in the world she learned to appreciate too late in life.


Mac spent the nignt at Gwen's apartment, but regretted it fully the following morning. As he had betrayed Rachel's trust, Mac was guilty and ashamed and because of this he told Gwen he could no longer ask Rachel to forfeit her career to him. Gwen had offered herself to Mac with no romantic attachments at any time. He was appalled and refused.


While Rachel had Gil locate Mac, Iris had shown up at Gwen's apartment. She saw Mac's sweater and figured out what had happened over Gwen's confident repudiations. After Mac reprimanded Iris for going to Ada about the christening gown and again threatening to use a confession she wrote about her harrassment of Clarice in court, Iris promised to leave her alone. Mac returned home to find Rachel trying to contact him. They had missed each other very much, Rachel telling Mac she was giving up her sculpting career and would settle down to start a family as Mac wanted. They embraced and made amends, Rachel proving that her statement to Ken was true, she was committed to nothing but Mac and she was a fool to think anything was more important to her than him. But Mac uncomfortably told Rachel there was something he had to tell her first.


Dave apologized to Pat and listened to her explanation that she was fearful of Olive because her children would be the victims if she took John for all he was worth.


Liz continued her malignment of Molly. When she met a dead end with Pat and Alice, she gave her story to Beatrice who acted in defense of Sally - Molly was not a suitable babysitter -. When Beatrice told John of Liz's gossip, he reacted furiously and ordered her out of his home once and for all. She turned up on Pat's doorstep, ready to settle in with Pat, cutting Pat and Dave's warm reunion short.


Gil had approached Jeff Stone about hiring Clarice part time so she could earn a salary and remain at home with Cory. Since their first dinner date, Jeff agreed showing an interest in getting to know Clarice better.

They couldn’t seem to get their marriage straightened out, as Russ took off work early to help Sharlene paint the new house. She offered to return to the apartment with him, he prefered not to, causing Sharlene to comment, "you can't pass the test if you won't take it," referring to Russ' evasion every time Sharlene wanted to make love.


Evan Webster, the new architect at Frame Enterprises had dated Angie, and Willis had reacted to this with subdued jealousy. Angie resented Willis' intrusion and told him so.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore


Dan Stewart had proposed to Valerie Conway, but she insisted they consider this carefully since they had both made mistakes in the past. Dan's ex-wife, Susan Stewart, couldn’t give up the idea that she could someday win Dan back if it weren't for Valerie. She tried to turn Dan's family against Valerie by telling them that Valerie set out to deliberately trap Dan and if he continued with this farce it would be the biggest mistake he would ever make. But Judge Lowell and the Stewarts were very happy with Valerie. Susan tried putting doubts in Valerie's head, but this only succeeded in helping her decide to accept Dan's proposal.


Susan told Betsy, Dan's daughter who believed she was Dan's niece, that once Dan and Valerie were married, she, Susan, wouldn’t be able to visit her or Emmy, Susan and Dan's daughter, because Valerie wouldn’t like her being around. She brought up all the good times she and Betsy had while she and Dan were married. Betsy finally tpmd Dan how sad Susan was and how badly she felt for her. Dan was furious that Susan would try to use the girls feeling to cause disharmony in his family, and told Susan that he wouldn’t tolerate this. Upset over Dan's rejection and fury, Susan considered taking a drink from the full bottle of liquor Joyce Colman returned while Dan was leaving. She was unable to reach anyone by phone so she poured the liquor down the drain and rushed to Joyce's apartment. Joyce was surprised to find Susan at her door because she had always been aloof and unfriendly in the past. Joyce sympathized with Susan's attack on Valerie because at one time Bob Hughes was seeing Valerie and Joyce had felt rejected even though Bob had tried repeatedly to tell her he had done nothing to make Joyce think he was any more than a friend.


Valerie and Betsy had become very good friends and Valerie showed her respect for Betsy by asking her to be her maid of honor. Ellen Stewart insisted on giving a family dinner for Dan and Valerie. They set their wedding date for December 10th and thanked Ellen for the use of her home, but had decided they would like to be married at the farm Valerie had renovated. Dee and Annie, Dan's sisters, were also asked to participate in the small wedding. The rest of their plans would be made when they celebrated with Betsy and Emmy. Valerie was very touched when Judge Lowell welcomed her to the family.


Dan found that he had to break the news to Betsy that they might be moving to the farm when she told him that her choice for the junior high school Christmas dance was important because he would ask her to the spring dance. He said that the lease was almost up on their house and the landlord might want to rent it to his daughter, so they were considering moving to the farm. Trying to make this easier on the girls, Valerie let them pick their own wall paper rather than make all the decisions for them. When Susan learned from Betsy that they might be changing schools she rushed to the hospital to have it out with Dan. He explained that if they moved to the farm he and Valerie would transport the girls into town to school if they wanted.


Carol Stallings was very happy that the adoption agency called to say their name had been moved up on the list after their social worker made a visit to their home to see how the Stalling lived. Jay was concerned that he would make a mistake, and was surprised when she made him feel very comfortable. The afternoon that Carol, Lisa Colman and Nancy Hughes planned a baby shower for Kim Dixon, Carol said she and Jay would be getting their baby soon. Lisa had suspected for sometime that Jay had resumed his affair with Natalie Hughes. - Natalie's involvement with Jay caused her husband Tom to throw her out of the house. Natalie had continually played on the fact that neither Tom nor Jay wanted Carol to find out. Tom was married to Carol several years ago and realized that he still loved her. -

Lisa asked Jay to lunch to confront him and was willing to believe that Natalie was blackmailing him, but it was all over. Lisa told her husband, Grant, that she believed Jay and felt much better then. Jay told Natalie he had abated Lisa's curiosity, but it was necessary to talk her down a little to get his point across. Natalie visited Lisa at the bookstore and told her that her suspicions about her and Jay were all true. The night she saw Jay leaving her apartment was only one of many. Natalie said that she and Jay were in love and it would only be fair if she went and told Carol herself about the affair.


Lisa pondered the circumstances a long time and finally a friend led her to believe she had to face this head on. After the shower Lisa stayed behind. She told Carol why Tom and Natalie's marriage broke up and that she knew the affair had continued because Natalie confirmed it. She explained that she had only told her because Natalie threatened to tell her before she and Jay adopted a baby. She felt it would be easier coming from someone who loved her. Carol confronted Jay and threw him out, refusing to listen to how sorry he was.


Grant was trying to comfort Lisa when Tom came in and was told that Carol knew. Tom was upset when he heard that his mother believed Natalie's threats when she knew Natalie was a liar. Tom asked Natalie if she were really going to tell Carol, but she said she was not that stupid. When Tom told her this, Lisa realized Natalie had used her.


Carol was finally feeling a little better until the adoption agency called to say everything was going well. Carol broke down when she had to tell them she and Jay no longer had a stable home to give a child. Carol spent her days and nights locked in her apartment until Kim told her that she had friends and they all wanted to help her. Jay finally found Natalie at home to ask why she threatened to tell Carol. She said it wouldn't have looked good if she had tried to contact him and Lisa lied because she never threatened to tell Carol. Her only fault was that she loved him.


Joyce Coleman continued to make trouble in the Hughes' household. Nancy knew that Joyce was up to something, but she was afraid to tell her son Don. Joyce played the brothers, Don and Bob, against each other until Don became thoroughly disgusted. She accused Bob of being rude when he asked her to wait while he was on the phone. She complained to Don saying she thought Bob resented their relationship. Bob told Don he would apologize again, but Joyce continued to be stubborn. Tom turned Jay's legal business over to his Uncle Don. Grant asked Don not to mention Jay and Carol's separation to Joyce, but it was too late. Don had already told her and trusted her not to say anything. The family had kept this from Nancy, but as soon as Joyce saw her, she broke the news.


Kim Dixon was very content to be home with he new son Andrew. After several days she dismissed the nurse and cared for him herself. John Dixon spent a lot of time visiting Andrew, and Kim couldn’t deny him the right to see his son. John talked to his new friend Mary Ellison who was raising her adopted son alone since her husband's death and enjoyed discussing Teddy and Andrew. When Andy was three weeks old, John asked Mary for an idea for a special gift. After many suggestions she told him that the gift that meant the most to her was the time her husband gave her a single yellow rose and Teddy a music box. John duplicated this formula exactly.


When Dave and Valerie set their wedding date, Susan again asked Kim to tell Dan that he never got Kim's message that she loved him, due to Susan's interference. Kim told Susan to accept the situation. Furious, John told Susan not to pressure Kim because he thought they were closer as the baby had been born.


Annie Stewart was glad to see that Beau Spencer seemed to be more considerate of Dee's feelings. Dee waited patiently one evening even though Beau was very late for their date. Annie called around, but was unable to locate him. The family was worried because the previous summer Dee was depressed for months when a boy she liked stood her up. Because Dee was so much more serious about Beau, they feared what this would do to her. She came down in jeans trying to pretend that she wanted to stay home when Beau showed up and felt terrible that his friend didn't call to tell Dee he was stranded with car trouble. Dee changed and they left for the dance. Dee asked Beau to spend Thanksgiving with her family as he chose not to spend it with his family since the last holiday they were together his father spent on the phone and his mother was planning a party.


Lisa moped around, sure that she had lost Carol's friendship forever and refused to believe that Carol was not seeing anyone then. Finally she convinced herself that she was not really to blame when she had to defend her actions to her mother, Alma. Carol told Lisa that she was glad Natalie wasn't the one to tell her. Lisa wanted to make sure everyone, especially Jay, knew that Natalie was responsible for all of this.


Susan was still unable to accept Dan's engagement to Valerie. After one especially hard day, she stopped at a bar and ordered a drink. She ran into Jay and was reminded of the mess she had made of her life. When Susan poured out her troubles to Kevin Thompson, he found that what he thought was love for her was really just a need to help someone and repay a debt that he owed.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Phyllis Anderson Curtis, pregnant with a menopausal baby her younger husband, Neil, didn’t want, had gone to Chicago for an abortion because Tom Horton and Mel Bailey both refused her request, telling her it was both too late and too dangerous. When Dr. Parker also refused to do the abortion, Phyl returned to her hotel room and opened a bottle of pills. Neil, finally locating her, broke into the room and found Phyl on the bed. He roused her. She hadn't gone through with the pills. Neil took her back to Salem, assuring her he wanted the baby.


Neil’s father, Nathan, returned to town. Neil asked how Nathan felt when told Neil was on the way. Nathan wanted him. Neil asked why his mother didn't take him when she walked out. Nathan replied that his mother knew Nathan needed him more. Neil inquired why his mother knew Nathan needed him more. Neil inquired why his mother walked. Nathan explained that he made life very hard for her, with his drinking and get-rich-quick schemes. Nathan was delighted to learn he was about to become a grandfather. Neil, suspicious as always, asked Nathan how much he wanted this time. Insulted, Nathan produced a dividend check for Phyllis. She had invested $10,000 with him in a pest control scheme.


Mary Anderson moved back to the lake house to be with her mother, at the urging of her father, Bob, and Neil. Phyl, Mary, and Neil had a loving evening, with a close, family-like feeling. Mary retired to the studio and Phyl went up to get ready for bed. Greg Peters, Neil's partner, dropped by to ask Neil to cover for him for a week. Greg and Amanda Howard were eloping in the morning. Neil agreed to cover. Neil stalled Phyl and proceeded to get drunk at the thought of really losing Amanda for good. - Neil and Amanda were lovers for years. However, Neil took advantage of Amanda's love once too often. Neil married Phyl on the rebound, when Amanda finally rejected him. Recently, Neil had tried to resume their relationship, but Amanda had adamantly refused, preferring to give her love to Greg, who also loved her. - Phyl was confounded by the change in Neil. He was brutal to her, telling her it was no wonder she couldn’t keep a husband, that she should have learned she couldn’t demand love at the drop of a hat. The puzzle was solved, however, when Greg called to arrange to meet Neil at a patient's room in the morning, also revealing to Phyl that he and Amanda were eloping. Phyl turned on Neil, demanding if Amanda was going to come between them forever? She told Neil he was right, that if she had to ask for love, then their marriage was worthless. She decided to see Don Craig in the morning to start divorce proceedings.


