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Look into the past - 1975


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Young and the Restless


11 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

Mark Henderson visited Lorie again and was taunted by Lorie who said he didn’t come to talk about family problems, but to see her and she had the vague impression he was using her. She asked him to spend the night, but he claimed “he couldn’t” and ran out. Lorie brought him back and he admitted that he had seen doctors but his problem wasn’t a physical/medical one. He revealed he eloped with his childhood sweetheart only to have her die of an embolism in his arms on their wedding night. He added he was since then unable to achieve an intimate relationship with another woman.


That's an interesting back story that also prevents Lorie and Mark from consummating their relationship (as they were due to be revealed as half-siblings).


General Hospital


11 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

Jim, embittered over what he believed was a raw deal when Joel took away his job as Head of the Cardiac Unit, still refused to face his own failings caused by excessive drinking, both as a doctor and as a husband to Audrey. Jim, successful in obtaining a tape recording of former patient Mr. Harold Lipman’s complaints made in the presence of his lawyer allowed Joel to hear the worst. Joel incisively tuned in on the change in vocabulary between Lipman’s mundane verbiage and his slick recital of medical facts and mentioned it to Margaret Colson, Assistant Administrative Head, but she dashed his hopes by saying prospective malpractice clients were always coached. Kira Faulkner, popular TV newscaster, told Lee that Steve, her former fiancé, had held the story back long enough from the public and that she fully planned to expose Steve’s reluctance to allow Joel’s resignation to be processed and exposed as admissible evidence of his negligence.


I like how several ongoing plot threads came together in this alleged malpractice storyline on GH.


11 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

Dr. Peter Taylor, the father of the imprisoned Augusta McLeod’s almost due baby, told her in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t allow his wife Diana to adopt the baby. He felt that although one day he would tell Diana about the baby, at present with their only recently newfound happiness, so precious and fragile, after years of struggle, he absolutely would not allow anything to destroy it.


Big mistake Peter! If you'd allowed your wife to adopt your own biological son then it's possible you would never have ended up getting dragged into Heather's schemes with PJ/Steven-Lars.


11 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

Augusta begged Lee Baldwin to arrange the adoption with a wealthy family, while she read over the “surrender papers” which, when signed, would irrevocably give away her son. Since this was out of his usual line of legal work, he contacted Mrs. Caroline Chandler, a long time friend, who operated an adoption service to find suitable parents for the baby boy.


And here comes Lee's soon to be second wife!

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2 hours ago, Soaplovers said:

Y & R:  lots of peggy mentions..and I like that there is some nice interaction with the 4 sisters.  If I'm reading it correctly, sounds like Philip's death and not paying Lorie's Bill's motivated her to go forward with the book.  An unexpected effect of his death outside of Jill/katherine.


LOL:  I will say that Depriest is doing a good job with carrying on Labine's plot threads.  Nowadays, a new headwriter would drop everything and start with their own material.  Arlene of 1975 is a far cry from the Arlene of 1980. 


GL:  I'm liking the depth given to Holly once the Dobson's take over..although I read somewhere that the original Holly didnt like her character being softened so much once the Dobson's take over.  Nice to see Leslie was getting some focus still even with the change of writers.

I also love how Peggy is being mentioned quite abit in the 1975 stuff, seems Like she went through alot all over the place emotional roller coaster.


And Lorie was clearly not apart of the after phillip died saga, i was surprised in general that she even had interactions with him at all but it all sounds juicy.


I wonder when the arrival of lance came about? Im sure it was sometime im 75 if im correct.

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7 hours ago, Legacy said:

I also love how Peggy is being mentioned quite abit in the 1975 stuff, seems Like she went through alot all over the place emotional roller coaster.


And Lorie was clearly not apart of the after phillip died saga, i was surprised in general that she even had interactions with him at all but it all sounds juicy.


I wonder when the arrival of lance came about? Im sure it was sometime im 75 if im correct.

Lance first appeared Oct 30, 1975. He was a fan of Leslie's. She would eventually introduce him to Lorie after the whole Mark story had ended. 

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8 hours ago, will81 said:

Lance first appeared Oct 30, 1975. He was a fan of Leslie's. She would eventually introduce him to Lorie after the whole Mark story had ended. 

Were the Henderson's completely gone before lance came on? I find it funny how both lance and his brother were in this triangle with lorie and leslie for a few years and all of them went there own ways to probably never speak again lol

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7 hours ago, Legacy said:

Were the Henderson's completely gone before lance came on? I find it funny how both lance and his brother were in this triangle with lorie and leslie for a few years and all of them went there own ways to probably never speak again lol

Mark was still on the show, his last appearance was Jan 76. No mention of Regina, don't think she was around. Bruce left town around the same month Lance was first seen. But Lance was either never or rarely in Genoa City. Leslie and Lance would meet up, as he would attend her concerts in Europe. I don't think he visited Genoa City until maybe early 76. Could be wrong about that

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All My Children


Written by : Agnes Nixon

Produced by : Bud Kloss


On his way home from a convention in New York, Chuck Tyler had the presence of mind to pull off the road when he experienced dizziness, fever and headache. When the highway patrol discovered him, he was unconscious. Their call to his wife Tara, and the subsequent diagnosis of kidney failure complicated by pneumonia, caused Tara and Phil Brent to postpone their plans to marry and make a home for their son, little Philip – Little Philip was legally Chuck and Tara’s son, conceived after Phil and Tara had exchanged vows privately, the night before Phil left for Vietnam. Phil was subsequently reported killed.


Joe Martin reminded Tara that little Philip was Chuck’s legal son. He told his wife Ruth that while her son Phil was phoning her for sympathy, he, Joe, was trying to save his son-in-law, Chuck’s life. When Ruth’s Aunt Sara asked her to be with her for a minor operation in Iowa, Joe insisted she go,”if that’s what it takes to stop your interfering.”


Nick Davis, who had been covering fro Phil at the Chateau so that he might be with Tara without Phil’s wife Erica finding out, asked for and was granted permission to see his grandson little Philip, promising not to mention anything about his relationship to the boy.


Erica, at the hospital for a visit, told Tara she understood her concern for Chuck, that if anything ever happened to Phil, she would kill herself. She took great pains to make herself appealing to Phil – who, that day, tried to persuade Tara to be with him at the motel and was rejected “until Chuck is well” – Erica found Phil’s reaction of sex without love brutal and felt degraded but she was determined to get pregnant. Erica had just recently been released from a sanitarium after suffering a nervous breakdown following her miscarriage of Phil’s body.


Jeff Martin, unable to adjust to his wife Mary’s death, had begun speaking to her apparition. He told her he wanted to join her and their unborn son. Joe Martin was troubled upon overhearing Jeff speaking aloud in an apparently empty doctor’s lounge and when Jeff ordered an insulin injection for a patient with psoriasis, Joe asked Dr. Charles Tyler to give Jeff an extended leave. Charles thought Joe was over-reacting and decided to compromise by keeping a close eye on Jeff and reducing his work load. Joe replied that he hoped they didn’t live to regret the decision. When a new hospital aide, David Thornton, questioned Jeff’s conflicting orders, Jeff went to pieces and Joe had to sedate him.


On Ruth’s return from her trip, she and Joe Martin reconcilied and Ruth arranged dinner with Tara and Jeff. When Tara, worried over Jeff’s despondency, rang the bell of Jeff’s apartment, she got no answer.


Chuck, on the road to recovery, was beginning to question Phil’s close relationship with Tara and little Philip.


Margo Martin, sensing that Paul, her husband, was about to ask her for a divorce, told him as she found him packing to move to his mother’s house temporarily, that she was pregnant. She desperately hoped to get pregnant in the next few weeks. Margo asked Erica to help in the shop while she and Paul went on a vacation, but Paul insisted she cancel the reservations she had made. He agreed to stay with Margo, but told her his feelings hadn’t changed.


When Anne Tyler told her brother Linc about her promise to remarry Paul until she learned from him of Margo’s pregnancy. Linc suggested Margo might be lying. Phoebe Tyler called on her daughter and told Anne that Claudette Montgomery, Margo’s daughter and Phoebe’s paid companion, told her Margo had a facelift in New York. She suggested that such a deception would be the cause of Paul’s leaving Margo, goading Anne to scream at her that Paul would never leave Margo.


At home at the Tyler mansion, Phoebe, drunk, passed out. Claudette stole the mate to an earring she had previously stolen from Phoebe and pawned it usting a driver’s license she had fliched from Kitty as an I.D. The license bore Kitty’s maiden name, Kitty Shea. Claudette planned to use the money to retain Linc Tyler’s – Kitty’s present husband – services in an attempt to secure alimony from Spencer Montgomery.


Hal Short, who had been with Claudette when she was using drugs – although he refused to make a connection for her or use them himself – received a phone call ordering him to meet the caller alone. The man, claiming he represented “someone big,” referred to him as Hal Shea and threatened the loss of his radio station job. Hal was told they had need of his speciality – drugs – and he would be given his instructions.


