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Look into the past - 1975


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16 minutes ago, All My Shadows said:

Mary's death and its aftermath on AMC had to be heartbreaking for viewers at the time. She had been written as so pure and faultless from her first appearance, even moreso than Tara, and to have her brutally gunned down in her own home as a child watches - yikes. I never knew they kept her on as a "vision" in the months following.

She was not kept long indeed as Jeff will leave in September.

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All My Children


Written by : Agnes Nixon

Produced by : Bud Kloss


At the urging of his psychiatrist, Dr. Jeff Martin, whose alarming disappearance turned out to be only an all night drunk occasioned by his inability to cope with the death of his lovely young wife Mary and their unborn child, had agreed to leave Pine Valley where memories of their life together had, in his mind, merged with hallucinations of her presence. He had accepted a position in Clear Lake, Wisconsin of several months durations to enable a physical friend of Dr. Charles Tyler Sr. to have orthopedic surgery.


Before leaving Pine Valley, Jeff had a conversation with his sister, Tara Tyler who confided to him that despite her husband Chuck’s imminent departure from the hospital his recovery was not progressing at they hoped for rate. Chuck would would be an out-patient on dialysis and there was a possibility of his never recovering normal kidney function. Jeff was shocked when she told him she was thinking of leaving Chuck to marry her first love, Phil Brent, the father of her small son. Hearing Tara say she and Phil had renewed the vows they made to each other before he was reported killed in Vietnam, Jeff reminded her of her marriage vows to Chuck who gave her son his name. He went on to say Phil had no right to marry Erica Kane Brent merely to have a family, and then steal Chuck’s family away.


Erica Brent had hinted to Tara that she might be pregnant. When Tara asked Phil about the possibility, he conceded, saying he was “obligated” to her just as Tara would be to Chuck. After the talk with Jeff, Tara told Phil of her decision to stay with Chuck who was the only father her son had ever know. At a subsequent meeting with her employer Mr. Sheldon, Erica was offered a contract as the Lacy Girl. The position entailed promotion via magazine articles and public appearances but she would be free to do her radio shows independently. There was a stipulation: she had to promise she wouldn’t get pregnant until after the promotion was over – at least one year. She assured him that she wanted the contract. Erica extract a promise from her mother Mona not to tell Phil of the agreed pregnancy clause saying they would wait 6 months anyway and that the money could be used to pay off Phil’s death. However, in bed with Phil, she pretended to want to start a family immediately and Phil, bitter over Tara’s rejection of him, agreed.


At a patio party at Mona’s attended by Charles Tuler and his son Linc and Linc’s new bride, Kitty; Phoebe Tyler, Charles’ estranged wife, reeled in, drunk and abusive, and humiliated Mona causing her to resign as Charles’ secretary. Mona, feeling Phoebe would always use whatever weapons she had to hurt Charles and keep them apart, insisted that he not communicate with her


Back from New York, Anne Tyler was filling in as her father’s secretary. When Phoebe loudly recounted the story of Margo Martin’s facelift to Anne, she was overheard by Margo’s husband Paul. He began to speculate on the possibility that Margo might not be pregnant, his only reason for staying with her – Paul and Anne were formerly married and were planning to reunite until Margo, in desperation, announced a nonexistent pregnancy. – When Paul confronted Margo, she insisted she was telling the truth. Paul told Anne he was sure Margo was not pregnant but Anne only begged him not to tear them apart again with false hopes.


Margo’s daughter, Claudette Montgomery told Nick Davis about her mother’s pregnancy and suggested it would be a good time for Nick to make a play for Anne. He said that being in love with Anne was a way of life with him, but he didn’t intend to take advantage of her breakup with Paul. Claudette propositioned Nick. Nick replied by singing Cole Porter’s “It’s All Right With Me.”


Claudette had replaced the driver’s license she stole from Kitty Shea Tyler but when Linc Tyler renewed his wife Kitty’s license in her married name. Kitty found the old one. As she and Linc were looking for an address book in the apartment she formerly lived in and rented to Claudette, Linc found the empty setting of his mother’s missing diamond and sapphire earring – Claudette stole the gems using Kitty’s license as identification. – After he and Kitty told Phoebe about his discovery and she relazied the mate to her earrings was also missing, Linc returned to Claudette’s apartment, found and removed the pawn ticket. Linc told Kitty if he could prove without a doubt that Claudette stole the earrings, he could have her indicted.


Hal Short, under threat of exposure of his past, had been forced to use Kitty’s boutique as a “drop” in an illicit drug operation. Under the pretense that he required a special hypoallergenic soap, he prevailed upon Kitty to put in a special order for a particular new addition to the Spartan line, “personalized” with his initials.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Marianne Randolph had a visit from her mother, Pat, very upset and concerned about her daughter’s relationship with Chris Pearson who was also dating Pam Sloan. He got angry when Marianne confronted him. Michael, Marianne’s brother, had been doing some checking on Chris and he found out about all of Chris’s underhanded ways with girls. With Pam, Chris told her he couldn’t care less for Marianne. Marianne found out she was not pregnant and was much relieved. Chris told her that he would have married her had she been pregnant. John Randolph attacked Chris when he learned Marianne had a pregnancy scare. Fed up with the Randolph family pressure, Chris turned totally his attention to Pam.


Intrigued by the search for Beatrice’s daughter, Willis was doing some snooping on his own and found out that Beatrice hadn’t head from her daughter in 11 years. Rachel found Willis’ interest curious. Gil promised to pursue the investigation carefully.


Feeling lonely, Liz Matthews finally patched up her differences with her brother-in-law, Jim and accepted the idea that he was casually dating Helen Moore.


Carol Lamonte fumed that Alice had finally decided to give the library project to Robert. Neal worked almost every night, an arrangement his roommate Clarice Hobson found hard to cope with. Robert tried to rekindle his romance with Barbara Weaver. Barbara said she couldn’t handle a serious emotional attachement. He accused her of leading him on, but what more could he expect from a woman! Robert observed to Barbara that she only became involved with safe men, those who were committed to someone else. She replied she refused to answer his needs at his the risk of her own. Barbara began dating Russ Matthews. Barbara told Jim Matthews that she would like a life like Pat Randolph, but was unable to commit to a man since she found out the man she loved and was to marry had a wife.


Clarice asked Robert to take some of Neal’s workload so she could see more of Neal. Robert explained Willis wouldn’t let him and began to take Clarice out to dinner, without Neal’s knowing. Neil was very upset when he found out, beginning to wonder if he hadn’t misplaced his loyalty. Robert told Helen he wanted only casual relationships. Clarice moved into Robert’s apartment. Carol found out about them, and tried to use it to alienate Neal from Robert. Neal told Carol he had known for a long time and if she brought it up again, he would tell everyone how she broke up Robert’s marriage.


Angie, returned from a trip to get her thoughts regarding Willis straight, sensed Neal’s pain. Angie was thinking of quitting her job and Mac Cory offered her a job at the Cory complex. Scott Bradley, interested in Angie, was also taking offices at the complex. Willis was angry to find out Angie and Scott dated while he was away. They continued to date.


Willis persuaded Rachel with Emma’s help to allow Jamie to go to Chadwell and visit Steve’s family. Louise Goddard, Iris Carrington’s housekeeper, found out Mac Cory was disinheriting his daughter, Iris. Louise, frightened Iris might try suicide again if she found out, went to Mac begging him not to, almost revealing Iris’ previous attempt in the process. Iris, meanwhile, was sure Mac would attend the party she was giving for Loretta Simpson, because Rachel would have to persuade him and she and her father would reconcile. Meanwhile, Rachel was trying to persuade Mac to go so Iris wouldn’t blame her for coming between them. Finally, Mac went to Iris to explain Rachel wasn’t responsible for their alienation and they would never reconcile, offering his disinheritance of her as proof. Iris blurted out, “Dave Gilchrist should have let me die.” Mac didn’t believe she tried suicide so Iris suggested he ask Rachel, shocking him.


Rachel explained she did not tell him about Iris because she was told in confidence by Louise and had promised not to. Mac was afraid that Iris would use the suicide attempt as a weapon. Rachel urged reconciliation because Dennis was being hurt by being caught in the middle and she was afraid Iris would blame her and any future child for the alienation. Mac finally agreed to talk to Iris, warning Iris the duration of their reconciliation was dependent on her not interfering ever again in his marriage. He invited Iris and Dave to dinner to celebrate.


Rachel, meanwhile, was anxiously awaint results of her pregnancy test from Dave. He arrived for dinner with champagne. Mac and Rachel were ecstatic that Rachel was pregnant. When Iris arrived a few minutes later and received the news, she conveniently developed a headache. Mac and Rachel told Gil and Ada, who were delighted too. Iris was upset because the baby was one more person to come between her and Mac. Dave said it was time she stopped her obsession with Mac and reached out for her own happiness. He grabbed her and kissed her. Later, Dave told Iris she would have to congratulate Mac and Rachel soon or she would lose Mac. Iris made snide remarks about the father of the baby and Dave warned her to stop talking or thinking like that. He dragged her out to buy a present and then to the Cory house, Russ Matthews, a friend of both Mac and Rachel, left at Iris’s arrival? Iris proposed a toast, “To the Cory family … I hope it will not only be a bigger family, but a better one.” Jamie, when he returned from Chadwell, was very pleased to learn Rachel was pregnant. Loretta Simpson returned from New York with society friend, Tic DeCosgrove in tow.


Alice Frame’s sister-in-law, Sharlene Frame Watts, who had led a checkered life since her husband Floyd was killed in Vietnam was persuade to join Alice as one way to escape her past. Sharlene was immediately impressed with Russ.


Alice gave Sally a big birthday party whom she had finally adopted. Jamie forgot his present so he called home and Beatrice offered to bring it over. Sally saw Beatrice as she was leaving and asked Alice who she was. Alice explained then asked why Sally wanted to know. Sally replied Beatrice was the woman in the picture her mother always kept on her dresser. Alice was speechless.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Wilmore


Sandy Garrison was troubled that her husband, of whom she was afraid, was coming to Oakdale and asked Chris Hughes to get a restraining order so that she wouldn’t have to see him. Nancy Hughes felt sorry for her even though they didn’t get along when Sandy was her daughter-in-law and asked her to stay with them. When Norman arrived, Chris set up a meeting and Norman said that if Sandy really wanted to leave him, there were some business matters they had to settle. Chris was surprised that Norman was rational and personable after the way Sandy described him. Nancy was impressed when he said that he didn’t know why Sandy was afraid of him, but he only wanted to help Sandy. Chris couldn’t figure out why Norman wanted to dissolve the beauty firm rather than sell it even though Norman said it had been doing poorly for the past year. Norman said he loved Sandy, but lost sight of the important things because there was so much business pressure. Sandy said this a different side of him she had never seen.