Mary came up to the house for a glass of milk. She, too, was stunned at the change in Neil. Neil told her she didn't need a glass of milk. What she really needed to sleep was a man. He taunted her about continuing to love Don Craig because it was safe. Neil accused Mary of being made of ice, but went on that if he had her to come home to, instead of a wife who was pregnant with a baby he didn’t want, he might spend more time at home. Mary was disgusted. Neil grabbed her and kissed her. Mary resisted, then slapped him. Back at the studio, Mary called Bob, telling him of the awful scene. Bob rushed over. As he was comforting her daughter, Neil arrived, with a bottle. He invited Bob to join them in a nightcap, toasting Bob as the King, the man who owned the house and everyone in it. Further taunts provoked Bob into knocking Neil out. As Mary tended him, Phyl arrived, castigating Bob for hurting Neil. She had decided to work at the marriage after all. She and Bob went up to the main house, leaving Neil with Mary.


In his drunken stupor, Neil mistook Mary for Amanda – they were both blonde - and kissed her again. He finally sobered up enough to stand up. He told Mary he was not sorry he kissed her because he found out she was not made of ice. He taunted her that she had been kissed by a real man. Mary had disturbing dreams about the kisses.


As Phyl made coffee for Neil, she told him she had changed her mind about the divorce, that she was going to work at making him happy. She was confident that he would come around, once he held his child in his arms. She helped him upstairs. In their room, he collapsed on the floor. While trying to lift him onto the bed, Phyl was torn by pain. She lay down on the bed, praying it was not the baby.


Shortly after David arrived at Neil's office to see Val, Jerry Davis, a black intern, arrived for a lunch date with her. David walked out. Val told Jerry about the problems with her mother over David and her and warned Jerry that her mother was trying to use him to come between them. Jerry understood and promised to be there for her — as a friend. David returned and after letting her know he witnessed the touching luncheon scene, gave Val an engagement ring, then walked out again. Val tried on the ring, but told David she couldn’t accept it. He was furious, accusing her of letting her mother influence her.


Phyl decided to spend the day in bed, ignoring the pain, hoping rest would help. When it became severe she tried to reach Neil but he, in despair over Amanda, didn’t answer the phone. Finally, she managed to reach Val who sent an ambulance and called Tom because Neil was at lunch with Mary and she couldn’t find them.


Unaware of Phyl’s crisis, Neil and Mary had lunch at Doug's Place and became observers for the impromptu wedding reception for Greg and Amanda, who had eloped. Back at the office, Val alerted Neil, who rushed to the hospital. Phyl had hemorraged quite a bit, but the baby was still alive. Phyl told Tom that if she lost the baby it was God way of punishing her for putting Neil ahead of her baby. Neil overheard her telling him that the problem started when she tried to lift Neil into bed. Tom and Bob urged Neil to convince Phyl of his love in order to save both his marriage and his child. Neil admitted he wanted the baby, "in a funny kind of way." Phyl found it ironic that she might lose her baby on Amanda's wedding day, and it was the baby that made Amanda turn away from Neil.


- Rebecca North, Doug Williams’ housekeeper, became pregnant with Doug's child through artificial insemination. On the eve of their wedding, Rebecca told her fiance, Johnny Collins, the truth about the baby he thought was his, keeping Doug's name out of it. Johnny couldn't handle it. He left Rebecca a note and ran. Doug's good friend and right-hand man, Robert LeClair, had long been in love with Rebecca. He offered her marriage with no strings, promising to adopt her baby and make it a marriage-in-name-only until she was ready. While Doug and Julie were on their honeymoon in Rome, Robert and Rebecca had their honeymoon at home. However, shortly before Doug and Julie returned, Robert found Johnny's note and had been consumed by jealousy, suspecting Rebecca of running around with many men. - Robert, once adamant about adopting little Doug, told Doug he feared losing his son to his real father. Doug assured Robert Rebecca would never let that happen. Robert asked Greg Peters to find out the name of the baby's real father from the birth certificate. Neil. Rebecca's doctor, refused to let Greg see it. Robert went to Neil, who read him out, asking what happened to Robert's trust. He reminded Robert that Rebecca trusted him enough to marry him and turn her love to him and become his wife. Neil asked if Robert had forgotten he promised "no strings?" Neil told Rebecca of Robert's suspicions. They wondered if Johnny could have been so cruel as to have told Robert ?


Rebecca arranged a meeting with Johnny. Johnny told her Robert found the letter. He told Rebecca her only chance to save her marriage was to tell Robert the truth. They discovered they still loved each other, but Rebecca told Johnny she would never be unfaithful to Robert.


When Rebecca returned, Robert was waiting with all kinds of accusations. Finally Rebecca told Robert she went to see Johnny to find out what went wrong with her "perfecf marriage." She was furious that he went behind her back, instead of discussing the letter with her. Robert started to apologize, but Rebecca told him to go to hell. Johnny went to Don Craig's secretary Linda Phillips, to see if she could help. She knew the whole story, short of who the father was, from the confidential file. Linda went looking for Robert. When Robert was reluctant to discuss it, she asked if he was through with Rebecca and the marriage? Robert was stunned. Linda told Robert about the artificial insemination. Robert begged Rebecca for another chance. She agreed.

Rebecca and Robert signed the papers allowing Robert to legally adopt baby Doug, even though Robert's name was already on the birth certificate.


Jack Clayton, Trish Clayton's step-father, was incensed that Trish had been urging her mother Jeri to get a divorce. Jack had been trying to convince both Trish and himself that she was a potential prostitute, since Jeri had turned to the streets to keep the two of them together when Trish was little. Jack had been creating ugly scenes in Trish's apartment, especially when drunk, which was often. Julie accidentally rescued Trish one day by dropping by with a gift from Rome. Mike Horton, Trish's old boyfriend, who was then in love with Linda Phillips, had been trying to resume their old friendship, but Trish loved Mike too much to be just friends, although she sometimes gave him a friendly cup of coffee. Jack had taken to lurking outside her apartment, to keep tabs on the men in her life. When Mike stayed an hour one night, just talking, Jack naturally assumed other things went on. Trish forgot to lock her door. Jack stood in the hall whispering that Trish was a tramp, just like her mother.


David Banning had been living with the Grants, a compassionate black family, since he had a falling out with his mother Julie last year. During that time, David and Valerie had fallen in love, causing great upheaval in the Grant family. Val's mother, Helen, didn’t trust David, especially because he was white. In order to make things easier, David decided to find his own apartment. Bob Anderson, formerly David's and Paul Grant's employer, went to Paul to apologize and offer him his old job back. - Paul was head of accounting. When Davis's ex-lover, Brooke Hamilton, embezzled $10,000 to give her terminally ill mother’s last fling, Paul, along with David, was fired, because as head of the department, he was ultimately responsible for the money. Bob's stockholders also insisted on the dismissals. Brooke had since been discovered. - Bob wanted Paul back. Paul admitted it seemed strange to him that Brooke wasn't punished. - Brooke was actually Bob's illegitimate daughter. Bob found out as Adele was dying, but promised not to tell Brooke he knew. Brooke had known about Bob for some time. –


David left the house, telling Helen he appreciated what living with them had taught him and he wanted to make her proud of him. Paul told Helen, who disagreed at first, that he was going back to work for Bob. Bob asked Brooke if she wanted to work for him. Brooke needed the job. Bob asked her to consider a job outside the bookkeeping department because David might return to his old job and it could be difficult for Brooke, who still loved David. David arrived to check on Brooke. He was upset to learn Bob was giving her a job. At first Brooke flaunted the job at David, then changed her mood, seriously wondering if she would be able to make it. She asked David to hold her. David platonically spent the night.


Val told Paul it was probably a good thing David moved out because it was hard sleeping in bedrooms "so close, and yet so far apart." Paul was forced to admit Val was not a little girl anymore. Paul upset Helen by asking her what was to keep Val and David from being together at his place. Paul observed that while David was living with them, they could at least keep an eye on them.


Helen, in examining her values, decided she had let Brooke down, that she didn't act in a Christian way by not attending Adele's funeral in resentment over what Brooke had done to Paul. She decided to make amends by visiting Brooke and offering support. Brooke let Helen in. Helen confessed her reasons for missing the funeral and offered support. David came out of the shower! Helen started for the door. David pleaded with her to listen to his explanation, then realized anything he said would only make things worse.


David told Valerie the first chance he got. Val trusted David, but not Brooke. Val was shocked to learn her mother knew about the night. Jerry Davis dropped by the Grant house, hoping to run into Val. Mrs. Grant invited him to dinner. Val excused herself after dinner and went to David's new apartment. On her way home, Val stopped in to see Brooke, who painted a sordid picture of the night before. Brooke told Val, "Old habits are hard to break." She continued with her feeling that David would only stick around so long because Val wasn't putting out. Brooke called Val naive. Val rejoined that David might sleep with Brooke, but Brooke would never get the love David had for her, Val. "You'll only be used!" Val, however, was shaken. She confided in Paul, who reminded her that love and trust go hand-in-hand. Paul said that if Val didn’t know that she was not ready for a mature relationship.


Brooke reported for work. Bob assigned her to work in his office until she became familiar enough with things to choose on her own. Mary was upset that Bob had given Brooke a job, but had never offered her one. Bob explained giving Brooke the job as a promise to Adele.


Don Craig, rebounding from Julie's marriage to Doug, found married Sharon Duval interesting. Sharon marveled that Don and Julie and Doug and his ex-wife Kim all got along so well, considering that a month ago or so they were each going to marry the other. Cuttingly, Sharon told Julie she was so wise to make a friend – Kim - of a possible enemy. Sharon asked Julie if she could get Don out of her mind, after coming so close to marrying him. Julie reminded Sharon that Don walked out on her, and he still looked out for her, as she did for him. Sharon got the idea.


As Julie was working alone on Sharon's portrait, she was interrupted by the arrival of Sharon’s husband, Karl Duval. Karl knew who Julie was, but was intrigued to learn she was then Julie Olsen Banning Anderson Williams.


Don’s real interest was psychiatrist Marlena Evans. However, Marlena, aware of Don's deep love for Julie, had told him she had no intention of getting involved with him for six months. They dated. After one evening, as Don was wittily trying to talk himself in for a nightcap, Marlena sent him packing by revealing she knew he had a late date with Sharon. He thought Sharon was really sick for telling Marlena about the date. Marlena explained it away as an attempt to set up a competition between the two of them for Don. Marlena told Don, however, that no man who would interest Sharon could interest her. Don's anger increased when Marlena told him Sharon was graphic in her descriptions of her trysts. Don announced he had never been to bed with Sharon. On his way out, Don grabed Marlena and kissed her passionately. Marlena was a bit unnerved.


Julie was painting on the portrait when Karl arrived home early. Knowing Don was due any minute, Sharon asked Julie to cover for her. Julie agreed. When Don arrived, having seen Julie's car out front, he told Karl he was there to see Julie home. He wa furious. Alone with Sharon briefly, Don told her he was through. Julie found the incident slightly amusing, but warned Don he was asking for trouble.


Karl hadn’t been fooled. He told Sharon he was beginning to mind her having "friends." Sharon asked him to remember they had had some good, unboring years, requesting he not spoil it then. In retaliation for his objections, Sharon reminded Carl that his recent frequent trips to Bermuda had been very expensive. She brought up a bill from Cartier's for an emerald necklace, saying it hurt to open bills for expensive presents for other women. Purposefully, Karl walked to the desk and shoved a velvet box into her hands, saying, "Happy Anniversary." Sharon was stunned, but covered with a wisecrack. Karl reminded her that he had money of his own, that he was not "bought and paid for," yet. Karl walked out, driving Sharon to call Marlena. Sharon admitted to Marlena that she had Don come to the house so she'd get caught. All Sharon wanted, she told Marlena, was to feel alive. She tried relating to Karl, until she found out he had other women. Sharon couldn’t stand the thought of being without Karl. As Marlena was leaving, Carl returned. She asked him to make an appointment to see her, if he really loved his wife. Karl found Marlena attractive.


After accidentally overhearing Linda and Mike talking about going to bed together, Mickey Horton, recently released from Bayview Sanitarium following a nervous breakdown, during which he tried to kill Linda, mistaking her for his ex-wife Laura, invited Linda to lunch in the country. Linda, long in love with him, agreed. Mickey's questions during lunch made Linda uneasy. Meanwhile, Mike reported to Marlena that he thought Mickey was suspicious of Linda and him. Mickey took Linda for a walk through the woods to the lake. Mickey saw the fear in her eyes and questioned her about it. He revealed he knew about Mike and her. Linda asked, "Wouldn't you like to kill me?" Mickey admitted it. Linda ran away and fell.