Paul told Anne he planned to ask Margo to have an abortion. He asked Joe Martin about the possibility of Margo having an abnormal child. Dr. Martin agreed the chances were greated at her age but that Margo appeared to be in excellent health. Anne told Paul, “the child you destroy will always be standing in our way.” Anne arranged a trip to New York.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Pat Randolph accidentally found birth control pills in her daughter Marianne’s purse. Pat was devastated, but covered, confiscating the pills. Pat, finally having to talk with someone, told her father Jim Matthews about the pills. Jim suggested Pat talk with Marianne and Dr. Dave Gilchrist, warning Pat not to make an enemy of Marianne. Pat knew he was right, but was afraid Marianne wouldn’t tell the truth. Pat was haunted by memories of her own disastrous sexual involvement with a boy when she was Marianne’s age. Finally, Pat confronted Marianne who said she got the pills “just in case,” and insisted she had done nothing wrong. Pat decided to keep the pills so Marianne wouldn’t find herself in the wrong situationand promised she wouldn’t tell John until both of them agreed to tell him. Pat found Dave thought Marianne had permission for the pills. Marianne insisted Chris did not prompt her to get them – which Chris confirmed -, and didn’t know she had them because she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.


Marianne became more desperate for the pills as Chris started working late with Pam Sloan on projects assigned them by Willis. Marianne asked Dave for another prescription, saying all her friends had pills. He asked if she sknew that for sure of if they were just showing off. Marianne told her Uncle Russ her problem and he convinced her they were concerned because they loved her. Marianne let it rest until she ran into Chris’ old girlfriend Glenda, whom Chris had just told it was over forever between them. Glenda told Marianne that Chris was seeing other girls, playing on Marianne’s sense of insecurity at being younger and less experienced. When Pat again refused to return the pills, Marianne went to another doctor and got a prescription. Meanwhile, Russ told Pat that to prove she trusted her daughter, and considering the pills can be got elsewhere because Marianne was of age, Pat should return the pills. She agreed, but Marianne had disappeared. Chris meanwhile was getting tired of Pat’s requests he talk to Marianne.


Marianne appeared at Willis’ apartment where Chris and Pam were working late and asked about Glenda and his other present dates. He assured her she was the only one he was seeing. Learning Willis wouldn’t return for hours, Marianne began kissing Chris passionately and they made love. Marianne later accidentally confided this to Angie, who asked how long Marianne had been on the pill. When Marianne said she started the day Chris and she made love, Angie suggested Marianne talk to Dave immediately. Marianne was shocked to learn she might not have been protected and could be pregnant. After setting things up to to tell Chris, Marianne backed off.


Liz Matthew incurred brother-in-law Jim Matthews’ anger by discussing Marianne and him with other family members. Liz felt shut out and tried too hard to help, then became bitter when people told her they didn’t want her felp. Jim found Helen Moore, Liz’s apartment mate and friend, pleasant company and began to date her regularly, occasionally sending her flowers. Liz, jealous and left out again, tried to convince his children Jim was being a foolish old man. Pat told Liz she’d rather see Jim looing to the future than living in his memories and asks Liz if Richard Gavin was being foolish when he dated Liz. Liz insisted that was different. When Jim found out that Liz had been talking about him to others, he told Liz she had always been a meddler and he and his late wife, Mary, only put up with it because they felt sorry for her. Liz left the room telling Jim she would never forgive him.


Gil McGowan, following up the investigation of Cory housekeeper, Beatrice Gordon’s missing daughter, followed one lead to a dead-end. Gil reassured the wavering Beatrice that Jenny might want to be found because she kept in touch with friends and her brothers. Another lead, a man named Peter Sprague, looked more fruitful. Beatrice was heart-broken to learn, however, that Sprague, who disappeared the same week as Jenny, was a married conman. Sprague’s wife later divorced him for desertion.


Iris Carrington continues in a depression following her suicide attempt, prompted by her being rejected by her father, Mac Cory, for her part in almost breaking up his marriage to Rachel. Rachel learned that Iris tried to do from Louise, Iris’s housekeeper. Dennis, Iris’ son, was staying with the Corys until Iris’ condition improved. Rachel took Dennis to visit and found a moment alone with Iris. She told Iris that Dennis could be a big comfort to her explaining she knew of Iris’ suicide attempt and hoped Mac never found out because he was finally free of Iris. Iris cheered a bit, knowing Rachel was keeping a secret from Mac again, and decided to bring Dennis home.


Mac and Rachel decided to have a baby, especially when they found they were healthy. Jamie, Rachel’s son by Steven Frame, was enthusiastic. Dave Gilchrist, Iris and Rachel’s doctor, was in constant attendance on Iris. Loretta Simpson, an old New York friend of Iris’s, returned, prompting Iris to take in interest in Dave through Loretta’s overt plays for his attention. Mac and Rachel gave their first big party, for those who helped them reconcilie. Iris and Loretta found out about the party from Dave and Iris arrived, while Rachel was in the garden, and begged Mac to let her stay so people wouldn’t think they were having problems. Mac sent her away. Later, Loretta arrived, drunk, and told Rachel about Mac’s former life, flitting from romance to romance. Dave took Loretta home.


Iris, aware she had lost Mac, decided to change her life. Rachel later told Dave she hoped Iris and Mac would reconcile, but had given up. Dave counselled that Rachel shouldn’t do anything regarding Iris until she felt she could trust Iris. Rachel was glad Iris had a friend in Dave. Mac arranged with lawyer Scott Bradley to disinherit Iris. Rachel guessed Mac’s intentions and asked him not to, saying it wasn’t fair. He explained he wanted their children to inherit everything. Iris told Loretta she was not going to openly oppose Mac’s marriage anymore, and perhaps when he saw she was no threat, he would take her back. Mac assured Rachel he wouldn’t mind the change in lifestyle a baby would bring and a child would cause the anxieties about the past to disappear. To thank Russ for his part in their reconciliation, Mac invited him for drinks and Rachel asked him to stay for dinner, both able to overcome past animosities. Carol Lamonte, snooping, found out Mac was disinheriting Iris, and went to tell her. Loretta dragged it from Carol, and immediately began plans to reconcile Mac and Iris starting with a party.


Dennis was increasingly upset at being caught in the middle between Mac and Iris. Rachel promised him she would try to heal the rift, but her first try with Iris failed because Iris refused to believe Rachel’s sincerity, feeling Rachel was behind Mac’s hostility. Rachel tried to persuade Mac to forgive Iris but he refused. Iris asked them to a party for Loretta. Rachel made no commitment but suggested to Mac they attend for a short while.


At Carol Lamonte’s instigation, Willis Frame hired Scott Bradley as his lawyer. The latest presentation Robert Delaney had made on the Pendleton Museum was a disaster. His sketches were a mess and he confided to Barbara Weaver that he worked hard on them. Robert suggested he might turn the project over to Neal Johnson, his assistant, but Barbara reminded him that was not what Pendleton was paying for. Robert said the incident had an echo of Carol in it. Carol asked Scott to tell Pendleton of Robert’s failure, asking him to make sure Pendleton talked to Willis, not Vic. Willis asked Vic Hastings when he was going to stop carrying a drunk like Robert. Robert worked hard on new sketches and Helen told him they were as good as the Cory complex. Carol showed up for a supplies list she made for Robert and while Helen’s back was turned, Carol took her keys. Carol returned late that night and stole the sketches. Finding them missing in the morning, Robert startes drinking again. Helen, Neil and Barbara later figured out what happened, but had no proof. Carol and Willis badgered John about Robert’s incompetence, with Carol taking credit for the Cory complex. Angie reminded Willis that wasn’t true at least Robert, unlike Carol, had proved himelf. Willis told Neal he was replacing Robert and offered him the project. Neal said he wouldn’t seek success at the expense of others.


Helen, with Barbara’s permission, tried matchmaking with Barbara and Robert, but the party was spoiled when Lenore inadvertently called and hung up when Robert grabbed the phone. Robert decided to search for Lenore by checking school enrollments for Wally’s name, saying his work would never be any good until he knew for sure from Lenore that there was nothing left. He left, turning the museum project over to Neal.


Willis was furious at Robert’s leaving. Angie and Willis had constant arguments about his lack of cooperation with Vic and his badgering of Robert. Scott Bradley, at Carol’s urging, told Willis of a possible project in Washington, and suggested Willis send Vic there, to divide and conquer. Neal’s sketches for the museum were good and he maintained they were based on Robert’s ideas. Willis refused to listen to that, disgusting Neal. Neal and Clarice discovered their friendship had developed into something deeper. Angie refused to attend the Cory party with Willis because she couldn’t stand to watch him fawning over contacts. Angie called Willis’ sister, Emma, who told her to stick to her guns. Angie warned Willis he was going to destroy himself and the firm.