Norman called his apparent lover “Tina” to tell her he loved her, but not to come to Oakdale, because everything was falling together even though it was taking longer than expected. Then he visited Bob Hughes, Sandy’s ex-husband, telling Bob that he loved Sandy, but she trusted Bob more than anymore. Norman called a meeting to tell Chris and Sandy that he had decided to sell rather than liquidate the business.


When Tom Hughes told Natalie Bannon that they should get married this week, he joked about the questions on previous marriages saying that if you didn’t tell the truth the marriage could be annulled. Tom got a special delivery letter from Natalie saying she had left town, because she loved him but she was “bad news” for him. His mother Lisa could offer no explanation. Tom’s ex-wife, Carol helped Lisa at the bookstore against her new husband Jay’s wishes, but Jay had much to say about Natalie. He always felt she was a phony and was playing Tom for a fool especially since she had been so upset with people who insisted that she was Mrs. Ralph Porter from Kimborne, Pennsylvania. Carol finally decided to tell Lisa about the couple in the bookstore and the phone calls that visibly upset Natalie. Lisa asked Bob, Tom’s father, if she should tell Tom, but then went against his advice and told Tom anyway, hoping to ease his pain, but when you love someone, nothing helps.


Jay Stallings received te bid for the children’s addition at the hospital and wanted to take Carol to New York to celebrate, but Carol remembered that she promised Lisa she would work at the bookstore for the following week. When Tom stopped in at Jay’s office with some legal papers, Jay told Tom to stay away from the office and Carol.


The hospital board voted to reinstate Dr. Susan Stewart, Dan’s ex-wife to her position in research.


On Labor Day, Joyce Colman twice phoned her ex-husband, Grant, but Lisa, his new wife, said he refused the calls. Joyce called at the law office when only Tom was there and refused to believe that Grant was in court. She said to tell Grant that this was the third time she had called and she wouldn’t bother gim again. When told, Grant confronted Lisa who said she was only protecting him since he had never been very good as that as far as Joyce was concerned. Grant exploded and said he would take care of his own business.


Joyce called Grant asking him for $2.000, but he refused to agree until she told him if she was telling the truth when she said he had a son. Joyce then hung up. Chris told Grant that Joyce called Nancy, asking her for $2.000 and Nancy felt Joyce needed help. Grant pointed out this might be a carefully laid out plot by Joyce to break up his marriage. He added Lisa was showing the strain of too much hard work and too little attention from him.


Dr. John Dixon was still keeping everyone close to his wife, Kim, away from her to the extent of bringing in doctors from another hospital. Since Kim could remember nothing of the past he tried to endear himself to her by telling her they were married, omitting the fact that she was going to divorce him and was in love with Dr. Dan Stewart. John went so far as to let her think that the uneasy feeling she got when Dan visited was because she didn’t like Dan. Bob and Dan conceded that medically he was doing everything right and when Dan asked Grant about the legal aspects of John treating his own wife, he was told that legally John could speak for and treat Kim; it was only ethically wrong. Dr. Devan, a psychiatrist, was brought in and told Dan he had to deal with things the way they were, not the way they should be. John vowed he would do everything he could to keep Kim from going back to Dan because he loved her and wanted a second chance. Dr. Devan told Kim the facts he had been given about Dan, but Kim said the knowledge didn’t bring back the feelings. John made plans to take Kim home.


When Dr. Devan asked Kim where she wanted to recuperate, she suggested her memory might return faster in her own apartment. John discouraged Jen from visiting the first day. Kim found that she was moody and short-tempered, but was assured that this was due to the concussion. Dr. Devan said that hypnosis might help her recover her memory, so Kim agreed to try it. John told Kim that although they were getting a divorce, he loved her very much, that he came across as cold and indifferent because he couldn’t show his feelings. As Kim was waiting for her first appointment with Dr. Devan, Dan told her that he was sure she would remember her feelings for him.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Maggie Hansen was increasingly disturbed that her husband Marty hadn’t told her that Melissa Phillips was really his daughter – Maggie overheard Linda Phillips told Marty this. Marty and Maggie, however, were unaware that Linda knew Marty had been sterile since young adulthood, a secret everyone had kept from Marty to protect him and his legal son, Mike. Marty knew he was sterile but assumed it occurred after Mike’s birth. Suffering amnesia following heart bypass surgery, Marty remembered almost nothing of his life as Mickey Horton. – Maggie worked hard on her therapy, and finally was able to take a few steps without holding onto the parallel bars. She decided not to tell anyone of her success. Fearing the increasing closeness between Marty and Linda as Jim Phillips laid in the hospital barely alive after brain surgery following a car accident, Maggie began to think Linda might have lied about Marty being Melissa’s father. Bill Horton couldn’t understand why Jim was still alive because of the extent of the brain damage. Linda, torn between her desire to re-win Marty and her need to assuage her guilt about Jim, begged an unconscious Jim not to die, because if he did, she would hurt Maggie, not able to help herself.


When Jim woke up and spoke her name, Linda began arrangements to remarry Jim in the hospital. Marty asked his son Mike if Mike could understand his taking responsibility for Linda and Melissa’s future. Mike asked if that wouldn’t bring the past closer and Marty confessed his missed his law practice and the farm wasn’t enough anymone, but he couldn’t hurt Maggie by telling her. Tom, Bill and Mike apologized to Linda for past doubts about her. Jim made another attempt to communicate, mutely asking for paper and pen. He wrote, “Linda lether…” then died, sure he had communicated the truth about Linda.


Maggie wondered if “lether” could be “letter”. Despite her doubts about Linda’s intentions, Maggie said Linda and Melissa would stay with them because without Linda’s help, she would be further behind in her therapy. Maggie wondered, “Is my friend my enemy?” Melissa had been asking about Jim. They had told her Jim had been on a business trip. Tom Horton explained that Jim’s car broke down – at the gates of heaven. Melissa knew about heaven from Sunday school. She accepted Tom’s explanation without really understanding.


After the funeral, Maggie went through the mail and found a letter from Jim to Marty. Feeling her whole future was at stake, Maggie opened the letter. Jim wrote that Linda never planned to remarry him: he was just a means to an end – Marty. He said Linda might even be so desperate to win Marthy that she would lie, say Melissa was Marty’s child. Jim went on, “Melissa I no more Marty’s daughter than Mike is his won, and there is proof of that.” Maggie knew she couldn’t show the letter to Marty. Maggie questioned Linda about both Jim and Marty. Linda wondered if Maggie, the kitten, was growing claws. In a nightmare, Linda dreamt that “lether” was “letter” and later asked Maggie if there was a letter. Maggie replied, “I’d have seen any letter,” puzzling Linda.


Linda accidentally found the envelope from Jim’s letter. She felt Marty out about it and found he knew nothing about a letter. Maggie wondered why she was keeping the letter, then hid it. Linda later searched for the letter in Maggie and Marty’s room. Marty caught her, and she pretended to be ill and searching for aspirin. Maggie found them there and realized Linda found the envelope.


Eric Peters didn’t want to press his sister-in-law Susan to divorce Greg and marry him, even though Susan admitted Greg wouldn’t return to her because Greg loved Amanda Howard. Greg cuttingly told Susan he wasn’t taking advantage of Amanda’s split with Neil Curtis, as some people might, referring to Eric’s present pursuit of Susan. When Greg expressed disapproval of what he saw as Susan’s neglect of her daughter Anne by sending hher off to his mother’s occasionally, Susan reminded him he used to urge her to do just that. She said she, too, needed time and freedom without pressure to make a decision regarding divorce and admitted she was attracted to Eric, possibly because Eric was Anne’s natural father.


Eric adked Greg if he expected Susan to wait in the wings while Greg waited to see whether there was a future for Amanda and him. Eric and Greg’s mother asked Eric to consider the impact on Anne if he and Susan married and the question of Anne’s conception arose – One night years ago, in a moment of despair, Susan turned to “a stranger in the park” for comfort. Her mind then rejected what she had done and she believed she had been raped. Later, Dr. Laura Horton reached the truth, through hypnosis. Ironically the “stranger” turned out to be her fiancé Greg’s brother Eric. Susan had to have a hysterectomy after Anne’s birth due to a medical problem.- Greg told his mother he might not have been a good father to Anne because of constant reminders he was not her father. He also admitted to Susan he’d like children of his own, and Susan was aware Amanda could give him children. An impasse on a divorce continued. A newly self-confident Susan returned to work at the clinic telling Greg there was no reason they couldn’t be friends. Greg observed to Amanda that Amanda wasn’t over Neil and added, he, Greg, had many friends but no love. Eric made it clear to Susan he wanted no commitment from her until she was sure she loved him for himself, not just because he was Anne’s father.


Doug Williams, unable to say no to daughter Hope’s request for a baby brother or sister, contacted adoption agencies. Mrs. Chalmers, an adoption case-worker, checked out the home situation and when Hope got away from Rebecca North, Doug’s housekeeper, and ran into the bar to witness a drunk making a fool oh himself. Mrs. Chalmers observed and denied adoption because she felt the home is inappropriate. Rebecca encouraged Doug’s artificial insemination idea. Neil Curtis, Doug’s doctor, agreed to find a host mother. Johnny Collins, Rebecca’s fiancé, accepted an art scholarship to Paris, although he had to raise his own living expenses. When Neil mentioned to Rebecca that Doug would pay $5.000, plus living and medical expenses, Rebecca volunteered. She said she would tell everyone the baby she was carrying was Johnny’s. Rebecca then told Johnny she would soon receive a small inheritance, which she wanted him to use to live in Paris. Neil observed that widow Rebecca would never get over the deaths of her husband and baby. Doug asked Rebecca if she would be able to handle two children. She said yes, as long as they had a serious commitment and she was not displaced by a wife. Doug reassured her.