Mickey, unable to relate to his wife Maggie in Salem, had arranged for Maggie and him to return to the farm where they used to live. He arrived home, and he and Maggie left. Everyone was greatly relieved to find Linda at home, safe, only cut from tree branches while she was running from Mickey. Linda had to finally admit that Mickey might have been released too soon. She was also sure Maggie would be all right alone with Mickey, because Maggie was the only one who hadn't hurt Mickey. - The day Laura Horton's pregnancy was confirmed, the report of Mickey's sterility arrived. Mike, the baby Laura bore, was Bill Horton's son, the result of his raping Laura. The secret was kept from Mike and Mickey until a year ago, when Mike was in a serious accident. Mickey discovered through bloodtypes that he wasn't Mike's father. This knowledge, combined with Laura and Bill's recent marriage, caused Mickey to try to kill Bill, whom he felt had taken everything away from him. Mickey had married Maggie, a crippled farm girl, then recovered, while amnesic, following open-heart surgery. - At the farm, Mickey told Maggie Linda used to be his friend. He promised to try with Maggie. She asked him just to be whoever and whatever he could. She intended to keep her wedding vows, but if there was no love, she would release him. Mickey admitted feelings of panic at the word love.


Laura and Bill argued again over Laura's continued interest and involvement in Mickey's case. Bill wanted Laura to forget about Mickey. Laura couldn’t because she felt responsible. Bill replied that he was the one who was responsible, but she wouldn’t let him forget it. Mike had rejected Laura since learning the truth about his parentage. Linda felt sorry for Laura — Mike was the only son she would ever have, and yet Laura had no son!


As Marlena and Don got cozy, next objective — bed, the phone rang. It was Mickey. He tried to make love to Maggie and failed constantly seeing Laura's face instead of Maggie's. Don and Marlena drove to the farm. Maggie was devastated. Mickey told Marlena he was impotent. Marlena replied that someone who felt sexually betrayed could have anxieties that caused him to fail. She suggested Mickey put himself under too much pressure. She assured him the problem wasn’t permanent, and it was something he and Maggie would have to work out. When Marlena presented the same idea to Maggie, she misunderstood and ran off. Marlena followed, and Don and Mickey had a man-to-man talk. Don confided that he and his late wife had the same problem before she was killed. Don was under job pressures at the time. Marlena and Don returned to Salem.


Maggie confessed to Mickey that she didn’t know what to do to help him. She felt she didn’t belong in his world, so she had decided to stay at the farm. Mickey promised that whether he stayed or went, he would provide for her and their adopted daughter Janice. Maggie never doubted he'd do the right thing.


The following evening, Maggie and Mickey decided to attend a barn dance, like old times. While Maggie was dressing, Laura called to chat with Mickey. Bill was furious. When Mickey told Maggie it was Laura, Maggie told him she couldn’t be his wife until he got over Laura. At the barn dance, Maggie danced up a storm with old friend Jay Livingston.


The Doctors


Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young


The pressure of the Grand Jury investigation into the cause of junkie Joan Dancy's death was driving Matt Powers, the chief suspect, to drink more and more. - Paul Summers perpetrated the plot in revenge because Matt wouldn't allow his son to die at birth. The boy was confined to an institution, hopelessly brain-damaged. The reality of her son's condition drove Paul's wife to suicide. Paul used drugs and protestations of love to induce Stacy Wells to pull the plug on the respirator that was sustaining Joan's life following a drug overdose. - Matt had been so totally demoralized that anyone could think he'd take a life, that he had lost much of his fighting spirit. The hospital Board had asked him to take a temporary leave of absence, but as emotions of panic dissipated, they reconsidered and sent Matt a letter of reinstatement, which he didn’t receive until after the hearings started. For the duration of Matt's trouble, the Board had appointed Paul Summers and Althea Davis to temporarily fill Matt's shoes.


Paul, continuing his campaign to replace Matt permanently, called Board member Mona Croft, whom he had carefully cultivated, to report that his first day on the job went well and there was no staff resentment. Stacy overheard Paul tell Mona that he and Althea could be in charge a long time, judging from the newspapers. Stacy warned him that she could bring the whole thing out into the open if he was lying about taking her away to a lodge in Canada. Panicked, Paul suggested, that as proof of his love and sincerity, they eloped.


Matt had two drinks before leaving for the hearing. He drank his lunch, and after the jury adjourned for the day, he returned to the bar. Jason Aldrich, his lawyer, found him at Andre's and sobered him up. He warned Matt that DA Carlson could rattle him if he was not in full charge of his faculties, thus making Matt look unstable and capable of pulling the plug.


The following day, Matt told Maggie that Jason was right. He found some hope in the fact that, besides Maggie and him, there was another person who knew he was innocent — the person who did pull the plug. Nola Dancy, Joan's sister, had been one of Jason's best witnesses. Nola, believing Matt innocent and determined to help him, had told the Grand Jury about Joan's past, how she turned to prostitution to support her habit. Mrs. Dancy was furious with Nola for revealing Joan's sordid past, feeling Joan's death ended all that. Nola was interviewed by reporter Hilda Farmer at home. Farmer put on a front of sympathy and understanding and asked about Nola's feelings about Matt and about her Grand Jury testimony and Joan. Nola, believing Farmer was sincere in wanting to print the one favorable news account about Matt, held nothing back. Farmer distorted what Nola said, broadly hinting at a relationship between Matt and Nola.


The fall-out was tremendous. Mrs. Dancy was so deeply wounded that she slapped Nola and withdrew all signs of affection. Since the story appeared the night before the Grand Jury's deliberation, Jason told Nola she had just insured Matt's indictment. The worst blow was a call from Andre's, where Nola sang, demanding she reported for work early because the place was packed and there was a long line out front. Reservations had been booked weeks in advance. Maggie Powers was incensed. Only Matt seemed to see Nola was only trying to help.


Paul, musing that in that state it wasn’t legal for a wife to testify against her husband, had to do some fast talking to keep Stacy from announcing their marriage to everyone. Meanwhile, confused, Stacy had started a letter to Jason, her step-father, revealing her part in Joan's death, along with Paul's part. Stacy had left the letter on Mona's desk, where Dr. Ann Larimer found it. Ann took a copy of the letter to Paul, threatening to turn it over to the authorities if he didn’t go himself. Paul reminded Ann that he knew about her plot to break-up Steve and Carolee Aldrich's marriage by hiding catatonic Carolee in a sanitarium.


Matt was indicted for murder. Matt was drunk when the decision was delivered by Sgt. Ernie Cadman, who had to take Matt down and book him. Matt was humiliated and degraded by the whole procedure. He told son Mike and Ernie that it would kill him if any of this touched Maggie. Ann had a drink with Stacy. She revealed she had the letter, driving Stacy to a panicky exit. Stacy bumped into Jason on her way out. Jason questioned Ann about Stacy's agitation. Ann suggested he find out who Stacy spent her time with.


Meanwhile, Paul suggested to Althea that it had to be difficult for her carrying out Matt's duties when she was so close to him. He offered to ask the Board to replace her or carry on alone himself. Althea refused, saying she wouldn’t let Matt down. They were interrupted by Stacy. Noting her agitated state, Althea left. Paul was furious. Stacy told him about her meeting with Ann. Paul tried to calm her by telling her he had something on Ann. Stacy wanted to leave for Canada immediately. When Paul refused, she accused him of caring more about his job than being married to her. Althea observed Stacy running out.


Headlines about his indictment drove Matt to the bottle again. Meanwhile, Mona, Beatrice Lansing, and Clarke Bowman from the Hospital Board discussed going to Matt to convey the Board's support in person, noting they never heard from Matt about the first letter they sent him. - Matt had interpreted the letter as too little too late. He doubted the letter's sincerity, and was insulted by the enclosed check for a month's salary. He tore up both. - When they arrived, they found Matt drunk. He was too demoralized to accept their support and drove them out. After they left. he broke down in tears.


Since his wife Carolee's disappearance several months ago, Steve Aldrich had reluctantly accepted the attentions of Ann Larimer and Carolee's cousin, MJ Match, because he felt his children needed women in their lives. - Steve and Carolee's marriage was in a rocky state when Carolee found Steve with Ann Larimer in her apartment. Ann, of course, had arranged it. Carolee disappeared, then retreated into catatonia. Ann found her in a New York hospital. She blackmailed Paul Summers into giving her his late wife's passport and birth certificate. She pretended to be Carolee's sister and had "Mary Ellen Smithfield" moved to a private hospital. Carolee began to make brief forays into reality, so to protect herself, Ann has abandoned all support of Carolee, managing to disappear with her own false identity. - Dr. Brandt, a specialist in catatonia, was mystified at "Mrs. Lomax" 's abandonment of her "sister." Fearing Carolee might regress permanently, he moved her to his private clinic without permission. There he began to make more progress. He established that the "Steve" Carolee numbled was her husband, although "Mrs. Lomax" had told him "Mary Ellen" wasn't married. After Brandt talked at Carolee about his children then left for the night, Carolee said "Stephie," the name of her daughter.


Meanwhile, Mona, Steve’s mother, had told Ann to put up a better fight for Steve, noting Steve was becoming attracted to MJ. - Steve and Ann had eloped when they were 18. Ann's father had had the marriage annulled. - MJ told Steve that she was tired of being his companion just because she reminded him of Carolee. He apologized.


Matt’s drinking increased. Maggie didn’t know what to do. Mike urged her not to fall apart, observing she was all the support Matt would accept. Maggie was frightened.


Steve and MJ cleared up her apprehensions that Steve only wanted to see her because she reminded him of Carolee. Ann Larimer overheard. She made a dinner date with Steve, driving MJ off. Later she told MJ Steve told her he was only seeing MJ because of her resemblence to Carolee. Ann seduced Steve.


Jason hired Jerry Dancy as his law clerk. When Jerry let drop that he and Penny might be able to marry, Jason counseled against it. MJ told Penny to say yes and hang on to her man, if Jerry proposed.


Lew Dancy blamed all the problems and his lack of opportunity to study art on his father, who deserted the family. Mrs. Dancy continued her renunciation of Nola for her cooperation with Jason on Matt's behalf.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Clay Jordan was the man whose presence in Monticello had thrwarted the lives of many. While Adam Drake and his wife Nicole continued to solve the mystery of her life after a bomb explosion on their honeymoon yacht, Clay intervened portraying the semblance of a concerned friend. -  Once presumed dead, Nicole with amnesia was accompanied back to the U, S. by Clay Jordan, posing as the doctor who treated her in Paris. He had since admitted he was hired by an unknown to be with Nicole when she revealed the whereabouts of Gilbert Darcy. This man had embezzled from an underground syndicate and came into contact with Nicole after the explosion. Jordan's job was to report his location back to the syndicate boss. - Adam was convinced Jordan was not connected with Darcy, otherwise he'd know of the baffling 45 days that Nicole was imprisoned by Darcy. Therefore, Jordan was linked to Darcy's enemy and working against Darcy and thus his trailing Nicole back to the U.S.


Also involved with Clay's cryptic nature was Phoebe Jamison. Her former boss, Dr. Quentin Henderson, was killed recently and Phoebe suspected Clay of the murder. She deduced this from Clay's determination to read the account of what Nicole said while under narcosynthesis, which was in Quentin's possession. After Quentin's death, Nicole's file was missing. She gave her theory to the police but was discouraged because there was lack of evidence. Learning that Clay was preparing to return to Europe, Phoebe embarked on a solo investigation. She gained entrance to Clay's motel room with the excuse she could reveal all Nicole said under narcosynthesis. While there, she stole a glass with fingerprints hoping they would match prints from Quentin's office. Clay was no fool, however, to eliminate his threat of exposure he poisoned Phoebe's wine. She immediately fell ill. While she was seriously affected by the poison, he let her go to her car to drive home. Concreting his alibi, Jordan phoned Phoebe's husband Kevin warning him that she left him in a drunk stupor. Shortly thereafter, police Lt. Luke Chandler personally gave Kevin the tragic news — Phoebe's car hit an abutment and the crash was fatal to Phoebe. Later, Luke brought the coronor's report in to Kevin and Phoebe's foster father, police chief Bill Marceau. A shock to all, there was choloral hydrate in Phoebe's bloodstream.


Clay knew he had to flee the country so he went to the man his superior, Carlos, recommended in case of emergency. This man was Tony Saxon. - Tony Saxon had been indicted for corrupt political influence on the city council. Mike Karr had headed the task force that lead to the indictment. Tony boasted of his innocence though his case was nearing a court trial. -


Clay stated he had been helping Tony, then it was Tony's turn to help him. Tony knew Clay had failed at his mission but gave him $20,000 in fast cash since Clay swore he would bargain with "currency of information" if arrested. Saxon revealed his position when he told Jordan that Darcy stole six million from him. Jordan was to be paid 10% of the recovered money, if successful. Bill Marceau had passed on the news of Phoebe's death to Nicole adding his apprehensions about Clay. He also vowed to Kevin that he would make Clay Jordan's arrest his personal business.