Alice Frame was in Oklahoma looking for a site to build a library in Steven’s name. Jim Matthews told Willis that Frame Enterprises couldn’t take on a new project because all their capital was tied up in the museum and the shopping mall. He asked if Willis was aware that Carol was way over budget on the mall. Willis explained Carol promised to make up her losses, disturbin Jim, who said it was most irregular and Willis should get it in writing. Scott, meanwhile, told Carol he would get along fine with Willis as long as Willis thought he was making the decisions. Carol wanted the museum project and asked for Scott’s help in getting it from Neil as revenge. Willis told her, though, that she would not get another project until the mall was done.


Unable to back the Frame Library himself, Willis asked Carol and Scott to help him make contacts with foundations and obtain greats. They approached Mac Cory, who lent his name and offered a significant contribution. Carol sold him on an even bigger commitment with an idea for the Jamie Frame Traveling Library. Mac asked who the architect would be. Carol made a big hint that she would do the library, but Willis made it clear that the decision hadn’t been made yet. Angie told Willis he frightened her because he walked over people to get what he wanted and she was afraid he would trample her if she got in his way. She walked out and went to Clarice to talk. Clarice suggested Angie tried to shake Willis up and discover if he was serious about her because Angie’d better find out how mich she meant to Willis before it was too late.


When Alice returned, her Aunt Liz visited her, insulting Emma by saying Alice should start depending on her own family. Willis painted Robert as unreliable, saying he tried to warn Alice. Alice told Willis that she would let him make the decisions. Carol pushed Scott at Angin, then Carol made a play for Willis, who told her he was not interested. When Carol made an overt attempt to get the library assignment by saying she would waive the architect’s fee, Willis still put her off.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Wilmore


Carol Stallings, who had been wondering about her husband about her husband Jay’s relationship with Susan Stewart, saw Susan leave with Jay from his office. When she gave him an opening, Jay still wouldn’t tell her about it and whe she brought it up he claimed she was over-reacting. Carol told her former mother-in-law Lisa Shea Colman of her suspicions. Lisa said to give Jay the benefit of the doubt.


Bob Hughes visited Natalie Bannon, his future daughter-in-law, to get her father’s address because he would like to write him, but Natalie claimed he had moved and whe she heard from him she would mail Bob’s letter along with her own. Natalie received phone calls at homme and the bookstore from a man who insisted he wanted to talk to Mrs. Porter. Helping at the bookstore one afternoon, Carol noticed how upset Naalie got when a called insisted Mrs. Porter worked there.


Jen Hughes finally told Dan Stewart that her sister, Kim Dixon, had gone to Centerville to think things through. When Dan got there, Kim had already decided that she would be good for Dan, Betsy and Emmy, that she shouldn’t feel guilty about Dan’s ex-wife, Susan because Susan and Dan were divorced long before Kim met Dan and she would go on to Nevada to get her divorce from John Dixon. Before Kim could leave, a tornado hit Centerville destroying the cottage she was staying in. Jen couldn’t locate Kim in Oakdale and couldn’t phone through to Centerville because only emergency lines were open. John learned from David Stewart that Kim was in Centerville and hadn’t been heard from since the tornado. He rushed out, forgetting his cane – John had an accident several months ago and hadn’t been able to walk on his own since. – Tom Hughes took Frannie, Jen’s daughter, to his ex-wife Carol to babysit, because her grandmother wasn’t home, just as Jay walked in. Tom took Jen to Centerville where they ran into John at the high school as they found Kim in a coma. Dr. Lambert had put a letter from Kim’s pocket addressed to Dan in the desk drawer where John found it while looking for paper. John told Dr. Lambert he was taking over Kim’s case and was taking her back to Oakdale in an ambulance, over objections from both Dr. Lambert and Jen. David Stewart had the highway patrol looking for Dan, who was on his way to Canada with his daughters. So Jen had to stand alone against John. John finally let Jen see Kim for 5 minutes during which Kim woke, but didn’t recognize Jen. When John realized that Kim didn’t know what happened, he moved her without telling anyone. David Stewart tried to break the news gently to Dan, who flew in from Canada when the police found him. Dan threatened to take the hospital the hospital apart to find Kim, so John took him to Kim who was asleep, but when she wole he found she not only didn’t remember that she was on her way to get a divorce, but didn’t know Dan or even who she was.


Grant Colman had looked through all the birth records in Laramie and could find none that would indicate that his ex-wife Joyce had given birth to a baby boy 3 years ago, as she claimed. A nurse at the hospital said she remembered a beautiful dark-haired girl giving birth to a boy 3 years ago, but Dr. Polk’s records were destroyed and he died in prison. Lisa suggested showing the picture to the pediatricians and finally a doctor recognized the boy, but the mother, Mrs. Cullen at first claimed the boy was not adopted, then finally admitted he is her younger sister’s son. Over dinner Grant and Lisa wondered how Joyce had a picture that the mother had never seen. Joyce entered the restaurant and retreated when she saw Grant and Lisa. Lisa told Grant that she was pregnant but could lose the baby. She calmed Grant’s fears about the trip by explaining that she was really resting instead of sightseeing as she claimed.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Julie Anderson, fighting hard not to lose the baby she was carrying, was gratified when her son David and she reconciled, finally able to admit their feelings to each other. David was puzzled that Julie had not told Bob, her husband, of her crisis. Julie told David that Bob’s denial that the baby was his denied him any rights. David, recalling how much he missed a father’s guidance, wondered if Julie wasn’t making a mistake, then offered to find an apartment for the two of them and the baby, promising to quit drinking to care for them. But Julie was unable to make the commitment. Alice, who was planning for Julie to stay with her when she was released, asked Julie if she would be able to cope with a new baby and David’s problem, surprising Julie, who didn’t know, along with other, that Alice was aware of David’s drinking. Bob had been searching for Julie, to no avail. Doug told Bob that it might be too late to save his marriage because Julie needed the confidence that Bob believed the baby was his. Bob was hurt when he found Julie was in the hospital through a phone call regarding insurance papers, and when he found he was barred from her room, he told David, later, that he understood and wished David were his son. Phyllis, learning of Julie’s situation, went to Bob, telling him she took full responsibility, but Bob refused her apology, saying it did not help because he should have trusted Julie. Phyllis explained that her rumor-mongering was a reflection of her deep hatred for Julie, then shocked Bob with the details of how she, Phyllis, was trying to kill Julie the night she accidentally shot their daughter Mary at the lake house. Phyllis left, telling Bob he was free of her.

Julie continued to hemorrhage, so against Julie’s wishes, Tom sent Bob in, warning Bob beforehand hat he had to convince Julie he knew the baby was his and he wanted it. Bob succeeded, but Julie warned she could make no promised about a reconciliation. Julie was grateful to Tom for knowing she needed to see her husband. Julie thanked Don Craig for never letting her down and told him she loved him in a very special way, to which he replied that he loved her in all ways. Finally, Julie stopped bleeding and went to the Hortons’ to recuperate.


Out of love for Julie and prompted by his little daughter Hope’s desire for a brother or sister, Doug offered to marry Julie and make the baby his. Julie was overwhelmed by his offer, finding herself unable to answer immediately. She confided her confusion to Don, saying she wanted to be fair, but she couldn’t accept any offer that would cast doubt on her baby’s parentage. Don urged her not to punish Bob further, pointing out while she married Bob for security, Bob married her for her love and Don felt Bob had been shortchanged.


Don accused Doug of taking unfair advantage of Julie and said the men in Julie’s life had to back off until the baby was born. Don also asked Doug to consider what would happen to Julie’s relationship with David if she married Doug, implying David would doubt the baby’s parentage and question Doug’s real feelings for his late wife, Addie. David, meanwhile, asked Julie to keep an open mind about Bob, to which she replied her decision would be based on what was best for her and the baby. Doug confided to Robert that he felt he could be a better father to David than Bob and if he didn’t marry Julie, he wouldn’t marry anyone. Meanwhile, Neil Curtis discovered Hope’s desire for a brother or sister and Doug’s reluctance to remarry, he suggested Doug try artificial insemination with a host mother. Doug laughed it off. Julie told Doug she couldn’t accept his offer. She explained the baby itself was the important thing and their love had endured until then and always would. Doug graciously replied that Bob ought to have the opportunity to be a father to his own child, if that was what she thought was fair. Julie later told Amanda and this baby was her second chance. Alice observed to Doug that Julie had always had to compromise, and deserved some happiness. Julie told Doug she could not marry him before the baby was born and wouldn’t ever do anything to cast doubt on its parentage.


Although Bob Anderson was devastated by his ex-wife Phyllis’ confession of trying to kill his wife Julie, Bob’s daughter Mary was too shocked to fully accept it, until it was confirmed by Doug, Bill Horton and Neil Curtis. Bob invited Mary to join his and Julie’s family, if things worked out. He said they had to accept the truth of Phyllis’ action and her state of mind at the time was no excuse to wipe out her guilt.


