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Look into the past - 1975


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1 hour ago, will81 said:

I am also curious at to what that set would have looked like.

Based on my recall of the show at the time,I imagine there would have been a small area of fake grass, probably a wall covered in greenery, a couple of deck chairs and the edge of a 'pool'.

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2 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Based on my recall of the show at the time,I imagine there would have been a small area of fake grass, probably a wall covered in greenery, a couple of deck chairs and the edge of a 'pool'.

That's what I imagined to be honest. The more vast sets seemed to have come through in the 80's.

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Looking at the Y&R summary it seems Lorie and Leslie were all into Brad and Lance while Chris and Peggy were busy with Peg's rape.

Did Bill Bell do any crossover here?

Surely having your youngest sister raped and facing a court ordeal would take some precedence in your life?

Or did Bill write a scene along the lines of Stuart telling L&L :

What would be best for Peg right now is to see her sisters living their lives and not being dragged into this ordeal. She knows how much she is loved by you and that is worth more to her than seeing you sitting in a courtroom watching her innocence being torn apart again...

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4 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Looking at the Y&R summary it seems Lorie and Leslie were all into Brad and Lance while Chris and Peggy were busy with Peg's rape.

Did Bill Bell do any crossover here?

Surely having your youngest sister raped and facing a court ordeal would take some precedence in your life?

Or did Bill write a scene along the lines of Stuart telling L&L :

What would be best for Peg right now is to see her sisters living their lives and not being dragged into this ordeal. She knows how much she is loved by you and that is worth more to her than seeing you sitting in a courtroom watching her innocence being torn apart again...

It does sound like very little crossover to be honest. It probably did occur much as you state with Stuart telling them Peg would find it too humiliating to go through it all with everyone there. Maybe they were all there once.


I'm also wondering if a lot of Lorie and Leslie's interaction with Peg was off screen and simply mentioned as "Yes Lorie came by after she returned from San Francisco" or Lorie telling Lance "I've just been to see Peg" and so on.


Leslie seems on the verge of another nervous breakdown through much of this time and Bell is almost hinting at the story going that way (though it doesn't), she also seems to be out of town a lot doing conerts as well. So she seems rather incapable of being there for anyone.

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5 minutes ago, will81 said:

It does sound like very little crossover to be honest. It probably did occur much as you state with Stuart telling them Peg would find it too humiliating to go through it all with everyone there. Maybe they were all there once.


I'm also wondering if a lot of Lorie and Leslie's interaction with Peg was off screen and simply mentioned as "Yes Lorie came by after she returned from San Francisco" or Lorie telling Lance "I've just been to see Peg" and so on.


Leslie seems on the verge of another nervous breakdown through much of this time and Bell is almost hinting at the story going that way (though it doesn't), she also seems to be out of town a lot doing conerts as well. So she seems rather incapable of being there for anyone.

Yes, even though it sometimes came off as clunky, I think Bill Bell knew from experience that too much crossover could complicate things and drag the story down. The half hour format couldn't support it. Better to focus on the main characters in the story and play down/ignore the other connections, unless it was needed.

I'm sure the reverse was in play where Leslie would tell Lance she didn't want to worry her dad at this time when he was so occupied with Peg, thus keeping Stu out of things until there was time and room to accommodate it.

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1 hour ago, Paul Raven said:

Yes, even though it sometimes came off as clunky, I think Bill Bell knew from experience that too much crossover could complicate things and drag the story down. The half hour format couldn't support it. Better to focus on the main characters in the story and play down/ignore the other connections, unless it was needed.

I'm sure the reverse was in play where Leslie would tell Lance she didn't want to worry her dad at this time when he was so occupied with Peg, thus keeping Stu out of things until there was time and room to accommodate it.

As a side note and somewhat related. I read through available synopsis and looked at the cast charts for the 69-70 "season" of DOOL. The entire period from Sep 69 - May 70 was focused almost entirely on Kitty and Bill. Kitty blackmailing Bill, her death, his trial and conviction and his jail time. With brief interludes of Julie/Scott/Susan, and I do mean brief, like once or twice a month initially until the Spring when that story got a bit more airtime. Every character seemed focused on and involved in the one story.


The ratings on Wiki for that period (actually Sep 69 - Apr 70) show a 0.5 drop from the previous year and I wonder if the audience was too overwhelmed with seeing one story every day. Of course it could have been other factors too. 


I guess Bell may have decided to never to do that again. As you say it may have been clunky, avoiding having all characters drawn into the one story, but neccessary to keep the show from being weighed down too much by the one story. 

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I agree it is weird for Leslie and Lorie to be isolated when their sister is going through the rape trial. Maybe it looked different on screen.


I would love to see these scenes with Jeanne Cooper with her first interactions with Derek.


It is very interesting to see as some shows are transitioning : GH and OLTL with the focus on so many new characters. On GH, Rick, Jeff, Monica, Mark, Terri are taking over and older characters like Jessie are totally phasing out. Same with OLTL with the Vernon family, Karen, Tony, Pat... 

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2 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

I agree it is weird for Leslie and Lorie to be isolated when their sister is going through the rape trial. Maybe it looked different on screen.


I would love to see these scenes with Jeanne Cooper with her first interactions with Derek.


It is very interesting to see as some shows are transitioning : GH and OLTL with the focus on so many new characters. On GH, Rick, Jeff, Monica, Mark, Terri are taking over and older characters like Jessie are totally phasing out. Same with OLTL with the Vernon family, Karen, Tony, Pat... 

It would be interesting to know which actor was playing Derek when he contacts Kay. Caleb Stoddard apparently lasted three weeks and Jeff Cooper about the same. Maybe one of them called Kay and the other one went to her house, haha

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23 hours ago, will81 said:

No teen stories for the summer yet. When did that become a thing? Seems more so in the 80's

Summer teen/social issue storylines didn't really become a thing on Y&R until Cricket arrived.

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4 hours ago, kalbir said:

Summer teen/social issue storylines didn't really become a thing on Y&R until Cricket arrived.

Three I can think of - Jodie the pregnant teen that Brock helped in 77, Nikki's VD trauma in 78 and Sharon/Julie teen runaways in 79 -all Summer 'social issue/teen stories'

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All My Children


Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Bud Kloss


After Donna Beck was transferred to Pine Valley hospital to be registered under a fictitious name, Phoebe ordered the bedclothes burned and the room fumigated. Doctor Charles Tyler was forced to agree with his estranged wife in this matter at least, that the situation between their grandson Dr. Chuck Tyler and Donna had gone too far. Charles insisted the basis of his objections was that Chuck’s concern for the girl was compromising him on a professional basis. He promised to speak to Chuck as Chief of Staff of the hospital rather than as a family member giving advice on Chuck's personal life. -Chuck Tyler had made every effort to enable Donna to leave the life she had lived for the past three years. He hired Dan Kennicott to tutor Donna while she was recovering from the effects of having been beaten and left for dead by Ty Hardin, her pimp. Chuck also suffered a beating administered by Hardin's goons, threats to both himself and his friend Dr. Frank Grant and variously, concern, revulsion and headshaking on the part of his family and "friends." –


Philip Brent had begun training with the Police Academy and, with the prospect of a steady job and the finalization of his divorce from Erica, he suggested to Tara that they plan to be married soon. When he sensed Tara's reluctance, he exploded and accused her of putting off their marriage because she was considering remarriage to Chuck. He told her he was tired of waiting; that she was jealous of Donna and wanted to "save" Chuck from her. He insisted he wanted his family — his wife and his son. - Little Philip, legally Chuck Tyler's son and raised by him and Tara, was Philip's child. When he was reported killed in Vietnam, Tara married Chuck. - Tara refused to set a date, claiming her main concern was for little Philip who had just started therapy in Pine Valley, his athsmatic attacks, presumed to be psychological in origin, were under control for the present.


Ty called Donna at Pine Valley hospital after overhearing Estelle repeat the name she was using and offered to meet her across from the hospital to give her the money he had been "keeping" for her. When Letty Jean, formerly Ty's "Number One," pleaded with Donna for a stake to go back to Alabama and her small son, Donna told her she had none but would get it from Ty.


When Chuck learned about the meeting, he gave Letty Jean the money she needed himself and met Ty in the hospital parking lot telling him he offered to pick up the money for Donna. Ty attacked Chuck with a knife and managed to stab him before he was subdued by Frank Grant. Chuck's injury was superficial. When Donna heard that the money Ty promised her, "every penny, with interest" had gone for "expenses," swore she would testify against Ty for attempted murder. Ty was arrested by Sgt. Guiness on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, with Donna's complaint to be explored later. As Ty was being read his rights, he taunted Donna that she would never make it in a straight world. When Tara learned of Chuck's wound, Donna overheard her say to Frank she knew that "that girl" would get Chuck in trouble and that Ty was never the problem.


At the time Tara heard about Chuck, she had just come from Anne Martin's room. Anne had started labor - After showing symptoms of dizziness apparently unrelated to her pregnancy or the Toxoplasmosis from which she had recovered, Anne insisted upon staying in the hospital, refusing even to leave her bed for fear of falling and injuring the child she was carrying. Anne's real fears were for the possibility that the child might have already been affected by the disease. - Dr. Christina Karras, a pediatrician new to the staff at Pine Valley, had established a rapport with Anne and would assume care of the baby as soon as the child left the delivery room.


Although she tried to calm Paul Martin, telling him there was no point in anticipating trouble - Paul had said, out of his wife's presence, that he believed she was going to give birth to a defective child and was not prepared for what would probably happen -. Dr. Karras had to also add that some symptoms of the disease might not be visible — not right away.


At first sight of Dr. Karras. David Thornton told Ruth Martin that the past was starting to catch up with him. He said he knew Dr. Karras — they both interned at San Francisco Hospital. - Ruth urged David to try to find a job immediately, away from Pine Valley, even if it was not one practicing surgery. She had spoken to Kate Martin. Trying to mitigate her mother-in-law's disapproval of her relationship with Thornton, she told Kate that David was a surgeon whose inability to save the life of his brother under combat conditions in Vietnam led him to give up surgery and become a hospital aide. Ruth tried to explain it was that shared secret, more than anything, that drew them together during her estrangement from Dr. Joe Martin. She had told Kate that David had said that he could become a surgeon again if she agreed to marry him. Kate characterized her "so called love" for David as a combination of his need and Ruth's natural compassion. She was convinced that Ruth still loved Joe and told her she hoped Ruth would realize that, before it was too late. –


When Brooke English told Benny Sago it appeared she would have to return to board-ing school because Phoebe Tyler had insisted she would not interfere with her brother's plans to end Brooke's stay in Pine Valley, Benny assured Brooke that he would handle Phoebe. He told Phoebe he was sure she would call Brooke's parents because she was a "very generous lady." - Benny Sago overheard Phoebe arranging details of her scheme to set up Mrs. Lum in Minneapolis as Kitty's long lost mother, Mrs. Carpenter. The charade had proven intricate and expensive but effective, so far, in keeping her son Lincoln Tyler and Kitty apart. - Phoebe phoned. Later she told Brooke that she could stay on as long as she – Phoebe - was willing to keep her, but if Brooke did anything to make Phoebe regret her intercession, she would have to leave immediately, even if it was in the middle of the night. She insisted that Brooke clear the visit of any friend with her adding she would not have her home turned into a hotel where any "riff-raff" could come and go as they pleased.


Having learned from Linc of his plans to secure a photograph of "Mrs. Carpenter," Phoebe phoned Mrs. Lum. As the actor hired to impersonate her doctor had been unable to secure suitable furnishings in time for the offices he had rented, the scenario, whereby he restated his opinion that Mrs. Carpenter should not be allowed to travel, was staged at the apartment in Minneapolis. After Lincoln left, Mrs. Lum told Kitty she didn't believe Linc was satisfied and might be planning to seek further proof that she was an imposter, possibly even trying surrepticiously to take her picture. Kitty dismissed this as a flight of fancy on her mother's part til Linc called and asked to see her in his hotel room. When she learned from Linc that he did have a camera with him, but for her sake he would not use it, knowing that it would only add to their estrangement whatever the outcome, Kitty told Linc that he had already hurt her too much.


When she secured a job at a dance studio, teaching ballroom dancing, she phoned Anne to tell her she was giving notice on her job with Anne's boutique and planned to return to Pine Valley only to pack for her move to Minneapolis. Anne insisted that she speak to Lincoln who was visiting her hospital room. Kitty told him that she did not want to see him when she returned, saying the last few weeks had been a revelation to her. He forced her to make a choice between himself and her mother and she had made it.


Kitty telephoned Mona Kane to ask her to send on her winter clothes. When Kitty asked Mona if she would like to speak to her mother, Mrs. Lum had a coughing spell and Kitty had to tell Mona that her mother was not feeling up to speaking to her. Mona told Charles she was beginning to believe that Linc's suspicions might be correct and the following day she arranged to see Linc and offered to fly to Minneapolis to see Mrs. Carpenter in person. She called Kitty and told her she had decided to spend her vacation on a visit to Minneapolis and would take Kitty's winter things to her personally. Kitty was delighted and as her mother was not in the room, she told Mona they would keep her visit as a surprise.


Anne Martin had given birth to a girl, Elizabeth Tyler Martin. Dr. Christina Karras told Paul that the child appeared to be in good health but she had ordered a serum test from a blood sample obtained from the umbilical cord. She asked if the possibility of complications should be gone into with Anne at this time, but Paul told her that if there were problems they would know soon enough, and that he wanted Anne to have 24 hours of happiness. David Thornton reminded Ruth Martin, when she was so optimistic, after having seen the Martin baby, that he had seen many cases of Toxoplasmosis in Vietnam, and in every case the child appeared normal at birth.


Erica Kane reminded Nick Davis that it was David Thornton who first made the diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis and confided to him that she had seen a letter addressed to DOCTOR David Thornton.


Chuck went to Tara and told her that she was making herself and everyone miserable. He included little Philip, saying that the child needed a family life and a live-in father. He urged her to call Philip. But when she did ask Phil over, he noted Tara could concede he was right only when Chuck said so. He wondered if Tara, having seen that Chuck risked his life for Donna, might be giving up the idea of remarrying Chuck because she figured she didn't stand a chance against that kind of competition.


Brooke English suggested to Benny that he ask Phoebe about the possibility of his moving into the pool house, as he had got a job at a garage in Pine Valley. She told him he seemed to be very persuasive with her aunt and asked if he had something on Phoebe. Benny replied it "wouldn't be nice to tell."


When Benny saw Phoebe, he told her if she had any car trouble, all she would have to do was knock at his door; he was moving in. Once again, Phoebe had to give in, but to herself, determined she would find a way to turn the tables on Benny Sago.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Willis Frame became pernicious to the highest degree in his endeavor to overtake Frame Enterprises. He had involved four women in his undermining, but they were not all working towards his goal to control the business his deceased brother founded and widow Alice owned and operated.


Willis’ ex-girlfriend, Angie Perrini, had knowledge of Willis' plots. Although she regretted betraying Willis' trust, she revealed to Alice the conspiring he had done with the help of Olive Gordon. Alice was shocked that Willis had hired Olive to come to Bay City to instigate a breakup between she and Olive's estranged husband, Ray. - Ray and Alice had fallen in love and Alice had given Ray more responsibility in the firm than Willis could accept. - Putting the pieces together, Ray and Alice confronted Carol Lamonte for the truth behind Willis' plots. Carol was in love with Willis and remained faithful to him in her lies that he didn’t know an Olive Gordon. She went to bat for him, appealing to Alice's gratitude for all Willis had done for her in the past. Alice did not weaken. She postponed signing the legal document prepared promoting Willis do Executive-Vice President of Frame Enterprises. Alice and Ray went directly to Olive's hotel room. Forewarned by Carol that Alice and Ray's suspicions had been aroused, Willis got to Olive first. He had finished with her and ordered her immediate departure from Bay City. Accustomed to the abundant flow of money she had been paid from Willis, Olive refused to go. She viciously offered him blackmail, she called the shots or she would go to Alice with the truth. This time they avoided being caught together. When Alice and Ray came to Olive's room, Willis hid in the bedroom while Olive denied knowing him. Their next meeting was not as well-timed. Olive called Willis to her hotel room. She concreted her threat by dictating a tape to protect herself. She wanted more money or she would hand the tape over to Alice. Disgusted, Willis walked out only to be faced at the threshold by Alice and Ray. Together, Olive and Willis lied their way through their confrontation with Ray and Alice. Willis cooly explained he met Olive for the first time in the hotel bar while having a drink with two Navy buddies from San Diego. Alice informed Willis to prove he was not lying or else she expected his resignation from the firm.


These navy buddies however, had been Willis' protection from his sister Sharlene who also had threatened his exposure to Alice. Willis had intimidated Sharlene to silence with warnings he would reveal her past as a B-girl in San Diego to her husband, Dr. Russ Mathews. Sharlene was so fearful of Willis, she had begged Russ to move from Bay City in order to save their marriage. Seeing how miserable she had become, but not knowing why, Russ agreed to move and offered his resignation to the Bay City General Hospital. Believing it was Sharlene who unmasked the truth, Willis brought these two men to Bay City under the pretense he had jobs for them. Willis then invited them to Sharlene and Russ's apartment “to have some fun." Sharlene was frantic when Lou and Chuck tried to tease her, assuming she was still the B-girl Willis said she was in San Diego. At that point, Russ walked in and was stunned by the scene he had entered into. More astounded were Chuck and Lou who were not told Sharlene was married! They made a fast exit with Sharlene in hysterics, and Willis left confident he had ruined Sharlene's marriage and gained his revenge.