Everyone had turned their attentions to Clay Jordan, but Nicole's former hired bodyguard, policeman Steve Guthrie, was suspicious of someone else. At the New Moon Cafe where Nicole worked as hostess, a new waitress, Molly O'Connor had aroused Guthrie's curiosity. He was not satisfied with her answer to his question as to why she wasn't in the restaurant union. Still protective towards Nicole, Guthrie intervened when Molly offered to drive Nicole home from work. His suspicions were confirmed when he tested a new computer at headquarters. It flashed on the screen Molly O'Connor was a registered gun owner. Too late to the rescue, Molly had got Nicole in her car and under the pretense they were being followed, Molly turned off onto a dark road out of town, speeding - to lose the trailers - and scaring Nicole. Guthrie gave his accusation to Lt. Chandler — ironically admitting male chauvism had lead them to believe Nicole's killer was a man!


As Guthrie and Luke warned Adam and Molly, she and Nicole were stopped by a dead battery in Molly's car. Stranded in the country, they got out of the car. Molly pulled a gun, without Nicole seeing her. They flaged down an oncoming car. A friendly man got out, offered to help fix the car. Nicole was at his side. He turned and before he could pull the trigger of his gun, Molly shot him from the other side of the car. Her explanation to Nicole was simply, "I'm such a lousy waitress because I'm a cop!" Relieved but tense, Nicole called Adam to notify him of her whereabouts. Molly talked to Adam, who hired her, giving him the details of the past few moments in Nicole's life. Adam was overjoyed with Molly's accuracy, the man she shot, Robert Cole, was still alive — he could lead Adam and the police directly to Darcy!


Tony Saxon had involved an innocent Danny Micelli in his string of hit men. After hospitalizing two of Tony's goons and thereafter quitting as co-owner of the New Moon, Tony had his right-hand man, Beau Richardson hire Johnny as manager of his club, the Ace of Clubs. As Danny was tending bar at his new job, Saxon's daughter arrived filled with mischief. Danny lost patience and forced her to leave. Revengeful, Deborah Sawon returned to the club for dinner accompanied by Tony and demanded her father fire Danny on the spot. Refusing his spoiled daughter nothing, the request was filled. Tony returned without Deborah as Danny was preparing to leave. He gave him $500 severance pay. Just then Vernon, the hit man whose jaw Danny broke, came in. He was angered by Tony and Danny once again beat him to the ground. Impressed and grateful, Tony rehired Danny and they embraced and laughed together over Danny's comment he hoped the hospital kept Vernon's bed for him!


Since Mike Karr’s time had been monopolized by the task force his wife Nancy had become irritable and secretive. To excape the pressure, Nancy had moved to an apartment. Her only reason to Mike was she had to "get it over and done with." She had stolen a list of witnesses for Tony's indictment from Mike's briefcase and turned it over to Beau Richardson. When Mike was looking for it at home, she passed it off as misplaced. Kevin Jamison had seen Nancy and Beau together several times, and voiced his opinion to Adam that he believed Nancy was being duped. - Kevin knew Beau was associated with Tony Saxon -.


Nancy packed in preparation to move, fighting back the tears as she saw the hurt and confusion in Mike's eyes. He sensed his job on the task force was behind Nancy's unusual behavior and asked if he quit, would she stay with him. Nancy showed a slight positive reaction to this, but when Mike added he'd quit on one condition, that he finish his commitment first, Nancy's ray of hope was dimmed.


At her apartment, Nancy was confronted by her stepdaughter Laurie Dallas. With the security of her parent's marriage gone, Laurie doubted her parents' love for her. With this and the news of Phoebe's death, Laurie was falling apart emotionally. Nicole visited Nancy also, and was bombarded with flimsy excuses from Nancy for her conduct. Nancy knew Nicole was not fooled although she claimed she believed Nancy's confession that she still loved Mike.


Mike persisted in seeing Nancy at her apartment. They had a very strained visit with a lot of small talk. Nancy inconspicuously removed an ashtray from the coffee table. Mike left accepting Nancy's request to dine with him one night that week. Back at home, Laurie awaited her father's arrival. She felt sorry for him, sensitive to his loneliness and offered to make dinner for him. Mike opened up to Laurie suggesting there was another man in Nancy's life. He noticed the ashtray and the cigar butt in it at her place. Laurie thought it was a platitude but good that Mike could talk to her rather than bottle up his problems inside.


General Hospital


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Dr. Lesley Faulkner, against the advice of her friends, had flown to New York to obtain an abortion. - On the night her husband Cam died in an auto accident, he had raped Lesley. That night and a subsequent letter Lesley bought from his mistress had convinced Lesley that Cam was a truly an evil man. She had had nightmares about bearing a devil, about carrying a bad seed. - The doctor told Lesley that her operation had been post-poned, due to a scheduling foul-up. Lesley was furious. She calleds her best friend, Terri Arnett, to tell her of the disappointment. Terri’s brother, Rick Webber, an old friend of Lesley's since intern days, overheard Terri's end of the con-versation. He got the story from Terri and left immediately for New York. Rick, one of those who pointed out Cam's evil nature to Lesley, felt responsible for her step. Lesley, to kill time, went up to the nursery. Rick arrived and found her room empty. As he was on the phone trying to find out if she wa's in the operating room, Lesley walked in. She had decided to keep her baby, feeling it had a right to live. They went out on the town and spent an enjoyable evening.


Mark Danter, an old friend of Rick's from Africa, was having trouble sleeping in his hotel. Rick, before leaving for New York, gave the key to his apartment to Terri to give to Mark. Mark had had a heart-to-heart talk with Monica Webber, Rick's brother's wife. Monica had been in love with Rick for years. Sh was in the process of destroying her marriage to Jeff Webber to marry Rick. Monica had moved into intern's quarters, and unbeknownst to Rick, had a duplicate key to his apartment. She used it to let herself in and was stunned to find Mark there and Rick off to New York with Lesley, although Mark didn’t know the reason. Mark asked Monica to be fair to Jeff and make a clean break. Monica told him it was none of his busi-ness.


The following moring in the Clinic, where Monica was covering for Lesley, Monica opened a lab report and found Lesley was pregnant. She immediately assumed the baby was Rick's. Confronted with her suspicions, Rick realized Monica was still the same mistrusting, possessive, mercurial girl he went to Africa to get away from. He cited the duplicate key as an example of her game playing. He turned away from her.


After they returned from New York, Cam's lawyer ased Lesley to go up to the mountain lodge and take inventory of her things there, as he had a buyer. Lesley was apprehensive and poured it all out to Rick. He volunteered to take her, and she accepted. Lesley later told Terri she thought she was falling in love with Rick. Terri was pleased, and unaware of Rick's involvement with Monica, she told Lesley that Rick's recent helpfulness could be a sign he was falling in love with her. Meanwnile, Rick confided to Mark that he was tired of the constant up's and down's of his relationship with Monica. Mark encouraged him to fall in love with Lesley, an idea Rick liked. He felt even better when Terri told him Lesley would probably reciprocate loving feelings.


The day Rick and Lesley were to drive to the lodge, Monica arranged to have lunch with Rick. She also cleared her afternoon to be with him. When Rick told her of his plans to be with Lesley, Monica decided there was only one way to handle it. Monica went to Lesley's apartment and told her she and Rick were having a love affair and Rick belonged to her. Rick was mystified at Lesley's silence when they were together. Lesley refused dinner or his company for the evening. Monica arrived at Rick's apartment with a housewarming gift. She admitted she had been manipulative and returned his key. As she was leaving, she asked for one last favor — a kiss. But they couldn’t stop there. The following morning, Lesley arrived to apologize. Monica awaited her chance, then paraded into the room in Rick's robe. Lesley fled. Rick later told Mark he was wrong about both Monica and Lesley. Mark was skeptical.


Mark, earlier, had called Jeff in to ask him about bruises Monica had displayed to everyone, claiming Jeff often roughed her up. Jeff explained Monica wrenched free of his grasp as he was trying to hold her to talk to her. Mark sent Jeff to Peter and Diana Taylor's house with tests for Peter. The Taylors were out, but their mother's helper, Heather Grant, was very much there. She reminded Jeff of an earlier romp in the hay and made it clear she was ready again. He refused, saying he loved his wife. Heather told her mother that she wanted to be Jeff's wife and the one way she knew to accomplish it was to get pregnant with his child. Her mother was horrified. Snooping outside Monica's room while Jeff was there, Heather overhedrs Monica tell Jeff there was no hope for them, that he didn’t turn her on, that he find someone he did turn on.


Heather found an excuse to go to Jeff's house. She told him what she overheard and that he did turn her on. They went to bed. Jeff felt guilty, but Heather reassured him. He found her childlike ways endearing. Heather suggested she tell the Taylors she was enrolling in a self-improvement course and they meet regularly. Jeff was reluctant. The first meeting they tried to arrange almost fell through. Steve Hardy, chief of staff, had been close to the Webbers for years. He offered his services as a marriage counselor. Jeff agreed and went to talk to Monica, who refused. Jeff and Heather had another tryst.


Peter and Diana Taylor, frustrated in their attempts to adopt an infant, and finding their daughter Martha got along so well with older Tommy Baldwin, decided to try to find an older brother for Martha. They were introduced to orphaned Mike, who had been bounced from one foster home to another for years. Diana, who had hoped to find another Tommy, was devastated by Mike's show of hostility. Peter, on the other hand, was intrigued, saying Mike had a lot of spirit. He reminded Diana Mike hadn't had Tommy's advantages, and urged her to give him another chance. Diana agreed, reluctantly.


The happiness Steve Hardy and Audrey Hobart shared over their forthcoming marriage was palled by the appearance of Audrey's son Tommy's old baby nurse. Florence Andrews Jennings talked with Tommy in the park and took his picture. Audrey set out to find Florence. Florence's husband was hostile, telling Audrey only that Florence had been away. Audrey was still nervous. Florence was in Mexico giving a deposition about buying a forged death certificate for Tom Baldwin, who was in jail for life for murder. His lawyer had an eyewitness who knew Tom was innocent, but the judge wouldn't reopen the case because Tom was officially dead. Florence told Tom of Steve and Audrey's wedding plans and Steve's plan to adopt Tommy. Tom refused to let her interfere until he was freed, if he was freed.


In discussing their mutual concern over the relationship between Jeff and Monica, Terri and Mark found themselves in each other's arms. They confessed their love for each other: Mark was distressed because he was afraid of hurting Terri, considering he was already married. He asked what he could give to Terri? She replied, "The joy of being alive." Mark's wife, confined to a sanitarium, had intuited Terri's threat to her marriage and had decided to befriend her, to keep an eye on her. When Mary Ellen – Mellie - asked to see Terri again, Peter, her psychiatrist, decided it might not be advisable. Peter sent Diana instead, who returned with glowing reports of Mellie's sincerity in establishing a close rapport with Terri. Terri visited. Mellie expressed the desire to go shopping with Terri, who arranged it. The trip was a disaster. Mellie bought a very sexy gown, despite objections from Terri and her nurse.


Mellie wore the dress at Mark's next visit, making an overt attempt to seduce him. Mark managed to evade her saying it wasn't the time or place. Mark sent Peter out, who felt after talking with Mellie, that she wanted to be Mark's wife again, a healthy sign. Mark confessed his love for Terri. Peter pointed out that if Mark ever wanted a full life with Terri, he had to help to make Mellie well first. Mark started hunting for an apartment and making arrangements for Mellie to visit on weekends. Terri agreed to the arrangement, feeling it was their only route.


Monica worked on Terri to get Jeff to ask for a divorce. Realizing Monica truly wasn't the woman for her brother, Terri agreed, but insisted on waiting until after Steve and Audrey were married.


The day Steve and Audrey were married in a lovely ceremony in the Webber home, Tom Baldwin was released from his Mexican jail.


Jeff made a date with Heather for after the ceremony, avoiding Monica's demands that they have a drink and talk. Monica had told Rick that she intended to ask Jeff for a divorce. When Jeff wouldn't cooperate, she accosted him in the Webber kitchen. She told him she wanted a divorce, no news to him. He refusec, saying he loved her and he couldn’t give up the chance she might come to love him. Monica was beside herself.


Mellie called her father with the good news that she would be allowed out of the sanitarium on weekends. Judge Ben Lowell credited Mark with Mellie's great improvement and her new maturity. Mark hadn't the heart to tell Ben he had found a new love in Terri.