Neil Curtis appeared at Amanda Howard’s apartment, claiming to have been with patients; however, she saw him coming out of the poker club. Amanda told him he was sick and he was already made the big kill – himself. Greg Peters, Neil’s associate, told Tom Horton he couldn’t press the negligence charges against Neil, but would leave the practice instead. Tom urged Greg to treat Neil as a patient and not to expect miracles. He accused Greg of letting his love for Amanda cloud his judgement. Greg agreed to Tom’s suggestion then apologized to Amanda for being so self-righteous. Amanda, unable to explain the hold Neil had on her, would like a healthy relationship with a man, which she knew she could have with Greg, but continued to stand by Neil. Neil agreed to attend a meeting of Gamblers Anonymous, with Amanda and Greg as moral support.


At dinner, Greg and Amanda saw Greg’s estranged wife Susan dancing and flirting with his brother Eric, unaware that Eric was coaching Susan to try to make Greg jealous. Greg, however, loved Amanda and was unaffected.


At the GA meeting, Neil told the leader, Sam, he was there for a friend. Amanda told Neil how glad she was he was there. After the meeting, however, Neil denied he had anything in common with “those people,” dragging Amanda away from an informal bull session, afraid she would reveal he was the one with the problem. Amanda had learned, however, that recovery was a slow process with much backsliding.


When Susan told Greg there were no strings on him and her bitterness was gone, he told her he was in love with Amanda and Eric was in love with her. Susan went to Eric and asked if Greg was right. Eric admitted he was loved Susan for several years and asked Susan not to let that come between them. When Greg visited his legal daughter Annie, his mother accused him of shortchanging Annie by holding back and of being unfair to Susan by saddling her with all the responsibilities of a home while he found himself. Angry, Greg reminded his mother that Annie was really Eric’s daughter, not his. Eric later told Susan that if she divorced Greg, he would marry her. Susan was intrigued by the idea of Eric, Annie and her being a real family.


Neil, one night, unable to reach Smitty, his sponsor from GA, or to convince Amanda to see him, got into another game at J.R.’s, and was surpriend to find Smitty in the same game. The following day, Neil told Greg he played poker to prove he could walk away, but he got drunk and continued, winning a big stake. Neil continued to deny he had a problem. He did admit his responsibility in Amanda’s suicide attempt months ago and also believed he set himself up so Amanda would leave him on their wedding eve so he could continue gambling. When Neil told Amanda he gambled again, she walked out, later looking for motives from his past that drove him to gamble. Neil’s father, an alcoholic, was a speculator who appeared to “gamble” only on losing schemes. Indeed, Nathan Curtis arrived in town wanting money for yet another risky proposition, which Neil refused, so Nathan tried to interest Tom Horton, upsetting Neil. Tom told Neil that he was afraid to really see Nathan because his father was a projection of what Neil was afraid he would be.


Phyllis Anderson, meanwhile, unable to face Mary as Mary knew the truth about the lake house shooting, went to see Neil, asking for a place to stay. Amanda rrived to apologize for walking out and, finding Phyllis there in a robe, told Neil it was over for good. Neil and Phyllis drank to themselves, “two losers,” and found each other appealing. Neil proposed. Phyllis gave him a chance to back out, but he insisted and she accepted. Phyllis taunted Mary with her engagement, at the same time Neil checked out Phyllis’ financial statement.


Bob was livid when Mary told him, and went to Phyllis to warn her he wouldn’t be around to pick up the pieces. Phyllis jibes that they then wouldn’t cling to each other anymore. As a protection for Phyllis and Bob, Don Craig suggested Bob persuade Phyllis to have Neil sign a pre-marital agreement denying him access to her assets. Phyllis agreed, telling Neil nobody could then claim he was marrying her for her money. Neil turned it around, and Phyllis told Bob she wouldn’t insult Neil by asking him and told Bob he could have his stock back. Mary told Doug it had come full circle – both parents marrying younger people. Amanda, devastated by the news, went to Bob to alert him to Neil’s gambling problem. Phyllis refused to believe Neil couldn’t handle it, until Don suggested she talk to Tom Horton, won confirmed Neil’s problem. Neil told J.R. he would be a regular customer. Neil repaid Amanda all the money he borrowed. She told him she had spent her last emotional dollar on him and wished him godspeed. Neil told Greg to take care of Amanda, explaining, in tears, he loved Amanda more than Greg did because he was getting out of her life for good. When Tom asked Phyllis what she would say if he told her she was making the worst mistake of her life, she replied it would only strengthen her determination to marry Neil; however, she did decide to ask Neil to sign the pre-marital agreement. Neil, on a lucky streak, made a “bet” with Phyllis – if he wond less than $5000 at a the race track, he would sign. She said if he won more, she would tear up the papers.


Rebecca North, Doug’s housekeeper, was embarrassed when her boyfriend, Johnny Collins, appeared at the club determined to meet Doug. The introduction went smoothly, but Rebecca was afraid of losing her job because she was supposed to be working. Doug reassured her and in the process learned Rebecca was a widow who was very emotional about children. When Robert LeClair asked if she planned to marry Johnny, she replied she took one day at a time. Although Rebecca had been living with Johnny for the past 2 years, she refused to discuss her past with him, saying it was too painful. Johnny, meanwhile, was having trouble findind a commercial art job, having given up trying to be a full-time artist because he couldn’t stand Rebecca’s paying all the bills. He even considered not competing for an art scholarship to Paris because it didn’t provide living expenses for the first year and he wouldn’t let Rebecca help. Inspired by her to try though, he said he would earn the money himself. In a visit to Neil, her doctor, Rebecca revealed the pain she continued to feel since losing her husband and daughter in a car accident while she was driving.


Brooke Hamilton, alienated from David since he discovered her part in the rumors about Julie’s baby, returned to her mother in Chicago with glowing tales of life in the jet set, enjoying it immensely until her mother revealed Julie had visited her and that she had spent the money Julie gave her to come to the defunct wedding on cheap wine. Brooke lashed out saying she wouldn’t stop lying any more that her mother could stop drinking, and, since she was 5, she had been constructing fantasies to live in to escape her shame of her mother and the reality of their poverty. Brooks asked why her mother never demanded alimony or child support from her father. Mrs. Hamilton revealed she was never married and the man never knew about Brooke. Brooke decided to find her father, then called David, trying to make amends but David was unforgiving.


Maggie Hansen returned to the farm after a fall during a therapy session hospitalized her with a mild concussion. Aware Marty Hansen didn’t want her around as a symbol of his pre-amnesia past, Linda Patterson Phillips prepared to leave when Maggie was up and around. Jim Phillips brought their daughter Melissa to visit unti Linda returned to remarry him. Melissa brought joy to everyone with her enthusiasm for the farm. Maggie, seeing Marty’s response to Melissa, speculated that she might not wait until she could walk to adopt a child. Marty invited Mike to visit and he accepted. Marty urged Linda to leave because Melissa was a reminder that he and Maggie couldn’t have children and because Mike was coming. Linda promised to leave, then called Jim, telling him Dr. Lubick wanted her to stay 2 more weeks. Jim called Lubick and learned Maggie was fine. He spoke to Linda, asking if all the talk about remarrying was a pack of lies. He told her he would be out the following day to get Melissa and her, and would tell the Hansens the type of friend she really was.


Pushed, Linda told Marty he was Melissa’s father – Marty knew he was sterile, but speculated the sterility was induced by the same operation that caused his amnesia. Linda knew Marty had been sterile all his adult life, and his son Mike was really his brother Bill’s son -. Marty said he had to tell Magige, but she had overhead the conversation and didn’t want to hear it from Marty, avoiding him at first when he tried to tell her, but wondering later why he didn’t . Linda told Marty she expected nothing from him, that she and Melidda would make it on their own.


As they were ready to leave, Linda was called to Brookeville Hospital. Jim had an accident and was in critical condition with a compound cranial fracture that affected his speech. He refused to respond to Linda, afraid again all her caring words were lies. When Marty came in, Jim made a desperate attempt to communicate, to no avail. Marty asked Bill and Tom to come and Linda gave Bill permission to operate. Linda went to the chapel to pray, but found herself thinking that Jim’s death would protect her lies and improve her chances to rewin Marty. The operation over, Bill told Linda the brain damage was severe, but couldn’t tell her its extent yet. Linda pledged to care for Jim, then was torn by how much he would be able to reveal to Marty. Marty told Tom he wanted to see to Melissa’s schooling, and surprised Tom by calling him Dad and saying Tom might call him Mickey if he would feel more comfortable. Linda had a nightmare in which she smothered Jim as the only way to make sure Jim wouldn’t expose her lies. Jim woke from his coma, and tried in vain to communicate with Marty, frightening Linda.