Neil Curtis, plagued by the premarital agreement Phyllis Anderson, his fiancée, had been persuaded he should sign, made a bet with Phyllis on their way to the races. If she won less than $5.000 he would sign it; if he won more, she would tear it up. Neil won $10.000. His father Nathan appeared for money, and charmed Phyllis, trying to get her to invest in the electronic pest control scheme. Neil, to convince Phyllis that money meant nothing to him, gave Nathan the $10.000. Amanda Howard, still concerned about Neil’s gambling, refused to believe J.R. when he said Neil was still gambling until Neil called to reserve a chair in the poker game. Neil flaunted the race track deal at Bob, who made it clear that he didn’t trust Neil or Phyllis, who was on an emotional rebound. Neil responded that Bob was a double loser – Phyllis and Julie.


Amanda was shocked to learn from Neil’s sponsor in Gamblers Anonymous, Smitty, that Neil was nowhere near giving up gambling. Smitty was distressed to learn Neil planned to marry an older, rich woman. Smitty asked Neil to go to GA meeting with him because Neil’s presence would help him tell the truth to the group. Smitty had been saying he had not gambled in 6 months but had been gambling investment clients’ money on speculative stocks. Neil also found Smitty in a poker game one night when he tried to stay away from J.R.’s, but succumbed when he could not reach Smitty. Smitty refused money from Neil, saying he would only gamble it away. Neil, sensing Smitty’s utter desperation, went to the meeting where Smitty made his confession, but Neil disappeared afterward. Smitty later admitted that his confession was a ploy to get Neil to the meeting, but Amanda appeared and blew his lie.


Amanda had the manager let her into Neil’s apartment, so she could congratulate him on going to the meeting. He returned from a poker game and told her GA was a dead end for him because he could bever confess. Meanwhile, Phyllis dined with socialite Jane McAllister, who make catty remarks regarding Neil, calling him a gigolo. Phyllis left, then returned to find Jane drinking with Bob. Phyllis told Bob she wouldn’t ask Neil to sign the quit claim and she wished him well with Julie. Phyllis arrived at Neil’s as Amanda was leaving. Phyllis told Neil she had no hold on him until they were married. He pushed her for an early wedding. The following day, Amanda apologized to Phyllis for being in Neil’s apartment. Phyllis refused to listen to Amanda’s warning about Neil’s gambling, telling Amanda that she had learned from experience that they way to keep a man was to keep him on a loose lead. Phyllis asked Neil about the possibility of Mary’s living with them. He said it might make things uncomfortable, because Mary could neve accept their lifestyle. Phyllis accepted that.


Brooke Hamilton returned to Salem, certain that Julie had revealed her lies about being rich. Brooke was puzzled when she learned she had misjudged Julie, who had said nothing. David admitted he still had feelings for Brooke. Julie told Don Craig she could never live with a man she didn’t love for the baby’s sake, meaning Bob. She also said whether she reached out for Doug depended on how David shaped up and Julie admitted Bob was an important factor in David’s recovery from drinking. Julie vowed that, because of what she felt had been selfishness in the past, she was going to live for her children’s sake.


Julie told Brooke that the conversation she overheard between Doug and her, the conversation Brooke used to start the rumors that Julie’s baby was Doug’s, was Doug’s way of returning the promise Julie had made to Addie, her mother, to watch over Doug and Hope. Doug was offering to care for Julie’s baby the same way. Brooke asked why Julie didn’t grab Doug and happiness. Without resentment, Julie replied that she was stopped by her uncertainty of the effect on David or the effect Brooke’s gossip might have on the unborn child.


Bob asked Julie to come home, saying she could have a bedroom to herself, because David and he needed her. Bob wanted Julie to have their baby with his full support and love and he also wanted the chance to be a father to his baby. He told Brooke she could stay at the lake house, but warned her not to make any trouble for anyone. Happy with his reconciliation with his mother, David told Brooke his amazement at how people changed, using them as an example. He had come for his inheritance from Addie and found his mother’s love.


David found an apartment for Julie and him, which ironically was Doug’s old bachelor pad converted to a family apartment. Flooded by old memoried, Julie went to Doug to ask in help in finding an excuse not to take the apartment. They went to look at it. Overwhelmed himself, Doug took Julie in his arms and asked her to marry him and damn the consequences. David heard them and saw them kiss. He was devastated, rushing to Doug’s Place for a drink, which Robert LeClair denied him, so David got it himself. Unable to handle David, Robert called Don Craig.


David vilified Julie, calling her a tramp for having an affair with Doug while married to his adoptive father Scott Banning. David even went so far as to speculate Julie and Doug were carrying on while Doug was married to his grandmother Addie. David refused to believe Julie married Scott to get him, David, back and stayed with Scott because she couldn’t bear to lose David again. David didn’t want to believe Julie and Doug stayed away from each other while Doug and Addie were married, refusing to believe Doug ever loved Addie, thinking Doug married Addie only for her money. Don could barely restrain himself from clobbering David, who rushed out, saying he hoped he never had to see his mother again. David also refused to listen to Brooke, who was horried to realize her lies had come true in David’s mind. Julie asked Brooke why children couldn’t accept their parents as human being who make mistakes too.


Despite efforts by Doug, Brooke, Bob and Julie to disabuse David of his misconceptions about Julie and Doug, David refused to see Julie’s life as one of self-sacrifice. He saw her only as a tramp who never loved him because she gave him away and had an affair while married to Scott. To David, mothers had to be virtuous.


Julie was torn, meanwhile, between Bob’s pleas to stay with him and try to help David, and Doug’s pleas that they finally reached out for love and happiness. Julie decided however to stay with Bob. Later, Bob found Brooke was missing – she had gone to the Horton home – and a note threatening to do something drastic if David didn’t reconcile with Julie. Julie confronted David with the note and his seeming lack of caring. He retorted she had taught him well. Because David was drunk, Julie forbade him to leave the house. He taunted her about finally behaving like a mother until she slapped him. His reply was, “That’s the Julie Olson Banning Anderson I know.” Julie, her decision finally made, said she was going to live with the man she loved and David could go to Hell. David roared off in Bob’s jeep and Julie called Doug who came for her immediately. She was very happy to be with him at last.


During the night, Julie had a dream that David was drowning and reaching out for her. Ironically, about that time, a policeman knocked on Bob’s door to report his jeep had gone off a bridge into the lake. Divers searched for David’s body. Julie was devastated. When Brooke was told by Don Craig, she worried that her note threatening something drastic gave David the idea of suicide. Don and Bob warned Brooke not to bring any such idea up in front of Julie, since they feared she could lose the baby. Despite the warning, Brooke told Julie that David just have up and Julie could live with that the rest of her life. Julie told Don that if David was live, he would never forgive her, and if he was dead, she would never forgive herself.


Phyllis Anderson was genuinely upset to find out about David and sincerely wished Julie well. Rebecca kept the news from Alice until Tom, called home from Brookville, arrived. During questioning by the police, Julie kept remembering the last quarrel she had with David, and became hysterical when the detective brought up suicide. After being sedated, Julie had a nightmare. The baby was born, and David appeared, at first fentle and loving about the baby, then calling his little brother illegitimate. David told Julie he was returning where he came from, even though it was cold and damp. At least there he wouldn’t have to look at Julie. She woke up screaming.


Doug, meanwhile, was so guilt-ridden that he left his beloved Julie’s side, convinced they could never be happy together. Learning of Doug’s guilt from Julie, Neil went to see Doug and told him it was not right for Julie to lose both David and Doug. Doug went to the lake house where Bill told him Julie needed him. Doug was afraid he would only remind Julie he was to blame for losing her son. Bill said he didn’t know Julie at all. Julie asked to see Doug.


Brooke managed time alone with each person she had alienated, regaining each person’s esteem by manipulating the truth to be what each person needed to hear about the night of the accident. However, she failed with Phyllis Anderson.


Alice and Susan Peters bolsters Julie’s faith David was still alive, despite the recovery of David’s jacket and shoe from the lake. A diver told Bill and Mike there were deep places in the lake where a body could be caught and never surface.


The Doctors


Written by: Robert Cenedella

Produced by: Jeff Young


Doctors Matt and Maggie Powers waited with Alan Stewart in Matt’s office for Toni Powers Stewart to arrive to discuss Toni’s plans to terminate her pregnancy – Toni had agreed to return to Mike, her first husband, the father of her little, who was reported killed in an explosion at sea. She married Alan, Mike’s cousin and was pregnant with Alan’s child. – Mike Powers arrived before Toni.


Toni, already distraught, walked in on another battle royal at Matt, unable to reason with thme, was trying to telephone Toni to spare her this one more humiliating scene. Toni screamed for them to shut up. She said she had had it with all of them. Alan and Mike were like football players fighting over the prom queen; Mike came back from the dead and tried to take her baby from her; Alan called her names and split. Everyone, she went on, was giving her advice and she had listened to others until she couldn’t hear herself. She told them she would not live with either one.


Mike asked his father Matt if he could return to work at Hope Memorial where Toni was a nurse. Matt told him he would be assigned to the new trauma unit with Alan. If there was trouble, he made it clear he would not reassign but dismiss the one who caused it.


As Toni was talking with Althea about her resolve to work out her life on her own with her small son and her determination to have Dr. Steve Aldrich proceed with the scheduled abortion, she began to abord spontaneously.


When they learned of Toni’s miscarriage, Alan and Mike decided to go in to see her together and temporarily buried the hatchet between them. Mike gave Alan some time alone with Toni.


However, when Toni was at home from the hospital, depressed and physically tired, Mike’s visit made it clear to her he had not been listening. He told her he planned to turn down an assignment to Bogota, Colombia, for the Police Department and work at Hope Memorial. When she convinced him her decision was not temporary, he picked up the phone, accepted the South American assignment and arranged to leave immediately.


When Hank Iverson asked Rev. Joe Turned and Andy Anderson for help with a social medicine aspect of the mobile trauma unit, Rev. Joe explained he would be leaving for Johnson County, a poor parish assigned to him by the Church Council. Andy Anderson told Hank and then Rico that he too, was transferring to another town.