The strain of discovering Monica and Rick's affair had elevated Lesley's blood pressure. Rick told her he was disappointed in her because she judged Monica and him, instead of reacting like an understanding friend.


Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter


Ben McFarren had been accused of the theft of $185 from a delicatessan. He suspected his kid brother did it, as he loaned him his car at the time the robbery was committed, and it was his car seen at the robbery. Since Ben was convicted of a crime and imprisoned for fifteen months - he was exonerated - the police prefered he go to the station for questioning. His lawyer Mike Bauer - who was also Ben's fiancee's father - defended Ben to the police. They had a report that some money was found at the door, but Ben was still their chief suspect because it was his car connected with the theft. After Ben presented Hope with an engagement ring, his brother Jerry returned to Ben's apartment. Ben forced Jerry to admit to his crime, his only excuse that he had debts to pay. Ben was torn, he didn’t want to turn his brother in, yet he feared he would lose Hope with this imposition. Hope was in dismay about Ben. She confided to her father that she believed in Ben's innocence but when she got no answer to her phone call that night, she wondered if Ben really was home. Mike knew that Hope was withholding evidence to protect Ben. Ben tried to find a way out of the mess his brother had created. He called the deli owner offering to return the money in exchange for the investigation to be stopped. Ben then drew the money out of his and Hope's joint bank account to repay the deli owner. Ben was relieved that his brother was out of danger until Mike relayed to him the investigation would continue as a felony was committed. Ben continued to protect Jerry, sending him to a friend in Dayton. Hope's trust was diminished when she deposited money in their bank account and found out about Ben's withdrawal earlier that day. Her doubts were confirmed when Mike gave her the amount of the stolen money — it was the same as Ben's withdrawal. She confronted Ben with the facts, searching for an answer which would put her suspicions to rest, Ben admitted to nothing. Hope was scared, Ben wouldn't open up to her. He promised he would tell her some day, rather than lie, he wouldn’t say anything. He sensed that he might be ending their beautiful relationship, Hope could see no other solution.


Unable to hide her emotions, Hope tearfully avowed to her father that her relationship with Ben was over. Mike patiently listened to Hope who was distressed because even though she couldn’t trust Ben then, she still loved him, that was what hurt so much. Hope informed Bert the wedding was off but would not give her an explanation. After class, Ben appealed to Hope once again asking her to try and give him her trust. She couldn(t do it. Ben was aware that he had to tell Hope about Jerry if he was to keep her, but asked himself how could he betray his brother? Mike appealed to Ben also. He knew the money Ben took was half Hope's and told Ben he owed Hope an explanation. Mike would consider himself as Ben's attorney although Ben protested. Mike wanted to believe Ben when he claimed he did not need an attorney, he did not rob the deli.


Dr. Ed Bauer had conversed with his former wife Holly. She had tried to stop the divorce the day it was finalized and Ed questioned her reason. She pondered out loud that it was foolish to speculate on what could have been. They agreed they were closer then because they could speak openly and honestly and have a new relationship to share.


Holly later related to her mother that she wanted a fulltime father to her daughter. She wouldn’t allow herself to admit no one would ever replace Ed, so she decided she had to make a good life for herself and Christina and planned to return to school.


Ed’s romantic interest was with Rita Stapleton, a nurse at Cedar's Hospital. He was spending more of his spare time with her and expressed his desire to get closer to her. He knew she had a special family and he respected that, he wanted to know everything there was to know about Rita.


What Ed didn’t know was that attorney Raymond Schaefer, who was investigating the death of Malcolm Granger, knew of Rita's involvement with Malcolm in the past. After his patient's death, Ed headed an investigation for the reason of Malcolm's sudden death. He and Rita were both eased by the medical board's decision that the death was not caused by negligence. A mystery still remained which was why Raymond Schaefer was in Springfield. He wanted to find out why Malcolm scribbed “RITA’S” on paper just before his death. Ed was protective of Rita's feelings, withholding Schaefer's purpose in Springfield. - Rita and Malcolm appeared to be enemies. He came to Springfield to gain revenge on Rita causing her great fear. Malcolm died before he accomplished his goal and Rita was the last person who saw him alive. –


Raymond Schaefer continued his investigation with Ed. He questioned why Rita's name kept resurfacing with each interview. Ed again vouched for Rita claiming her relationship with Malcolm was strictly professional. - Mr. Schaefer knew otherwise. - Skeptical of Raymond Schaefer, Ed had Mike check Schaefer's credentials. Mike returned his report, Raymond Schaefer was indeed a lawyer, and one who specialized in criminal law. Still protecting Rita, Ed refrained from mentioning the investigation to her. He had his mother invite Rita, her mother and sister for Thanksgiving Day. Ed enthusiastically agreed when his mother mentioned what a special girl Rita was. Raymond had dug up some interesting facts. The waitress at the bar where Rita was with Malcolm the night of his stroke, commented that the "unknown woman with Malcolm" sure knew what she was doing. She tended to the emergency as if she were a nurse.


Rita was concerned about her sister Evie. Evie had allowed her emotions to run away from her. She was dating Cedar's chief resident, Dr. Tim Ryan and her infatuation with Tim had monopolized Evie's thoughts. Rita warned her to take it slow. Rita took her precautions to Tim. She alerted him of Evie's vulnerability and she didn’t want to see Evie get hurt. Tim prefered to let he and Evie handle their relationship without Rita's help. A job offer arrived for Tim in Philadelphia as chief resident in neurosurgery. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and Tim felt he couldn’t pass it up. He gave Evie his decision while at her apartment for a homemade meal. Evie took Tim's departure hard, and cried for days after he left. Her mother and Rita both tried to console her, knowing Evie had been hurt but gained a lesson to life from her experience.


Dr. Joe Werner and his wife Sara were filled with enthusiasm about his medical aide position to help underprivileged people in India. Joe left before Sara, she planned to join him shortly.


Dr. Justin Marler, the cardiac specialist who treated Joe for his recent heart attack, had asked Sara to join him when he opened his private practice. She declined explaining she needed the "people involvement" she received as a doctor at Cedars. Ed received a call from Dr. Channing in India. He had to report the news to Sara that Joe had suffered yet another heart attack, this one more severe than the last. While he lay in intensive care, Sara prepared to leave for India immediately. Dr. Marler consulted with Dr. Channing in India about Joe's condition. Sara no sooner arrived at Joe's side when Dr. Marler received the tragic news that Joe had died.


Love Of Life


Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


After Felicia Lamont left home because she had taken all the insults and insinuations from Charles that she could tolerate, Charles fell from his wheelchair, hitting his head and knocking himself unconscious, Bruce Sterling, Charles' best friend, was upset that Charles might be in a coma for the rest of his life and confided to his wife Van that Charles felt Felicia ran off with Edouard Aleata. Then, Van felt guilty that Felicia didn't feel she could come to her. She thought that Eddie was the right man for Felicia, but if they were together, she knew that Felicia would feel even more guilt-ridden when she returned.


Felicia had gone to Danvers, Mas-sachusetts, her safe haven with her Aunt Mavis. But Felicia found Mavis was in Rome. Eddie arrived shortly afterwards, and they had spent their time walking in the woods and talking in front of the fire. Felicia told him that she loved her father very much and lived in fear that he would no longer need her. She felt guilty because her fantasies were all of her father. Eddie tried to help her relax and was glad they could finally be alone with no interruptions, but Felicia felt guilty every time she thought of Charles having to manage without her.


Eddie got Felicia to admit that she loved him as much as he loved her and tried to comfort her when she confessed that she was still a virgin and this was not Charles' fault. Felicia thought Eddie would laugh and think she was an immature child for never having been able to have a physical relationship with a man, but Eddie was only glad that she had the courage to tell him. Felicia was certain that she couldn’t give herself, but she was willing to try since she and Eddie loved each other. Ashamed because she had failed again, Felicia cried, sure that Eddie couldn't love her then. Eddie told her that sex was only a part of hove, but there were many other aspects. He loved her more every day. After much patience on Eddie's part, Felicia was finally able to give herself to him and found the experience rewarding.


Cal and Rick Latimer were spending their honeymoon on St. Thomas and were enjoying all the sights. Cal felt a little slighted that Rick felt he had to conduct business while they were there. Rick had met a restaurant owner and was considering going into business with him. Cal felt that money wasn't important because she would go anywhere with him.


Meg Hart finally dropped in at Beaver Ridge only to run into Ray Slater. He told Meg that he knew that Rick retained fifty-one percent of the interest in Beaver Ridge, but since he left and she froze his assets, the business had suffered. He suggested that if she wanted to save any of her investment, she'd better sell and he could help her do this. - Meg Hart and Rick Latimer were business partners and lovers until Rick fell in love with Meg's daughter, Cal Aleata. Meg tried breaking them up, but when she was unable to succeed, she filed a suit for five million dollars against Rick because he wanted to end their partnership. She muffed a fake suicide attempt on Rick and Cal's wedding day, almost killing herself. When Cal finally realized that her mother was using her sympathy and love against her, by passing off allergy tablets as sleeping pills, she agreed to marry Rick. –


Betsy Harper, ex-wife of convicted bigamist Ben Harper, had decided to look for a girl who needed a home to hire as a mother's helper, so that she could return to work. She had leased a two-bedroom apartment in Cal's building and would be moving from the Riverhouse soon. She asked Jamie Rollins if her job was still available and was told that she could start when she had Suzanne's care arranged. Jamie told her that he was offered a position in a large law firm which made him feel wanted, but he turned it down. Betsy accepted Jamie's invitation to dinner, since her brother, Dr. Tom Crawford, had offered to babysit, urging Betsy to get out. Meg, Betsy's ex-mother-in-law, paid another of her late night visits "just to check," arriving just before Jamie brought Betsy home. Betsy accuses her of spying on her and refused to accompany her to the state prison to visit Ben. Meg went to see Van because she was disturbed by Betsy's attitude, and she was sure that Ben was in trouble.


Ben had not had it easy in prison, since he was given Duke as his new cellmate. Duke and his friend, Pearson, rode Ben mercilessly after they found out that he was in prison for bigamy. They assaulted him and then threatened him with a knife, but Ben refused to talk. Solly, a prison guard, warned Ben that he was not a hardened criminal "yet" and he had better be careful of guys like Duke and Pearson.


One night, Duke and Pearson decided that the time had come to teach Ben a lesson. Ben did very well for himself, at first, in that all out fist fight, but when he tired, Pearson held him to the floor while Duke came at him with a knife. Solly and Johnson had been having dinner when Solly decided to check the ward and threw his cigarette in the trash. He walked in on the fight, but the fire alarm was sounded before he could declare a riot. Solly unlocked the cells, getting the inmates out, but was overcome by smoke before he could finish. Ben unlocked the remaining cells and pulled Solly to safety. Although Ben had no notion why, he saved Duke when he found him lying on the floor unable to get out. Ben was admitted to the infirmary for smoke inhalation and burns on his left hand. The warden visited Ben, asking for a statement on why and how Duke and Pearson were out of their cells before the fire began. Ben was silent, knowing that anything he said could only go against him.


Betsy couldn’t sleep because she was worried about Ben, so in the morning she asked Van to keep Suzanne so that she could visit him. Lynn came in with the news that there had been a fire at the state prison. Knowing that Meg would be worried, Betsy called, asking if she'd like to go to the prison with her.


Ben was allowed visitors for only fifteen minutes a day and Betsy, as his wife, has first priority, but Meg caused such a fuss that Betsy let her visit first. Meg said if he hadn't resisted her help in keeping him out of prison, this would not have happened to him. Ben admitted that several times he had wondered why he talked her out of it.


Betsy showed Ben a snapshot of Suzanne and told him that she was going back to work soon. She thanked him for the money he sent her. Ben asked if she was coming again, but Betsy could only say that she was not sure, afraid to give him too much encouragement.


The warden visited Ben again, asking him to sign some papers. He was putting in a parole application for Ben. If the board granted it, he could be home in time for Thanksgiving. Ben was afraid to hope because nothing had ever gone right for him. Solly came to the infirmary to thank Ben for saving his life. Ben asked him if these applications ever came to anything, and Solly said that if he were asked, he would say that Ben deserved it, but the parole board had a mind of its own.


Meg asked Van to persuade Bruce to write to the parole board and ask them to release Ben. Van said that Bruce couldn’t and wouldn’t use his office as mayor to ask for favors. Meg said she thought this was what Van would say, so she already talked to one of the board members, offering to contribute money. Van exclaimed that this was a bribe and could hurt any chances that Ben might have.