The Doctors


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock / Robert Cenedella

Produced by: Joseph Stuart / Jeff Young


Carolee Aldrich’s unhappiness and mistrust of the 3 months temporary custody agreement, whereby her son Erich was living with his natural mother Karen Werner, was further complicated by the scenes she continually witnessed between her husband Steve and Ann Larimer. However, despite Althea’s advice, she did not confront Steve at the time when she had apparently good reason to but brooded over what she had seen. At Steve’s office, she overheard Ann telling him he didn’t deserve a wife treating him the way Carolee had, and waking one night, Carolee witnessed Steve with his arms around Ann, who had been staying with them as the apartment she previously shared with Steve’s mother Mona had been sublet. Steve accused Carolee of letting her jealousy get out of hand as she did with Cathy Ryker, and as hard as that was to deal with it was easier than her jealousy over a 7 year old boy. He warned her if it continued she wouldn’t be the one to walk out, he would.


When she told him what was upsetting her, Steve explained that Ann was having a nightmare – Ann had dreamed that her late husband Chris appeared saying, “You buried me in Africa. Every damn minute with me was faked. Nick sensed you were stalling, not a real woman. Nick knows, Steve Aldrich knows.” In reaction Ann screamed and was genuinely upset when Steve went to her. – Steve told Carolee he loved her more than anyone he ever loved before and asked her to trust him. He asked Anne to wait a week before moving out so that Carolee would not think the move was made because he felt guilty. Mona arranged for Ann to move back to the apartment. When Mona and Steve later visited Erich, Mona warned Karen that if she attempted to create dissention between Carolee and Steve, Karen would have to deal with her, Mona.


Mike Powers was elated that Toni had agreed to return to him, her confusion over loving both him and Alan resolved, though it had caused scenes with Alan – Believing Mike, her husband, dead in an explosion at sea, Toni married his cousin Alan. – Alan’s angry behavior had caused Matt Powers to suspend him from practicing surgery, and resenting his status as a “glorified intern,” he demanded his vacation and left by car telling no one where he would be for the time.


Toni and Mike planned to return with Michael Paul to Cape Cod, the place where their son was conceived. But when Toni returned to the hospital to prepare to leave and nearly fainted, Althea insisted upon examining her and pronounced her pregnant. After a night of trying to find Alan and not daring to return to Mike,she finally went home. Mike was frantic that she had been unaccounted for and persuaded her to tell him what was troubling her. When she did, he assured her that nothing could come between them, the baby would be theirs. Alan had had an accident on the road. In a motel room waiting for parts for the car, he got drunk and called Toni. Before she could tell him about the baby, he hung up on her. Toni was determined to have an abortion.


Matt and Maggie argued over Toni’s decision. Maggie felt that Alan had a right to know, that Toni had been opposed to abortion and that the child was wanted when it was conceived. Ernie Cadman’s office located Alan’s motel and called Matt’s house to report. Maggie, using the phone number Ernie had supplied, called Alan.


Martha and Cadman went on a date and slowly got closer to one another. The relationship between Althea Davis and Tom Bennett, however, seemed to unravel as Tom was being angry all the time, not happy with Toni or Martha’s behavior. Meanwhile, Hank Latimer got promoted at the hospital.


M.J. Match and Penny Davis were living together and Penny bonded with Rico Bellini. M.J. felt left out and began getting friendlier to Stacy Wells . Rico took care of helping with the furniture for M.J. and Penny’s apartment. Rico and Stacy’s affair was put to an end when Rico told Stacy his life needed to be the hospital. However, they seemed to still like one another. One night, Penny, Stacy, Rico and M.J. attended a peformance by Andy. Stacy felt left out as Andy ignored her for M.J. and Penny and Rico danced together.


After a good talk, the tension between Ann Latimer and Carolee Aldrich seemed to end. When Steve Aldrich walked in, he wrongly thought they were fighting. Steve also told Carolee he understood why she was afraid and jealous of Karen and Erich’s relationship.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Mike Karr learned from mob leader, Walter LePage about his son-in-law Johnny Dallas' working for Kincaid in order to get Crime Commission information. Johnny, drunk and depressed over the separation in his marriage due to Laurie's preoccupation with the unborn child, almost succumbed to seductress Josie’s charms – Josie was in reality Senera Faraday’s split personality. However, he was suddenly stunned by what appeared to be bizarre behavior. Serena emerged into a shocking and bewildering situation and screamed at Johnny to leave.


Terrified by her frequent blackouts, Serena turned to Nancy Karr for support and was advised to see Quentin Henderson professionally. Nancy discovered a dark wig in Serena's bureau and mentioned it to Mike and his associate Adam Drake along with her suspicions that Serena might be afraid to learn the real truth causing these emotional upsets. Mark Faraday, Serena’s ex-husband, again threatened a custody suit because he said he had evidence to prove Serena an unfit mother.


Johnny and Laurie reconciled, but Nancy was still worried because Laurie felt that the unborn baby was an intruder the same way Josie intruded on their marriage. On a visit to Laurie, Josie was frightened off by the appearance of Nancy, who sensed the similarities between Serena and Josie. Nancy asked Serena about this coincidental likeliness but unknowingly confronted Josie - who was pretending to be Serena -.  Serena/Josie shocked Nancy with the story that she had a secret, hidden  disreputable "half-sister," who followed her around and caused trouble.


After an unsuccessful attempt to prove Johnny was connected with mob activities, Lt. Luke Chandler and Mike's fears about Dallas might be verified. LePage's information about Assistant D.A. Brandy Henderson's secretary, Lila, being the mob's inside informant proved correct. Weary from his confrontation at Police Headquarters, Johnny returned home and received a call from Josie, who  taunted him about leaving a lighter at her apartment. Laurie overheard this on the extension phone and threw Johnny out for his apparent deception and unfaithfulness. Laurie called Nancy, who rushed to her daughter to comfort her, as Mike left for the restaurant to find Johnny.


Josie showed up at the New Moon, and a despondent Johnny, disgusted by her taunting, forcibly moved her toward the door as Kincaid walked in and quietly instructed Josie to leave. While Kincaid ordered Johnny to pump Mike about the new informer, Johnny put two and two together and asked Kincaid if Josie was on his payroll. Kincaid tried double talk, but Johnny realized that he had been had and without emotion refused to cooperate after Kincaid drew a gun on him. However, when Kincaid verbally threatened Laurie, Johnny wrested the gun from him and clobbered Kincaid with the butt of the weapon. Only Mike's arrival prevented Johnny from killing Kincaid.


After facing Geraldine Whitney about his suspicions of her fake heart attack, Kevin Jamison prepared to leave for good. Just as he informed Phoebe Smith, he was summoned back by the news of a second more severe seizure which resulted in Geraldine's hospitalization. Geraldine’s former daughter in law, Tiffany and her new husband Noel Douglas were upset to learn that Geraldine had used some pills of Trudy, the maid, which were known to produce heart palpitations. The Douglases' suspicious that the recent heart seizure might have been self induced, agreed not to tell Kevin about their doubts. Later Noel arrived home with a lipstick stained handkerchief monogrammed "Tracy" and was discovered by Kevin. As repayment for Kevin's silence to protect Tiffany, Noel told Kevin about Geraldine's use of Trudy's pills to produce her well-timed heart attack.


General Hospital


Written by: Richard & Suzanne Holland

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Felix Buchanan, enraged by what he believed were the corrupting influences of “evil playboy” Cameron Faulkner on the only kind person he had ever know in his life, justified his demented actions to “protect” Dr. Lesley Williams from marrying Cam by shooting him, then collapsing from a perforated ulcer. Cameron  was rushed to General Hospital where Dr. Joel Stratton performed an intensive 5 hour operation to repair the near fatal chest wound. Ironically, Joel, almost dismissed from General Hospital over alleged malpractice suits, saved the life of Cameron who might have benefited most from Joel’s dismissal because of Joel’s undesired propinquity with Lesley. Lesley, already deeply attracted to Cameron, realized how much Cam meant to her when she almost narrowly lost her fiancé. She aged to marry him in the hospital chapel just as sson as he could be permitted to leave his hospital bed. In a simple, lovely wedding ceremony in front of gathered close friends, Cam and Lesley pledged their lives and love to each other. Cameron, in a gesture of gratitude to Joel for saving his life, generously underwrote the complete reestablishment of the Southwood free Clinic at General Hospital, where both staff and facilitied would be so improved that Joel envisioned helping thousands of needy patients. Joel, secretly saddened over his loss of Lesley – Joel forced a break in their close relationship when he discovered he might have a fatal heart condition – told Cameron he admired him and was pleased that Cam had made Lesley so happy. Joel later told Lesley of his plans to return to Boston to head a children’s cardiac unit. Everything ironically Joel ever really cared about would be left behind, Lesley, and his new free clinic. Later, upon his release from the hospital, Cameron arranged for a weekend jet honeymoon in Switzerland. Lesley was delighted but confessed to Cam, as they prepared to leave, that she had doubts about her ability to adjust to his sophisticated world. Cameron gently assured her that his real friends would easily accept and like her and reminded her he was integrated into her world.