Tom Barrett had been experiencing pain in his left arm and had made life difficult for his staff. When he brought a bouquet to Toni’s room he again gave evidence of pain as Althea entered the room. When she asked him what was wrong he replied he was going to leave Hope Memorial. She asked him if he had had an attack of the “middle aged blues.”


Steve and Carolee Aldrich had made up their differences over Ann Latimer but, though they had talked out their various problems, they found that they could talk themselves into making love.


Erich’s difficulties coping with two mothers and Karen’s inconsistencies, ranging from the gift of a 5 speed bike and two movies in one day to Karen’s overtly strict discipline and fits of temper the next, were becoming apparent in his crying and getting angry over nothing. Steve had insisted that he and Carolee could only give Karen enough rope. Prompted by Billy’s concern and Erich’s third unautorized trip to the Aldrich house – the last because he was hungry, having been sent to his room without supper – Steve tried to contact Judge Bowman. But the judge was on vacation and to try to acquaint a new judge with the facts in the case would take too long. They had to wait.


The Aldriches’ young friend, Stacy Wells, had told Rico Bellini she was not ready for a sexual relationship when they made love and things hadn’t changed. She said she couldn’t get over feelings of possessiveness just by wanting to, but she was working on it.


When Alan came to see Toni to reassure her he knew she had to find herself, Toni said she knew she hadn’t been fair to him. She agreed to have dinner with Alan at the Fireside Inn making the point that good, strong feelings were all she could give him right now.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Mike Karr was upset that his daughter Laurie and son-in-law, Johnny Dallas had separated again. Determined to hear both sides of the story, he went to the New Moon Café. He arrived in time to learn that John had run away because of a violent argument with Gerald Kincaid, which resulted in Kincaid’s severe but not fatal head wound. No one could understand exactly why John would run off and go into hiding over a trivial quarrel, but Police Chief Bill Marceau and Mike suspected that John feared he had killed Kincaid, known to them as the new key syndicate man in Monticello since Walter LePage – who had secretly become a police informer – was relieved of his duties as the underworld leader. John had become aware of a connection between Kincaid and the dark-haired Josie who had finally succeeded, John believed in destroying his marriage to Laurie. This, coupled with renewed demands from Kincaid to spy on Mike and discover the name of the mob’s police informant, led an enraged John to smash Kincaid’s head with the butt of the gun Kincaid had been using to threaten John. John, an ex-con, aware of how the mob reacted to such defiance and fearint retaliation against his family or himself, fled. Kincaid, believed that John was the guilty informant and resentful over his injuries, hired a hit man – Ewell – whose boastful claim was that he had never reneged on a contract. Ewell, armed with a pistol, tracked John to a hotel, and pretending to be room service, gained admittance.


Josie, who claimed to be Serena Faraday’s half-sister, but was in reality Serena’s dual personality, found her life threatened by Kincaid who demanded she cooperate in trapping John. Nancy Karr, desperate to help her devastated daughter Laurie who was already in precarious health because of another possible miscarriage, went to Serena’s hotel room to inquire about Josie and discovered the very person she had been trying to see. Nancy was suspicious of this brass and aggressive woman and questioned Josie about her obvious dark wig, which Nandy discovered in Serena’s drawer, and her knowledge of John’s whereabouts. Josie, hostile and noncommunicative, sent Nancy away. When Nancy and Mike learned from a police investigation that Kincaid had been paying the rent on Josie’s apartment, the connecting links began to fall into place.


Little Timmy Faraday, Serena’s son, was dismissed from the Delafield’s Boarding School for being in a near autistic state because of his anxieties over his divorced parents and was sent home to live with her mother. Timmy was frightened and further confused by Josie who kept appearing unexpectedly to care for him despite Serena’s reassurance that she would never leave him and that he didn’t have an “Aunt Josie.” Nancy, who had agreed to babysit Timmy while Serena went apartment hunting, was stunned to discover Josie was there with Timmy instead of Serena, and that the terrified boy had locked himself in the bathroom. In a scuffle to try and unlock the bedroom door, Nancy impulsively tugged Josie’s wig off and exposed her as Serena! Josie desperately insisting she was an identical twin to Serena finally threatened Nancy’s life with her nail file if she told anyone about her. Nancy barely managed to escape the demented woman when Josie was momentarily distracted by the phone ringing.


Dr. Quentin Henderson, already alerted by Nancy that Serena might need his care, rushed to Serena’s apartment when she called to explain she had just recovered from another “blackout” which had occurred while she was caring for Timmy. Quentin found the boy badly shaken, but unharmed, and gave Serena a sedative to calme her. When Adam learned of Nancy’s terrifying experience with the opposing dual-personality of Serena-Josie, he confronted Serena with the dark wig surreptitiously kept in her apartment. To the amazement of both men, Serena, racked by sudden cranial pain, became Josie before their incredulous eyes.


Mrs. Geraldine Whitney, arriving home from her hospitalization because of her recent “heart attack,” was confronted by Kevin Jamison about her deceptive use of some pills the housekeeper Trudy gave her which could induce heart palpitations. Kevin and Geraldine quarrelled bitterly and he denounced allegiance to her because of her vilanious schemes to wreck his intended marriage to Phoebe Smith to insure her plans for his political future. Noel Douglas, Tiffany’s unfaithful husband, was privately jubilant over Kevin’s decision to move out of the Whitney mansion. Trudy, torn between her loyalties to Geraldine and Kevin, begged Kevin to reconsider his decision to leave, especially when Mrs. Whitney was so ill. While Trudy was out of sight-seeing to Kevin’s packing, she overheard Geraldine vow to strip Kevin of everything by cutting him out of her will as her hair. Geraldine carried through her threat by contacting lawyer Adam Drake and informed him of her desire to change her will just as soon as they returned from Washington D.C. Geraldine, the Douglases and the servants were going to Washington D.C. to attend a memorial dedication at the White House for Senator Colin Whitney, Geraldine’s late son and Tiffany’s former husband.


Kevin, believing he had probably lost Phoebe for good, allowed his temper to flare and he lost his self-control while sparring in his karate class, injuring his classmate and forcing his karate master to dismiss him from further lessons.


Geraldine, despondent over losing Kevin whom she felt was like her son, decided to leave immediately for D.C. Tiffany accompanie her to the airport, but Noel, feigning pressing business matters, planned to follow later. Trudy, who feared flying, left by train with her husband. Tracy Dallas, desperate because her brother John’s disappearance had caused the New Moon to close temporarily, endind even that pittance to help maintain her luxury apartment, considered returning to her former life as a call girl in Chicago. Tracy called Noel who made plans to have her come to the deserted mansion later for an illicit tryst after he had dined out. Kevin, who was packing to leave, answered the phone and was disgusted by Noel’s apparent renewed unfaithfulness.


While waiting for the departure of their flight, Geraldine, unexpectantly overcome by weariness, insisted that Tiffany go on without her and that she would return home alone. Noel, preparing for Tracy’s arrival, laid and kindled a fire and set out drinks. Just as he and Tracy renewed their old relationship in what they believed was a deserted house – Geraldine appeared! She denounced Noel, threatened Tracy with exposure of her lurid past and dismissed both of them from her home.


Adam, who had resumed his close relationship with Brandy Henderson – they met Noel briefly at dinner – invited her to visit his newly acquired farm which he was renovating. Adam told Brandy of Geraldine’s wish to change her will. Unaware of all the circumstances, he attempted to call Geraldine at home but was unable to reach her. Kevin, returning to finish his packing, rushed to answer the phone, but just missing it turned to discover, to his horror – Geraldine lying crumpled like a broken doll at the foot of the curvilinear stairway! He immediately called Dr. Lacey who rushed the unconscious woman to the hospital where they discovered her spine had been broken. Although it appeared that she had a heart attack at the top of the stairs causing the disastrous fall, Bill puzzled over the smoldering embers in the fireplace. Why would Geralding build a fire if she were alone and in a too weakened condition to life heavy logs? Dr. Lacey informed the family that Geraldine’s injuries were so severe, involving serious brain damage, that she wasn’t expected to ever regain consciousness; that it was likely she might become a living vegetable. Bill learned of the divisive argument which Adam explained would have disinherited Kevin, and of a suspicious bruise on Geraldine’s neck.


General Hospital


Written by: Richard & Suzanne Holland

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Cam and Lesley Faulkner returned from their idyllic but brief honeymoon in Switzerland and Lesley resumed her medical practice at General Hospital as Dr. Faulkner. Lesley loved and admired the strong-willed worldwide business tycoon Cam, whom despite his jetset life was willing to live the simpler but no less demanding life as a practising doctor’s husband. They both agreed that while having children was uppermost in both of their minds, they intended to have a solid base in their marriage first no matter how divergent their lives formerly were.


Beyond the cognizance of the Faulkner vows, in another city, at the Queen of Angels Catholic Hopsital, Miss Doris Roach, a former nurse, realized she had almost run out of time in her fight with cancer. Learning of the dedication of the Mary Sullivan Free Clinic and of Lesley, she confessed to a priest a terrible sin she committed against Lesley years ago. She persuaded the doctors to release her so that she might travel to see Lesley in person and begged her absolution for her long hidden sin. Unfortunately, as a weakened Miss Roach arrived on the 7th Floor, Lesley and Cam had just departed for another brief trip to Europe. Miss Roach collapsed and was immediately hospitalized.


Miss Roach hung on to her slender thread of life until she finally faced Lesley and told of her dark deed 12 years ago. Lesley, romantically deceived by her college professor, bore a child out of wedlock whom she believed died at birth. Miss Roach told of Lesley’s forceful step-father whose plans for his brilliant young daughter didn’t include raising an illegitimate baby, girl named Laura. He bribed the attending nurse, Miss Roach, to substitute another newborn child who died as Lesley’s own baby and arranged for the funeral. Shortly afterwards, Miss Roach died, unable to the the last to recall the name of the young woman who received Lesley’s baby as her own. She did remember that the baby had an identifying birthmark. Lesley, fearful that Cam might disapprove of her having a living illegitimate daughter somewhere, hesitated before telling him. However, Cam was completely sympathetic to the tormet his wife felt and reassured her that it made no difference to him.