Carrie Johnson had been worried ever since she found out that Ian Russell paid her hospital bill, afraid that he would pressure Arlene into a relationship that she didn’t really want. She asked Dr. Joe Cusack if there was any way they could get the money back. One evening while Arlene was at Tom Crawford's apartment, Joe told Arlene of her mother's request. Arlene begged him not to tell Tom who paid the bill.


Betsy had a hard time understanding what Tom saw in Arlene. She still harbored some hard feelings against her for what she and Ben did to her, but after she saw Arlene out with Ian Russell she was concerned for Tom's feelings. - Ben married Betsy so that his mother would give him five hundred thousand dollars as a wedding gift with which Arlene and Ben were going to run away. Arlene's jealousy put Ben in prison. –


The warden warend Ben that his mother's interference could cost him his pardon because the board did not like to be pressured. Ben's agony was finally relieved when he and Betsy were told the pardon has come through.


Upon returning from their honeymoon, Meg gave Cal and Rick their wedding gift. She had dropped the lawsuit and asked Rick to return to the floundering Beaver Ridge. She offered to sell her share if Rick would save Beaver Ridge.


Felicia had decided to return to Rosehill and ask Charles for a divorce as she had known true happiness with Eddie.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


The search for Kevin Riley, Joe and Viki's son who was kidnapped by Cathy Craig Lord, was not going well. Lt. Ed Hall suggested the Rileys hold a nationwide news conference, hoping someone would have seen Cathy or the baby. Despite Joe’s apprehensions, Viki backed the idea. Viki insisted on being present, even though there would be no way to control the reporters or their questions. - Joe fathered an illegitimate child by Cathy. Megan inherited a fatal heart defect from Joe. Cathy had refused Joe's offer of marriage. One night as Viki, Joe's wife, was babysitting, Megan went into heart failure. As Viki was rushing her to the hospital, they were involved in an auto accident and Megan died. Cathy, mentally unstable, felt Viki killed Megan deliberately, so that Joe would have no children but hers. Thus, Cathy kidnapped Kevin in revenge, but was then convinced Kevin is her own baby. - Charlie Drew, an investigative reporter from L.A., brought up Megan and asked if Cathy blamed Viki for Megan's death. Local reporter Pat Kendall tried to change the subject, but Viki answered, then made a moving appeal to Cathy.


Following the news conference, they got a lead from a Mrs. White, who said Cathy stayed at her rooming house and said she was going to San Francisco to meet her husband. Cathy was staying with Mrs. King, using the name Mrs. MacGregor. Mrs. King asked when Cathy's husband would be arriving to claim them. Cathy said there was another woman who claimed he was the father of her child and he had to stay there until it was solved. Cathy saw the news conference, but turned off the TV as Viki began her appeal. Her talk with Mrs. King about her husband and another woman prompted Cathy to write a letter to Pat Kendall. - Some ten years ago, Pat and Cathy's husband, Tony Lord, had an affair. Pat's son, Brian, was Tony's son, although Pat married another man, Paul Kendall, then deceased, who gave her son his name. Cathy knew the whole story, but Tony didn’t.-


Ed asked Tony if Cathy could have access to some other money, as the $2000 she withdrew to flee had to be running out. Pat read the letter from Cathy. Cathy accused Pat of living in a fantasy world about Tony and Brian and accused Pat of feeding Tony lies so that he would send her to psychiatrist Will Vernon. Cathy ended by saying that she had her "darling baby", and Pat could never hurt her again. Pat debated calling Ed. She called Cathy's step-mother, Anna, who read the letter. If Pat turned the letter over, Tony and Brian would learn the truth of their relationship. Tony called and was worried when Anna answered the phone. Anna suggested they give Ed the first and third pages of the letter, as the important things were the postmark and that Cathy still had Kevin.


Cathy hadn’t been taking care of herself, trying to use her dwindling funds to take care of Kevin's needs. Tony wanted to help Pat. She told him about the letter. Tony called Ed. After Anna and Tony left to tell Viki, Ed asked where the rest of the letter was. Pat covered.


Tony returned and told Pat he no longer felt the same about Cathy. He felt she used him just to have a child. Pat later told Anna she might not be able to hold back her feelings for Tony, if he came back. Tony returned in the morning. He told Pat he never should have left her, that she was the one woman he had ever loved. Pat found herself in his arms, but told him they shouldn't do this.


A man talked to Cathy when she took the baby for a walk. She brushed him off, but he followed her. Mrs. King contacted the police, but Cathy had gone. She blamed herself. Viki got a call from a man who said he knew where that woman had taken the baby and arranged to meet Viki alone. Joe and Ed wanted to send a police woman, but Viki was afraid he would find out and ruin all their chances.


Tony told Pat he would stand by Cathy, but there was no love there anymore. Tony spent a night with Pat, but when he asked her to come to him in the morning, she said she never could again. Pat made it clear she didn’t expect Tony to sever his marriage to Cathy, but Pat also couldn’t share him because she loved him too much. Pat decided to leave town when Kevin was found.


Joe prevailed upon Viki to let him go in her place. The police covered him, but the man never showed. He called Viki, saying he wanted to see her, not her husband. He sent proof, Kevin's hospital I.D. bracelet. The man wanted $250,000 for his information. Since the banks were closed, Joe went to Dorian Lord, Viki's stepmother, for the money. Although Joe insisted on not telling Ed where he was going, he let it drop to Dorian. She called Ed, who arrived as Joe was fighting with the man — a crank. Viki, never fond of Dorian, swallowed her pride and thanked Dorian for saving Joe. - Dorian was secretly in love with Joe. - Cathy was then staying with Mrs. Magruder, posing as a widow. Cathy had no money and a terrific cough. Mrs. Magruder offered to lend her the money to see a doctor, pointing out Cathy could make her baby sick. Cathy left Kevin with Mrs. Magruder to answer a job ad. No luck. As she was telling Mrs. Magruder she needed money, she noticed her watch and wedding ring. Asking Mrs. Magruder to watch Kevin a little longer, Cathy dashed out.


Larry Wolek was in love with his distant cousin Karen. Karen had made it plain to friend Lana she saw Larry as a meal ticket, although she had some feelings for him. They became engaged, agreeing to wait to marry until Kevin was found. Larry's son Danny asked Larry if he liked Karen, pointing out Karen wasn't as pretty as his mother and also got mad when they played games. Karen told her friend Lana that she wanted a big wedding so that she could flaunt it in Larry's sister Anna's face. When it was time to buy her ring, Karen took Lana to the jeweler's ahead of time. Karen picked out the largest diamond, then asked the jeweler to cooperate by telling Larry what a good investment diamonds were, and larger onesweare better. Larry arrived. Karen tried on the smallest diamond, saying it would do fine. He said not. "For a joke," Karen tried on the largest diamond, which made all the others look paltry. Larry balked at the $6000 price tag, so Karen graciously suggested they wait to make up their minds.


Next, Karen showed Larry pictures of houses. She picked the cheapest, a small cottage. Larry commented that it would be too small soon. Karen coyly pointed out her "dream house," a large house with a maid's room on an acre of land. She slyly pointed out prices keep going up. Anna agreed that the cottage was too small. When Joe interrupted a ring-shopping trip, Karen got angry, saying he ran every time Viki called.


Jenny Siegel encouraged Dr. Will Vernon, for whom she then worked, to write a book. He confessed he had started one, but quit. Will brought the book out again, and he and Jenny started rendering it into manuscript form. Will cryptically observed that he hoped nothing stopped him this time. Jenny said they wouldn’t let anything stop them.


Naomi Vernon paid a visit to Dorian at Llanfair. Naomi used to live just outside and confessed her envy of Dorian. Dorian observed that wealth and a big estate could isolate one. Dorian later dreamt of Joe.


Brad Vernon came to realize he cared deeply for Jenny, but he couldn’t resist romps with Lana. Naomi objected to Lana. When Brad told her she and Will never set an example of a loving home, Naomi had another asthma attack.


Cathy sold her ring and watch to buy food and formula. Mrs. Magruder told Cathy she and her husband were going to California soon. Cathy turned down an offer to accompany them. The Magruders couldn’t have children and couldn’t adopt because they moved around too much with his job. Mr. Magruder became increasingly attached to Kevin. As Cathy's illness increased, Mrs. Magruder put her to bed. The police traced Cathy through her job interview and the pawnbroker. They found Cathy — without Kevin.


Pat decided she had to leave town because she couldn’t stand losing Tony again. Tony tried to dissuade her.


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine, Paul Avila Mayer & Robert Costello


Frank and Delia Ryan continued to fight for custody of their young son, little John. Every time Delia felt threatened by the Ryans' lack of concern for her, she ran to her lover, Dr. Roger Coleridge. In one instance, she brought Roger back to the Ryans after letting him get drunk, knowing well his presence would cause a chaotic reaction to Johnny and Maeve, her in-laws. As she expected, Johnny lost his Irish temper and yelled to Delia he would take her to court before she left allowing Roger to be the father to his grandson. This scene brought Dr. Pat Ryan - Delia's only friend in the Ryans - to her defense. He asked his father to try some kindness for a change. Delia's brother Bob saw through her and warned her if she continued to use Roger to go against Pat, she would lose Pat because above all, he was still a Ryan.


Only Dr. Faith Coleridge knew that her sister Jill was pregnant. Since Jill's four year affair with Frank, she spent one special night with Dr. Seneca Beaulac. This one night resulted in the conception of Jill and Seneca's child. Jill was then emotionally torn between an abortion or allowing Seneca his right to have his own child born. One thing she did know, she would not reveal her pregnancy until after the custody hearing, to protect Frank's interests. She confided to her sister that she had to morally do the right thing and keep this baby.


Jill was alone in Frank's office with little John when Delia barged in unannounced. Delia badgered Jill with comments that Jill wouldn't know what it felt like to carry a child for nine months. Delia left in rage leaving Jill alone to cry from the irony of Delia's statement. While the Ryans were rejoicing the news of their daughter Mary's pregnancy, Jill rest in their apariment, exhausted from her confrontation with Dee. Dee came in and continued her rampage against Jill. Very excited and agitated, Delia pushed Jill backwards, and she fell over little John's tricycle. Delia in hysterics ran out in Ryan's shouting she had killed Jill. Fortunately for Delia, Jill suffered from a mild concussion only. With all the Ryans facing her, Delia frantically described the accident, claiming she didn't mean to do it. Her world crumbled with Frank's reply, "sure Delia, just like you didn't mean to push me down the stairs." Up to that moment, no one knew that the accident that almost killed Frank was caused by Delia in a fit of jealousy. - Frank had just told her he wanted a divorce so he could marry Jill. - Even Pat who was consistent in his defense of Delia told her she'd better call her lawyer.


Because of Jill’s hospitalization, Roger, Pat and Seneca had discovered her pregnancy. They naturally assumed the baby was Frank's as did Frank when he overheard Pat and Faith discuss the pregnancy. Pat and Seneca were sincerely concerned for Jill's well-being and keep the news from Delia. Roger, however, let Faith know his revenge for Frank was a greater need to fulfill than his support for his sister.


In the meantime, Frank was celebrating Jill's and Mary's pregnancies with his parents. He believed having a child was a true blessing. They all realized this pregnancy was a risk as Delia could use it in court charging Frank as an unfit father on the grounds of immorality.


Delia staged a crying scene when she knew Pat was near her bedroom. He entered and was told by Delia his madness toward her was driving her crazy. She asked that he forgive her lying to him, but Pat would not allow her to get close. He let her know it was not a private matter between he and Delia, it was then a situation involving Delia, Frank, Jill and little John. Pat, wiser, stated that whatever happened Delia had done it to herself. He no longer knew who she was. Dee turned the blame over to Pat because he rejected her and Jill's presence at the Ryans’ made her feel that she was being replaced.


The day of the hearing arrived. Frank had to act as his own lawyer and Delia's lawyer was pessimistic because of the recent turn of events. Dee desperately tried to bring Maeve and Mary to her side but they both ignored her dramatics. Maeve was honest in her faith that she would not testify against Delia but rather FOR tittle John. She had to remind Delia the custody case was for little John's benefit, not Delia's. Frank opened the hearing with his statement proclaiming Delia as emotionally unstable. She neglected John as an infant with her childish demands for Frank's attention. His fears lay not with her neglect of John but with endangering him. He divulged Delia's two acts of violence and attempted suicide petitioning the custody for his son's safety. Her emerging pattern of instability and neurotic reactions led Frank to fear that John might be her next victim. Delia's lawyer offered Frank a divorce from Delia in exchange for John's custody. Frank refused to be bribed.