Dr. Jim Hobart, who had been drinking heavily since an injury to his hand prevented him from performing cardiac surgery, finally agreed to seek help for his drinking problem. Audrey, his wife, who had been helped by AL-AMON, was cautiously hopeful that Jim’s attendance at the AA meetings would show him that his whole life and that of his family’s was at stake if he failed to stop drinking. Dr. Steve Hardy, hopeful that Jim could make it, had given him a 6 month trial period to show sincerity before reconsidering Jim for a possible jov on the staff. Jim was hopeful that he could one day reclaim Joel’s administrative job and perhaps run the new free clinic.


Augusta McLeod’s decision to release her baby was handled by lawyer Lee Baldwin and with Caroline Chandler’s assistance, a highly suitable family was found. Rudy and Sheila Fischer lovingly claimed their new son, naming him Jonathan Chandler (for Caroline) Fischer. Augusta returned to prison to wait for her possible parole, knowing the baby’s newly adopted family deeply adored their son. Dr. Peter Taylor confessed to his wife Diana that he became the father of Augusta’s child when he had been separated from Diana, assuring her it had been only a momentary episode and he deeply cared for Diana. He begged for her forgiveness. Diana was shocked by Peter’s revelation, eventually joining Peter in Vienna at a medical conference but found it difficult to forgive him the pain he had caused her.


Caroline Chandler’s young son, Bobby, was a demon for work and constantly worried his widowed mother over his need to rush through his pre-med studies to become a surgeon. When Bobby arranged to be a paramedic at the new free clinic, he was introduced to the young and highly roommate of Beth Maynard – Diana Taylor’s sister -, Samantha (Sami) Livingstone. Sami, who had no transportation to the rough neighboorhood where the clinic was located, had to relunctantly agree to have Bobby, whom she found overbearing and conceited, act as her chauffeur and guardian to and from the hospital.


Jane Dawson, poignantly trying to piece her life together after the tragic death of her little 3-year-old-daughter Joanne, left General Hospital to go to Mercy Hospital and began nursing on the pediatric ward.


The Guiding Light


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Lucy Ferri Rittenberg


Everyone celebrated the arrival of Dr. Ed Bauer and Holly’s infant daughter, Christina. Despite what should be the happiest period in Holly’s life, the family noticed her moodiness and strained behavior, but dismissed it as postpartum depression – Andy Norris, Holly’s Brother, was the only person who knew the true reason involved Roger Thorpe, Christina’s natural father, who had begun seeing Peggy Fletcher again. – Holly’s spirits, however, altered for the better when the baby successfully began nursing. Ed, who had returned to his administrative duties at Cedars Hospital, was unable to resume his real calling in neurosurgery because of his paralyzed hand which resulted from his brother-in-law, Ken Norris’ shooting him in a peak of insane jealousy. Ed, frustrated by his desk job, lavished attention on the fiery young doctor, Tim Ryan, recently demoted and placed on probation after changing from his chief residency job in OB to assistant resident in neurosurgery. When Ed bypassed hospital procedure and elevated Tim over residents with seniority for special surgery experience, Dr. Steve Jackson rescinded the order and Tim and steve clashed. Ed, realizing his emotional state had threatened his objectivity both at home and on the job, renewed his demands for Steve to to the highly risky nerve root surgery he desperately sought to restore the use of his hand. Steve refused outright because of a 50 percent risk of failyre which could mean complete paralysis of Ed’s arm for life. Steve, appealing to Holly to rason with Ed so that she and Christina would fill the voic created in Ed’s life, was upset that Holly refused and supported Ed’s demands for the dangerous surgery. Holly, after speaking briefly with Peggy, misinterpreted Peggy’s demure reluctance to rush into a committed relationship with Roger – he recently endangered Peggy and her son Billy with his loan shark dealings. – Coupled with Roger’s natural curiosity about Christina, Holly told Andy she believed what was possible might be possible, and made plans to risk everything to woo Roger back! Roger, who had proposed marriage to Peggy, proved to her just how mature he had become when he turned down a profitable, but highly risky job offer to start another bistro in partnership with an attractive divorcee, because he didn’t want to take chances again providing for their more solid future. And indeed when Roger impulsively woke Peggy after work at 1 a.m. with strawberries and champagne, she overwhelmed him by suddenly saying she wanted to accept his proposal.


Andy, resentful that his European adventure stories had been rejected by a publisher, began working on a more promising manuscript about Holly and Roger, entitled, “Valerie’s Story.”


Leslie Bauer found herself disagreeing with her husband Michael’s tactics when he forced his 18-year-old daughter, Hope, to come home for a visit from college. Leslie and her father, Steve, were disturbed over young singer Chad Richards’ latest symptoms involving his temporary “conscious” bklackouts when he imagined he and Leslie were going steady again in high school and made romantic advances. Doctors suspected an undetected brain tumor or possible psychological problems as the cause.


Pam Chandler, having returned to work after the birth of Samantha, whom she was raising as a single parent while living in Bert Bauer’s home, decided to turn over a new leaf and actively seek a suitable candidate for fatherhood and marriage. Pam’s sincere attempts to caution Tim about his residency being jeopardized by his temper, met with sullen abuse from the highly intelligent and capable young doctor who felt singled out for criticism. Tim later,tried to make amends for his rudness at Pam’s concern by asking her out for dinner.


Drs. Sara and Joe Werner prepared a successful surprise birthday party for their beloved foster son T.J. and were deeply affected by his return gift of two handmade paper weights bearing “Mom” and “Dad” on them. Joe performed emergency surgery on a badly beaten woman, Ann Jeffers, who desperately clung to her only valuable possession, a small snapshot. Joe was concerned as Ann countered his medical advise with hostility and abuse. Ann’s desolate life had consisted of one brutal man after another and she showed no will to recover.


Love Of Life


Written by: Margaret DePriest

Produced by: Darryl Hickman


When Dr. Torino refused to let Meg Hart see her daughter, Cal, in the hospital after the accident, Meg, through her lawyer, Jamie Rollins, tried unsuccessfully, to get Cal’s consent for a medically inadvisable transfer to another hospital. Dr. Torino told Cal she shouldn’t harbor this resentment for her mother because it would only delay her recovery. Cal’s mood got worse and finally Rick Latimer, owner of Beaver Ridge and the burnt out Club Victoria, and Meg’s lover, was the only one who could get Cal to eat. Cal refused to cooperate to get ready for her physical therapy until Rick stepped in and the Dr. Torino asked if he would help by being there a couple hours everyday to reassure her. Cal told Rick about her nightmare in which, as her car fell in the fog, Meg told Cal that she had arranged it for her own good. Cal said she had realized one thing lying in bed: her mother was dangerous to her.


Mayor Bruce Sterling asked Diana Lamont to give up her appointment as Director of Family Services because Jamie, the father of her unborn child, insisted that her health was in danger, but Diana said it would be admitting she was wrong all along. Bruce fired her for what he felt was her own good. Di was mad at Jamie for ending her 20 year career without consulting her. Jamie suggested that she could be trying to punish herself with all the stress because she felt guilty about all those she had hurt by being in the public eye. Jamie got his hearing for a divorce from his missing wife scheduled, but it was on the docket for January 20 and the baby was due in the middle of January. Diana asked him to get a divorce in Haiti so the baby wouldn’t be illegitimate, but Jamie insisted on doing it the safe, sure way. Diana and her doctor both felt that because of her age – 40 – it was necessary for her to have an amniotic fluid test. Bruce later promised Jamie that he would make sure the judge considered carefully Jamie’s petition to have the hearing moved up.


Charles Lamont and Felicia Flemming were married in Bruce’s office and started out for their honeymoon in a resort of restored colonial cabins set in the woods. Felicia drank a lot of campagne, and when Charles finally placed her on the bed she broke down, admitting that she was a virgin and had lied about all the men in her life. Charles was relieved, until she told him that the whole idea of sex made her ill and she was not sure she could get over this feeling. After a long walk in the woods alone, Charles agreed to live with Felicia to give her a chance, as long as they had separate bedrooms and there were no more lies for appearance’s sake. But, the first time Felicia ran into Di, she gave a glowing description of her marriage and honeymoon.


Johnny, Charles’ grandson, went to see Di, his step-grandmother, but refused to believe she could have a baby because “everybody knows you have to be married.” When Johnny told Felicia that adults didn’t stay married anyway, Felicia told Di that for Johnny’s own good she didn’t think Johnny should see her anymore.