Dr. Joel Stratton, fortified by the knowledge that the only woman he had ever loved deeply – Lesley – was happily married, told Dr. Peter Taylor, who was professionally bound to keep Joel’s secret, about Joel’s fatal inherited heart problem. Joel prepared to leave for Boston to head a children’s heart clinic. Dr. Jim Hobart, dismissed because of his drinking problem from the highly responsibly position that Joel took over as Head of the Cardiac Unit, began to envision himself as Joel’s replacement. Jim loudly proclaimed himself kree of his drinking problem and refused to attend AA meetings. However, Jim secretly resumed drinking and was keeping bottles of liquor hidden in his and Audrey’s apartment. When Jim confronted Dr. Steve Hardy about reclaiming his old job along with the additional responsibilities that the newly established free clinic would bring, Steve reminded Jim of their agreement that Jim had to remain on the wagon for at least 6 months before he could be allowed to return to the staff. Jim became resentful and hostile towards Audrey when he realized she had tried to obtain his old position for him behind his back. Lee Baldwin, a reformed alcoholic, concerned at Jim’s reluctance to seek some sort of professional help, accused Jim of secretly drinking and warned that if he allowed his drinking to become uncontrollable he would lose his last chance at reinstatement at the hospital, his marriage, and ultimately his wife. Jim, trying to overcome his problem, decided to consult Peter.


Young Bobby Chandler was attracted to the lovely nurse Samantha Livingstone with whom he worked closely at the free clinic. Despite his mother Caroline’s concern for his future as a struggling med-student, Bobby, always in a hurry to consume life, proposed marriage to Sammi. Both Sammi and Caroline became concerned when moving day at the clinic became too strenuous and Bobby fell asleep at his typewriter. Sammi reassured Caroline that it would be foolish for her and Bobby to seriously consider marriage when they were both so young and Bobby had his tough medical studies ahead of him.


Augusta McLeod, on the eve of her parole from prison for the murder of Dr. Phil Brewer, was visited by Diana Taylor. Diana told Augusta that although she was bitter about the brief affair between Peter and Agusta – The affair disastrusouly resulted in Augusta’s pregnancy and eventually forced her to relinquish her baby boy for adoption -, Diana was grateful that Augusta never used her pregnancy as a weapon to destroy her marriage to Peter whom she loved deeply. Augusta, free at last, had to somehow learn to put everything behind her and faced starting a new life.


The Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Lucy Ferri Rittenberg


Holly Bauer, learning of Roger Thorpe and nurse Peggy Fletcher’s engagement, prepared a little surprise advance wedding gift for Peggy – Roger , unknown to everyone was the natural father of Christina who was recently born to Dr. Ed Bauer and Holly. – Holly sometime ago while attending a carnical badgered Roger into purchasing a matching heartshaped necklace and bracelet and had it engraved “Love, Roger.” Deceiving herself that Roger still cared for her, Holly attempted to mail the necklance to Peggy, but Andy Norris, Holly’s brother, intercepted the package and, suspecting trouble, opened it and returned it to Holly. She threw him out claiming she could no longer trust him. Holly, confronting Roger, threatened to expose everything about Christina to Peggy unless Roger began openly expressing his affection for Christina. Roger begged Holly yo be reasonable and to realize what this would mean to Ed and her marriage. Holly mailed her “gift” to Peggy who, believing the necklace was from Roger, was thrilled with her first wedding gift. She reassured Roger that she forgave his past transgressions which resulted in endangering her son, Billy, and her life over his loan shark dealings. While Peggy and Roger began making plans for their wedding on October 10 to be held at Bert Bauer’s home, Roger secretly feared that his past relationship with Holly might disrupt his future happiness.


When little Christina developed a high fever and chest complications, Ed hospitalized the baby and Holly maintained an around-the-clock vigil. Pediatricia Ramirez diagnosed staphylococcal pneumonia and attempted to control the dangerous disease with antibiotics. Not responding to medication, Christina’s tiny body was depleted by the unchecked fever. Dr. Ramirez recommended a blood transfusion to combat her anemia. He called for a thorough blood analysis from Ed as a probable donor. Holly was disqualified because of childhood hepatitis. Holly overwrought, distortedly believed she contributed to Christina’s illness by her obsession to win Roger back, and regretted sending the necklance to Peggy.


College student Hope Bauer arrived home to her anxious father Mike and concerned step-mother Leslie. Both parents sensed something was troubling Hope and learning she had been involved with an older man, Mike was incesed. While attending a university in California, Hope confused and lonely in her new surroundings, was flattered by her professor Alex MacDaniels. He was twice her age, married and claimed he was separating from his wife. He had been pressuring Hope to make their relationship an intimate one. Mike alienated Hope with all his questions, but Leslie’s understanding influence over the volatile situation helped to cool matters. Mike, called out to California on legal business, secretly visited MacDaniels’ office and observed that Alex and his wire were on less than acrimonious terms. Mike privately threatened to expose Alex for moral turpitude and forced Alex to agree to go to Springfield and as gently as possible end his relationship with Hope. Returning home, Mike confided in Leslie about his confrontation with Alex, but Leslie was hurt and alarmed that Mike would go behind her back. She warned that Hope was in a highly vunerable state and feared what might happen should Hope learn the truth about Mike’s interference.


Dr. Joe Werner, concerned about his new patient Ann Jeffers’ mental attitude was complicating her recovery had Dr. Randy Hillyard examine her. Randy told Joe that Ann had a traumatic experience in her past which she felt guilty about and which caused her to act hostile and bitter towards everyone. Peggy, exuberant over her forthcoming marriage, told Ann of her plans and learned that Ann, who was once married, had an old photo of her then 3-year old son whom Peggy assumed had to be dead. Peggy, seeing photos of Joe and Sara’s foster child’s first real celebration of his birthday, remarked to Joe that Ann’s little boy and T.J. both had curly hair and freckles. Joe and Sara discussed plans to adopt T.J. as their own son. Joe, curious over Peggy’s similar description of T.J. and Ann’s son, tried unsuccessfully to see Ann’s treasured picture. He was equally as unsuccessful in trying to get T.J. to explain what his initailes stood for or anything about his mother.


Love Of Life


Written by: Margaret DePriest

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


When Johnny Prentiss asked Sarah Caldwell to explain why his grandfather, Charles Lamont, and his bride, Felicia, didn’t share the same bedroom, Sarah told Charles that Johnny was puzzled over Charles’ relationship with Felicia. Charles lectured Johnny on the necessity of keeping your personal life at home. Felicia asked Charles why he had been avoiding her when they were supposed to try to work things out, but Charles explained how frustrated he got when he was close to her. Felicia overheared Charles calling Dr. Bryson, her psychiatrist, for an appointment and made a play for Charles telling him how much she loved him and really wanted him. She let Charles kiss her, but when he coaxed her to the bed, she ran hysterically from the house. Sarah picked Johnny up at school when he developed a stomach ache and Felicia couldn’t be reached. After talking to Johnny, Sarah called Charles that his illness seemed to be brought on by teasing about “old Miss Flemming, the school teacher” being his new mother. When Charles told Felicia about Johnny’s emotional problems, she phones for an immediate appointment with Dr. Bryson telling Charles she would call as soon as she had worked things out.


Diane Lamont was anxiously waiting the results of her amniotic fluid test taken on her doctor’s advice because of her age – 40 – and she went shopping to take her mind off the chance that her baby was less than perfect. Her anxiety was further agitated when Dr. Albertson had two emergencies before she could tell her she was carrying a healthy blue-eyed boy.


Eddie Aleata had decided to stay in Rosehill and market his wines asking Rick Latimer to stock them at Beaver Ridge on credit. Meg was upset when she found that he had arranged with Vanessa Sterling, her sister, for her injured daughter Cal to stay with the Sterlings. Dr. Turino found that Cal would do her exercices for Rick and advised anything that got her to cooperate was worth the effort. When Cal read in the paper that Rick was in a financial bind because of the burning of the Club Victoria, she offered him money, but he refused it. Rick asked Bruce for money because he refused to take any more from Meg.


Ben Harper was waiting for Rick to return to the Club so that he could retrieve from the Club safe the pearls he stole from Arlene Lovett, his secret and legal wife, before Arlene told Betsy, his second wife, that she was not legally married to Ben. Ben got the pearls to Arlene with a little selight of hand and a lot of genius.


After observing his monther Meg with Rick and putting pieces of conversations together, Ben suggested to Rick that there was more to his relationship with Meg than business and asked to be manager of the Piano Bar at Beaver Ridge so that he could keep an eye on Arlene. Meg was furious when she heard that Ben wasn’t satisfied that she supplied all his needs, but eventually Meg and Rick gave Ben two pieces of information; he would be manager of the Piano Bar and Arlene wouldn’t be around much longer.


David Hart had decided he was well thanks to Arlene and when Betsy suggested that maybe he was getting involved too soon after his breakup with Cal, David made up his mind to care for Arlene. Arlene said this was pretty fast, but agreed to an engagement. Betsy visited Jamie Rollins, David’s lawyer, asking if David shouldn’t tell Call personally. Betsh took him to the hospital where Cal wished him the best of luck and said that although she loved him and tried to help, sometimes love wasn’t enough. Cal was informed that David looked pretty miserable too, as she cried silently.


Lt. Garfield told Rick that since Arlene Lovett and David Hart had alibis for the night of the fire and he didn’t – Rick wouldn’t tell them he was with Meg – that there was a possibility that he could have started the fire for the insurance money. Rick was sure that Arlene had something to do with the fire and suggested to her that the Grand Jury wouldn’t be so easy on her. Meg hired a private detective to check on Arlene and suggested that if Arlene actually called Denver from his office the night of the fire the phone company would have a record of it. Rick told Ben that there was no record of Arlene’s call. Ben visited Arlene with this information and a ticket to New York City where she was to hide out until he got his inheritance of $500.000 from his mother because he thought she either started the fire or had David start it. She admitted she called him in New York on his wedding night, but hung up when Betsy answered. Rick suddenly arrived with a tape recording he made on a concealed recorder. The voice was Arlene’s telling David to keep his cool because she would take care of the only thing that connected her to the fire. Rick refused to leave until he found it.