Sharlene confessed that she witheld the past from Russ for fear she'd lose him, crying “girls like me don't get many chances." He retorted, “Is that all I am to you ... a chance?" Sickened and hurt, Russ walked out leaving Sharlene pathetically standing alone sobbing “please forgive me Russ.” While Russ was at his sister Pat Randolph's, Sharlene wrote a note to Russ detailing Willis' schemes to take over Frame Enterprises and his means of protection from Sharlene. She then slowly took an overdose of sleeping pills and allowed her life to fade away clutching Russ' photograph. Russ, in the meantime, had been consoled by Pat who told him to go back to Sharlene, whatever she did could be forgiven and things couldn't get worse. Russ agreed to return to Sharlene, heeding his sister's advice that Sharlene needed his love more then than she ever needed it. The irony of Pat's statement accompanied Russ as he broke into his apartment to find his wife near death!


Russ waited until Sharlene had pulled through emergency treatment then waited for Willis at his apartment. Enraged by Willis' torture to Sharlene, Russ beat him to unconsciousness. Angie found him the following morning, and rushed him to the hospital. Both Angie and Dr. Dave Gilchrist had suspected Russ was the attacker, although a brutally injured Willis told the story he was mugged. Russ was assured Willis would not press charges.


Sharlene recovered but hesitated to see Russ. He finally talked to her asking her forgiveness for leaving her. He persuaded her to return home with him to give their marriage a chance. She agreed reluctantly.


Olive was desperate to get more money, even asking her mother-in-law Beatrice for five hundred dollars. Beatrice refused, not falling for Olive's trickery. Olive was notified about Willis' whereabouts - Angie informed her knowing Olive would go to see Willis and provide the proof that Ray and Alice needed about their association - and wasted no time to have him sign a check to her for a large sum of money. On her way out of his hospital room with check in hand, once again Ray and Alice were waiting at the doorway. Seeing the check, Alice having her proof, fired Willis on the spot. Nothing he could say could sway her, she had learned the hard way that Willis could never to be trusted. Furious by his power collapse, Willis ordered Angie to get out of his life, as far as he was concerned, she didn't exist.


Ray had hired Scott Bradley as a divorce lawyer. When Scott went to Olive with the divorce papers, she remained money-hungry and requested payment in trade for the divorce grant. Ray had moved to Willis' former abode above Frame Enterprises where Olive came to bargain. Ray would not discuss it with her, she slyly commanded that Alice would pay her — and if Ray was going to get rich, so was she!


Revengeful, Willis remained in Bay City. He first refused to sign formal severence papers but finally did so with Scott's urgings. He showed no compassion for what he did to Sharlene claiming her marriage was over — Russ would never forget the sailors she had entertained.


Willis’ predictions seemed to be true about the Matthews' marriage. Russ had not made love to Sharlene since she had been home causing her to think he couldn’t put the past behind them as he said they could do. Russ denied this, but Sharlene insisted he wouldn't forget.


Carol had returned from Washington dejected that her purpose for going - to test Willis' interests in her - failed. Willis did not contact her while she was away. Willis on the other hand, thought Carol had ditched him because she knew he was out of Frame Enterprises and could no longer aid the progression of her career. Carol learned from Angie that Willis had been hospitalized. She brought him to her apartment from the hospital. Shocked by the news he had been fired, Carol promised Willis she would help him to build a career better than he had at Frame Enterprises. Meanwhile, Ray and Alice were preparing to consult Carol about fulfilling her contract with Frame Enterprises.


They were not finished with Olive yet. Ray thought giving Olive his plane ticket to California had forced her to leave Bay City for good, and assured his mother his sons would be taken care of until he could get custody of them when the divorce was final. Olive, however, had taken the ticket and cashed it in with no intentions of flying out of Bay City.


Clarice Hobson had delivered a healthy baby boy she had named Cory after Mac Cory, her employer and close friend. She had been harassed by Mac's daughter Iris Carrington – Delaney - who was separated from the father of Clarice's illegitimate son. - Knowing of Clarice's pregnancy, Iris rushed Robert Delaney into marriage. Once he found out the truth, Robert left Iris wanting to marry Clarice and raise his child. Clarice refused, they departed congenial. Iris was then trying to gain revenge on Clarice claiming Clarice ruined her marriage and did so by threatening to take her son away. –


Police Lt. Gil McGowan had evidence that Iris saw Clarice and extremely upset her causing her to go into a premature labor. He warned Iris that legal action would be taken if she persisted to plague Clarice. Using the excuse she would accompany her houseguest Therese Lamonte to the hospital, Iris ignored Gil's cautions and sought out Clarice. Clarice had been reassured by Mac and others that Iris couldn’t kidnap her son, feeling more confident, she set out alone to see her son in the hospital nursery. From nowhere Iris appeared ready to attack with her verbal venom. Clarice threw her for an instant telling her that Iris couldn’t take Cory away from her. Hearing the baby was her father's namesake, Iris cuttingly commented Clarice had done this to insult her and she would not be allowed to raise her husband's child. - This was the first time Iris had admitted the baby was Robert's. - In a melancholy moment, Iris remembered how she wanted to name her son Cory but her "daddy" wouldn't allow it.


Again, a confrontation with Iris had placed Clarice in a depression fearing she would lose the son that she needed so much. Mac was fed up with Iris' cruel games and went to her home to end this torture to Clarice. He was adamant in his warnings that he would advise Clarice to take legal action if necessary to keep Iris out of her life. Taking this lashing from her father had not scared Iris off in the slightest, she interrupted her father belittling his marriage to Rachel. She coyishly went on that he was using Iris as a whipping post because his marriage was breaking up, he should retrieve himself gracefully before Rachel humiliated him further. Mac walked out silent, Iris remained gloating from her victory overpowering her father's emotions. Mac had fooled Iris, however, as he and Gil showed up at her home offering her a civil tort for damages issued by Clarice. She denied everything but her self-assurance began to crumble when Gil listed the proven evidence against her and Mac agreed to testify against her in court. This humiliation Iris couldn’t accept and she fell into a child's mannerism of crying appealing to Mac's pity. She lightly hinted at suicide. Mac allowed her to put in writing all she had done to Clarice swearing she would not harass her again or they could use her confession in court.


The Corys’ marriage was, in fact, under tremendous strain. Mac was ready to have another child, Rachel would only answer that she was not sure. she knew she couldn't give up her art career. - Mac and Rachel recently lost their expected baby which caused a great emotional setback to Rachel. Since then she had resumed her sculpting and had allowed it to monopolize almost every waking hour. Mac could no longer conceal his resentment of the time Rachel devoted to her talent, and this was the friction constant in their relationship. –


Mac’s close friend, lawyer Keith Morrison, had commissioned New York art dealer Howard Chandler to view Rachel's work. Howard Chandler was impressed with Rachel's talents and presented her with a contract to display her sculptings in his upcoming art show. Rachel was modestly thrilled by such a compliment. She immediately caledupon Keith to give her legal assistance with the contract agreement. She used her maiden name "Davis," preferring to sell her talent on her own merit - not by using the Cory name which was known well among the art society. - Howard expected his artists to abide by his strict rules, this forced Rachel to leave the following day for two weeks in New York in preparation for the exhibit. Mac was hurt that Rachel had used her own name as she entered the art world professionally. He couldn’t comprehend the urgency of her departure to New York, refusing to accompany her; they departed on bitter terms.


Mac heard that Ken Palmer - Rachel's tutor - was going to New York for a joint press conference with Rachel for ART IMAGES magazine. He asked Ken about the encouagement he gave Rachel about her talent. Ken explained about the emotional problems of artists and Rachel was no exception — she was torn by the conflicting time and attention her art demanded of her. He recommended that she shouldn't allow a long-term commitment to her art career.


Mac made plans for a welcome home party upon Rachel's return. He was twice disappointed: first by Ken's actual trip to New York then by the embarrassment of having the party without Rachel's presence because she didn't arrive home at the time she said she would. Keith observed Mac's plans reminding Mac he was a lot like Iris. He made plans for others assuming they would work out as he expected. He wisely relaid to Mac that he – Mac - was imposing his will on Rachel. He was pushing and testing her as Iris did. Mac admitted he was optimistic but couldn't believe Rachel would disappoint him like this. The party went on anyway. At its ending, everyone went on their way with other plans leaving Mac a lonely man in his own home.


Glenda Toland confided to Ken Palmer she was hesitant to leave Bay City for her cousin's wedding because the best man was a man she once loved. Mike made no promises but gave Glenda hope when he told her they would talk about a permanent relationship when she returned, at the time he planned to get his own apartment. Glenda was also concerned about Molly's obvious interests in Mike.


Pam Sloan was going to Baltimore to honor her former lover, Vic Hasting's request. Although she was seriously dating Scott Bradley then, she felt she had to meet with Vic to test her own emotions for him, Scott agreed.


Glenda was also concerned about Molly's obvious interests in Mike. Her intuition was right, when Mike told Molly that he had received a letter from Glenda writing of her plans to not return to Bay City, Molly's reaction was a nonchalant concern.


Pat Randolph had come to the difficult decision to end her long and rocky marriage to John. Since their separation, Pat had fallen in love with Dr. Dave Gilchrist and was experiencing a personal satisfaction from her life that she yearned for while married to John, but never seemed to have. She realized the conflict she would face telling her family of her plans, so she carefully planned a family dinner to break the news in a comfortable environment. Her son Mike accepted the divorce news with mixed emotions. He had hoped for a reconciliation but also wanted his mother happy. When Pat's daughter arrived, she surprised everyone by including her aunt, Liz Mathews in Pat’s invitation. - Liz had wasted no time in practicing her old ways of interfering in the family's lives, Pat and John's reconciliation being utmost in her outspoken attempts. - Liz had already given John false hopes of a reconciliation telling him the dinner party was probably Pat's excuse to tell the family she would return to John. She assured John the odds were in his favor since Dave was not on the guestlist. Since Liz was there, Pat refrained from the divorce announcement. Because of Liz's promptings, John was aghast when Pat came to his office and dropped the bomb — she was filing for divorce! He reacted wounded and retorted he would countersue Pat in the divorce, naming Dave Gilchrist as correspondent.


Liz’s maligning character was then transparent to Marianne. She enlisted Russ to help her remove Liz from her grandfather's house. It seemed Liz had prolonged the healing of her broken leg by choice. She prefered to be in the hub of the Mathew family and was enjoying the convenience of her location. Russ discovered from viewing the x-rays, Liz's healing process was long overdue and he made an appointment for her to see her doctor as she had neglected to do so herself.


Pat was forced to meet with John again at his office. He digged up their past, bringing out how he defended Pat in a murder trial. He refused to let go of her, she retorted that she was not a piece of property that belonged to John, she would still go through with the divorce no matter what John threatened to bring out in court.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Willmore


Annie Stewart and Beau Spencer were enemies from the beginning, but then Annie saw that Beau's interest in her seemed to be more than friendship. Annie tried to discourage this since she knew that her younger sister, Dee, had really become interested in Beau and thought he liked her equally as well. Dee took Beau home from the hospital where his mother was supposed to meet him. Beau's parents were traveling in Europe for his father's business and didn't come back during his hospital stay, so he had been planning to go back to the Spencer Hotel until his mother called to say she was coming home. Dee made daily visits to keep Beau company. Mrs. Spencer called to say that her husband insisted that he needed her to entertain for him. Dick Martin, who was handling financial and legal matters for the Spencers, could see that there was some tension in the family. Beau devised ways to see Annie alone. Beau's doctor, Annie's brother, Dr. Dan Stewart, helped the situation when he asked Annie to drive Beau home after his checkup. Dee had her mother Ellen invite Beau for dinner one night, so Annie asked Tom Hughes to go to dinner and a movie. They stayed until they figured Beau would have gone home, but when they reached the house they found Beau had stayed on playing backgammon with Dee in hopes of seeing Annie. Tom offered Beau a ride home realizing that Beau would look foolish to refuse. Dee added to Annie's torment when she said Beau stayed on and on playing backgammon to be near her.


Annie thought their problems were solved when she and Dee take an apartment near the campus. - Dee was despondent over being jilted until she met Beau. She not only refused to consider entering college because she didn't want to follow in Annie's footsteps, but she refused to make any plans for the future. It was Beau who called her stupid for having no aim in life and made her see that she did want to go to college. - Beau knocked on their door to say that he had registered for classes and had taken an apartment in the building next door. Dee thought Annie was very moody because she was afraid Dee and Beau would be too noisy. The following night, Beau invited himself for dinner, even though Annie had explained that she didn't want to hurt Dee and didn't want to play games. When Tom called to find out how things were going, Annie jumped at the chance to leave the apartment. She told Tom that she would give up the apartment so she could get away from Beau, but if she did, Dee would have to live in the dorm because she was a freshman.


Sandy Garrison had gone to Sacramento, California, to see her son and find out why he didn't want to move to Oakdale. When she got back without Jimmy and her father, Kevin Thompson was there to comfort her. Jimmy felt that Sandy deserted him, even after she tried to explain that she had to make a living to support them and as she had a job in Oakdale, she would like him to live with her. - Sandy's father had cared for Jimmy while she traveled as a model. Until recently Sandy had been very immature and unable to cope with her life. Long talks with Kevin had made Sandy see that she could never go back. She had hopes that Bob would fall in love with her again. –


Sandy spoke to her father and Jimmy's teachers who all felt that she should not force Jimmy to return to Oakdale with her. Kevin told her to support Jimmy in his decision and show him how much she loved him. In time he would see that she really wanted him with her.


Don Hughes and Grant Colman still seemed to be at odds with one another even though they disliked each other over completely different issues. Grant was jealous because Don and his wife, Lisa, once meant a great deal to each other. Don was angry because he had come back to the family law firm to work in the department that he founded that was then run by Grant. It was true that Grant ran the criminal department with an iron hand, but Joyce Colman, Grant's ex-wife, was feeding Don's anger by bringing up examples of how Grant had always monopolized everything as far as his work was concerned. Grant and Lisa had argued over the hours Grant kept so many times that he decided to give Don more cases to handle so that he could go home on time. Grant never got the chance, because as soon as he entered the office. Don told Grant how he could no longer tolerate the way he was treated. Grant walked out convinced that his initial judgment of Don's impulsiveness was correct. Grant and Lisa fought again because Grant still worked too hard. Some time later Grant gave Don some cases and told him that he was prepared to give him more responsibilities that day in his office, but was never given the chance.


Lisa, stubbord as always. refused to give an inch. Her mother, Alma Miller, tried to persuade Lisa to tread lightly or she would lose Grant, but Lisa replied that he might lose her.


While Nancy Hughes was away visiting her sister Pearl, Kim Dixon, who was seven months pregnant, fixed the Hughes men, Bob, Chris, and Don, a meal at the Hughes' home. When Bob drove Kim home, she started having pains. He rushed her to the hospital where she was taken care of by her obstetrician. There was no danger, but Kim was to rest in the hospital until they were sure she wouldn't go into labor. Kim asked that John, her ex-husband and the baby's father, not be allowed to see her. John heard about Kim's hospitalization when Mary Ellison told him how sorry she was. John rushed to see Kim, but was kept out by Bob. Mary suggested he send flowers and a note. Then he asked Carol Stallings to put in a good word for him. Kim decided to see him and was surprised when he was so calm.


After she went home with a nurse to care for her while she was confined to bed, John visited frequently, over Lisa's objections. Kim found that John was genuinely concerned and she would keep him informed of her health.


Susan Stewart was upset that Valerie Conway seemed to be taking up most of Dan's time. She visited Valerie under the pretext of being concerned about the girls and was told by Valerie that she intended to get Dan.


Valerie Conway told Dan Stewart that she had never felt like this about anyone and was confused about her feelings. The one man she loved was bribed by Kim and Jason Reynolds and then died in an automobile accident after he told her they were through. Dan told her to straighten this out with Kim before it ruined her life. Dan told Kim that Valerie wanted the truth, but Kim felt that the truth would only hurt Valerie and she wouldn't believe it. The moment to tell her the truth slipped by and then there was no right time.


Kim admitted Jason gave Cliff money to leave town, but they felt he didn't love Valerie who had decided that nothing could stop her from loving Dan.


Natalie Hughes had become a problem for Jay Stallings again. Gar Kramer called Jay to tell him that Natalie wasn’t working out in his real estate firm. - Jay had threatened to take all his business away from him if Gar didn't give Natalie a job. Natalie had threatened to tell Carol, Jay's wife. that her marriage to Tom broke up over Jay. - Jay called Natalie and told her that she was in danger of losing her job and he was not responsible. Although he had repeatedly told her to stay away from his office, Natalie came by to tell Jay that she and Mr. Kramer had a nice talk and she had decided to take her job seriously and he had decided not to fire her. Her main reason for seeing Jay was that she was lonely and needed someone to talk to. As she left Jay's office, Lisa walked by on her way to Grant's office.