When Meg refused to let her son, Ben, and his new wife, Betsy move to a place of their own, Betsy appealed to Rick, Ben’s former boss, to give him a job so they could moved out, but the police commission had found it was a case of arson that gutted the Club Victoria and until Rick was cleared he could get no insurance money. Arlene’s mother found the soot covered dress Arlene had been wearing the night of the wife, but Arlene, Ben’s secret wife, asked her not to mention the dress to anyone. Arlene rehearsed David Hart, who set the fire, in the story they were going to tell. Arlene became very fond of David and was touched by the gift of a string of expensive pearls. But when he said he loved her, she asked him to slow down a little. Ben found out that David was fond of Arlene and was jealous at first, but then asked Arlene to seduce David into giving her money, since he was wealthy, so they could get out of town. After charming her, Ben asked for the pearls, but Arlene refused. Betsy had upset Meg’s household by using the kitchen, causin the housekeeper/cook to quit and then telling Sarah, Meg’s mother, about the problems they were having. Ben had to soothe Betsy, then Meg and then went to Arlene where he stole the pearls. Arlene didn’t know it but her mother, calling herself Carrie Johnson, interviewed for the job as housekeeper/cook and, although she wasn’t as polished as Meg would like, “Carrie” convinced Meg to hire her. Arlene and her mother found the apartment a shambles and the pearls missing, but Arlene refused to call the police. Ben finally admitted taking the pearls when Arlene started to make good her threat to phone Betsy.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Despite Tim Siegel’s stunning confession to the murder of Dr. Mark Toland at the Llanview Motel, Police Lt. Ed Hall still pursued the case. Everyone desperately tried to convince Tim to plead self-defense ot at least somehow explain his actions and justify his alleged shooting of Mark, but Tim constantly rebuffed their attempts to help. Tim’s uncle, Joe Riley, engaged Vince Wolek, an out of work policeman, as a private investigator to unearth some new evidence to clear his nephew for the sake of Tim’s mother, Eileen, and his sister Julie, who was once Toland’s wife. Ed, convinced that he could find out the real reason for the fugitive Toland’s risky return to town, unearthed facts about Toland’s life in Central America and gained a sworn statement from a woman who told of Mark’s plans to “sell” something worth $50.000 to finance his dream to return to the practice of medicine in a foreign country after the loss of his livelihood following the Wilson murder trial.


The Grand Jury’s predicted indictment of Tim for second degree murder provoked new attempts by family and friends to force Tim to save himself but they were met by his stubborn refusal to admit anything and an announcement to waive a jury trial for the formality of sentencing. Novitiate Jenny Wolek, desperately torn by her devotion to her chosen career and her growing love for Tim, struggled unsuccessfully to convince Tim he had to put up a fight since she believed he couldn’t be a murder and that he might be protecting someone, like his vulnerable sister Julie.


Susan Barry’s drinking problem became more aggravated by her mistaken obsession over Larry and Viki’s supposed clandestine affair. Anna Craig, Larry’s sister, concerned over Susan’s heavy drinking and her frequent blackouts, went to her apartment and was puzzled when she discovered a piece of notepaper with Tim’s name written on it. Having lied to Larry about attending an AA meeting, Susan, drinking heavily, began packing to leave town. When she tried to reach Larry, Anna told her Larry was with Viki. Susan, enraged, drunkenly told Anna that Larry and Viki were no doubt at “that motel” again. Over a double martini, Susan later told Sheila Rafferty she had proof Viki and Larry were having an affair. She followed Larry to the Llanview Motel one night and saw him come out of the room with Viki. Refusing Sheila’s offer to escort her safely home, Susan left to “confront them.” Anna meanwhile had gone to Susan’s room and, frightened by its general disorder and the discovery of blood-stained cloths, alerted Ed. Learning of Susan’s condition from Sheila, Anna went to the motel where she found Susan waiting in the car. Susan, refusing ti believe Anna’s assurances that Larry and Viki weren’t there, pounded furiously at a motel room door which was opened from the inside by Tony Harris! But Susan, staring at him, saw Mark’s face and gasped, “Oh my god, Mark Toland!”


Ed’s revelation to Joe and Viki of his discovery about a possible blackmail scheme trigged waves of guilt and fear for Viki that Joe might somehow learn what Viki and Larry had been secretly hiding for months – that Joe shouldn’t have any more children because of his genetic transmission of a fatal heart disease which would ultimately claim the life of his illegitimate daughter Megan. – Ed, reevaluating all of Toland’s personal effects, realized there could be someone else who knew what Toland was blackmailing someone with.


Viki noticed how close Dr. Dorian Cramer was becoming to her father, Victor Lord, recuperating from a heart attack. Dorian suggested Victor a trip in New York and Victor seemed very interested at the idea.


Ryan’s Hope


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer


Hope for Frank Ryan, young reform candidate for councilman in the Riverside area of New York City, waited upon the possibly of finding an effective antibiotic to combat the resistant strains of bacteria in his hospital-developed pneumonia. Frank’s sister, Mary, slapped his wife Delia after Dee wondered aloud if he would ever talk again and be himself and perhard he’d be better off if he didn’t recover. Mary insisted Frank would get well because “that’s what Frank Ryan does.” When Mary apologized because when they quarrelled their attention went from Frank, Delia commented on how alike Mary and Frank were. “It’s like John and Maeve had the same child twice, once a girl and once a boy.”


Delia had asked her brother-in-law Pät to find out what Frank’s campaign manager, Bob Reid, Frank’s best friend and Dee’s rbother, thought about the two words Frank had uttered – “Delia” and “pushed.” She reminded Pat of her relationship to him before her marriage to Frank, saying she married Frank because he asked her and Pat didn’t. She asked him to hold her but he was afraid to talk. When a nurse came out of Frank’s room to say he was going to make it, Dee was visibly shaken.


Bob Reid stopped Nick Zabo – a known loan shark, in the hospital with a slipped disk who was visited by Frank on the day of Frank’s fall – from speaking to Johnny, Frank’s father, in the corridor. Nick said he only wanted to offer sympathy. He said he couldn’t explain the $6500 found on Frank. Nick maintained his campaign contribution offer, which was turned down, was in gratitude to Maeve for her intercession with the Sisters to take his daughter Serena into the boarding school which Maeve and Johnny’s daughter, Siobhan, also attended; He promised Bob to see what he could find out.


Intern Bucky Carter’s pursuit of Faith Coleridge had hit a snag when, unable to awaken her after a full day and a half of work at the hospital for them both, and sun, swimming, smorgasbord and Aquavit on his houseboat, he called her brother Roger to determine if she had a medical history which would explain it. Upon waking, Faith was furious and she stormed home to a puzzled sister Jillian, who was visiting, and a knowing and amused brother Roger.


Ed Coleridge, who had been at odds with Nell Beaulac over her demeanor with the hospital staff, was touched when Nell told Johnny that they believed Frank was dying and the family had best prepare in the time left. Once conceding that Nell had shown a lot of compassion, he apologized for his “limited expectations” and offered her a belated welcome to Riverside Hospital. After not having left the hospital for 36 hours in his concern for Frank, he invited Nell to his house for dinner. Ed kissed her but though, she told him, her life with her husband Seneca was a thing of the past, she came back to town with only her work in mind. But, she added, the could start slowly.


After spending the day on Nell’s nephew, Bucky Carter’s houseboat, Faith emphasized their relationship was not a committed one. She agreed, however, to lie down beside him. When Bucky told her he loved her, she insisted on leaving the Marina.


Jack Fenelli, an investigative report and Jillian’s former lover, had been accused by Mary of not letting his feelings get involved. He took her to meet someone he loved who could hurt him. The man who raised him, Francesco Moreno, a man convicted of murder, also known as “Chickie the Beef” and “Jumbo.” They shared expresso and pastry and Jumbo speculated that Jack seemed to be serious. Mary let Jack know she was interested in courtship.


Maeve at Frank’s bedside sang a song she had sung to him through his childhood. As Johnny anxiously joined in – Frank finally awoke.


Relieved at Frnak’s recovery, Nell and Ed celebrated with a picnic at Nell’s all but empty apartment. Seneca Beaulac, who had obtained a commitment for a position at Riverside, obtained Nell’s address and entered the room as she and Ed embraced.


Jillian, at Frank’s bedside, recalled Frank’s promise once the elections were over to spend the rest of his life with her. He had promised to work out the details and try to make things as easy as possibly for Dee and little John.


While Frank was still unable to talk because of the “tranch” trube in his throat, Roger told him he had taken the $6.500 and paid off Nick Zabo because Zabo was threatening his life. If Frank did not put in a claim for the money, the hospital would not pursue the issue. Mary and Bob, realizing Frank would talk after the tube had been removed, told Maeve and Johnny that Frank had said the word “pushed.” Delia surreptitiously left the Ryans’ place to be first at Frank’s bedside when he was able to speak.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Jennifer Pace Phillips, who had had corrective plastic surgery on her face, agreed to be Liza Collins’ matron of honor only after learning her estranged husband Scott Phillips had left town. Steve Kaslo’s brother would be the best man, and he, his wife Sarah, and they children, Marianne and Mattew, arrived the day before the wedding. Steve admitted he was afraid he wouldn’t live up to Liza’s expectations of success and Liza was afraid that Steve would feel pushed. They were married in a beautiful garden ceremony, reciting their own vows. Liza passed up a honeymoon in New York of Paris, paid for by her parents, to go backpacking alone with Steve, who insisted his dizzy spell was due to the champagne.