Ben tried to dissuade Rick saying he could get his $200.000 from David Hart because David had probably something to do with the fire. But Rick refused to blackmail David. As Rick found Arlene’s soot-covered dress, Lt. Garfield arrived at the apartment taking Arlene and the evidence into custody. Ben asked Rick to give him a few hours to get David to confess before the whole story came out about his marriage to Arlene. Ben played the tape for David, telling him that the police had Arlene in custody and she would probably confess to save him, knowing that David felt protective of her. Arlene, afraid of a prison sentence, admitted that she was in the Club drunk when David set the fire just as Jamie arrived with David. Jamie was surprised to find that it was David he had to protect rather than Arlene. David became hysterical at the mention of taking him to the hospital, afraid he would lose Arlene as he lost Cal. Just as Arlene and Jamie thought they had calmed him, he leapt onto the window ledge!


Betsy and Carrie Johnson, Arlene’s mother, and Meg’s new cook/housekeeper, hit it off very well with Carrie agreeing to leave Ben and Betsy(s room to Betsy’s care. When Carrie described the household to Arlene, she figured out whose house she was talking about. Neither Meg nor Betsy knew Carrie was Arlene’s mother.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Susan Barry, R.N., beffuddled by too much liquor and deluded by her obsession that Dr. Larry Wolek was carrying on an affair with Viki Lord Riley at the Llanview Motel, rushed off to confront them, closely followed by Larry’s concerned sister, Anna Craig. Refusing to believe Anna’s pleas of Larry and Viki’s innocence, Susan pounded on a motel door and was greeted by a startled Tony Harris. Susan, faced by the familiar motel surroundings, relived the true scene leading up to Dr. Mark Toland’s death which she had blocked out because of her acute alcoholism all these months. She told of an argument with the fugitive Toland over exposing his hiding place to the police and of the fatal struggle in which Toland’s gun accidentally discharged, killing him instantly. Realizing her complicity in Toland’s death, Susan blindly rushed out to tell the police, but was stuck down by a motorcycle before the horrified eyes of Anna and Tony. Just before Susan died, Police Lt. Ed Hall was called to the scene by Anna, and learned the whole story. Tim Siegel, admitting his innocence freely as he was sure his sister Julie was no longer under suspicion for the death oh her husband, was released from prison. Ed, demanding Viki and Larry be honest about Toland’s attempted blackmail scheme against Viki, was finally persuaded not to force them to reveal the reason behing the blackmail because it wasn’t relevant to the murder. They assured Ed there was nothing to Susan’s delusions about an affair. To Viki’s relief,Ed closed the case without discovering Joe Riley’s natural daughter, Megan was likely to die by early adolescence of an inherited heart problem unknowingly transmitted by Joe, which precluded his having any further children. Larry told Dr. Jim Craig about the blackmail plot and postulated whether or not Dr. Dorian Cramer might have somehow been responsible for Toland’s discovery of the closely guarded secret.


Viki, less occupied by the threatening circumstances of the past months, turned her attention to her father, wealthy and powerful Victor Lord. Realizing the control Dorian had exerted over Victor while attending to his convalescence after his serious heart attack, Viki worried about the motives of this unprincipled woman who mistakenly bore a grudge against Viki because she believed Viki was solely responsible for her dismissial from the hospital staff after the Wilson murder trial. Learning that Dorian planned a trip to New York with Victor, Viki countered with a proposal of just a family outing to their mountain cabin retreat. Prevented from joining, the thwarted Dorian found fare had helped to nearly separate father and daughter when Franklin Carter, Victor’s legal counsellor from San Francisco on special assignment, insisted upon meeting with Victor in person, forcing Viki to return her father to Llanfair. Carter warned Victor that expanding his search for his illegitimate son to other cities might only encourage cranks and fortune hunters.


Tony Harris, who was actually, unknown to everyone, Victor’s illegitimate son, continued to write his accounts of the closing days of the war in Vietnam. Tony was haunted by a reoccurring childhood dream about a mother he loved deeply and a father, believed dead, of whom he hadn’t even a photo by which to remember, Tony, fascinated by Joe and Cathy Craig’s mature agreement over the sharing of parental duties to Megan, was attracted to the authoress Cathy. Anna remarked on how much alike in background and interest Tony and Cathy appeared, but that actually when they were together sparked fly and their acquaintance appeared to be off to a volatile start. Cathy, finding she had two symphony tickets and no one to escort her, reluctantly agreed to go with Tony. Cathy left Megan with Joe and Viki. When an important oil millionaire unexpectedly arrived in town, the newspaper contacted Joe, who left to get a prized interview. Viki competently cared for Megan, but was suddenly horrified by what appeared to be a resumption of the baby’s serious heart/respiratory failure. Unable to reach Jim by phone, Viki bundled the baby up to protect her from an unexpected thunder storm and began speeding in her car through the rainy night to the hospital. Suddenly out of nowhere a car appeared and collided with Viki’s car!


Tim, freed from his self-inflicted imprisonment, turned his romantic interests toward novitiate Jenny Wolek and began pressuring her to choose between a life with him and her commitment to her devotion as a nun. Eileen, Tim’s mother, learning of his upsetting involvement with the devout girl’s plans, interfered in her son’s plans. Vinnie Wolek discovered the situation and, having a rather conservative viewpoint about the place of nuns in society, threatened Tim and demanded he stop seeing Jenny, to his wife Wanda’s chagrin.


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer


Delia Ryan, the wife of Frank Ryan, reform candidate for City Council in the Riverside District of New York City, had confessed to her parish priest that she pushed her husband down the back stairs of Riverside Hospital, admitting she married Frank because she wanted to be a Ryan and to get back at his brother Pat when their relationship was leading nowhere. When Frank began seeing Jill Coleridge, Delia had their baby to end the affair but discovered it had started up again. She promised to find a positive penance in every moment with Frank and their child. When she told Frank of her contrition, he said they were past the point where her turning over a new lead would make a difference. For the sake of Delia and his son, and to keep alive his chances of continuing his campaign, he pretended to have no recollection of the time immediately preceeding his fall.


Frank told investigative reporter Jack Fenelli he was in the hospital – on the back stairs – looking for his brother Pat, an intern, to invite him to a party – he was in fact there to give Jillian’s brother, Roger Coleridge $6.500 to enable Roger, who knew of his affair with Jillian, to pay off a gambling debut to Nick Szabo, who was threatening Roger’s life -. Frank also told Jack that he had been to see Szabo earlier only because Szabo was hospitalized and an old friend of his father’s. He insisted Nick called him about a campaign contribution which he turned down.


Asked about the missing $6.500, Frank said it was part of his $10.000 police pension and he had it with him in cash because he intended to use it for a mailing in his campaign. Fenelli was unconvinced.


Frank’s sister, Mary, and his campaign manager Bob Reid, were somewhat disturbed over the questions still unanswered but were certain that as Frank made his recovery, his memory might improve and the facts surrounding the disappearance of the money would emerge.


In an effort to display her responsibility, Delia asked Jill Coleridge to submit a claim to the hospital for the missing money. When Jill prepared the claim and told Frank about it, he told her to withdraw it and not to say anything about it. He also told Delia to forget the claim for a time and not to speak of it to anyone. Delia, puzzled, promised. Later, Frank told Roger that if he made a claim when he knew Roger had taken the money they would be guilty of fraud. He made it clear that he expected Roger to pay it back.


Roger, unknown to Frank, had begun building up another gamblind debt to Nick Szabo.


Jack Fenelli, after filling his story, took Mary Ryan to meet Sister Mary Joel, his beloved mentor, who prevailed upon him to help arrange a job for the troublesome brother of one of her charges. When Jack made a phone call, Sister Mary told that Jack short-circuited efforts at communication but assured her that Jack was worth the effort.


Upon her arrival back at Ryan’s Place, Mary read with shock and then contempt the story Jack had written on her brother.


Nick Szabo had cause to be disturbed by some implications in Fenelli’s story and when he injured his back further, he insisted on calling Roger to his room. He got Roger to admit he knew something embarrassing to Frank but when Roger insisted the matter was minor and of a personal nature, Szabo didn’t press him – yet!


Having forgotten to return the key to the drug cabinet after administering a shot of pain killer to Szabo, Bucky had to return to the hospital, leaving Pat Ryan and Faith Coleridge on his houseboat. In his absence, Pat succeeded in teaching ultra-uptight Faith to relax and enjoy dancing. The following day when the three arranged a lunch time picnic in the park and Bucky went on ahead, Faith and Pat were called into Nick’s room by Johnny Ryan who had stopped to tell his friend that Frank had managed to move his toe, a sign that the spinal pathway was clear. Johnny witnessed Nick go into convulsions and Faith and Pat coped with the emergency brought on by a nurse who had read the wrong chart and administered insulin to Szabo.


Bucky’s Aunt Nell Beaulac was enraged to learn that her husband Seneca had forced his way into the position of Chief of Neurosurgery replacing Ed Coleridge, Acting Chief, whom she had been seeing after she left Seneca to start a new life in New York. She threatened to resign but Ed talked her out of it. When Seneca insisted Nell’s behavior had been irrational, Nell maintained she wouldn’t waste time or energy in defending her right to live her life as she chose.


As a result of the implications raised by Jack Fenelli’s story and the uncertain state of Frank Ryan’s health, the party’s district leader Charley Ferris told Bob and Mary the party “may have to look for a new candidate.” Mary insisted the story was only “Cheap-Shot Fenelli at his worst.” She asked for 10 days time for Frank to show significant physical improvement and draft an answer to Fenelli’s column. Charley agreed, and later promised to recommend that the party stay with Frank.


When Jack came in, Mary told him she never wanted to see him again. At 3 a.m. outside her window, Jack woke the family. When Mary went down to talk to him, he said he was sorry he hurt her. As she showed him out, he reminded her that she had quoted her father to him once saying, “Only those you love can really hurt you.”


At the same hour – 3 a.m.), Bucky told Faith she had to come to some decision about marrying him. Faith told him she couldn’t give in to pressure. Having said that the best thing they could was keep as much distance as they could between them, Bucky later admitted to Pat that he handled everything wrong.


Ed Coleridge came upon Faith and Nell quarrelling the following day. Having learned from Nell that she had been living with the knowledge that she could die at any moment – she had shown him x-rays of two aneurisms of the brain, one inoperable and ultimately terminal -, he took Faith aside and told her she was not to upset Nell, “a very sick lady.”