Realizing Frank had won his possession of Jill, Seneca apologized to her for his demands on her. He assured Jill he would go away emotionally but she insisted he never give up on their friendship.


Dee had overheard Faith and Pat's conversation about Jill's "condition" which ignited her curiosity. She rushed to Roger pumping him for information about Jill. When all else failed, Dee threatened to stop seeing Roger which she knew would make him unmask the big secret to her.


Maeve and Pat testified in Frank's favor at the hearing, Bob testified for Delia's cause. Frank broke in when Delia admitted she had to learn to grow up. He asked that if he could not make Delia happy, it seemed like a lot from a two year old? Delia then took the cue from her lawyer hoping the judge would be affected by her performance when she disclosed the news of Jill. While Jill was frantically trying to get hold of Frank to tell him the truth before the deception did any more damage, the judge had ruled to postpone his decision due to the new light on the case.


Confident she had won the case, Dee remarked to Mary that she would understand Mary's disappointment if she – Dee - were awarded custody. Dee was later badly shocked when the judge found her emotional instability as bad for little John as Frank's inability to provide a stable home at this time and gave temporary custody to Maeve and Johnny.


Jill tried to explain about the baby to Frank. She got as far as her weekend at the beachhouse with Seneca and broke down in sorrowful sobs. Jill took her sister's advice and waited till the right moment to tell Frank. The moment arrived as Frank welcomed Jill home from the hospital with a room full of flowers, chilled champagne and a friendship ring. They were so happy together, she couldn’t spoil their happiness by hurting him, so she postponed her decision to enlighten Frank to the fact that he was not the father of her baby.


Since the Ryans had custody of little John, Dee was then working to rewin Pat's sympathy. She positioned herself in a seductive pose on the bed, luring Pat close to her pretending to need a backrub. She reminded him that Roger was ready to take her to Europe at her slightest desire. Pat left her room quickly revealing to Dee he was much too close to succumbing to her. She smiled in satisfaction.


Mary’s elation with her pregnancy came to a halt when her husband Jack Fenelli accused her of planning it. With the financial pressures to face due to Jack's hospitalization resulting from a car accident, Mary was losing patience with her husband. - Many people had offered to help the Fenelli pay their debts, but Mary had proudly refused. Bucky Carter, their good friend, had anonomously arranged for their medical bills to be paid out of his inheritance. - She wanted Jack to convalesce at her parents' home to eliminate the fast mounting medical bills, but Jack, known for his obstinance, refused to be with the Ryans and dependent on a family he was not particularly fond of. Mary's father Johnny swallowed his pride and went to ask Jack, for Mary's peace of mind, to agree to stay in his home. This request and Dr. Alex McLean's bluntness convinced Jack he had to give in. In an attempt to break through Jack's bitterness about the baby, Mary built up courage and laid her thoughts on the line to Jack. She said he was miserable - called the child a 20-year intrusion -, and he wanted to make Mary miserable because of it. She refused. She was happy that she was pregnant and would love their child despite Jack's attitude. She asked that he try a little to accept the pregnancy and love her a lot. Being put in his place, Jack promised to try. - Unknown to Jack, his accident had caused a "sexual disfunction" and he might not be potent for the rest of his life. -


Mary had convinced herself Jack would grow to be a loving father. She spoke to Jill of Jack and Frank taking their children to the park, Jill, of course, knew it was not as simple as Mary predicts. Jack returned to the Ryans’ to begin his convalescence. Johnny reported that someone had given the hospital a cashier's check in payment of Jack's medical debts —$19,617.03 worth of debts. The homecoming was not quite as the Ryan's had hoped — Dee was ranting on about little John coming down with a cold, Maeve was scolding her once again, and Jack spent his first night regretting that he was at the Ryans' as little John continued to scream, which aggravated Jack to the point he took two pain pills to silence the night.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Irving & Tex Elman

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


David Sutton testified that Stephanie Collins Pace told him that Jennifer Pace Phillips invented her attempted rape and Dr. Gary Walton knew this. The doctor on duty with Gary the night Jennifer took an overdose testified that Gary had an emergency at the hospital and tried to send an ambulance, but they were all on calls. Eunice Wyatt had insisted on going to court when John was called to testify, so that people could see that she believed John. They took Suzi to Hartford House to stay with Eunice's sister, Jo Vincente, because the reporters were harassing them. John was ques-tioned about his sexual affair with Jennifer and the fact that he moved in with Jennifer while he was still married.


Kathy Phillips, Gary’s lawyer, asked Stephanie about Jennifer's health, since Jennifer had been living with Stephanie since her release from the hospital. Stephanie revealed that Jennifer's health was better, but she was vague sometimes. Jennifer testified that she felt fine. Although this hurt their case, Walter Pace refused to let Mr. Reiker, his lawyer, question Jennifer.


The following day, the judge gave his decision in the case. He said there was no proof that Jennifer suffered brain damage, so the punitive damage was set at one dollar, but Gary was found guilty of dereliction of duty and was fined $5,000. Gary refused to let his step-father, Wade Collins, help him financially, but insisted on using his trust fund for an appeal, because it was his career that was at stake. Walter Pace told his new bride, Stephanie, that he was having all his property put in her name also because he loved her so much. Stephanie insisted on putting her property in his name and gave him a power of attorney, so that he could take care of her legal affairs. Walter then told his corporation lawyer to put Stephanie's Collins Corporation stock up as collateral for his loans. The lawyer refused because Walter hadn't told Stephanie that he was doing this and, if his business failed, she would lose all her stock. Walter called the bank officer himself and said that he was putting up forty-nine percent of the Collins Corporation stock for his loans.


Jennifer had followed Eunice around for weeks, learning every move she made. She waited around the corner from the Wyatt apartment, listening to plans that John and Eunice made in their doorway. Several times, as Jennifer had been ready to shoot Eunice, something had interfered, so Jennifer's fantasy of John had suggested that she made it look like a burglary. The day the trial was over, Jo was coming to Eunice's, and after they had lunch and pick up travel folders of Mexico, where John and Eunice had decided to take their second honeymoon, Eunice would drive Jo back to Hartford House and pick up Suzi.


After John left, Jennifer rang the doorbell and was let in by Eunice. Jennifer announced she had come to get something of hers — John. She pulled her gun and said they would settle this between the two of them because John knew what she was doing. She cited some of the things she had learned while following Eunice, saying that John had kept her up on everything they do. Eunice realized that things weren't right when Jennifer talked to John as if he were in the room. Eunice turned and Jennifer shot her. She disheveled the room, leaving a ski mask and a file and took a green bowl from the coffee table.


Patti dropped her mother Jo off and when Jo knocked on the apartment door, it opened. She called for an ambulance as soon as she saw Eunice. The Wade Collinses and the Stu Bergmans waited with John and Jo for news of Eunice's surgery. Bob Rogers told John that the bullet penetrated the heart and the next forty-eight hours would determine if she lived or died. Until then, all Bob could advise John was to call his minister.


A detective insisted that John go back to the apartment with him because no one else would know what was missing. The detective's theory was that one or more amateur burglars broke in. They found a mask and a file which showed they weren't professionals. They must have panicked and shot Eunice. John said the only thing missing was a green bowl that was on the table, but Eunice or the cleaning lady could have put it away.


John felt he should be the one to tell Suzi, so he drove out to Hartford House and after telling her, they both came back to the hospital. Shortly after they arrived, Eunice went into cardiac arrest, but they were able to bring her back. Although Eunice couldn’t hear him, John told her how much she meant to him and how much he and Suzi needed her. John became hysterical when Bob had to tell him that he was sorry, but Eunice had died.


Jennifer was still tormented by her fantasies of John and Eunice. John chastised her for not making sure that Eunice was dead. Walter thought his daughter's tears were tears of compassion for people who had wronged her, when actually they were tears of frustration. Jennifer vowed to Eunice's photo that she would see her dead yet.


Jennifer had seemed much better since the trial. Walter and Stephanie were encouraged when Jenniver prepared a special dinner and urged them to plan their honeymoon. She gave them each a suitcase as a wedding present. Stephanie found another gift inside her bag. She admired the beautiful green jade bowl and asked Jennifer where she got it. Jennifer looked blank and then admitted that she didn’t remember where she had gotten it. Stephanie excused her to Walter, explaining that everyone had lapses of memory.


Steve Kaslo was moody when he returned from a trip to New York and found his wife, Liza, dancing with her modeling manager, Woody Reed, at a party in their apartment. He accused her of sending him to New York deliberately, so that she could have this party. She explained that after he left, Woody convinced her that she wouldn't be inconveniencing Steve, since he didn’t like parties. They made up, but later another model let it slip that Liza had trouble with photographer Dick Merton. Liza had to explain that he tried to rape her, but Woody arrived in time, and then she knew where and when to model. She didn't tell him because they were having so many problems at the time. Again things were better for awhile. Steve wanted to get a better job, but was turned down when he applied for a reporting position. Steve had forgotten that they were to go to a dance and had signed up to play in a band to make some extra money. He was jealous when Liza asked Woody to pick her up, rather than taking a cab by himself. When Liza returned, Steve sang the song he had written about two people growing apart.


The police had given Scott and Kathy Phillips no word on Eric's disappearance. Scott asked investigator David Sutton to help find Eric. Scott wasn’t at all sure that Ralph Heywood, Eric's father, would call if Eric showed up, but Betty Heywood assured him that she would call. Eric was questioned by a store owner when he tried to buy something to eat and fled without taking the food or money. Dirty, tired and cold, Eric turned up at Spring Valley. Ralph and Betty fed and bathed him, but couldn’t reach Scott. When he called, Ralph told him that Eric was all right.


Scott told Eric that he and Kathy loved him very much, but if he wanted to live with his father, they wouldn't stop him. Scott did ask that he return to Henderson long enough to say a proper farewell to Kathy and his friends. Wendy was delighted to see Eric and was glad that he wasn’t mad that she told Scott that he was running away. She was upset to learn that he was going to live with his father.


Kathy was trying to convince Scott that they should take a trip after Eric left, when Stu called to tell Scott that Eunice had been shot. Scott called Ralph, telling him he could pick up Eric because he felt his worry over Eunice would be hard on Eric. Overhearing the conversation, Eric told his father that he had to be with Scott and would call when he was ready to come to Spring Valley.


Ralph visited Eric, urging him to come to Spring Valley so that Scott wouldn’t have to worry about his care, but Eric said that he, Kathy and Eunice were Scott's only family, and if he left, Scott might lose two of them at once. Ralph was disappointed in his decision.


Amy Carson was told of Eunice's accident and that Jo could use Bruce's strength, since he was like a son to her. Amy told Gary that she didn’t know where to call Bruce, but when they explained the situation to the managing editor of the Herald News, he put through a call for her. Bruce promised to come home as soon as he could.


Things only got worse for Liza and Steve when Liza and Woody's picture appeared in the paper. Woody had gotten Liza a two-week booking in Paris and Liza was unsure how to break the news to Steve. She asked him to go with her, but he refused to live off her money.


Bruce was joined in Henderson by Gail Caldwell who was tracking down the same story in Europe. The story was still being kept under wraps to protect them.


John asked Scott to deliver the eulogy at Eunice's funeral, Although it was very difficult for him to get it on paper, Kathy felt it was very therapeutic. John had hired David Sutton to investigate Eunice's murder since the police seemed to be getting nowhere. The police objected, but David agreed to cooperate. Stephanie would not give up the green bowl, but Jennifer knew she had to get rid of it.




Written by: Russell Kubeck

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


Julian Cannell’s sudden disappearance puzzled reporter Carrie Wheeler, who was sure he was not on newspaper business. She reported to Lt. Price, who was also concerned. But Will's concern deepened when Carrie revealed seeing Det. Sgt. Chip Williams with Joe Castor, whom they knew was an Organi-zation man from their inside man, former reporter Steve Slade. Will and Carrie discussed the problems of communicating with Steve as Sgt. Williams burst through Will's office door with Steve in tow. Williams had arrested Steve on suspicion of grand theft auto. Steve was driving Denise Saunders' car and didn't have the registration papers. - Denise (Denny) and Steve havde been assigned as partners by the Organization. Their job was to transport money out of Somerset. They had just returned from a run to Buffalo, and Denny had given Steve her car to go home. - Denny arrived and assured everyone Steve had her permission to drive the car.


This latest run-in between Steve and Williams made Denny wary of working with Steve. She felt Williams was out to get Steve, thus making him a threat to their operations. Steve begged her not to report his arrest to Castor. He was afraid of being "fired." Denny refused to give her promise, saying her loyalty was to the Organization, not to him. Steve tried to find out more about her. He found only that she grew up in a rough section of Chicago. She pointed out that growing up in the streets was very rough for a girl. Denny felt the only way she could repay the Organization for all they had done for her was with her loyalty, even after Steve reminded her of how the Organization "fired" people.