Lisa told Bob that she was sure Jay and Natalie were seeing one another. She became so distraught that she let it slip to Grant and had to explain the whole situation. She apologized to Tom for not keeping his secret. Tom feared that there was a danger of Carol finding out about Jay if too many people knew. Lisa became so upset that she accused Natalie of resuming her affair with Jay. Natalie paid Jay another visit to tell him that "as long as we have the name, we might as well play the game."


Natalie talked to Mary Ellison about finding an apartment in her building. Laurie Keaton, Jay's other secretary, tried to discourage this, but was unable to. When Jay found out, he blamed Laurie, who also knew about Jay and Natalie.


Carol Stallings’ father was having surgery in New York and Carol would like to be with him. She was surprised when Jay begged her not to go because it was unnecessary and selfish. Kim agreed that Carol should go if she was worried and they were both shocked when Lisa said she should stay home with Jay. Carol finally decided that she had to go even if Jay didn't like it because her father was all alone.


Don Hughes had asked his mother to see Joyce Colman because she had the mistaken idea that Nancy didn't like her. Nancy dreaded this meeting, but knew she had to make the effort for Don. Nancy felt the lunch went very badly and was surprised when Don said Joyce told him that they solved everything and she felt they were friends.


After Joyce told Don that Bob might be holding back because he was involved emotionally with her, things were strained between Don and Bob. Bob was afraid to discuss Joyce's instability with Don even though they were brothers.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Bob Anderson discovered that $10,000 had been embezzled from Anderson Manufacturing. He was unaware that the money had been stolen by his illegitimate daughter, Brooke Hamilton. Brooke's mother Adele was a janitress at the plant, and Brooke discovered how to get into the locked drawer where the checks that had been made out, but not mailed yet, were kept. - Brooke was conceived during an idyllic summer Bob and Adele spent together. Bob didn’t know but Brooke did. Adele became an alcoholic and had just undergone a liver by-pass operation, but her condition was terminal. Brooke took the money to give her mother something special once in her life. - Adele was concerned about the hospital costs and was reassured by Brooke. Brooke then closed out the phony accounts she stashed the money in and bought cruise tickets, just in case. Bob had only two suspects, Paul Grant, his head of accounting, and David Banning, his ex-stepson.


David had been living with the Grants for many months then, ever since a horrible argument with his mother, Julie Anderson. The Grants had provided David with the stable home life Julie was unable to give or David was unable to accept. Over the months, David had fallen in love with the Grants' daughter Valerie, much to Brooke's chagrin. David finally told Valerie of his feelings, and proposed marriage. Val, also loved David, but asked for time. When Brooke was upset at the news, David was puzzled, until Brooke told him she was still in love with him.


David and Val set about telling their families. Julie told David Val was the kind of girl any mother would want for her son. She warned David there would be problems because the world wasn't completely liberated from its bigotry. Julie suggested their love would have to be very strong, but since she believed in love, he had her blessing. David's color was no problem for Paul either, when Val told him. But Paul had reservations: "What bothers me about David is David." Paul asked Val to make sure she had the answers to any questions before accepting David, because a lot of their people would resent her marrying a white man and a lot of white people would put her down. But if Val was willing to accept the problems of a mixed marriage, she could count on him.


When the stolen checks were discovered cashed, Paul offered his resignation to Bob, who refused. Paul and David each knew he didn't steal the checks, and each reluctantly suspected the other.


Val’s mother, Helen, was totally opposed to Val's marrying David because he was white. Helen insisted that David had been nothing but trouble since he came to live with them. Val and Julie discussed the marriage possibility. Val asked how Julie would feel holding a black grandchild. Julie reassured her by telling her she was not thrilled with the idea of becoming a grandmother, period!


When Bob continued to reject Paul's resignation, Paul admitted to Bob that he felt under undue suspicion because he was black. Bob denied it, saying he saw Paul as an equal man. Paul left and Bob told Brooke he hoped the thief was discovered soon, before lives were destroyed. Paul bought a bottle and found a motel room. When Helen suspected what he might be up to, she sent her son Danny and David out to find him. They failed. Paul called the house. David answered the phone and Paul told him where to look for him. Paul told David to take a good look at him — and see himself in 20 years. Meanwhile, Danny was very upset that Paul asked for David and not him, adding to the crisis. David, to force the issue — drink or no drink — said it was the thought of Val and him getting married that had got Paul so upset. Paul replied that "being a drunk's one thing, but being a thief's another." Paul admitted he suspected David of stealing the checks. David plunked a stack of blank checks down. He stole them to cover for Paul: "Any son would do as much for his father." Each then knew the other wasn't guilty. Paul went home and David went to return the checks.


Paul’s homecoming was happy, but he and Helen got into an argument about Val and David and Paul's drinking. Paul finally told Helen that the constant fear in her eyes had been hard to take and in that way she had failed him. David was caught by Bob. When neither Bob nor Don Craig coud get anything out of David other than he stole the blank checks but knew nothing about the $10,000, Bob called Paul. Helen warned she wouldn’t be there if he went then, without clearing the air.


Paul, who knew about the blank checks, had to go. Val went to comfort her mother. Helen told Val she had been praying for an answer, and it came down to "Honor thy father and thy mother." She didn’t want Val to marry David. Val replied that she couldn’t recognize her mother. Over David's vehement objections, Paul explained about the blank checks to Bob. Bob couldn’t believe either David or Paul stole from him, so he was turning it all over to a private investigator.


David went to see Tom, telling him the story of the stolen checks and his wish to marry Val. Tom asked if David would steal checks to cover for him? No. David said Tom couldn't steal. Tom asked, "And Paul could? Why?" Tom warned David that he couldn’t marry Val with any hidden prejudices. Meanwhile, Helen told Val she feared Val would be the excuse for everything that went wrong in David's life. Val told David she didn’t want to live in fear of alcoholism.


Phyllis and Neil Curtis's rocky marriage was further strained by Phyl's unexpected pregnancy. Neil was finally forced to discuss it with Phyl and told her "a baby is a very sobering commitment." Actually, Neil was still in love with Amanda Howard. - Amanda was recovering from brain surgery that affected her memory. She was confused by memories of passionate love for Neil, when everyone had told her Dr. Greg Peters was the man in her life. - Amanda denied to Neil that she had any memory of him. She told him that she had to build on the present, not the past.


Phyllis, aware of Neil's feelings for Amanda, offered a divorce. Neil demured. Meanwhile, Laura Horton helped Amanda remember her attempted suicide after finding Neil with another woman on their wedding eve. Amanda decided to forget Neil because she didn’t want to come between Neil and his pregnant wife.


The night Bob came to tell Phyl about the embezzlement, Neil walked out, saying Phyl should never have divorced Bob. Neil went to Amanda, who had just had a lovely evening looking at house plans Greg had had done before her surgery. Neil told Amanda she couldn’t have children with anyone but him. She demanded he leave. He kissed her. She responded, then pulled away. Amanda told him she despised herself for the times she crawled to him when he snapped his fingers. As he started towards her, she slapped him. She told him she'd rather be dead than go on like that. Neil warned that, if she let him go out the door, he wouldn’t return. She didn’t stop him. Neil returned to Phyl, telling her he had nowhere else to go. Amanda called Greg, who went to see Neil. after getting the whole story. Greg demanded Neil stop hurting Amanda. Phyl, admitting it was self-ish, urged Greg to marry Amanda right away. Neil later told Phyl he didn’t want a divorce because he loved her — in a special way.


Linda Phillips made love with Mike Horton once to convince him he was a man, when he was assailed with doubts following an unsuccessful attempt at lovemaking with Trish Clayton. Since then, Mike had been hanging around Linda, convinced they loved each other, despite Linda's objections and denials. Mike insisted he didn’t care what others thought about them. Linda asked, "not even your father?" Mike replied, "Let's face it. the Man we're talking about is my uncle, not my father!" - Bill Horton raped Laura Horton years ago. Laura's pregnancy was confirmed the same day her husband Mickey's impotency was confirmed. Laura decided to raise Mike as Mickey's son. Mickey's discovery of the deceit was partly responsible for his present confinement in a mental institution. –


When Mike asked Tom's advice about handling women, Tom guessed from what Mike said that he had made love with Linda, who had been in love with Mickey for years, and once had an affair with him. The family knew that Linda was important to Mickey's recovery. Tom called Linda in, and asked her to consider the effect on Mickey if he were to discover his "son" and she were having an affair. Linda assured him there was no affair and they came to an understanding — nobody would deny her access to Mickey, if she dropped Mike. Linda continued to turn Mike away.


Meanwhile, it came to Mike's attention that Trish's step-father, Jack Clayton, whom he deeply distrusted, had been hanging around Trish. When Mike expressed his displeasure, Trish, hurt by his rejection of her, told him it was none of his business. Late one night, after Trish returned from singing at Doug's Place, she forgot to latch her door, and Jack barged in. He told her of his protective feelings towards her, then angered Trish into telling him she and Mike never made love. Jack held her, saying there were other guys. Frightened, Trish pulled away. Jack was angry. Mike arrived just then, to talk, incensing Jack, who commented there was always "another guy waiting in the wings." Trish was badly shaken.


Until recently, Laura Horton, then married to Bill and the mother of an infant daughter by him, had been in a deep depression. Marlena Evans, Mickey's psychiatrist, suspected something was wrong when she was given more and more of Laura's cases. Marlena convinced Bill to let her try to help, and Laura began to come out. After long talks with Marlena, Julie, and then Tom, Laura decided to go back to life. She took Bill, then her daughter, back into her life.


Meanwhile, Bill who was shot in the arm by Mickey the night Mickey was taken to the sanitarium, had been dropped from the surgical schedule at the hospital because damage to the radical nerve made him unreliable. Greg Peters had been letting him assist with routine surgery at the clinic. Tom put a stop to it, saying Bill could lose his license, and he'd never regain it.


Mickey began a campaign to be released from the hospital by calling his wife, Maggie, and his parents to tell them he was getting out soon and wanted to live with them and maybe begin anew with Maggie. He also asked to see Laura, his ex-wife, sure he could convince her he was ready. Marlena was against his release. Laura was, admittedly, not objective, but she felt that she and Bill would not be able to lead a normal life until Mickey was released. Marlena allowed Laura to see Mickey. Laura thought Mickey was ready. Marlena pleaded with Powell to back her. She was still afraid Mickey could harm Laura or Bill or their baby, whom he had referred to as the baby girl he and Laura always wanted. Marlena also pointed out that damage could be done if Mickey were to discover Mike's love for Linda. Powell agreed to examine the case more closely.


When Mike visited him, Mickey wondered what was at home for him. Mike asked what he wanted, to which Mickey replies, "What belongs to me!" Mickey told Mike he felt his family wanted him confined so they wouldn’t have him around to remind them of what they did to him. Mike left. Marlena told Mickey he could play his games, but he wouldn’t be released until she felt he was ready, and the time hadn't come yet. When Bill found out Laura saw Mickey, he was furious. Marlena told him that Laura wouldn’t be well, until Mickey was well, and Bill had to stay out of it. Mickey played his "too secure in the sanitarium" theme for Tom, as well as swearing he no longer felt hostility towards Bill or Laura. Marlena asked Tom to consider the ramifications if Mickey were to discover the relationship between Mike and Linda. Tom assured Marlena that he and Linda had an understanding. Nobody would tell Mickey. - Unbeknownst to everyone, Mike had threatened to tell Mickey unless Linda took him back. –


When Maggie overheard Mike tell Alice he loved Linda, Maggie went to Linda, warning Linda could lose everything if Mickey found out.


The wedding plans of Salem's two most "civilized" couples became a comedy of errors. Julie, engaged to Don Craig, picked out a wedding dress, but put it on hold to get Don's approval. Kim Douglas, engaged to Doug Williams, discovered the same dress, but persuaded the clerk to sell it to her. - Doug had hoped to win Julie from Don by staging a big romance with his ex-wife Kim, thus making Julie jealous. But his plan backfired and Doug was forced to admit, "The merry-go-round stopped and I stayed too long at the fair." –


When the “happy couples" discovered they had planned their weddings for the same day, at different churches one hour apart, Don went to see Doug. Doug shrugged it off saying it was embarrassing to split their friends down the middle, but c’est la vie. Julie took the problem to Tom, who suggested they change the time. Kim offered the dress to Julie when she found out about all the other mix-ups. Julie refused it. Julie moved the wedding back a week. Doug and Kim, to ease the strain on their friends, also decided to change their wedding date — to the same day. Doug and Don, planning surprise honeymoons, both contact the travel agent, the same travel agent, to change flights to Rome.


To ease things, Don and Julie decided to elope. Doug and Kim decided to elope — on the same day.


On the serious side, Doug told Kim he couldn't say he loved her, but maybe, as in his marriage to Julie's mother Adie, "like" could turn to "love." They both promised it would be good for them, "the second time around." Julie told Amanda that she loved Don in a special way, and she would make him a good wife. - Doug and Julie had been in love for years and once had a torrid affair. But each time they planned to marry, something came up. Thus, they felt it wasn't meant to be for them. –


The night before the elopements, as a wedding present, Doug took Julie the clown pin he bought Addie the Christmas before Addie was killed. The pin brought back the memory of Julie's promise to Addie to take care of Doug and his daughter Hope, if anything should happen to Addie. Driving home in the rain, Doug was distracted by thoughts of Addie saying, "It's a mistake ... Julie promised me ... " Doug was blinded by oncoming head-lights, swerves, and the car rolled over a cliff. After hours of work, he was finally extricated, just before the car exploded. He was rushed to the hospital. The doctors thought he had a subdural hematoma.


As Julie was ready to leave to marry Don, Kim arrived. Doug was late for their wedding. Julie called the police, found out Doug was in the hospital. Tom arrived. Kim collapsed. Julie rushed to Doug's side, swearing to his unconscious form she would never leave him again. Don got the news at the church from Greg. At the hospital, he and Julie agreed to postpone their wedding until Doug was well. Julie went to tell Hope about Doug, establishing the first rapport she had ever had with her little sister by relating to Hope as a sister, rather than as a mother.


Greg finally got to Don at the church and told everyone there about Doug's accident. Back at the hospital, Greg told Amanda he felt Julie let Don down by rushing to Doug's side. Greg asked what Amanda would do if she were about to marry him and Neil were hurt? Amanda replied that she thought she'd go to Neil, but only as a friend.


As Doug regained consciousness, he talked to Kim as though she were Julie, telling her he never stopped loving her. Kim went to call Julie and ran into Don.


Kim told him she and Doug would still be married, but Don didn’t believe it. Don went to Doug's house to tell Julie Doug was regaining consciousness. Julie replied that it was wonderful, that then she and Don could be married that day. Don told her to stop fooling herself and him. He knew she was still in love with Doug, and any wedding for her would be with Doug. He told her to go to the man she loved, Doug, and tell him she loved him, before it was too late. Only when Kim painfully backed up the truth of Don's words did Julie allow herself to face reality.


The doctors were relieved that Doug had only a concussion and could leave the hospital almost immediately. Julie arrived. She and Doug confessed their love for each other, and planned the big church wedding they had always wanted. Meanwhile, Don and Kim got high on champagne, "celebrating" their close calls in almost marrying the wrong people.


The wedding plans proceeded without a hitch, until Bob fired David and Paul. David insisted he couldn’t be part of the wedding because his mother would guess something was wrong, and he didn’t want to ruin her day. Val told David he would hurt Julie more by staying away on the happiest day of her life.


Don told Marlena that he was glad he didn't marry Julie. He indicated an interest in her, but she reminded him she wouldn’t take any man on the rebound. She asked him to try again in six months.


Doug and Julie were married in a beautiful double-ring ceremony by the same minister who married Tom and Alice. Laura was matron of honor and Robert was best man. The remainder of the wedding party included ushers Bill, Tommy and Greg; bridesmaids Rebecca, Maggie and Amanda. David gave his mother away; Hope was flower girl.


Kim observed part of the ceremony; Don stayed away, but attended the reception.


At the reception, Mickey asked Maggie to dance. In retaliation, Linda accepted Mike's invitation to dance. As he watched Laura, Mickey told Marlena he had been reminded of a previous wedding. Neil told Amanda, "It's been hell staying away from you. If you only knew what the nights are like." Amanda shut him out and was relieved when Greg arrived to tell her she was going to catch Julie's bouquet.


Doug and Julie slipped away. They both commented on how close they felt to Addie on this special day. Doug gave Julie Addie's pearls, saying he felt she would want Julie to have them today.


Rebecca and Robert arrived home with their son, Doug. Unwittingly, Doug had accepted a shipment of baby furniture, thinking Robert ordered it. It was the furniture Johnny Collins had bought before he left Rebecca at the altar. - Johnny had found out Rebecca's baby was conceived through artificial in-semination. Only Rebecca and Neil Curtis knew the father's identity - Doug Williams. Doug had chosen this way to provide a sibling for Hope, after Julie had rejected him earlier. - They kept the baby furniture, but Rebecca had a talk with Johnny. She told him they could only be distant acquaintances, nothing more, because she wouldn’t hurt Robert. Neil had been urging Rebecca to tell Robert the truth about the baby, too, but she couldn’t risk losing Robert, like she lost Johnny. After the meeting with Johnny, Rebecca felt her secret was safe.