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Sam Hunter, Henderson’s D.A., who had been placed in office by the Organization, called his organization contact, McCready, saying he was all wrong about Kathy Phillips, that she knew nothing. McCready believing that Sam couldn’t control Kathy because he loved her, said it was out of his hands. McCready ordered his strong arm to hit Kathy tonight. John Wyatt, Kathy’s law partner, wanted her to go to the Board of Supervisors with what she had learned from Sam but Kathy assured him she was in no danger and wanted to get more information first. Late that night, Kathy was disturbed by a noise outside the house but didn’t answer the ringing phone. She was frightened when there was persistent knocking on the door, but it turned out to be Sam. He told her to pack and get out of town because McCready knew about her. John was worried about Kathy and went to her home where Sam answered her door with a gun in his hand. John wrestled with Sam retrieving the weapon. John didn’t trust Sam but finally agreed to let Sam drive to the police station in his car while he, John, and Kathy following in John’s car. To their horror, Sam’s car exploded as he started it and he was killed instantly. John and Kathy were afraid to truth the police, but Zolar, whom many people felt should have been D.A. instead of Hunter, was honest; Kathy was taken into police protective custody by Sgt. Dorene Matthews and found herself bored in a remote cabin. McCready was furious at the hit man who wired Kathy’s and Sam’s cars, but told his boss, Mr. Billings, he had a contact who would let him know where Kathy was and she could be taken care of before she testified. Scott, Kathy’s ex-husband, who was temporarily on the wagon, but far from cured of alcoholism, read about Kathy in the Chicago paper and rushed to Henderson. Sgt. Burns felt sorry for Scott and told him that he would tell Kathy Scott cared when he took the supplies out. Realizing this was his opportunity, Scott followed, but Burns stopped, taking Scott’s keys because he was too drunk to drive, saying he would pick him up on the way back. Scott insisted on going with Sgt. Burns.


Kathy’s guard, Sgt. Matthews, called McCready, letting him know where they were, then offered drugged coffee to Kathy and one of the guards. Joey Kimble, dressed as a policeman, told Kathy that he was the guy she had been looking for. He tied Matthews up so it would look good and then taunted Kathy until she begged him to just shoot her. Scott impulsively broke in. Burns the shot Joey, but was angry because Scott could have got himself or Kathy killed. Kathy protested when they started to untie Dorene Matthews, explaining she was in on it too.


Scott realized that he put Kathy in danger and asked her to come home with because he knew he was an alcoholic. She refused when he insisted that he could cure himself rather than treat it like a disease. When Kathy was rested she called Ellie to pick up Eric, Scott’s step-son, but found Scott already had. She insisted that until Scott got help, Eric was better off with her. When Eric went off to school, Scott found a bottle of liquor and took a drink to steady his nerves praying that he wouldn’t take any more. Eric found him passed out on the couch and lied to Kathy when she called to check on them. Scott tried to tell Eric he had only been sleeping, but Eric, on the verge of tears, knew the truth.


Liza and Steve Kaslo were home from their honeymoon and the administration office had not sent his acceptance to law school. Janet, Liza’s mother, offered to have John Wyatt put in a good word, but Steve wanted to do it on his own. Finally it came and they had cause to celebrate. Steve was having trouble with his back and when Liza noticed that he had no appetite she suggested that she quit school and get a job, but Steve wouldn’t even listen.


Tom and Stu Bergman, vacationing, were in Los Angeles. When Stu was a contestant on “Your Lucky Day” he won the grand prize of a sports car and then was invited for a home-cooked meal by his widowed opponent, Constance Schultz, to whom he gave the car.


Dr. Wade Collins told his wife Janet, she made him feel so guilty that he told Karen he was already married and she was in the severely disturbed ward, but he would not give up her case. At a Collins Corp. board meeting where after 4 hours they could come to no compromise because Clay didn’t “run the company like his father did.” Clay Collins was informed that his open affair with Stephanie Wilkins had set many board members against him. When Stephanie complained about Dave, her ex, bothering her, Clay suggested matter-of-factly that they married the following days, thinking this would solve both problems. Stephanie’s daughter, Wendy, was so upset that she called her father who explained that some things weren’t meant to be and you couldn’t always have what you wanted – Stephanie and David getting back together. – On their wedding night, Stephanie admitted she was jealous because she though Clay was trying to break up Wade and Janet’s marriage.


Wade and Janet had an argument when Janet suggested that Wade gave up his interest in the company after Wade remarked the only reason Clay was marrying Stephanie was to gain control of the company. She said some serious changed had to be made in their marriage or they were in trouble because he felt a duty to everything else. When she claimed that Karen was not an obligation, but an obsession with him, Wade retorted that she, Janet, had too much free time as her children were growing up – Karen was Wade’s ex-fiancée who took an experimental drug causing schizophrenia thinking she was helping Wade’s research. – He decided to go to a psychiatric convention to get away from home. Janet exploded when he would rather visit Karen at the sanitarium than have her take him to the airport. That night, Janet heard a noice downstairs and found Karen looking for champagne to take to Wade. When Janet called the sanitarium, Karen overheard Janet announce herself as Mrs. Wade Collins and, becoming hysterical, ran out the door and into the path of an oncoming car. Clay waited at the hospital with Janet while Wade flew in from his convention in Columbus. Dr. Rogers told them all that they removed her spleen and repaired a damaged kindey, but she would be fine. Wade was furious to learn Janet allowed Karen to hear the truth of her identity and rushed to Karen’s side while Clay consoled Janet assuring her that she was not at fault. Dr. Newman suggested again that Wade remove himself from the case, but he refused. After another fight with Wade, Janet went to the hospital to talk to him but found him in Karen’s arms. Janet went to Clay for comfort and Stephanie walked in to find Janet in Clay’s arms.




Written by: Don Appell

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


Ginger and Tony Cooper continued at odds over Tony’s drive for success that had him working long hours. Ginger was lonely, as their son, Joe, was in school, but refused Ned’s offer of a job as a teen fashion counsellor, saying she already had a job as a housekeeper, wife and mother. Ned sensed the Coopers’ relationship was deteriorating, as he confided to Eve, so he sent Tony home early, delighting Joe when Tony played ball with him. Joe asked if they could do it every day. Tony said they could. Tony was rebuffed by Ginger, who claimed she was too tired. Tony then hurt Joe by telling him he couldn’t play anymore. With Ned’s encouragement, Tony began getting home early often.


Tom Conway told Kate Cannell that Vicky Paisley saw them leaving for New York, and he wouldn’t put it past Vicky to guess the miscarriage was an abortion and might even decide the baby was his, not Julian’s. When Kate learned Eve and Ned were engaged, she began spreading the word of her “miscarriage.” Julian explained how he had been trying to help Eve at the time putting Kate under such emotional stress she miscarried. Stan replied, “Nonsense,” explaining emotional miscarriages weren’t only rare, they were almost impossible for someone in Kate’s excellent physical condition. Julian was stunned. Kate told Vicky that Tom was just seeing her off on a business trip, and Vicky agreed to make peace. Kate’s insecurity returned when she learned Julian went to see Stan about her. Kate calculatedly asked Teri Kurts to tell Julian that she, Kate, had an emotional miscarriage, which Teri refused to do since it would be a lie because Kate wasn’t her patient. Kate tried to again place the guilt on Julian, asking if he blamed her because the baby aborted. He jumped on the word “abort” until Kate assured him that any preterm delivery could be called an abortion. Under the strain of her new insecurity, Kate began to drink during office hours, a fact which Eve observed one day. Eve offered help, but Kate still felt Eve was after Julian. When Julian came in, seeing Kate with a drink, Eve covered, saying it was for her. Kate later thanked her. Julian thought Eve was drinkiong again, and offered help. She reassured him and as the who sat to chat, Ned entered and was upset.


Heather Lawrence Kane increasingly insecure in her marriage to prominent young heart surgeon Jerry Kane, decided a baby would prove his love for her and cement their marriage, despite warning from Teri Kurtz and her mother Eve. Heather was deeply hurt when Jerry said this wasn’t the time. Jerry confided his puzzlement to Julian, saying he felt Heather was too immature to have a child. Julian reminded Jerry that Heather was mature enough to get him out of a depression and back to surgery. Julian warned Jerry he himself might be making Heather dependent and advised Jerry to let Heather do her own think and make her own mistakes.


Eve Lawrence and Ned Paisley were ecstatic about their engagement. Ned told Eve he wanted to marry her as soon as possible. He also told her she could continue to work, if she wanted. Vicky, Ned’s sister, decided to set her sights for Julian, after sensing all was not well with the Cannells. Ned was upset at the prospect of a free Julian, feeling he was still a threat to him, still insecure in Eve’s love. Ned, finding Julian and Eve chatting in her office, refused to believe Eve was trying to save the Cannells’ marriage. Ned told Eve she hadn’t changed at all and her helping Julian was proof that if Julian were free, she would go to him in a minute. Eve, deeply hurt, left, telling Ned she was going as far away from him as possible. Meanwhile, Kate, very defensive since the word “abortion” came up, jumped on Julian, screaming at him he was the guilty one, not she. He walked out.


Jill Grant Farmer lunched with Lena Andrews, Jon Wheeler’s mother-in-law. Jon was there and he and Jill enjoyed playing at meeting for the first time. Lena finally persuaded Jon to tell his daughter the truth about his late wife, Frances. With great emotional suffering, Jon told Carrie how on the noight of the accident that crippled her, Frances was abandoning them to run away with Peter Goodman. John followed them, campe upon the accident and took Goodman’s place behing the wheel. Goodman subsequently ran away with another woman. To Jon’s utter devastation, Carrie refused to believe him. When Greg Mercer got the story from Carrie, he left for Wilkesbarre, to prove or disprove Jon’s story. Jill was hurt to see Jon wasn’t wearing his half of the gold coin they shared. Jon finally told Lena about Jill. Lena was thrilled he had found someone to love, but was puzzled as to why he had kept it a secret. He said it was because of Carrie. Carrie, meanwhile, all but admitted to Lena she was in love with Greg. Carrie also told Julian she worshipped her father until she learned at age 10 he was keeping a mistress. Jill was increasingly disturbed at Jon’s obsession with regaining Carrie’s love. Greg called from Chicago, having found a man resembling Goodman. Jon encouraged Carrie to go to Chicago to meet the man. Carrie was reluctant, thinking Jon wouldn’t be above hiring someone to pose as Goodman. She told Jon to stay away from Chicago, but Jill told him to go because Carrie had things her own way too long. At the airport, Jon ran into Carrie, who said only one of them went to Chicago. Jill wasn’t sympathetic, and when Jon told her Carrie was the most important person in his life, Jill left.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


After her concert debut in New York, Leslie Elliot was remembering when she was there the previous time. She had a nervous breakdown and was a patient at the state mental institution. She decided that she had to visit the sanitarium to make sure she had left it all behind. Brad rescued her from the ordeal telling her that only caring families could help the patients. Brad met with Bronson, a promotor, who wanted to set up a one-woman show so that Leslie could realize her full potential. Brad agreed to talk to Leslie.