Steve and Carrie, who were in love, arranged to meet at a secret cabin arranged for by Julian before he left Somerset. They felt secure only with each other. They spent several hours before the fire. Steve tried to hide his apprehension from Carrie, who was becoming more and more concerned for his safety. Meanwhile, Denny reported Steve's arrest to Castor. She asked what was going on with Steve, citing her loyalty to the Organization and pointing out that she had to work with Steve. Castor told her, "Slade's a walking dead man." Denny turned irritable. She had never been involved with anything like this before. Steve arrived to make another run. Castor told them not to worry about Williams. - Castor had approached Williams. Williams had appeared amenable to Organization help, indicating he would expect to be well-paid for his services. Williams wanted to be Chief of Detectives and offered to supply the Register's source in the Organization as proof of his intentions to cooperate. Both treaded warily, afraid of a set-up. - After the run, in which Steve was unable to get Denny to open up or talk much at all, Steve reported Castor's remark about Williams to Price. Steve asked Price to call Williams off, but Will couldn’t do it without blowing Steve's cover.


Julian returned as suddenly as he disappeared. He was being followed by the Organization. He told Carrie he had been in Washington talking to the Assistant Attorney General about the Organization's invasion of Somerset. Julian had been promised help, but no timetable had been set. As Julian was repeating the information to Price, Carrie became more and more agitated, begging them to pull Steve out. Dissolving into incoherency, Carrie collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital suffering from total exhaustion. Stan Kurtz ordered no visitors.


Steve met Julian at his house that night to bring him up to date. Julian was forced to tell him Carrie was in the hospital. Steve left no doubt he was going to see her. Steve disguised himself as a doctor. He told Carrie's sleeping form that he loved her. Carrie woke up and they embraced. She was concerned at the risk he was taking, but Steve told her nothing could keep him from her. He got out safely and visited often.


Castor arrived for a meeting with Steve and Denny at her apartment. He dialed the phone to get orders. Steve counted the clicks and took the number to Julian. Price had the number checked out, to no avail.


On their next run, Steve was upset when Denny changed their route, on last minute orders. Denny remained irritable and close-mouthed, confounding Steve. Suddenly, up ahead, they spied a roadblock, too late to turn around. The officer in charge was none other than Chip Williams! Williams searched the car. He demanded they open the trunk, then opened the suitcase there. No money! Denny and Steve were both flabbergasted. Steve later arranged to meet Price and told him what happened. Steve felt he was being set up. Price was puzzled. He hadn't ordered roadblock, but he assured Steve that Williams was just acting like a good policeman. Steve asked Castor to call Williams off, but Castor couldn’t yet. Williams told Castor his services came high. He wanted to be Chief of Detectives soon.


Steve met with Julian and Price, again expressing his fears of being set up. He also had another phone number. During the meeting, they reviewed what they had on the top man — a "music box" with a distinctive chime, a man with "iron" in him, two phone numbers, the name Harry Rose. Steve became more and more agitated. He told Price and Julian that he then wanted to run, and he wanted to take Carrie along. They warned him that, if he went without nailing the Organization, he would be hunted down. Steve was too upset to listen. He left the meeting and sneaked into the hospital again. He asked Carrie if she would run with him. She agreed. Price revealed he scented a transfer in the air.


The organization also had a grip on lawyer Tom Conway, a "friend" of Carrie's. Tom's contact told him the Organization wanted murdered reporter Greg Mercer's notebooks. Tom thought Carrie's grandmother, Lena Andrews, might know their whereabouts. He charmed Lena into revealing she had Greg's papers in the attic in a suitcase. Lena gasped. She had promised Julian she wouldn't tell anyone. Tom reminded her he was a good friend of theirs and that Greg's sister, Heather Kane, had given him permission to see and go through them. He didn’t push Lena, but waited. He arranged to get tickets to a lecture and gave them to Lena. He then sneaked into her house and found the suitcase. The notebooks were gone! Tom was terrified because his contact had warned he'd be killed if he didn't produce them. Lena found her house was broken into. She called Price and told him she was sure the thief only rummaged through the suitcase, although nothing was missing.


Published Dan Brisken had prevailed upon Vickie Paisley to speak to Julian again about getting off the Organization's back. Julian told Vickie he couldn’t. He had gotten too many people in danger and the only way to make them safe was to continue the investigation and get the top man. - Both were unaware that Fred Harrington, one of Somerset's leading citizens, was the culprit. - Vickie asked Julian what their future together might be. He told Vickie he was interested, but that they had to wait until they were all safe.


Tom decided that the best way to protect himself was to allow Lena to tell Julian and Will that he knew about Greg's suitcase. In fact, Tom went to Julian himself. Julian worried about how much Lena told Tom, because if anyone found out Steve knew about the notebooks, it could mean his death.


Carrie and Steve decided they couldn’t run and leave Julian to face danger alone.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Bill Foster seemed to rest easier when Liz told him that his hospital bill was covered since Snapper was a doctor on the staff even though she knew it was a lie. Bill made her read the right-to-die statement that he signed asking that his life not be prolonged through artificial means. Greg explained to his mother that a statement of this kind was illegal in their state, but Snapper let him do it for his own peace of mind.


Liz thanked Mrs. Chancellor for agreeing to pay the hospital bill but gave back to Kay Phillip's ring which Kay wanted Jill's baby to have, suggesting that if Kay believed he was not Phillip's child she would not be so preoccupied with him that she would require Jill sign an affidavit relinquishing her claim, because this paper meant nothing. Kay said that it was only because they shared the same name that she wanted him to have the ring but then gave Liz the affidavit.


When Jill saw that Mrs. Chancellor had returned the affidavit which hurt her so badly to write, she was afraid this meant that Kay would no longer take care of her father's hospital bill. When Liz got a bill for over three thousand dollars Jill, frantic, asked Mrs. Chancellor if things had changed, but was assured that the arrangements were the same. Jill said that it would mean so much to her father if Mrs. Chancellor would visit him with her.


Bill told Brock Reynolds that he didn’t want a minister preaching over him, but he knew that Liz would want a funeral. He asked Brock to say what needed to be said. Brock suggested that Bill write letters for his grandson to open on each of his birthdays until he was eighteen. After Brock left, a nurse gave Bill an envelope that Liz forgot. He was shocked that it was a hospital bill!


When Jill and Kay arrived at Bill's room, they found the bed empty. Jill became hysterical, but Bill is returned to his room after trying to leave the hospital. Kay told him that there was no reason to worry because she would pay all the bills.


Jill told Kay she was so frightened because the night she married Phillip he sent her out with her parents because he knew he was dying and when she returned, she found his bed empty. She felt this same fear when they looked into her father's room. Kay told Jill that no one told her that Phillip died. Several days later, she read it in a discarded newspaper. - When Jill was hired companion to an alcoholic Kay, she and Kay's husband Phillip fell in love. Jill became pregnant the one night they spent together and he went to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Kay met him at the airport and wanted to talk to him, but became so angered, she drove off the road. Jill and Phillip were married in the hospital hours before he died. Kay had the marriage annulled and the divorce voided since she was drunk when she signed the papers. She had refused to believe that Phillip was the father of Jill's son.-


- Ron Becker had been acquitted of rape of Peggy Brooks only because there wasn't enough evidence to prove him guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Nancy swore to Snapper Foster that her husband couldn't

have made obscene calls to Chris because he was with her in their phoneless apartment, but she later learned from their young daughter, Karen, that Ron went out while she was in the shower. When Nancy confronted him, he admitted it saying that she drove him to it and he had to get Karen away from her. When Nancy went into catatonic shock, he had her taken to the hospital under the name Fran Jackson.-


Ron located Chris Foster at Legal Aid and dialed the number telling Karen to say she was alone. Karen was truly frightened when Ron then left. Chris left a message for Snapper at the hospital before going to Karen. Chris was comforting Karen when Ron walked in and locked the door, sending Karen to her room. Ron said he was going to prove he was a man and he didn’t believe that Snapper was on his way. Chris realized that Ron hated all women because his mother didn't love him. Ron had Chris pinned against the wall when Karen asked why he was hurting Chris. Horrified that his daughter had seen his violent side, Ron released Chris and wildly smashed the mirror before fleeing. Greg Foster got his brother's message and arrived at the Beckers' as Chris was soothing Karen. Chris took her home and explained to Snapper. They tried locating Nancy at the hospitals in case she had another diabetic attack but found no sign of her. In a few days they would ask that Chris be made temporary guardian and she might later apply for permanent guardianship if Nancy was not found. Her family was worried that Chris would become too attached to Karen. Greg was afraid Ron would show up looking for Karen so he drew up the papers for Chris to sign immediately.


Peggy Brooks and Jack Curtis had set their wedding date for New Year's Eve representing Peggy's new life. Jack told Joann himself because she was so upset when she found out they were engaged, she regressed to eating everything in sight. Joann had gotten hold of herself and, after losing thirty pounds, had decided to go back to school. Stuart thought his daughter was too immature for marriage at this time and was only trying to prove that the rape had not made her afraid of men. When she told him their wedding date he was upset that she didn’t know where or what kind of wedding she wanted, where they would live or if she would work to help support them. Stuart went to Jack's office at the university and pleaded with him to wait until Peggy could think clearly. Jack told him that Peggy was here and told him that she wanted a wedding large enough so that people wouldn’t think that she was afraid and she would fix up his one room apartment for them. Jack addsed he insisted that she not consider working, but go back to school. Stuart said that this proved his point — no one could change that much in a half an hour.


Lorie and Stuart Brooks both felt a need to be with each other. When he said that he wanted as much for Lorie "as any of my daughters" she realized that Stuart knew he was not really her father. Lorie gets hysterical saying that this explained why she was the blacksheep and not like her sisters. Stuart claimed she was very special and since they really loved each other it made no difference that he was not her biological father. Lorie was surprised to hear that her mother didn't tell him and had no idea that he knew. Stuart asked that Lorie not say anything to Jennifer. - Before Stuart could confront Jennifer, Dr. Atwater told him that Jennifer had a heart condition of which she knew nothing and had to be under no stress until they found out how serious it was. –


Lorie had promised to write out the checks for her brother-in-law Brad Elliot's bills since he was blind. She read the letter from Maestro Fausch saying that her sister Leslie, Brad's wife, was carrying Brad's child. Lorie was on her way to Brad's when Les came home. Lorie said she was going to meet Lance Prentiss so that she could leave. Brad couldn’t break down and call, even after he knew Les was pregnant. Lance arrived and was agitated when Les said he went to meet him. Lorie was equally upset when she learnt that Lance had spent the evening with Les. Finally Lorie told Lance that she had been seeing Brad to convince him to save his marriage. After Brad was served with a divorce petition, he was determined that Les and the baby would be better off without him.


Vanessa Prentiss asked Leslie to visit her and then told her she knew about her separation. She told her that Lorie had been seeing Brad and was there at the moment. She said Lance only became engaged to Lorie when he thought her marriage was perfect, but really loved her. She showed Les a report that listed dates when Lorie visited Brad. Vanessa left Lance and Les alone. Confused, Les leant over and kissed Lance.


Lorie was startled when Les intimated that she and Brad were having an affair behind her back. She said Vanessa showed her a report. Lorie told her that Lance knew she had gone to Brad's and that Les' fury showed that she still loved Brad. She said Brad's pride had kept him from seeing Les, that he was remote because he was blind. Les, shocked, rushed to Brad and told him that she knew. She was angry because he didn't trust her enough to let her make her own decision. Brad still refused to relent.


Lorie had it out with Vanessa. She said that she was only helping Brad with a problem and Lance knew it. She said she should understand how confused a person was when they were sick. Lorie exclaimed as she left that she had three things that Vanessa didn’t —Beauty, Youth, and Sex.


Bill was finally able to make Liz listen to his last wishes, but Greg had insisted that Snapper let their father come home. While Bill was being prepared, he had an attack and had to be put on a respirator. Snapper had to admit to his mother that Bill would have to remain on the respirator and would be in pain. Liz returned to the hospital unseen and after Bill begged her to help him and she remembered his wishes, she pulled the plug because she loved him.


Lorie accused Les of being very inconsiderate of Brad's feelings and only concerned with her own ego. Lorie agreed to accompany Lance to South America to check out a lead on his brother Luke who disappeared several years ago and Vanessa had asked Les to stay with her during Lance's absence.

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