The night before Julie and Doug's wedding, Robert, who married Rebecca out of love and to give her baby a name, asked Rebecca to become his wife, in all ways. Rebecca, who was fond and grateful to Robert, agreed. Later, in bed, she told Robert the words he had been longing to hear for a very long time: "I love you." Robert was ecstatic.


The Doctors


Written by: Margaret DePriest / Douglas Marland

Produced by: Jeff Young


Stacy Wells secretly pulled the plug on the respirator that was keeping junkie Joan Dancy alive, thus plunging Matt Powers and Hope Memorial Hospital into the middle of a controversy. - Stacy, formerly under psychiatric care, was rejected by Rico Bellini, the man she loved when he found she was high on pills she'd conned from Dr. Paul Summers. Preying on Stacy's habit and basic insecurities, Paul seduced Stacey into pulling the plug. - Paul's and Stacey's statements had been the primary "evidence" in the police investigation which was leading the police to Matt. As far as anyone else knew, Matt was the last person in the room before Joan's death, and since Stacey wore gloves, Matt's were the only fresh, clear prints on the plug. Prior to Joan's death, Matt had, under unrelenting pressure from reporter Rudy Winston, made a "death with dignity" statement. Matt had also allowed himself to lose professional objectivity in getting personally involved with the Dancy family. Also, Matt had two heart-attack-like episodes from the pressure from both sides — those who favored pulling the plug and those who were against it.


Stacy, in her statement, reported Matt said he could then see both sides of the death with dignity question. Stacy pointedly asked Sgt. Cadman if doctors didn't have to choose life? Paul added that Matt was very agitated when he came out of Joan's room to investigate a ruckus in the hall with reporter Winston - perpetrated by Paul - and later Matt couldn't look Mrs. Dancy and son Jerry in the eye as they arrived to visit Joan.


Stacy asked Paul what he would have done if she had confessed. He swore he would have whisked her away to a country without extradition. - Paul hated Matt. He blamed Matt for the suicide of his wife who could not handle the institutionalization of their youngest son caused by birth defects. Paul had tried to let the baby die at birth, but Matt intervened. Paul also wanted Matt's job as Chief of Staff. - Stacy panicled the following morning when Paul arrived. He reassured her. He was there to impress Virginia Dancy and Stacy's grandmother, Mona Croft, newspaper publisher and hospital board member - engineered by Paul -. Paul played his strong, concerned role  - about Matt's functioning and hospital morale and Virginia's loss - and was reinforced by Stacy when he left.


As the police investigation continued, Matt's son Mike and Ernie Cadman discovered Matt took Rudy Winston's camera during the fracas in the hall. Mike went to his father and asks why he didn't report it. Matt had forgotten about it. Mike confiscated the camera, hopeful the film in the camera would contain pictures that could vindicate Matt. - Greta's boyfriend, Billy Aldrich, an amateur photographer, had taken the film to develop, unaware of its importance. –


Meanwhile, in order to elicit future support from Matt's friends on staff, Paul began a campaign to convince them he had changed his attitude towards Matt and also supported him. He exhibited compassion for Matt's suffering and suggested the staff squelch the whispers and speculation at the hospital by writing a letter of support- to the newspaper. Hank Iverson pointed out that such a letter made Matt guilty by implication. The group decided to show their support by speaking to people individually.


When the police discovered no film in the camera, suspicions arose that Matt destroyed it because it was damaging. The captain forwarded a report to the DA that strongly implicated Matt in Joan's death. The DA was running for re-election, and, feeling this was a strong case to campaign on, decided to go to the Grand Jury for an indictment against Matt for murder. The newspapers had been having a field day with the story, anonymously prompted by Paul. In a quandary about what to do, Matt took Steve Aldrich's advice and went to work, as though nothing were wrong. Steve, meanwhile, had been trying to reach his brother Jason, a lawyer, in Rome, to offer him Matt's case. Stacy was panicky that her step-father might accept it, telling Paul Jason never let go and had never lost a case.


Clarke Bowman, president of the hospital board, was asked to call a meeting of the board about "how to extricate the hospital from the mess of the Matt Powers and Joan Dancy situation." Two members of the board pressed for a temporary leave of absence for Matt until after the Grand Jury hearing. Mona asked them to consider what such a move might do to Matt, who had served them well for so many years. No immediate decision was reached. When the full board was convened soon after, Matt was summoned. The board asked him to take a temporary leave of absence, at full salary. He pointed out his leave would only add fuel to the fire. He said either the board believed in his integrity or it believed newspaper rumors.


Matt resigned, telling Mike he couldn’t fight two dragons at once - the Board and the Grand Jury -. Meanwhile, Paul worked on Nola Dancy, Joan's sister, to persuade Matt not to hire Jason because such a high-powered at-torney would only add to the controversy. - Nola had been Matt's chief supporter among the Canal's. She had told her sister Sara that the one man who could make her fall in love was –someone like – Matt. - Matt urged his supporters to stay on the job. When Virginia heard about Matt's resignation, she assumed the hospital Board had to know something more had been revealed. Steve pointed out to Mona that Virginia's reaction was going to be typical. Paul promised Stacy they would go away right after their Grand Jury appearances. Althea arrived with the news of the resignation. Stacy, in the bedroom, overheard Paul say he would postpone an impending trip because nothing was as important as this.


Steve Aldrich’s wife, Carolee, disappeared after finding Steve with Dr. Ann Larimer. Their adopted son Billy had refused to move out of the home they all shared when Steve's mother Mona moved them into a new house. He ran away. With the intercession of Carolee's cousin, M.J. Match, Billy was living above the garage at the Powers'. Billy knew what drove Carolee away. Ann tracked Carolee down to a New York hospital, where Carolee was in a catatonic state. Using false identity, Anne spirited Carolee away to a private hospital. Lately, Carolee had been having brief, periodic forays into reality. Dr. Simmons wanted to transfer her to another hospital under Dr. Brandt, who had had some success with catatonics. Ann - Mrs. Lomax to them – pleaded lack of funds, but said she might be able to fit a visit into a business trip. Mona wanted Ann and Steve together. She wass a bit disconcerted when Steve found M.J. a good companion, who appeared to be helping him reach Billy.


Althea’s daugther, Penny, was in love with Jerry Dancy. A problem arose between them as Penny had led Jerry to believe she was more experienced at lovemaking than she was M.J. suggested Penny and Jerry go away for a weekend and made sure Jerry knew she was avoiding the issue, not him. Penny wanted to wait until after the Grand Jury hearings and Jerry needed time to raise the money, refusing to let Penny pay for it.


Althea went to visit Eleanor Conrad. Althea was sorry Eleanor's late husband Scott could only find suicide as a solution to his problems. - Eleanor, a schizophrenic for 15 years, had only recently been cured. However, just before her release, Scott fell in love with Althea. His love became so obsessive, he devised a plan to convince Eleanor she was still ill so he could have her re-institutionalized and divorce her. In the meantime, Althea renewed her love for her ex-husband Nick Bellini, and finally told Scott she wouldn't marry him, didn't love him. Eleanor was back in the hospital and his life seemed meaningless. - The two women became friends. When Eleanor later complainted to Althea that Wendy wanted to quit school to look after her, assuring Althea there was no need; Althea arranged to help Eleanor get involved and prove it to Wendy. Eleanor had her Iast psychiatric session.


As Matt had resigned, Paul Summers went after Matt's job. He suggested Hank Iverson write a letter to the Board saying the hospital needed a Chief of Staff, temporarily, in order to function properly. Paul then went to Mona to suggest the same thing. He was surprised to learn that the Board hadn't acted on the resignation. Paul told Mona that Matt wouldn't accept reinstatement. He suggested the Board try to find a temporary replacement, until after the Grand Jury hearings. Paul said it had to be someone who shared Matt's philosophy. When Mona suggested Althea, Paul told her he didn’t feel someone so close to Matt would accept the job. Mona, not surprisingly, suggested Paul could fill the post. Faking humility and surprise, Paul accepted, saying it might be a good idea for him to attend the meeting, to show the Board how like Matt he was, warning Mona he would in no way defend Matt. She agreed.


Despite Paul’s manipulations to get Jason Aldrich out of the picture, Jason finally arrived from Rome. He made an appointment with Matt immediately.


Billy Aldrich’s dark room was almost finished. He and Greta had agreed he would teach her photography. Matt didn’t like the idea of their spending so much time together alone, so he asked Billy to teach him, too.


Toni Powers received a call from the California State Police. Her mother, Barbara Ferra, had been in a terrible accident and had been asking for Toni. Toni left immediately.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


With the strong protection of her bodyguard, Steve Guthrie, Nicole Drake had narrowly escaped death several times. The hired killer, Van Rydell, dbeen given an ultimatum to kill Nicole within 72 hours or he would be replaced. In his final attempt, he gained entry to the guarded home of Nicole and Adam Drake by disguising himself as the relief police officer, Earl Collins, that he killed for substitution.


- Dr. Clay Jordan was the doctor who treated Nicole during her amnesia in Paris as a result of a boat explosion while honey-mooning with Adam; after her recovery Clay accompanied Nicole in her return to the United States. - Clay had been close by after every attempt failed to take Nicole's life. She had been experiencing with narcosynthesis to try and unveil the mystery hidden in her mind —the 45 days she couldn’t account for while in Guadalupe, immediately following the explosion. The drug treatment was halted by the tragic murder of Nicole's psychiatrist, Dr. Quentin Henderson. - Unknown to all, Clay killed Quentin when Quentin refused to reveal Nicole's comments while under the drug. - Still unable to obtain this valuable information, Clay pumped the Drake's close friend, Abby Walcott. When she gave him no answers, he asked her to talk Nicole into returning to narcosynthesis pleading "it's a matter of life or death!" At this same instant, Collins had been found dead and Guthrie had been alerted by phone about his about his phony visitor. Rydell realized this and slugged Guthrie from behind with the butt of his rifle. A harrowing scene followed with Van assaulting Nicole's locked bedroom door and Nicole on the other side wildly screaming for help! This locked door had given Nicole the life-saving time she needed before the police arrived to capture Van. He broke through the door taking Nicole hostage as the police held him at gunpoint. Guthrie got up and hit Van, knocking him down. Clay, not satisfied with Van's unconsciousness, waited til everyone was out of the house then shot Van with a rifle. He explained Van had awakened and attacked him, giving him no choice but to shoot in self-defense. At the Hospital, Van took his last breaths in the presence of Guthrie and Clay. He mumbled to Clay, "Starkweather, he sent you to get me," Clay again tried to silence Van by re-entering his room alone and ending his life — this time he succeeded although Guthrie had already begun solving the lead he received from Van's last words. Clay said Van was delirious, both Adam and Guthrie believed Van was telling the truth.


Nicole had remembered where she was during the forty-five days. Her memory had recalled someone taking off her wedding rings — a jungle trail on a small island — a clearing — a moat with a bridge — and a wall of bam-boo. Police Chief Bill Marceau had come up with interesting evidence proving Van was hired and played a cassette for Adam found in Van's hotel room. It was a good warning that Nicole's life was not yet out of danger.


Starkweather turned out to be a liaison between Van and his "boss." Since he was Van's only contact, he believed this man, who ran a mailorder business, was the chieftain, therefore, fearing Starkweather hired Clay to eliminate him.


Desperate to bring back Nicole's memory, Adam hired a new psychiatrist to continue her treatment under narcosynthesis. Dr. Chris Neely who worked with Phoebe Jamison, had volunteered to replace Quentin's treatment. In her second session, Nicole's memory block began to break loose. She talked aloud of a boat with black swils, of Billy smiling, and of screaming in pain as her wedding rings were yanked from her fingers. - Billy was a native of the islands near Guadalupe. Nicole had seen him many times in dreams she experienced with fear. Billy was always holding a machete and laughing at her in these dreams. - She cried for her rings, She then spoke of the boss entering the room — the boss being a very charming, self-assured man named Claude Revenant. Billy instructed Nicole to forward all her questions to Revenant, he was the owner of what he called "Limbo Island." Seeing Adam's crutches - he was shot in the leg by Van - reminded Nicole of Revenant's cane he walked with. She recalled the city of St. Anthony and trying to get a message out through there because Revenant assured her there was no communication possible from Limbo Island. He preferred to be isolated. When Nicole attempted to escape at night, she saw Billy was guarding her door with machete in hand. Nicole came out of the narcosynthesis remembering how she tried to escape Revenant's house and Billy found her in the underbrush. He was again holding a machete. The same scene she had continually experienced in her dreams had come to her mind, this time she knew these were not nightmares, they were dreams of what actually happened. She had speculated that Billy was holding her under orders from Revenant he would go to any extreme to keep her on the island, even if it meant Billy killing her.


When Clay heard that narcosynthesis had been used on Nicole and he was not notified, he became quite indignant with Phoebe Jamison who would not reveal any information about Nicole's session either to Clay or to her husband Kevin. Adam reminded Clay that he was no one's doctor and had the right to nothing. When awake, Nicole had the opportunity to see her friend Abby's ruby pendent again. This necklace had recently caused Nicole severe headache pain on sight, this time she had dizziness but no pain. Adam pursued this confrontation further mentioning Revenant's name. Nicole recalled being in Revenant's study after her attempted escape. There she saw a red light on a map behind Revenant. It was situated on the southwest of the Antilles chain on the map. At that point, Revenant told Nicole he heard via shortwave that Adam was dead. He hoped this would prevent attempted escapes as her purpose was to get a message to Adam. - This red light on the map was the last thing Nicole saw before she fainted with the shocking news about Adam. She recalled also that after three days of vegetating she returned to the study. She told Revenant that she wanted to go home. He informed her she could leave the island when he did. He wouldn’t tell her when that was, only that they would go to another of his islands, this one he called his "paradise."


Clay wanted Dr. Neely to give him the story Nicole told under narcosynthesis, "from a medical standpoint only." Dr. Neely refused. Clay offered Dr. Neely $2.000 as a bribe for the report.


Nicole was blaming herself for this accident as she knew about the syndicate and her father's connection with it, but didn't tell Adam, it was her fault that the ship was blown up.


Mike Karr’s involvement with the Governor's crime task force had placed his family's lives in jeopardy. Using his son-in-law Johnny Dallas' restaurant as a "drop" for indicting evidence had reached the corruptive leaders, they had threatened Johnny with threats against his son and wife's safety if he continued to cooperate with Mike and his force. Mike then went straight to Tony Saxon and informed him the restaurant location was no longer involved, to put a stop to any thoughts of violence. Tony denied using it, as he denied the guilt accompanied by his indictment. To protect his status, however, Tony had rehired Ansel Scott to defend him in the upcoming trial serving his indictment. - Ansel defended Tony successsully ten years ago. He would try to do it once again, this time against his son, Monticello's assistant District Attorney, Draper Scott. - Saxon was willing to pay three to four million dollars to Ansel for a winning case. Mike and the police were baffled as to how Saxon derived the information about the New Moon Cafe.


Mike’s wife, Nancy, had been greatly depressed lately and completely involved herself in her job on the Monticello News as a "Consumer's Hotline" columnist and reporter. She had taken on very mysterious expeditions but offered no one an explanation. When Mike told her of the risk he had put Johnny and their daughter Laurie in, Nancy lost her control, and in hysterics slapped Mike in the face. Afterwards, she could not forgive herself though Mike consoled her saying he deserved it.


She met her "mystery man," Mr. Bo Smith, and in his car, he kissed Nancy with Kevin in nearby observation. To Kevin, Nancy explained Mr. Smith was an informant helping her break through the consumer fraud and the kiss was his idea of a caper to shock Kevin. Mr. Smith's persistence had become more than Nancy had bargained for. When he called her in Mike's presence, she put him off. Returning his call with Mike gone, Nancy was firm in cancelling their arrangement. When Mike tried to get to the bottom of Nancy's problem, she broke down in tears. He mentioned that they had been apart in every way. Nancy cried that she was terrified their lives were falling apart; Mike suggested she see a psychiatrist, Nancy flatly refused. She begged him to give up the crime commission. Nancy knew his silence is her answer.


Tony Saxon’s lucrative fee had drawn Ansel to Monticello and with him were his fiance, New York socialite, Nadine Alexander and her daughter Raven. Nadine found this visit to Monticello a perfect opportunity to continue with her definite desires for Raven to marry Draper. She hid nothing in telling her close friend Geraldine Whitney. They planned to reside with Geraldine in her mansion while Ansel was involved with his reknowned client. Geraldine planned a dinner party with Draper as the guest of honor. Ansel's first response was negative, but he gave in, reluctantly heeding Nadine's suggestion that this meeting could help Ansel become closer to his son. Raven then rushed to Draper's apartment to give Draper the invitation in person. She arrived as Draper was waiting for the answer from Brandy Henderson to his marriage proposal.


Danny and Tracy Micelli had stayed together despite Danny's extreme and violent jealousy. He wanted a child. Tracy told him she couldn’t face children. This news Danny accepted sadly, but expresseed his greater love for Tracy. She confided to her sister-in-law Laurie Dallas, that she couldn’t have children because of a previous abortion by a "quack" doctor. She couldn’t tell Danny this and then he wanted her to see a doctor to perhaps help her conceive the child she knew they could never have. Upon his insistence, she agreed to go with Laurie. Danny couldn’t control his anxiety and rushed to the doctor's office. The doctor told Danny that because the abortion caused some mutiliation to her uterus, there was no hope for Tracy to conceive. Danny not knowing about an abortion, reacted in violent anger.