Since the publisher had agreed to publish Lorie’s brook as is, after she had changed her mind because it could be traumatic for her sister, Leslie, Lorie asked her managed, Jed Andrew, for advice. He suggested she tell them they could be sued for invasion of privacy. When Parks offered to publish it under her own name – he refused this at first due to sensationalist publicity, - Lorie agreed after consideration. Lorie broke the news to Brad and Leslie that she wouldn’t be taking the job as publicist for the orchestra – Lorie’s novel was the story of a concert pianist’s nervous breakdown.


In Chicago, Jennifer Brooks found a lump in her breast and her lover, Dr. Bruce Henderson had scheduled her for a biopsy in the morning. Lorie, Jen’s most sympathetic daughter, could see that something was wrong and got Jen to confide in her. Lorie told Leslie and they convinced their mother that she would be better off in Genoa City with her own doctor and family. Leslie, Chris and Lorie tried to cheer their mother by telling her that 8 out of 10 women who underwent biopsies didn’t have cnacer. Jennifer informed them that she wouldn’t sign the papers but would take her chances on being one of those 8 because she could be with a man afterwards. Brad got her to okay a biopsy, but not a radical if necessary even though he lectured her on the value of life. The biopsy proved the lump to be malignant.


Stuart Brooks had decided to file for divorce from Jennifer, start dating and sent his youngest daughter and constant companion, Peggy, back to college. The process server couldn’t find Jennifer in Chicago and felt Dr. Henderson knew something. Irritated, Stuart called Bruce, his former best friend, and learned Jennifer was in Genoa City undergoing a biopsy. When Chris stopped by to tell his father, she was upset that he knew and didn’t visit the hospital, but suggested that they tell Peggy even though she was estranged from her mother because of the divorce. Stuart tried to talk about Jen. Peggy wanted to cut him off but finally let him tell her that her mother had cancer. Lorie tried to get Jen to sign the surgery consent forms after she was told that she had cancer and they wanted to operate the following day. She refused saying that she didn’t want her body mutilated, but would live out her life a whole woman. Peggy walked in as she made this declaration and told her mother she needed to have the operation because she didn’t want her to die. Jennifer signed the consent.


Although Jennifer refused to see Stuart or Bruce before the surgery, Bruce told her that he had loved her for 30 years and would continue to love her. Jen was concerned that she wouldn’t make it through the surgery and wented someone to tell Peggy that she loved her, but Peggy was there to hear it for herself. Peggy and Stuart later talked about Peggy’s confused feelings for her mother when a process server arrived with divorce papers from Jennifer.


Snapper told the family that the lymph nodes were not involved and the surgeons were sure they got all the cancer. Jennifer cried hysterically as she awoke and remembered that she had had a radical mastectomy.


Kay Chancellor moved back into her house, asking her former housekeeper, Ruth, to stay. Ruth said she needed the job, but Mrs. Chancellor needed her more. The entire Foster clan set out to look for jobs. Greg decided to go into private law practice, Snapper to give up his residency for private practice, and Chris to get modelling jobs. Liz asked Kay Chancellor to help her get her job back at the plant when she could find nothing else. Kay said she never interfered with the business, but since her cook Emma quit, she did need a new one. When Liz found out about Snapper she asked Dr. Atwater not to accept his resignation and Snapper, suspecting that she was behind this, gave her a week to find a job. She called Kay and accepted the job as a cook. She found Kay a hard task master. Bill told Snapper the best thing he could do was leave unless Snapper consented to his looking for work. Snapper agreed because he was he would never be hired. When Chris reminded him her father offered him a job, Snapper asked Stuart to turn Bill down, but he got a lecture on man’s dignity instead.


Brock Reynold offered Jill some money, but she said they all had jobs. She told him she was pregnant and that Kay, Brock’s mother, would pay for the legal action which would deny her baby Phillip’s name – Kay had her own divorce annulled and Jill’s marriage to Phillip declared invalid. - Brock suggested she tell Greg that she was carrying Phillip’s child to see if the baby was Phillip’s heir. Greg said after the baby was born they would go to court.


Liz told Snapper that Sam Powers had asked her to marry him and to go to Kansas with him. Snapper said she deserved a little of the good life and it would be good for Jill to get a new start. Liz was worried about Bill who only had a short time to live but Snapper said he and Greg would worry about that. Liz told Jill about Sam’s proposal and asked her to go with them, but Jill said there were many reasons why she couldn’t. Brock thought that Jill should tell her parents she was expecting Phillip’s baby, but she didn’t want to hinder her mother’s happiness. Liz went to Greg’s office to arrange a divorce, but Bill had decided that he could help most by getting the divorce himself. Greg refused to be involved, but when he saw they were adamant he conceded.

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Re Guiding Light

They were exploring TJ being Ann Jeffers son. That didn't happen, so maybe it was just a plot point.



Now the Hollands are in charge, they have married Leslie and Cam, written off Joel and introduced the Laura story along with the Chandlers.

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32 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

Re Guiding Light

They were exploring TJ being Ann Jeffers son. That didn't happen, so maybe it was just a plot point.



Now the Hollands are in charge, they have married Leslie and Cam, written off Joel and introduced the Laura story along with the Chandlers.

And according to a Jon-Michael Reed column, they depart as headwriters along with the Chandlers around Feb/Mar 76.

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59 minutes ago, SoapDope said:

I never knew Snapper and Chris also lived at the Chancellor estate. 

Yes i read about Chris being apart of the family pretty well those times, i was trying to figure out if chris was going by the chancellor often to see snapper

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6 minutes ago, Legacy said:

Yes i read about Chris being apart of the family pretty well those times, i was trying to figure out if chris was going by the chancellor often to see snapper

I would love to see scenes with William Gray Espy's Snapper interacting with Kay Chancellor. Jeanne Cooper met Espy prior to Y&R and they became friends on a film set. When she joined Y&R he was thrilled. Jeanne Cooper said the early Y&R cast was so kind to her and came out to greet her when joined the show 6 months after the debut. I have seen photos of her having lunch with Trish Stewart, Dorothy Green, Juliana McCarthy etc...off set.

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4 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

Beyond the cognizance of the Faulkner vows, in another city, at the Queen of Angels Catholic Hopsital, Miss Doris Roach, a former nurse, realized she had almost run out of time in her fight with cancer. Learning of the dedication of the Mary Sullivan Free Clinic and of Lesley, she confessed to a priest a terrible sin she committed against Lesley years ago. She persuaded the doctors to release her so that she might travel to see Lesley in person and begged her absolution for her long hidden sin. Unfortunately, as a weakened Miss Roach arrived on the 7th Floor, Lesley and Cam had just departed for another brief trip to Europe. Miss Roach collapsed and was immediately hospitalized.

And so it begins....

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The EON scenes with Nancy and Serena/Josie sound epic. I wish those were available. 


On OLTL were DB and AP still playing Anna and Vinnie? It seems the show was definitely moving past the ethnic backgrounds and social stories they started with after reading 9 months of recap. Only Ed is even mentioned. No Carla. 

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Ponzini left on January 1st, 1976 (according to a newspaper article). He was replaced by Jordan Charney. Doris Belack was still there until fall 1977.

I am stunned how Carla is nowhere to be found. She was mentioned in January or February 1975 synopses in a very very minor role and nothing since. 

4 hours ago, will81 said:

And according to a Jon-Michael Reed column, they depart as headwriters along with the Chandlers around Feb/Mar 76.

Yes. The DNS from March 1976 mentionned the Pollocks being new HW.

Edited by FrenchFan
A mistake
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In the 1974 episode posted Kay had a maid named Teresa who catered to her drinking habit. By 1975 she has a maid named Ruth. Who played Ruth and how long was she Kay's maid ? Esther arrived in 1982. The synopsis states Liz accepted a job as the cook and Kay was a hard task master. Liz eventually became one of Kay's dearest friends, so it's interesting to see the beginnings of the Liz & Kay's relationship. 

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On 6/1/2020 at 12:51 PM, All My Shadows said:

Mary's death and its aftermath on AMC had to be heartbreaking for viewers at the time. She had been written as so pure and faultless from her first appearance, even moreso than Tara, and to have her brutally gunned down in her own home as a child watches - yikes. I never knew they kept her on as a "vision" in the months following.

Yes, I was 11 years old and still remember Mary being murdered in front of Tad when a thief broke into the Martin home (and it did traumatize me).  Mary and Tad were two of my favorites.  The actress (Susan Blanchard) married her on screen husband Jeff (Charles Frank) in 1977 and apparently are still married.  Nice.

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On 5/22/2020 at 10:29 PM, will81 said:

Please register in order to view this content

I remember watching all The King Family Singing specials.  I just re-watched a very old King Family Christmas Special on Amazon Prime in December.

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8 hours ago, Darcy said:

I remember watching all The King Family Singing specials.  I just re-watched a very old King Family Christmas Special on Amazon Prime in December.


I wonder what his role was ? He played in a lot of shows. He was a favorite of Jack Webb (So was Susan Hayes) who used him on Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency etc...His son is a voice actor Cam Clarke and his niece Tina Cole played Robbie Douglas's wife Katie on My Three Sons. 

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3 hours ago, SoapDope said:


I wonder what his role was ? He played in a lot of shows. He was a favorite of Jack Webb (So was Susan Hayes) who used him on Dragnet, Adam-12, Emergency etc...His son is a voice actor Cam Clarke and his niece Tina Cole played Robbie Douglas's wife Katie on My Three Sons. 

He was Dr. Bruce Henderson, Jennifer Brooks' lover.

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