General Hospital


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Dr. Steve Hardy, recovering from surgery to alleviate paralysis of his lower body due to spinal pressure, began to regain movement, with the help of passive massage administered by nurse Audrey Hobart. Steve and Audrey planned to be married one month after the day Steve was able to walk. Their plans to tell Audrey's son Tommy met an obstacle when Tommy declared that a friend said Tommy didn’t have a father because a father was someone who did things with his son. Audrey told him his real father died in Mexico. But Tommy also remembered that his step-father, Jim Hobart, walked out on them. He felt mistrustful of step-fathers, even after Audrey told him she was going to marry his good friend, Dr. Steve. To reassure Tommy he had a real father, Steve took him on a tour of the hospital, pointing out where Tom Baldwin worked. He and Audrey also investigated how Steve could adopt Tommy. There should be no problem since the coroner had a document to prove Tom was dead in Mexico.


But was he ? Dr. Tom Baldwin was serving a life sentence in a Mexican prison for a murder he didn't commit. He passed out in a bar, and when he woke, he was holding a knife and a man was dead. Tom sent Tommy, with his nurse, back to Audrey. Unbeknownst to Tom, the nurse kidnapped Tommy, and never told Audrey of his real plight. Tom was resigned to his fate, until lawyer Ramon Hernandez took pity on him, perhaps out of boredom after being eased out of the family law firm by his son. Hernandez discovered a possible eye-witness, but urged Tom not to get his hopes up because the red-tape was tremendous.


Dr. Mark Dante, the man who performed the operation on Steve, had been offered the job of chief of neurosurgery by Steve. Mark wanted the job, but he had a wife who had been institutionalized for two years for depression and her doctors in Boston didn’t want her moved. His father-in-law urged him to take the job. He accepted. As he was telling this to Terri Arnett, sister of his friend Rick Webber, Terri told Mark it wasn't right for him to walk out, that he owed his wife Mary Ellen something. Mark consulted with Dr. Peter Taylor about a local sanitarium. - Two years ago, Mark and Mary Ellen were having an argument in the car. Mary Ellen wanted Mark to leave clinic practice for a more lucrative private practice. Mark wanted to stay where he was. Mary Ellen threatened to get out of the car. Unaware she had loosened her seat-belt, he slammed on the brakes, smashing Mary Ellen against the dashboard. She was pregnant. As a result of the accident, she lost the baby and had to have a complete hysterectomy. - Mark moved Mary Ellen to Port Charles. The head of the sanitarium, Dr. Ralph Stason, provided Mary Ellen, once an artist, with art materials. He then warned Mark never to discuss the past or his relationship with Mary Ellen in conversations with her. Ralph's therapy began to work. Mary Ellen talked to Mark about flowers he brought her and she began to paint. Terri was elated that she had been of help, but was torn up because she realized she was falling in love with Mark. Her solution was to try to avoid him as much as possible, turning down dinner. However, she had to relent finally when Mark saved her from another onslaught by Dr. Rex Pearson.


Diana and Peter Taylor decided that finally their marriage was on solid enough footing to consider adopting a child. Diana had to have a hysterectomy following the birth of her daughter Martha. They tried an agency, but were told their chances for an infant are poor, since more women were then keeping their babies. They would have to wait two or three years. They next considered a private adoption, consulting with Adam Streeter, head of obstetrics. Adam told them much the same thing, but promised to keep an eye out. Adam learned of a private clinic in Switzerland, run by Dr. Lederer, that sometimes had babies for adoption. However, Diana and Peter would have to be in Switzerland a week before the baby was born, plus get the mother's approval of them. When Peter called Dr. Lederer, he told them he had a mother due to give birth in a week who wanted an Ameri-can couple to adopt her baby. The Taylors left immediately.


Martha was left in the care of Heather Grant, the Taylors' recently hired mother's helper. Heather, a poor girl with great ambition, forged references and got the job. She wanted a life like the Taylors' and even had her future husband picked out — Dr. Jeff Webber. Heather's ex-husband appeared. Larry Joe wanted her back. Heather refused. Later, fired from his job, he had a chance to buy into a gas station, but he didn’t have the money. He demanded she steal the key to the clinic drug cabinet, so he could steal drugs to sell. Heather, a volunteer in the clinic, refused.


Larry Joe stole Dr. Monica Webber's purse. Monica and Jeff were married, but Heather had observed signs of a rocky marriage, even seeing Monica in Dr. Rick Webber's arms. Heather guessed what Larry Joe had done when Monica discovered her purse missing. Heather got the purse and got Larry Joe off her back by promising not to turn him in if he didn’t tell the Taylors about the forged references.


In the purse, Heather discovered the letter Rick wrote to Monica before he was believed dead and Monica married Jeff. In the letter, after telling Monica it was all over, Rick told her he still loved her and would never be able to get her out of his blood. Heather returned the contents of the purse, minus the letter, which she put in Jeff's mail slot in the hospital.


Dr. Rick Webber and his sister-in-law, Dr. Monica Webber, were called into Steve's office. Mrs. Galvin was bringing a malpractice suit against the hospital for the death of her son on the operating table. The only question Steve had was could Rick have covered for Monica. Rick reassured him, and Steve told them not to worry. Monica was panicky. She went to see Rick at his new apartment, saying she was afraid their past would be dragged in and everyone would discover they were still in love. Rick told her it was all over between them. Later he told her their love would die if they let it. Monica didn’t want that. After a nightmare, Monica told husband Jeff she was panicked about the malpractice suit. He determined to help and went to Mrs. Galvin's apartment. There he met a next door neighbor who was fond of Joey and privy to the fact that Mrs. Galvin wouldn't let Joey be treated for the leg injury that threw the clot that caused his death after surgery for another accident. After Mrs. Damon reported it to Steve, the suit was dropped.


Steve gave his married proteges a day off. At the lake, Jeff tells Monica he'd like to have a baby. She panicked, then told him she was not yet ready to let medicine take a back seat to motherhood. In truth, it was Rick's baby she wanted. When Monica reported Jeff's idea to Rick, he told her her future was with Jeff, not him, but he couldn’t deny he still loved her. Jeff attributed Monica's reluctance to having his baby to the fact Monica was a foundling and never had a secure home. So, with Rick's agreement to co-sign, Jeff got details about buying a house. Monica also quashed that idea. Desperate, she consulted lawyer Chet Davis about a no-fault divorce, only to discover she'd need Jeff's cooperation or grounds, such as desertion.


Meanwhile, Terri had offered them a big party for their first anniversary. When Jeff reported her lack of enthusiasm to Rick, and Rick told Monica she had hurt Jeff, Monica castigated Jeff for tattling on her and moved out of their bedroom. Unable to sleep, Jeff took pills. The following morning, when Monica came in to dress, he had a hard time waking up. He was late, but he decided to have it out. He grabbed her arm, to keep her from running away again. She wrenched away. Still groggy, Jeff took uppers. When Terri found out, she told him he ought to know better, but Jeff felt he had nowhere to go but up. Monica used the ensuing bruise on her arm to convince Rick Jeff mistreated her.


Rex Pearson accidentally learned of Monica's visit to the lawyer from his friend Chet Davis. He tried to use the information to blackmail Monica into becoming his lover. She refused, then set things up with Rick to cover, in case Rex went to him. Jeff showed Terri the letter, which he thought Monica put in his mail slot. He felt Monica had been in love with Rick all along.


Monica was very upset to learn Rick had had her transferred to Dr. Pearlman's surgical service, instead of to his. He claimed he couldn’t handle two surgical interns at once, but he was afraid of being that close to Monica all the time. Monica showed her bruised arm to Audrey, Terri, and Rick, claiming Jeff was not as sweet and gentle as they all thought. Jeff, unable to handle his feelings since receiving THE letter, tried to force Monica to talk again, causing her to accuse him of being high on pills. Her constant rejection of him in bed drove him to take more pills. As a result, he had a reaction, like suffocating, from them. Heather Grant, who was with him when it happened, helped him through it and promised to keep it quiet.


Jeff played into Monica's hands by getting drunk at their first anniversary party. She played the brave, understanding wife who was trying to cover for her unstable husband. Rick bought it.


Dr. Ralph Stason suggested to Mark that Mary Ellen needed more contact with the outside, although she was not ready to be released yet. Mark asked Terri to be Mary Ellen's contact. Terri agreed.


Dr. Lesley Faulkner, beseiged by reporters since her husband's death, took Rick's advice and went on a cruise. Lesley had been feeling faint and nauseous. She suspected she was pregnant. In talking with Audrey about her previous pregnancy, Lesley told Audrey that she should have had an abortion, that some babies shouldn't be born. Lesley told Terri, finally, what she suspected.


Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Allen Potter


Rita Stapleton’s mother had recovered completely from her recent surgery and planned to return to her hometown. Rita's younger sister Evie was not as anxious to return to their little town. She had had her first taste of city living and was rueful about giving it up. Rita recognized Evie's anxieties about leaving so she persuaded her mother to stay in Springfield. She reasoned it would give Evie the opportunity to work toward a brighter future. Evie had been casually dating Dr. Tim Ryan - Rita recently jilted him for Dr. Ed Bauer -. Her fondness for Tim was also behind her motives to stay.


Rita’s relationship with Ed Bauer was becoming more meaningful with every date. She confided to her mother that he was the first man she had even considered a future with. Viola wisely assured her daughter that Rita was in love. Before taking his neurology exams, Rita offered Ed her good luck charm, an Indian arrowhead. Ed was overjoyed when the results arrived, he passed the State Board Examination and could practice neurology. To celebrate and to thank Rita for the help she gave him in studying, Ed planned an elegant evening for them. Before their date, Rita's spirits were abruptly halted by the appearance of a certain man at the hospital. Just seeing him had thrown Rita's personality off-balance. She was reacting frightened and mentally preoccupied to all who spoke to her. Ed sensed her tension and offered her the compassion she had shown him in the past. She couldn’t bring herself to divulge her past to him. After she ended their date, Rita's fears came to reality. The man — Malcolm Granger — had come to Rita's apartment and threatened to reveal her life in Texas to her friends and relatives. She stalled him for one more day then rushed to tell Roger Thorpe of her "visitor"' from the past. - Roger and Rita knew each other when she privately nursed 84-year old Malcolm Granger Sr. When reunited in Springfield, they publicly kept their association a secret. -Unknown to Roger and Rita, Malcolm followed her to Roger's and was listening to their conversation. Roger did not want Granger to know he was in Springfield. With Roger's insistence, Rita agreed to meet Granger. He told Rita the inheritance she got when his father died still puzzled him. He upset her further by informing her he had seen a lawyer as he had proof she lied to him and he was here to find out what part she played in his father's death. He then threatened to spread it around Cedars Hospital, but Rita insisted she had nothing to do with it. Malcolm claimed he wanted justice. At the bar, Rita realized Malcolm knew she was lying. He became angrier and began saying "I'll see you charged with m… ". Before he finished, he grabbed his head and collapsed. He was rushed to Cedars and was diagnosed as having a stroke.


Rita was beside herself, as Granger had been given the prognosis of survival and by his attending physician, Ed Bauer. Also, Peggy Thorpe was his specialty nurse on the case. In a weak moment, Rita was relieving Peggy and was tempted to disconnect Malcolm's medication from the I.V. unit. She was startled by Peggy's return before she did anything.

At home, Ed dropped in with a surprise steak dinner he planned to cook for Rita. He was very concerned over her distracted and depressed personality recently, and wanted to cheer her up. He offered her consolation again, but she wouldn’t let him help her. She sent Ed home before dinner excusing herself as tired. When he left, she cried. Ed was determined to help Rita out of her depression.


Disappointed, Roger found out from Peggy that Granger had regained consciousness. So far he was paralyzed and couldn’t talk, but Ed was hopeful this condition would be temporary. Roger reminisced of the day that Granger fired him from his job on his oilfield in Texas claiming it was because he was a friend of Rita's.


Rita’s sister, Evie, had been accepted at the University and began to prepare for courses hesitant that she could succeed in college. This result had been because Tim stimulated Evie to take the admittance exams for the college, he was showing a genuine interest in her.


Hope Bauer had to defend her new beau Ben McFarren to her father, lawyer Mike Bauer. Mike was leery of Ben's background and wanted Hope to ask Ben about his past. Ben would not tell Hope anything except that he had been in trouble when much younger. Ben felt that Mike's resentment was a prejudice for artists, because of this opinion he would not give Ben the chance to prove his worth. - Hope had posed for one of Ben's art classes originally planned to be nude. She preferred to wear a bikini. The publicity of this incident caused concern to Mike. He later saw a portrait of Hope in Ben's apartment disgusted that Bert sketched it bare, doubting Ben's intentions by this act. –


Hope was confused by Ben's affections. At times she felt very close to him then he switched off and became distant. He explained that she was the first person in his life that he could trust and this scared him. She confided her confusion about Ben to Ann Jeffers - Mike's secretary -. Ann helped Hope to understand Ben's distance by describing Ben's rough and unhappy life. He had only known about the bad breaks he had had and anyone he had entrusted had betrayed him; so, finding Hope with her integrity was too good to be true to Ben causing him to react cautiously with their deepening relationship.


Later, Hope saw a side to Ben she never knew. His boss Al asked Ben to clear some tables, Ben refused as it was not his work-ing hours. Al was irritated by this and badgered Ben about being in prison. Ben came near explosion by this, but managed to keep calm. Hope commented about his temper, Ben realized his mistake. Hope commented about his temper. Ben realized his mistake. Ben was both impressed and touched by Hope's support of him to her father and in a close moment together told Hope he loved her very much.


Mike again warned Hope about Ben's behavior. He knew of his past from the work he did on his case. - Mike unsuccessfully defended Ben, the result being Ben's imprisonment. He was exonerated after fifteen months, but the experience in jail left Ben embittered. - Mike claimed Ben's present traits of short-temper were consistent with his records in the past. Hope still would not let her father's opinions influence her against Ben, she relaid that because Ben had had a bad past he had more reason to work towards a positive future.


Dr. Joe Werner was not accepting his recovery from a recent heart attack as well as he normally should. His depression had caused his wife Sara due concern. She conversed with Dr. Justin Marler, Joe's heart surgeon, and they concurred that Joe was allowing himself to become a "cardiac cripple.” To prevent his further depression and perhaps a setback, Dr. Marler had released Joe from the hospital early under Sara's care. Joe continued to feel sorry for himself being apprehensive about returning to a normal life. Dr. Marler saw how self-destructive Joe wad becoming and lie it on the line to him. He was emphatic in his speech to Joe that he had the best wife in Sara, and if he wasted his life away as an invalid, he would waste Sara's life also and THAT was the most selfish thing he could do! This bluntness of Dr. Marler's had done the trick, Joe had snapped out of his self-pity and was even returning to work for one hour a day. Sara was delighted to overhear Joe related to one of his patients telling him "it's a beautiful world and worth getting back into."


Dr. Steve Jackson and the hospital administrator Adam Thorpe were ecstatic that they had received the Levy grant which allowed them to expand the hospital property. They regretted to report to Ed Bauer, chief-of-staff, that the land adjoining the hospital where they planned to build the new research facility was owned by Dr. Justin Marler. They both expressed their concern that Marler was quietly acquiring a lot of power at Cedars and manipulating things for his benefit. When Ed inquired about this land purchase to Marler, he simply explained he had bought it with the future intentions of building his own office on the site. Dr. Marler had a meeting with Adam and offered to sell the property but realizing he would take a profit from the sale, Adam and he agreed to have an unbiased party come in and evaluate the land value and Justin would establish his selling price from there. Adam agreed this was the fair way to handle it.


When Sara noted the possibility of making a profit on the hospital's need for his land, Marler snapped back that despite anything he had done to prove otherwise since coming to Cedars, she still saw him exactly as he was when they were in med school together. Sara tried to assure him she wasn't accusing him.


Love Of Life


Written by: Paul & Margaret Schneider

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


Edouard Aleata had an excuse for seeing Felicia Lamont as he was setting up a meeting for her with Lisa Cooper so that Felicia's paintings could be exhibited at the Cooper Gallery. Charles, Felicia's wheelchair-confined husband, was very jealous of Eddie and resented it when Eddie visited her. Felicia had employed Lynn Henderson to read to Charles and he enjoyed turning the sixteen-year old girl on to the classics while she fought her alcohol problem. Charles asksed Lynn to be his eyes and ears because he felt left out when visitors came to see Felicia.


Charles tried to put doubts in Felicia's mind about her painting ability. When this didn’t keep her from planning her trip to New York with Diana Lamont to see Mrs. Cooper, Charles questioned Diana about - Diana had been managing the bookstore for her ex-husband since his accident. - Felicia told Eddie that they wouldn't be able to go and he suggested that they might be able to set up the meeting in Rosehill.


When Eddie called to say that Lisa was in town, Felicia asked them to the house. Charles was upset that he wasn't consulted, even after Felicia explained that she asked them to the house so she wouldn't have to leave. Eddie and Lisa spent many hours over her paintings, to then have Charles insult Lisa about gallery practices. Lisa told Eddie that other artists who had lived under such tension had ceased to develop. If this was to happen to Felicia, there was no point in showing her paintings.


Felicia went to tell Eddie that Charles was so against her painting that she had to give up the idea of a career. She would put her painting away so that she would be able to forget it. She broke down and found herself in Eddie's arms. Felicia pulled away, unable to give in and face the fact that they loved each other.


Felicia started throwing away her oils to erase them from her mind. Approving, Charles told her that the pain she had been experiencing over this had been due to her confusion. She couldn’t do it. She promised to live within the limitations of Charles' life, if he would let her paint.


Van Sterling was apprehensive about leaving Lynn and Bruce in the house together since they didn’t get along. Bruce apologized to Lynn and said he had to learn to trust her. When she told him that Charles wanted her to be his eyes and ears, Bruce flew off the handle again, but told her that if she left while Van was gone it would be unfair to Van after all she had done for Lynn. Bruce asked about her family and suggested that he get hold of them if she didn't. Lynn tried to write a letter to her mother asking if she could come home, but still felt unwanted. Bruce apologized for coming down on her so hard.


Bruce was talking about the conflict between Meg, Van, Cal and Sarah and how much they really loved each other when he saw that Lynn was hurting also. He explained that using liquor wasn't the only way to forget her sorrow. Lynn saw what a compassionate person Bruce was and that he might even make someone a good father, but then told herself that she had seen it all before.


Arlene Lovett was having a hard time as she had lost her job and a new one was hard to find while she was on probation. Doctor Tom Crawford was standing behind the costs of new tests so that Arlene's mother, Carrie, would be ready for her surgery. Carrie decided that she wouldn’t be a financial burden on anyone. She was going to stay with her sister Dorothy, but Tom and Arlene foiled this by calling Dorothy to tell her that Carrie's condition was so serious that unless she had this surgery it would be fatal. Arlene had to come up with an idea so she told her mother that her old friend, David Hart, heard of their problems and offered to lend her the money. - David and Arlene became friends before he was sent to a sanitarium after killing his father to defend his fiance, Cal Aleata, and later setting fire to Rick Latimer's former restaurant, The Club Victoria. - Arlene asked Ray Slater to just borrow the money to show her mother and then she would bring it right back. Ray led her on by telling her to get ready to go out. He wanted something to show for his money, While they were out, Ian Russel joined them and then Ray got up and left. Arlene was mad, but then decided to have a drink. They went to Ian's place, where Arlene put a stop to things when Ian suggested that they did away with the preliminaries. Ian found out that Ray hadn't told him that Arlene wasn't a professional and knew nothing of this meeting. Ian felt sorry for her until she explained that she needed money because she had a sick mother. Ian laughed and Arlene stormed out. Ian was mad at Ray, but decided that he liked Arlene enough to get her phone number from Ray.


After much persuasion, Arlene agreed to be escorted to a very nice restaurant in the country. Ian told her how sorry he was about their misunderstanding and to show his appreciation for her forgiveness, he gave her a diamond pendant. Ray showed up to tell Ian the results of a business meeting. Ian didn’t like them and excused himself to make a call. Ray accused Arlene of cutting in on Ian and said she belonged to him also.


Tom Crawford came by to tell Carrie and Arlene that the surgery was set for ten days from then. Carrie told Arlene how good she would feel if Arlene were interested in someone like Tom instead of Ian Russel. Arlene was sure that her pendant was real, but she couldn’t bring herself to sell it or show it to her mother.


Cal Aleata had asked her Aunt Van to get the family together. She and Rick Latimer arrived to announce their plans to marry. The silence was deafening and then Meg, Cal's mother and competition for Rick, congratulated them and insisted on giving them a wedding to remember. Everyone was shocked. They felt that Rick was not good enough for Cal, since he was involved with Meg even while he was seeing Cal, but they were even more surprised at Meg's offer.


Rick asked Jamie Rollins to be his best man and then together they paid Meg a visit, asking her to drop the five million dollar suit she had filed against Rick, She said she would when he came back to work at Beaver Ridge as a partner. Rick told her that they had settled that. She told them that she would drop it, but when she called her lawyer, Hugh Cabot, she told him to put a hold on it, but not to drop it in case she should want to go through with it.


Cal visited each family member to tell them how much Rick meant to her. She told Eddie, her step-father, that if he made her choose between them, she would have to pick Rick. Cal refused to wait a month to be married, but Meg was able to persuade Cal to give her two weeks to prepare for the wedding.


Jamie asked Meg why the suit hadn't been dropped and was told that her lawyers had advised her to keep it in abeyance. Jamie told her that she would be suing her own son-in-law.


Rick gave Cal a sapphire and diamond engagement ring and then her best friend and matron of honor, Betsy Crawford, brought over her wedding dress for Cal. She thought a bride who really WAS a bride should wear the dress. - Betsy married Cal's brother, Ben Harper, not knowing he was already married to Arlene Lovett. Ben was then in jail. –


Ray Slater knew how much Meg wanted to keep Rick from marrying Cal and Ray would like a slice of Beaver Ridge. He offered to put pressure on Rick by having Rick's son Hank disappear. Meg refused to use Hank.


When Betsy went into labor, Tom was there to help her through natural childbirth. In the delivery room, Betsy told Tom how much she would like to talk to Ben. Cal called the prison, but they refused to make an exception. Cal called Meg even though Betsy didn't want her notified. Betsy gave birth to a beautiful girl that she called Suzanne. Ben sent a card and flowers.


Cal had talked to her grandmother and found that Meg hadn't even started planning the wedding. She told her mother that they would be married on the weekend at the chapel because Betsy made them promise to go ahead without her.


Meg had been drinking heavily, but told Carrie, her former housekeeper and confidante, that she might be able to get a grip on things if she could just sleep. Carrie gave her some tranquilizers that Tom had given her.


Reverend Minod was able to perform the ceremony at two o'clock on Friday. At the rehearsal, Meg tried but was unable to run things. She had pleaded with Rick, but he told her that he was going to marry Cal. Meg fainted, and was surprised that Cal said that her mother's health came before the wedding.


On Friday, everyone was waiting for Meg. Van was going to take Betsy's place and Eddie would give Cal away. Bruce called at two-twenty, but Meg didn’t answer. She decided that it was time to put her plan to work. She took a few pills and called Rick telling him that she took the pills. He refused to believe her and this made Meg despondent. She drank some more and then couldn’t remember if she took the pills, so she took a handful.


Rick couldn’t get an answer at Meg's. He told Cal, Van, Eddie and Jamie about Meg's call. Although they didn’t believe that Meg would harm herself, Cal and Rick couldn’t take the chance on not going. They found her on the couch. She was rushed to the hospital where everyone waited for her to regain consciousness. Her drinking had complicated the overdose that she took.


Everyone thought it was best that Meg go to the Sterlings' to recuperate, but Meg talked Cal into taking her home.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Karen Wolek had sublet the apartment of a co-worker at Tony Lord's Place, for a month. At first telling Larry that she wanted to stop by to water the plants for a vacationing Margo, she revealed that she had taken the apartment for them to have a place to be to-gether, adding that it was a steal at $200 and “we can afford that." - Karen and her sister Jenny Siegel had rented and just redecorated a wing of the Craig home where Larry lived.-


Back at the Craig house after spending the night at Margo's apartment with Karen, Larry asked why she insisted on keeping their relationship a secret, saying he had already had to lie and was very uncomfortable about it. Karen insisted that she didn't want to share the knowledge of what they had with other people and still wanted to keep it to herself. Larry went on to say that telling people would be a way of acknowledging their commitment to each other. As Larry and Karen were kissing, Anna came into the room. When Karen went out, Larry told Anna that Karen felt that Anna did not exactly approve and Anna answered that she was not in the business of approving or disapproving. Larry told his sister that he had not been close to a woman since Meredith died and that Karen made him feel very happy. Anna relied: "O.K. Enough said."


Later, Karen told Jenny about Anna walking in on them. When Karen said: "Don't pass out or do a dozen Hail Marys over my face, we've been sleeping together;" Jenny said blandly, "I know that." Jenny reminded her sister that because she had been a nun before her marriage to Tim Siegel, Karen had frequently implied that Jenny was a self-righteous "Goody Two-Shoes" and she resented that.


Vince Wolek, Larry’s brother had been told by Karen that Larry hasd her "best friend" in Llanview but no more than that. After work Vinnie talked a friend, Doug Napolitana, into stopping off for a beer at Tony's place so that he could meet his cousin Karen. After seeing Karen, Doug left the table to phone and break a date he had that evening in order to be free to ask Karen out. As he came back to the dining room, he saw Karen, in her cocktail waitress uniform, ran across the room to welcome Larry with a very public kiss. Doug hurried to call back the girl he had just phoned and Vinnie had time only to ask angrily of Larry just what he thought he was doing, before he had to hurry after Doug. Later he made clear to Larry that he disapproved of Larry's relationship with Karen, - Larry's second cousin - and held Larry responsible because Karen was "just a kid."


Samantha Vernon’s – Dr. Will Vernon’s daughter - arrival was the occasion of another athsmatic attack for her mother, Naomi. What appeared to be an old pattern emerged as Samantha, within a few minutes of her arrival, disregarded or resented the things Naomi said to her while she defered to her father, sat on his lap, and presented the picture of a very grown-up looking "Daddy's girl." Within a few minutes there was a feud going on between Brad and Samantha. Jenny walked in as Will was taking the two of them to task with the emphasis on Brad as the one most culpable in keeping it up, since he was the elder of the two. Jenny assured them that she had seen and engaged in inter-family fighting herself.


Some days later, Larry pronounced Naomi a great deal better and able, if she took things slowly, to dispense with the services of a nurse. Brad tried to talk Jenny into staying on after the end of the week when she was scheduled to leave. When Karen heard of it, she told Brad at Tony's Place, where they both worked, that her sister was a trained nurse and not a paid companion.


Brad was turned down by Jenny when he asked for another date because she needed some time to herself to attend to personal matters. He urged her to drop by for a drink if she found she had some free time and then arranged a date with Lana, one of the cocktail waitresses. Lana told Karen she planned to ask Brad to take her to a "Disco" and tried to promote a double date with Larry and Karen. Karen told her that she and Larry had other plans. Just then Jenny arrived, to Brad's obvious disconcertion - Brad's plans for Lana were a quick bite to eat and her place for the rest of the evening -. Jenny told Karen that Viki had gone into labor and Larry would be delayed at the hospital as Viki was being prepared for a Caesarian Section. Karen blurted out that Viki Riley wasn't even Larry's patient and when Jenny reminded her that Viki was Larry's sister-in-law and fighting for her life and the life of her child, Karen said she "forgot" and asked Jenny to forgive her and assure her that she "won't tell him what I said." When Jenny told Brad that she was thinking of taking him up on his offer to buy her a drink, Brad told her he had promised to pick up his sister Samantha. When Lana asked about his startled reaction to seeing Jenny, he said that she was his mother's nurse and he was afraid that there might have been trouble at home. When Lana reminded him that Jenny would surely have called instead of appearing, Brad told her he resented the "third degree." He told her that Jenny was an ex-nun adding as far as he knew she "doesn't date, at all."


After going into labor prematurely, Viki Lord Riley gave birth to a son; a beautiful baby, weighing in at four and a half pounds. Because of the strain both Viki and Joe Riley had been under, Doctor Thornley, a heart specialist at Llanview hospital agreed when prevailed upon by Dr. Jim Craig, to x-ray the baby's heart. - Joe Riley and Cathy Craig Lord had only recently learned that their daughter Megan, who was killed in an automobile accident as Viki was rushing her to the hospital, was the victim of a congenital heart ailment, inherited through Joe, and would not have survived adolescence. When Dorian Cramer Lord's "slip of the tongue" made Joe aware of the fact that Viki, Larry, and Cathy's father Dr. Jim Craig, withheld the knowledge of the full extent of Megan's heart condition from himself and Cathy, it caused some problems between him and Viki but they were resolved. Cathy, however, had refused to forgive her father for his part in keeping the secret and still believed that Viki, - who had been severely injured in the accident that took Megan's life, recovering only a short time before she, herself, became pregnant - had killed her child. - After the x-rays were evaluated, Jim Craig beamed as he told the Rileys’ that their son was normal. Viki and Joe decided to name the baby, who was born on the late Victor Lord's birthday, Kevin Lord Riley.


Wanda Wolek, Tony’s bookkeeper, told him that when she went to the bank to make the latest payment on the mortgage, the  manager informed her that the loan had been paid in full. Tony, furious that Dorian was playing "The Lady Bountiful" called the bank but was stunned to learn that he had no choice in the matter; that someone like Dorian could come along and pick up his loan anytime. Cathy insisted that the gesture was a very generous one on Dorian's part and that they could then concentrate on buying a home in which to raise the baby they were expecting. Tony told her that nobody ever gave something for nothing and that if she wanted a house that badly he would borrow the money. He told Dorian at Llanfair that he intended to keep making payments to her till the full amount had been paid.


Jim Craig learned at a meeting at which Cathy's gynecologist was present, that Cathy did not stay for the pregnancy test nor make any further appointment to be tested. After learning this from Jim, Tony confronted Cathy accusing her of lying to him. Cathy countered that it was her body and she would go to the doctor when she saw fit, telling him to stop presuring her. But Tony went on, insisting that she lied to him three times about seeing the psychiatrist, seeing Joe, and that the gynecologist had confirmed her pregnancy. Again, he asked her why. Cathy said that she lied to him because he got angry with her. He told her not to be ridiculous and ordered her to call her doctor to make an appointment immediately. Cathy told him that she used to be independent and that she was sick and tired of being dictated to. And he, Tony said, was sick and tired of being treated like a fool. Cathy called but told Tony the lie was his own fault because he made her be and do what she couldn’t.


Cathy was killing time the following day, shopping in a department store while awaiting the results of her tests, when she encountered Dorian, who saw that she had been buying baby clothes and offered, as it was Victor's birthday to buy the baby's Christening outfit. Cathy accepted.


Tony was at his apartment working with Wanda when Dr. Morris' office called to give him the lab results. The test was negative, Cathy was not pregnant. When Tony told Cathy on her return, she insisted that the lab made a mistake and that she was determined to prove it by taking a blood test. The following day after she learned that the blood test too was negative, Cathy at first told Tony that the doctor was a quack and she would find somebody else. Tony pleaded with her to go back to seeing Dr. Vernon.


Cathy went to Llanfair to return the Christening dress and told Dorian that she was not pregnant. She learned that Dorian was expecting some people from the paper to celebrate the birth of Viki's son and the fact that the child was healthy. Cathy said Lucky Viki always got what she wanted and when she learned that the baby was born the previous day, she asked Dorian why people were keeping things from her.


The following day, on her way to see Will Vernon, Cathy saw Joe outside the nursery. She saw the baby through the window and told Joe he was beautiful. In Vernon's office, Cathy admitted to feeling pain about Megan's illegitimacy. When the psychiatrist seemed to be exploring the possibility that Cathy was concerned with sparing a child she so badly wanted the pointing fingers that might have been directed at Megan and wished to marry Tony to provide her yet to be conceived child with a "respectable background," Cathy asked him why he didn’t ask her about Viki. She was sure the car crash was deliberate and when Vernon asked how Viki could have known that she herself would not be killed, Cathy replied "ask Viki." Vernon asked her thoughts about Viki and Joe's baby and she said he was tiny and fragile. She said that Joe was so happy and it was Viki's baby that was making him so. She screamed at Vernon, "Wouldn't you hate her? Wouldn't you want a woman like that dead?"


When she saw Pat at the hospital, she called her a hypocrite and once again accused her of having made up the story that Brian is Tony's child. When Brian was at Tony's place on her return, Cathy sent him packing saying she had no idea what the odd jobs Tony dreamed up for him to do could be. Brian later told his mother that Cathy really scared him that afternoon, sometimes staring at him and then not answering him, pretending he wasn't there. Pat told him that Cathy might have just been abstracted; that she had had a disappointment learning that she was not about to have the baby that she thought she would. Brian asked: “What does that have to do with me?"


Cathy again had "forgotten" to keep an appointment with Dr. Vernon, but after a particularly disturbing nightmare, resumed her sessions. Dr. Vernon left the subject of the dream and asked her what else had happened since. He too was puzzled that she had gone to see Viki and asked why. Cathy insisted that she and Viki used to be friends and told him that if he couldn’t take anything she said at face value, they were wasting his time and her money.


Naomi Vernon met Larry in the hospital cafeteria on her way to visit Viki. She told him she had almost forgotten how good it felt to feel good. She expressed a wish that she could learn to control her feelings and Larry agreed that would be half the battle, saying that stress made people more susceptable to illness. Naomi smiled and said that she didn't feel any today, and then looked up to see her husband approach with a pretty nurse. Larry left and Will introduces Robin Crosley, immediately leaving to fetch Robin her "usual" order. Robin told Naomi, whose smile was increasingly becoming forced, that her husband was such an interesting person to work for, in that he discussed his work with her. - Naomi had never been able to get Will to do this with her. - Naomi excused herself and left the hospital without seeing Viki.


Cathy told Tony that she went to see Viki Riley at the hospital. She said she allowed Viki to become close to Megan, and had to take some of the blame for Megan's death herself.


Will got home to learn that Naomi and Samantha had had words but not what it was about - Samantha had given her mother a promise that she wouldn't smoke which she had gone back on, and had begun cutting classes again. - When Will asked Naomi what her behavior was about, she told him he knew very well, but he insisted that he wanted to hear her tell him. She said: "It never fails; they're always pretty and they're all so excited to be working for you." He asked if they were going to have to deal with his one indiscretion the rest of their lives. He called out angrily to a retreating Naomi, that he was not sitting back and letting her talk herself into being ill again.


At Anna’s, Larry asked, as he was leaving for work, if Karen would shop for a present for Viki's baby, telling her he wanted something for twenty or twenty-five dollars. When she returned later to show Anna and Jenny a lovely white quilt and pillow set with a music box, she told Anna she got it on sale for $24.95. Jenny saw the receipt for fifty dollars and asked why Karen lied to Anna. Karen insisted she would make up the difference herself because she didn’t want to give anything chintzy to "this baby especially."


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer


At Ryan’s, Charlie Ferris told Maeve and Johnny Ryan that he had met with the party leaders and they had decided that they couldn’t run Frank as their candidate. - Frank's aspirations for starting a careerin national politics as a candidate for Congress had been devastated when reporter Martha McKee, whose story on Delia Ryan's apparent attempt at suicide was killed, asked a series of questions at the beginning of a political rally which tended to belie Frank's posture as an open, honest, caring candidate. Frank was being backed by his party leaders to fill the seat of a Congressman, who was himself plagued by personal scandal.- When Frank entered saying that he was feeling great, Ferris remarked that he was looking pretty cheerful for a man in his position. Frank replied that politics was not the only thing in the world, that he still retained his seat on the City Council and was making plans to practice law, specializing in his knowledge of city departments. He made known his intention to sue Delia for a divorce and seek custody of little John.


Delia consulted a lawyer whose name was given to her by Roger Coleridge and was told that the only way the woman could be of help to her was to represent her. - Delia was seeking a way to get Frank back -. She reminded Dee that divorce was conflict. Dismissing Frank's three year affair with Jill as forgiven adultry, she pointed out, however, that with proof of Delia's suspicions of the resumption of the affair, Delia had an effective means of cancelling out Frank's petition which would be based on the charge of Delia's adultry with Roger Coleridge. When her attorney suggested a private detective, Delia recommended that they hold off and see what she could do on her own.


Frank was acting as his own attorney and moved quickly to file. Delia was helping out at Ryan's bar when she was served with the papers. Seneca and Bucky left Ryan's and continued their drinking elsewhere. They left the cafe they had been to with a gypsy violinist in tow and headed unsteadily for Jill's apartment building.


Jill and Frank prepared to leave for two days at Jill's beach house when Seneca's serenade began. Frank was much less enchanted than Jill when he saw the trio on the street below. He agreed to slip out the back way, when it was evident that they were on the way up, after Jill promised to get rid of them and meet him at his car as soon as she could. Not knowing how long dismissing the party would take, Jill proposed to call Frank at his office as soon as the coast was clear.


Delia, meanwhile, had gone to Frank's office looking for receipts for presents or love letters and quickly put out the light and stodd frozen as Frank entered. The phone rang almost immediately and Frank's preoccupation with arranging to meet Jill saved her from being seen.


Frank had made arrangements to spend the following evening seeing little John, and Delia prevailed on Pat to drive her out to Long Island, telling him she wanted to make one last effort to appeal to Jill on behalf of the baby; that she could borrow a car but she had no driver's licence. Pat agreed to drive her out after work and they planned to eat on the way. When Pat speculated that they would be calling late at night, Delia said she would rather talk to Jill quietly, when she didn’t have any visitors.


When Pat and Delia found Jill and Frank together, Dee met Frank's furious accusations of a set up by saying she was expecting Frank to be at Ryan's with their little boy as he had promised, that she called Jill's office and was given the beach house number and recognized it. Jill admitted that she did leave that number, in case of emergency, with her answering service.


When they got back to Ryan's, Johnny asked where the two had been till that hour and Pat had to tell his father. They agreed not to wake Maeve who had injured her back and was sleeping. Johnny's concern was that Pat not take a public stand against his brother.


Pat saw Delia’s lawyer the following day and told her, but declined to make a voluntary statement for the record. However, he did realize, that he was subject to subpoena if Frank proceeded with the case. At Ryan's with Maeve and John, when his father said that he had done the right thing by his brother, Pat asked if it was the right thing by Delia.


Frank insisted to Pat that somehow Delia had set the whole thing up. When Pat said he didn't feel that Delia was to blame for putting him in this position, Frank said: "In other words, you blame me." Pat's answer: "I'm sorry. Yeah."


In Jill’s office at the hospital, Faith heard what had happened and witnessed Jill's dizzy spell. Jillian told her sister that she had a backache and had been experiencing a loss of appetite as well, attributing the symptoms to the stress she had been under since the night of Delia's attempted suicide. Seneca entered and both doctors urged a very stubborn Jill to get a check-up.


When Maeve’s back pains prompted Bucky Carter to order that she rest and do no lifting and take medication, Mary, out of concern for her mother's worry about tending to little John after Delia took to her room crying over Frank's treatment of her, called Jack and asked if it would be all right to bring the baby to their place for a day or two. Just after Jack agreed and before the baby's arrival, Jack accepted a commitment to do a feature story. Thirty-six hours of research and typing.


Little John, unable to sleep, was either crying, or what was worse in the adult-oriented terraced apartment, wide awake as Mary and Jack were themselves crying out for sleep. When Mary left for work the following day, Jack tried to call Frank but there was no answer at his office. He bundled up little John and took him home, telling Delia she might be having a crisis but "don't ask me to handle it." When Mary was upset that Jack believed that one word from him could straighten Delia out, he told her he was not cut out for fatherhood. "No babies, Mary. Not ever." He told her that she was conditioned to expect children but she could re-evaluate. She accused him of patronizing her.


Mary met a friend of Jack's, Alex McLean at Riverside hospital and invited him up for a drink, hoping to change Jack's mood, but instead they wound up quarrelling in front of Alex. The following day, however, Alex assured her that Jack had mellowed since his marriage to her.


Jack left on a trip to Washington to expand the coverage he had done on a labor article and again they had quarrelled over Mary's refusal to take time off from her Channel R duties to accompany him. After a long day and night for the both of them, Mary and Jack talked by phone and made up. He told her that a call from her later in the day might not get through to him, - It was early morning and he had worked all night - because he had an interview, but he planned to fly home immediately after. However, a tropical storm was brewing and all planes had been grounded. Mary suggested that he can hire a car in Washington and turn it in New York, Jack promised to see her that night. But Jack's car crashed, in the middle of a rainstorm, on the New Jersey Turnpike, just outside New York City.

Home for a time after keeping vigil with Mary at Riverside Hospital, where Jack Fenelli had been taken, Maeve told Pat Ryan that she was worried about Delia. She said that Delia needed someone - a man - to depend on and already might be looking around for another anchor. Pat agreed that if they didn’t give her what she needed, she was going to look elsewhere. Delia was pleased when she overheard Pat say that he got sick when he thought of Dee with Roger.


Delia called her lawyer and asks if it would matter to her case if someone saw her with Roger Coleridge. When she met with Delia, when Ms. Bernie asked what Roger Coleridge had to do with her brother-in-law, Delia replied: "Pat's gonna rescue me from Roger." Ms. Bernie asked if Delia was then willing to grant her husband a divorce and Delia, conceding that her marriage to Frank was over, said: "When I'm ready," adding she was not handing him over to Jill on a silver platter.


Just as Delia left, Frank came to the office to discuss terms. He insisted that he would seek a divorce on the grounds of "cruel and inhuman treatment." Ms. Bernie reminded him that when Delia found out about his affair with Jill, she minded her business, took care of the baby, and waited for him to come home. Frank insisted that Delia was incompetent and had a long history of irrational acts, including an attempt at suicide. Ms. Bernie asked if Delia had regressed since her marriage or was a child bride what he bargained for? Frank assured her that a long marriage to Delia Reed Ryan did indeed constitute cruel and inhuman treatment and was told, "We'll look forward to your efforts to prove that in court."


When Seneca told Jill about Jack Fenelli's accident she again showed evidence of feeling faint, brushed off his efforts to get her to see a doctor and told him that if he continueD to turn every meeting between them into a personal encounter, she would start avoiding him. After Jill left, Seneca told Maeve he believed Jill's affair with Frank started because she wanted to love someone she wouldn't feel committed to, but that she outgrew Frank.


Jack Fenelli had come through a nine hour operation performed by Alex McLean and Clem Moultrie but was still on the critical list. He had responded to Mary's efforts to reach him by opening his eyes for a second or two.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Steve and Liza Kaslo were fighting as Steve was recovering from an acute case of leukemia, but was still unable to work. Steve felt he was not a man while Liza supported them with her modeling. Woody Reed offered Liza a job in Rio and to escape the tension, she accepted. Steve asked Dr. Gary Walton, Liza's brother, for a checkup because he could no longer stay cooped up in the house. Gary said that he was in good enough shape to work as long as it was not strenuous. The Herald gave him a job as foreman on the loading dock. His sister, Amy Carson, thought that he was rushing things. Steve explained that he sat most of the time in a covered area and he really needed to work.


A singer wanted to put a freeze on Steve's song while she decided if she wanted to record it. Steve tried to call Liza in Rio, but she was not in her room that night. When Liza returned, Steve was very distant. She saw the letter concerning his song and asked why he didn't call to tell her the good news. Steve explained how he tried and Liza said they were on location and stayed outside of Rio that night, but he could have left a message to have her call. Liza was crushed when he accused her of spending the night in Woody's room.


The Kaslo appartment was becoming very cramped with Steve's musical equipment and Liza's modeling clothes. Steve refused to consider moving until they could afford to pay the rent from his salary alone. Woody thought Liza should have a larger apartment to entertain business clients in and had another model offer to sublet her place while she was away. Liza loved the apartment and asked her not to rent it until she got Steve over to look at it.


Scott Phillips was sorry as he told Eric Leshinsky, his legal ward, that he had found his father, Ralph Heywood, as promised. Ralph and his wife Betty gave Eric all the things a child could ask for. Heywood owned a horse ranch about two hours away from Henderson and, while Eric was there on his first visit, Ralph gave him a pony of his own. Scott couldn’t believe that Ralph had changed from the blackmailer he used to be. He tried to think of things to keep Eric in Henderson, but eventually Eric began to hate him for this.


Eric’s teacher asked to see Scott about problems at school. She explained that the time Eric spent at home recovering from two broken legs had not hurt him academically, in fact he was ahead, but he had become a behavior problem. He spoke out in class and the other day when schoolmate Joey wouldn't believe he had a pony of his own, Eric hit Joey with his cane. Eric had always been such a good student that she called Scott in rather than do something more drastic, but if this continued he would have to be expelled for disrupting the class. She attributed Eric's behavior to too much pampering while recuperating, but Scott said it had nothing to do with that and he would take care of it. He told his wife, Kathy, the problem and said Eric was confused and had torn loyalties. Scott considered telling Eric the truth, but realized this would only turn Eric against him. If Heywood wouldn't listen to reason when he explained the situation, he would use legal means. Ralph claimed that Scott had to be the bad influence because they had no problems with him on the ranch. Scott told Ralph that he was Eric's legal guardian and had the law on his side.


Scott discussed the fighting with Eric who said he would like to change his name because it was confusing. Scott was thrilled that this could be solved so easily and promised to look into it right away. Eric wanted to change his name to Heywood so that the kids would believe that he really had a father. Scott had to make good his promise.


Jo Vincente, who had been paralyzed except for her toes since she intercepted a bullet intended for journalist Chris Delon, had decided to have surgery. After she recovered from the operation, she would either be cured, totally paralyzed, or in the same condition as before the surgery. When a letter arrived from Patty, Jo's daughter, saying they were back from Europe, Stu and Ellie Bergman, Jo's partners in Hartford House Inn, realized that Jo hadn't told Patty any of the things that had happened to her in the past few months. Jo didn't want to worry Patty, but would like her here. Ellie said Jo had to be very worried. Stu placed a call to Patty who would be there on the next flight.


After surgery, Jo asked Patty about Len and the kids. Patty admitted that life was hard there sometimes, but it was much worse for the people who were born in Appalachia. - Dr. Len Whiting was convicted of hit and run drunk driving after he came forward as the man who put Doug Phillips, Scott's father, on the critical list. Scott Phillips went to trial for pulling the plug on his father's respirator until they found that Doug's law partner had done it to keep quiet the fact that he had embezzeled money from trust funds. Len was sent to Appalachia to doctor the poor as his sentence. - Patty painted a very rosy picture of her life with Len. Len called Patty at the hospital and at the Inn asking when she was coming home. Patty not only wouldn’t tell him, but said he was only interested in a house-keeper and babysitter.


Stu took a message from Len saying that he would be arriving the following day. Patty called and asked him not to come. She said that this was not the time or the place to talk things out. When Len arrived, he found that Patty had told no one of their problems and she wanted him to pretend that everything was fine. Using Jo as an excuse, Patty said that Jo was very down and couldn't handle this news. Len was upset when he found a letter from Patty's lover after they returned home. He said that the reason they went to Europe was so that she could forget him, but as soon as they were home, she ran back to him. Jo tried to tell Len how good she felt and that Patty should go home, but Patty told him she was putting on a good show for them. After another argument in which Patty suggested she could tell his probation officer that he left the state without court permission, Len packed and was flying home immediately to avoid being sent to prison. Patty apologized, claiming she was through with her affair. Patty told Jo that Len had gone home, but insisted she stay until Jo was completely recovered.


Jo was very worried because she didn’t think things were really right between Len and Patty when Bruce Carson came to see her. She was beginning to think she was totally paralyzed when Bruce saw her toes move. Gary Walton gave her a reflex test and they were all happy with the results.


After John Wyatt found that Jennifer Pace Phillips invented a rapist to get him to stay at her apartment, he moved out and tried to make up with his wife Eunice. Eunice wanted to talk things out first, but was willing to give John a chance.


Jennifer told Doctor Wade Collins that she couldn’t sleep and would like some pills, but didn’t want a checkup. He gave her a prescription for five Tuonol. She changed it to fifteen and then called another Doctor, representing herself as a novelist, to find out how quickly they worked and when a person had to be found to be saved. He told her it could be ten minutes to eight hours. Jennifer tried to make up with Stephanie Collins, but Stephanie was still mad, so Jennifer asked David Sutton to take her to the theater. David would oblige, but wondered why she was such a stickler about the time. She wrote a note to John and then called David to remind him to be at her apartment at six-fifteen.


Jennifer took the pills and then became upset because David didn’t come. She called Stephanie, but there was no answer. Then she told Gary that she took some pills and wanted him to call John, Gary believed this was another act. He had another emergency and couldn’t leave, but the ambulances were all out also. When he finished on the ward, he went to Jennifer's to make sure she wasn't telling the truth. David arrived and explained that he was late for their date and couldn't get an answer when he called. - He was talking to Patty at the lounge at the Inn. - They broke the door down and found her on the floor. They took her to the hospital where Gary worked over her for many hours.


John and Eunice had champagne in the lounge and then went up to his room. Eunice was very receptive to John's lovemaking. David showed up to tell John that the police would be questioning him because Jennifer left a suicide note for him. John and Eunice both felt awful.


John called Walter Pace who came to Henderson immediately. Jennifer's heart stopped, but Gary was able to start it again only because he was determined that she wouldn’t die. When Walter heard the story, he accused John of seducing his child. He also insisted that Gary be taken off the case because he was also responsible for her condition. He wanted Wade re-moved as psychiatrist because he gave her the pills. Doctor Bob Rogers, Chief of Staff, asked Pace if he knew medicine well enough to prescribe for Jennifer.


Doctor Porter did tests and found that it was possible that Jennifer could have brain damage. Pace filed a suit against Gary and the hospital. Gary had to face not only Pace's suit, but hearings from the county and state boards. He asked Kathy Phillips to represent him. Wade also spoke out for him because he was a brilliant doctor. This did not help and Gary was suspended from his duties at Henderson Hospital until the suit was tried.


After Dr. Gary Walton was suspended from the hospital, he started working with the Open Door Clinic and Amy decided to volunteer also.


Psychiatrist O’Connell questionned Jennifer, but she only asked that John come to see her because they really loved each other and he was going to marry her. John told O'Connell that the last time he saw Jennifer they had a fight and he told her they could never get back together.




Written by: Robert J. Shaw

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


The hub of Somerset's battle against organized crime continued to be the Register and its editor, Julian Cannell - The presence of organized crime in Somerset was first revealed by Register reporter Greg Mercer, who uncovered an arson ring and was subsequently murdered as he tracked down the men behind it. Greg's fiancée, reporter Carrie Wheeler, continued in Greg's footsteps, ultimately obtaining a confession from David Gammidge, left to die by Barney Bailey in a fire. Gammidge died. Another fire in the DA's office might have destroyed the confession tape. While Carrie was under subpoena to testify, Steve Slade, Greg's replacement, discovered a hit-man in the foyer of Carrie's apartment building. Steve whisked Carrie away, but several days later, he lost her. Julian fired Steve who was then persona non grata to Carrie's friends. Only Vickie Paisley, wealthy socialite long in love with Julian, gave Steve the benefit of the doubt and agreed to carry messages to Julian from Steve, who was trying to infiltrate the Organization.-


A confrontation with Carrie's grandmother, Lena Andrews, at the Hayloft, prompted Steve to secretly visit Lena, trying to reassure her that everything would be all right. Lena revealed that she had Greg's notebooks, hotly sought by both sides. Steve persuaded Lena to give them to him, with Julian's o.k. To reassure Lena, Steve got a message to Julian to drive Lena to Ashville, 20 miles away. Julian was surprised to find Lt. Will Price and Steve at the door of a convent. Carrie was safe!


After Carrie and Steve had left their hiding place - just ahead of Organization hit-men -, Steve was afraid they had been followed. He and Carrie created evidence that Carrie had either drowned in a lake or been taken by the Organization. Actually, he' had put Carrie in a cab with orders to go to Price's house. Steve and Price had then put Carrie in the convent. Lena was overjoyed. Carrie would remain there until the trial.


Meanwhile, Tom Conway, prominent young Somerset attorney under the thumb of the Organization, was beginning to buckle under the pressure, especially since Heather Kane, mistaken for Carrie, was pushed down the stairs at Carrie's apartment house and subsequently lost her baby and underwent brain surgery. Tom went to Price to try to tell him of his part in the Organization, but Price got the call to go to the convent. On his way home from police headquarters, Tom was severely beaten. He passed off his injuries as having occurred in a traffic accident, but wasn’t quite convincing to Price the following day, when Will dropped by to inquire what Tom wanted to tell him.


Julian asked Steve to turn the notebooks over to Price, but Steve refused, saying they didn’t know where the Organization had men planted. Also, since they didn’t know the identity of the top man, he could be almost anyone. Julian discovered his car had been bugged. Price and others assured him the bug must have been planted after the trip to the convent.


Julian, meanwhile, had been making loud public statements about his intentions not to rest or let go until the top man was behind bars. Fred Harrington and publisher Dan Brisken warned him that such statements could put him in great danger. Julian didn’t stop, and Tom's contact mentioned something might have to be done to shut Julian up.


Steve had been dropping lots of hints in a truck stop about needing work and not caring about what it was. He castigated his "former friends," etc. Finally, he was contacted by Joe Castor, on the eve of the opening of the trial. Castor told him they didn’t take just anybody in, and Steve had to be tested. He was taken along to pick up Carrie! The bug in Julian's car had been planted before he took Lena to the convent. Before leaving the apartment, Steve left all his lights on, a signal to Price, who immediately made a phone call. When Castor and Steve arrived at the convent, they were told Carrie was picked up by the police hours before. They searched and confirmed Carrie was there, but convinced she was gone, they prepared to leave. Steve, last one out, winked at one of the nuns —Carrie!


The D.A. faced a formidable opponent in defense counsel Michael Selby, a master of courtroom procedure. Price's testimony was tying Bailey's involvement without direct evidence. When Jerry Kane, the doctor who attended Gammidge, tried to bring in the assault on Heather, that testimony was denied. After Julian's testimony was refuted as common knowledge, Selby demanded Carrie be called, sure the defense couldn’t produce her. When Carrie entered, the courtroom broke into pandemonium. Carrie began her testimony.


After court recessed for the day, Steve was contacted by another Organization man, Franklin, who asked why he took Carrie away. Steve told him that when he saw the hit-man, knowing how frightened Carrie was, he figured he had a chance to get Carrie away, alone, and "score." When she didn't co-operate, just cried a lot, Steve dumped her. He didn’t know how the cops got her. Franklin bought it. Steve's next test was to testify to all that to the defense, leaving out the hit-man.


Carrie had Price arrange a meeting with Steve to talk him out of going underground. He was in too far then, and Steve told her that it was not fair to let other people do all the work. Steve later told Price he was to smear Carrie in court. He refused to stop his investigation, stating that without the top man behind bars, the terror wouldn’t end.


Vickie and Lena had been noticing good vibes between Carrie and Steve. Lena encouraged Carrie.


Julian, furious that Selby had not allowed anything about the murder of Ruth Fellows, the other witness who could corroborate Carrie's tape, or the terrorizing of Carrie into the record, confronted Selby. Selby replied that without direct evidence, any connection between those incidents and Greg's death were only inference, and it would be a miscarriage of law if his clients were convicted on inference. Julian warned Carrie she might be made to look a liar.


In court, Greg’s friends breathed easier as the D.A. introduced Carrie's taperecorder and the Gammidge tape into evidence. Both, however, had been badly burned. The tape was audible, barely, but was of poor quality because it was burned. Selby moved for a mistrial, saying the reputation of his clients had been damaged enough. The judge recessed to consider the motion.


The D.A. told Carrie and Julian that he anticipated everything Selby did and had handled things the only way he could, but he didn't anticipate the mistrial motion. They all realized Carrie would be in even greater danger if there had to be a new trial. Meanwhile, Steve was pushing Castor. He told Castor either to accept him or back off and he would find an "in" somewhere else. As Steve pressed, Castor told him he couldn’t ask the man today because it was going to rain and "the iron in him'll be driving him crazy." Later, after almost being discovered writing it down, Steve determined to keep everything he learned in his head. He passed that piece of information on to Julian.


The judge denied the mistrial motion, but set the tape as inadmissable. Selby cross-examined Carrie. He forced her to admit she didn't see the hit-man. Selby told the jury he intended to prove that Carrie had been lying, that this was all trumped up to boost the circulation of the Register. Steve had been sub-poenaed.


Vickie, meanwhile, had cancelled her plans to take an extended trip, mostly to get away from Julian, whom she loved. But Vickie had to admit that she and Julian viewed life differently, so she had decided to leave Somerset. Steve had convinced her she was needed, as had Heather. Vickie began to change her selfish and capricious ways, and she and Julian agreed to start again. Avis Ryan, seeing she was in a losing battle with Vickie, left town.


Selby’s cross-examination of Carrie established she and Steve were alone together in an apartment for three days. Selby made the incident sound like a sordid affair. He next called the landlady, Mrs. Wilson, who said Steve and Carrie, registered as Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, had a three day bash, with booze and loud music far into the night. Carrie screamed Mrs. Wilson was lying.


Joe Castor went to see "the man" —Fred Harrington! Harrington told Castor Mrs. Wilson was over-kill. Harrington asked Castor about Steve. Castor replied that Steve could be a big help to them, having a mind like a computer. Castor felt Steve could figure out a new way of funnelling their money out. Harrington told Castor the three men on trial were expendable. He wanted the trial over soon, regardless of a "favorable" verdict. He then wanted to go after Julian.


Steve, protected then by being deputized by Price, was called to testify. As he got to the part in his story where he was to leave out the hit-man, Carrie broke down and the judge ordered a recess. Steve told Castor perjuring himself wouldn’t do them any good. The police were out to get Mrs. Wilson, and if they did, they would get him, and he wouldn't be any use to them. Harrington, who overheard, took it seriously.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Ross Andrews, the prosecutor, put on his case using Chris Foster, Stuart Brooks and Peggy Brooks, the rape victim herself. Mr. Lawrence, the accused rapist Ron Becker's lawyer, based his case on the fact that Ron introduced himself to Peggy before the line-up and she didn't identify him until she had viewed all the men and then had two of them repeat the words she heard the rapist say. If she really knew who he was, why didn' she react when Ron introduced himself? Peggy didn’t have any reason for not identifying him.


Lawrence told Ron that he shouldn't testify because it would add nothing to their case. Lawrence rested the defense and then Ron asked to make a statement. He told his story bringing in the fact that his wife, Nancy, had been ill and claiming that Chris had been against him because of his police record. Ross Andrews questioned him and showed that Chris was upset that he and Nancy hadn't told her about his police record, but after he explained, Chris told them she believed Ron's story. - Ron said he saw this girl in a bar who invited him home for a drink. She had on a nightgown when he arrived, but after they were in the bedroom she panicked and started screaming "Rape." He was held by neighbors until police arrived. His lawyer didn't tell him that she wasn't going to testify and advised him to plead guilty to burglary. Chris visited Mrs. Sharon Ralston in Denver, but she refused to talk about the case because she was married then. She wouldn’t say whether Ron raped her or not. –


The all agreed that Ron was very smooth. Peggy couldn’t think of anything else but the trial. They tried to persuade her to stay home when the verdict was announced, but Peggy wanted to see his face when they said he was guilty. When Jack Curtis called, Stuart thought it might help if Peggy saw him. Jack asked Peggy to marry him as Joann was strong enough that she wanted a divorce. - Joann tried to commit suicide when she found that Jack was seeing Peggy, who thought Jack was single, and had since become a more stable person with the help of Brock Reynolds and Peggy. Peggy couldn't face breaking up a marriage, but couldn't stop loving Jack. It was this that drove her to Chris' apartment that night. Brock had repeatedly told Jack to stay away from Joann so that she could build some kind of life for herself. –


The verdict was in. They all waited impatiently as the jury foreman said that they were instructed to return a verdict that upheld the facts in this case. Because of this they couldn't all agree that he was guilty beyond "all reasonable doubt." Though they morally felt one way, they had to find him "not guilty."


Peggy couldn’t contain herself. She berated the judge, the jury and Ron Becker, vowing that someday he would pay for this. Peggy was crushed and full of fear knowing that Ron Becker was on the streets again.


Sharon Ralston arrived, but was too late. She and Chris agreed that her testimony would be thrown out anyway. Sharon told Chris what really happened. She did meet Ron in a bar and invited him to have a drink, but she was dressed and he did rape her. She didn't testify because the laws were different then and she would have been ridiculed. She wasn't proud of everything in her past. Her lawyer said it would look bad in court. Ron made obscene and then threatening phone calls to her. Chris and Sharon told Peggy that this trial might have scared Ron and he wouldn’t chance it again. Chris and Sharon went to see Nancy. She was alone because after they received the bail bond check for nine thousand dollars, Ron took Karen to the zoo. They told Nancy that Ron was violent and she and Karen could be hurt. Nancy refused to believe this and said they wouldn’t have to put up with Chris' interference because they were leaving town. Snapper was concerned for his wife, Chris, but she was not afraid as she knew they were leaving town.


Ron told Nancy that he wouldn’t be driven out of town by the Brooks family. He still had some business here and so they would stay in Genoa City for awhile. The following morning, he was going out to cash the check and pay Mr. Lawrence. Nancy couldn’t persuade him to leave.


Chris received an obscene phone call and told herself that it was a coincidence, but to reassure herself she went to the Becker apartment. She was upset when she found Nancy there. She told her about the call and could only say it had to be Ron because he did the same thing to Sharon Ralston.


Stuart said that not much could be done because it took ten minutes to trace a call and it would be difficult to catch him if he called from a phone booth. Chris was furious that Ron couldn’t be caught before he harmed someone again.


Nancy told Ron about Chris' accusation. Ron claimed everybody was always against him. Nancy felt terrible and said she believed him. Ron said he then had a job as a salesman.


Peggy had confined herself to the house and had seen few people since Ron was acquitted. Brock Reynolds went to see Peggy and told her how much she had to live for. He asked her to marry him. Peggy went to the Allegro alone to see Brock. She wondered why he should want to marry her when they hardly knew each other. Brock said he loved her. When Peggy got home, she told her father that she spent the afternoon walking with Brock and he had proposed. She knew that Brock loved everyone and he had done it to give her a reason to leave the house.


Joann wasn’t sure how she would feel if Jack and Peggy got married, but she didn’t want him back. Brock told Jack that he asked Peggy to marry him and she didn't say no. Jack tried to get some kind of commitment out of Peggy. She said that she was not ready to marry anyone at the moment. She didn’t know if she loved Brock, but she needed his friendship. She did love Jack.


Lance Prentiss had asked Lorie Brooks to go to Rome with him for a business trip. She would have to find out. - She was concerned about leaving her brother-in-law, who insisted that no one knew about his blindness. - Over Lance's shoulder, she saw the door of the one room Lance wouldn’t let her in open. While Lance made a call, Lorie investigated. She found a woman that she believed to be the landlady with a veil covering the lower half of her face. Lance called out, addressing the woman as mother. Mrs. Prentiss advised Lorie that she knew about her and she would never get Lance because he owed everything to her, even his very life, and she would keep him from Lorie. Lorie went out through the garden and around the house, saying that she went for a walk. She told Lance that she had decided to go to Rome. Lance promised to call her.


Back at the apartment, Lorie told Brad that she had a confrontation with a veiled lady who didn’t wish Lance to know they had met and because of this she had agreed to go to Rome with Lance. Brad said that he was leaving anyway. He had decided to go back to psychiatry and had to study.


Leslie Elliot, Brad’s wife, called Lorie to say that she was on her way home. Lorie wanted Brad to put off his confrontation with Leslie until she returned from Rome, but he refused. Lorie wanted to be there in case Leslie fell apart, but Brad was so sure that she could take it that Lorie suggested he had made Leslie so strong that she might want the divorce. He went to the apartment to plan the meeting so that Les wouldn't suspect that he was blind.


Vanessa Prentiss told Lance that she would try to lead a life outside the house with his help. She would go to Rome, but with him alone. Lance visited Laurie asking her if she would stay home because there was someone going who required privacy. Vanessa became ill and Lance never made the trip. The doctor who treated Vanessa inquired why she never had plastic surgery. She explained that it could not be done because of her weak heart. Even though she was burning up with a fever, she refused to remove her veil because Lance screamed when he first saw her after the fire.


Lance showed her the ring he bought for Lorie. Vanessa again suggested that it was Les, not Lorie that he was interested in. Lance called on Lorie and even though she was fresh from the shower, encased in a towel, Lance couldn't wait to give her the ring. She asked what it meant. Worn on the right hand it was a friendship ring, but worn on the left it was an engagement ring. She put it on the right and then slipped it to the left where they decided they liked it. He said he had to take care of a few things before they could get married. When she found out, Vanessa called Lorie, saying there would never be a wedding.


When Vanessa couldn’t bribe Lorie, she tried to make her jealous by telling her she was only second choice because Leslie was married.


Leslie went to the apartment and finding Brad there, thought he had come back. He told her that he had only come back to ask for a divorce. Leslie was hurt, but after she thought about Brad's letter, she decided to see him again because she wasn’t convinced that he didn’t love her.


Brad had told Lorie that he was sure he wouldn’t be able to see Leslie again without breaking down. Lorie hoped that he couldn’t. Leslie was convinced that Brad didn’t want her, but he could get the divorce. She wouldn’t tell Brad about the baby to get him back. Snapper Foster knew the secrets on both sides, but was bound to silence by doctor-patient relationships.


Hearing that Kay Chancellor was taking the refusal of her marriage proposal to Ralph Olsen very hard, Bill went to see her. Without thinking about Bill's condition - Bill had only one lung which was very badly damanged due to excessive smoking, - Kay lit a cigarette which caused him to collapse. She gave him oxygen and called for help, but felt very guilty. Bill knew he didn’t have long to live and made Snapper promise not to put him in the hospital until absolutely necessary. Bill was about to light the cigarette that he knew will save his family from a lifetime of debt when Snapper found him. Liz was furious that he would tamper with the will of God. Liz and Bill prayed together.

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Thanks for the recaps. I would love to see the footage from these all these shows. We got see the Y&R episode where Liz Foster pulls the plug on Bill and Snapper finding out.


GL: Justin Marler seemed to be a bit of a shady character circa 1976, but by the 1977 &  1979 episodes we saw uploaded, he was a good guy. I remember Cindy Pickett said her character Jackie Marler was originally written as a " Rich Bit*h", but the Dobson's softened her by the time Phillip and The Spaulding's arrived in 1977.  Unfortunately most of 70's GL has been wiped. 



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On 2/7/2021 at 11:21 AM, FrenchFan said:

Peggy went to the Allegro alone to see Brock. She wondered why he should want to marry her when they hardly knew each other. Brock said he loved her. When Peggy got home, she told her father that she spent the afternoon walking with Brock and he had proposed. She knew that Brock loved everyone

I love everything about these sentences

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What's up with Lorie? Vanessa calls her a tramp than asks her to the house and she's like "Maybe Vanessa wants to be friends" lol This would happen a few times


Vanessa sure isn't wasting time telling Lorie to gtfo of Lance's life.


I can't with Brad. Don't like this story. I am glad Leslie finally tells him she's outgrown him. He's such a sap


The Becker storyline is chilling. The synopsis in SOD also mentions when Ron is acquitted a smile slowly forms across his face and he says "how about that" I guess we could see him as Y&R's first psycho or at least an early version, considering what he does to Nancy. Poor Nancy. Would love to see Trish Stewart playing this whole story out.


So the Derek Thurston story is dead and Jill and Kay have little to do. Apparently someone didn't like the story and it was dropped, I guess that is why someone doesn't have much to do right now 


Awww Brock, how many women did he ask to marry him. Why did Bell always have Brock kiss women and tell them he would be happy to be their love, and they're like, you're really more of a friend, like a big sister



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