Neither Dave Wilkins nor Wendy, his daughter were enthusiastic about the new apartment that Clay Collins had rented for Stephanie and Wendy. Stephanie told Dave, a construction foreman for the Collins Corp., there was not a chance she would come back to him because she planned to marry Clay, although Clay didn’t know it yet.


Janet Collins was concerned because her husband, Wade, with a full medical practice, was the major stockholder in the Collins Corp., and had to spend many hours at the sanitarium visiting his former fiancee, Karen, who became schizophrenic after taking experimental drugs. When Janet told Clay that Wade was more uptight as Karen was getting well, Clay suggested that Wade didn’t want Karen to get well because he was responsible for Karen taking the drugs. Wade admitted that this theory of Clay’s was what had caused the hard feelings between them for years. One night, Karen appeared on the tennis court at the Collinses’ and Janet discovered that Karen still lived in the past, at a time when she was engaged to Wade. A couple of days later, when he knew Wade was working, Clay had Karen call Janet to say she would be back to visit and be sure to tell Wade she loved him. Wade was almost late for Liza’s wedding because he was convincing Karen that he was very busy and she had to go on hunger strikes because he hadn’t been to seen her. When Wade told Karen they weren’t engagement, she became so hysterical that Dr. Newman, Karen’s staff doctor, suggested that Wade not visit Karen. Wade threatened to take Karen out of the sanitarium saying they were partial to Clay since he built the new wing, but apologized when he realized he was overwrought.


Kathy Phillips told D.A. Sam Hunter that she promised Robin Kennemer that she could go home and he said it was all right because he knew all about the nickel and dime operation Robin was involved with. Sam then told McCready that Robin was leaving and Joey Kimble, McCready’s man, was on the same bus Robin was taking home to Chicago. Scott Phillips was also on this bus to get away from those he felt he only hurt. At a diner in Maysport, Scott stepped in to help Robin when Joey manhandled her, but since Joey had a knife in her back she insisted everythiw was okay. Scott went to Chicago, rented a sleazy room, got a job as an accountant, but lost it because of his drinking and ended up washing dishes.


When Bruce Carson, John Wyatt, Kathy and Jo Vincente, who had befriended Robin, learned she had been found dead of a drug overdose in a Maysport motel, they were sure it was unintentional as she was so happy about going home. Kathy asked Sam to investigate this. McCready instructed him to investigate but not to find anything. Hunter assigned a 30 year veteran detective, who was retiring in one month, convincing Sgt. Burns before he left that he wouldn’t find anything. Much to Sam’s dismay, Burns came back with evidence things were being covered up in Maysport, so Sam took him off the case. McCready told Hunter he’d better consider Kathy Phillips and his job before he moved on this again. John Wyatt accused Sam of a cover-up and Kathy defended Sam againt John until she learned the police reports on Robin’s friends were missing. Kathy went to Maysport herself where she got a description of a man who went off with Robin. Robin’s friend, Angie,’s description of Joey Kimble, strong arm for the syndicate, fit the man described to Kathy in Maysport. Kathy listened on the extension when McCready called Sam and he caught her. She admitted that McCready confirmed her suspicions and insisted Sam go to the Grand Jury after resigning. Convincing Kathy to give him a few days to pull the syndicate down, Sam told McCready about Kathy and asked him to take care of it, as he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


Scott Phillips, arrested for intoxication, ended up in the same jail cell as Joey who beat Scott into unconsciousness after Scott mentioned having seen him somewhere.


Gary Walton, Janet’s son, accepted Dr. Rogers’ offer to finish his internship in Henderson, but upon returning to Chicago General found Scott as a patient. Gary was going to help Scott through his liquor withdrawal when Scott promised to try.




Written by: Don Appell

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


Kane Cannell, recuperating from an abortion in New York City, called her husband Julian telling him with feigned tears she had a miscarriage, letting him believe the emotional stress over his continued friendship with Eve Lawrence caused it. Julian cried, blaming himself for the loss of the baby. Tom Conway, who arranged the abortion and accompanie Kate, returned to Somerset on a different plane. Again and again through the next few days, Julian told a secretly delighted Kate he was totally responsible. Kane panicked when he insisted she see Dr. Porter, her OB in Somerset. Kate put him off then finally told him she had seen the doctor. Julian was shocked when Dr. Porter called asking why Kate hadn’t kept any of her appointments, stressing the importance of pre-natal care in the fourth month. Unable to avoid it, Kate saw the doctor who guessed she had had an abortion. Kate gained reassurance that it was against Dr. Porter’s ethics to reveal what she knew to anyone.


Kate was puzzled to learn Ned Paisley knew she was pregnant and asked Julia, who explained he had to tell Eve to convince her it was over between them. Kate was ecstatic: her Eve worried were over. Julian was relieved to learn from Dr. Porter that Kate could have another baby in 6 months. Kate, smug, said as he knew she didn’t lie and he could trust her, Kate refused to reveal the “miscarriage” for awhile, saying she didn’t want pity.


During an appointment with Tom Conway, Vicky Paisley, Ned’s sister, let him knew she observed Kate and Tom leaving on a plane together. Tom said she was mistaken. Vicky warned Ellen not to let Jill get involved with Tom. She then arranged a dinner party with Tom, Kate and Julian. Vicky asked where they were going to announce Kate’s pregnancy, enjoying watching everyone squirm, especially Tom. Later she asked Tom what he was protecting Kate from.


Ned told Eve Lawrence, with whom he had just reconcilied, that marriage was the next logical step for them. As Ned and Eve planned an extended vacation at Ned’s family home at Charlevoix, Eve was distressed at Heather’s panic. Heather told Jerry Kane, her husband, that it was nice to have a mother around to depend on. He replied, as her husband, she would depend on him only. Heather told Eve she was disturbed that Jerry might outgrow her as he said he outgrew his deranged ex-wife Dorothy. Eve counselled Heather to concentrate on the future, not the past.


Kate appeared at Eve’s apartment as Eve was waiting to leave with Ned, demanding to know how many people Eve had told of her pregnancy. Eve denied Kate’s accusation that she was still in love with Julian. Ned listened outside the door, lighting up when he head Eve declare her love for him and said she would scream it from the roof tops if she were carrying Ned’s child. He entered, giving Kate her exit cue. Ned later got his mother’s engagement ring from Vicky.


Heather continued to be upset. She befriended Vic Kirby by returning his key to their cabin. Heather couldn’t suppress a jealous twinge when she saw Jerry have coffee with Carrie Wheeler because she felt inferior to the better educated Carrie. Heather confided her insecurity to Terri Kurtz, who advised Heather not to create problems. Heather received an ego-boosting promotion to Ellen Grant’s assistant as patient relations counsellor.


Carrie moved in with Greg Mercer after her grandmother Lena Andrews’ warning that Carrie’s father, Jack, wouldn’t like it. Afraid Carrie was unable to feel real love for any man because of her bitterness towards Jack, Lena warned Jack he had to tell Carrie the truth about his late wife, Frances: Frances, unable to copte with loneliness while Jack was building his law practice, turned to other men. The night of the accident that paralyzed her, Frances was abandoning Jack and Carrie to run away with another man. Jack came upon the accident and took the man’s place behind the wheel to protect Carrie from scandal. When Jack arrived at the apartment to tell Carrie, he was sho shocked at seeing Carrie in a robe and Greg in his shorts, that he walked away, speechless.


Jack had to return to Wilkesbarre and wished Jill Farmer could accompany him. To his delight, she agreed. They discovered their love for each other. Jill, discovering “Jack” was a nickname for Jonathan decided she would call him Jon. Jon and Jill made love to confirm their feelings as Jon gave Jill half a gold coin as a necklace, keeping the other half himself.


Carrie, meanwhile, spurned Greg’s offer of marriage, saying everything was perfect as it was, a statement Greg didn’t fully concur with. When Carrie flaunted their affair at a party for Lena, Lena called Jon, telling him he had to return and tell Carrie the truth, spoiling Jill’s idyllic holiday. Julian, meanwhile, expressed his disapproval to Greg, guessing Greg was more committed than Carrie, and fearing Greg’s work would suffer if Carrie and Greg every splited. Jon was stung when an acquaintance mistook Jill for his daughter. Ellen guessed Jill was in love.


Tony and Ginger Cooper’s marital problems, caused by Tony’s seeming devotion to his work and consequent neglect of his family, came to a head when Ginger got drunk at another impromptu dinner at Ned’s and told Ned he was dictatorial and rude. Tony and Ginger talked it out and Tony assured a doubtful Ned that he could be successful with both job and family. But after Ned left town with Eve, Tony again forgot a family commitment because of his work. Ginger confided her unhappiness to Vicky Paisley who urged Ned to involve Ginger in a teen counselling program at the store, warning Ned things would get worse before they were better between the Coopers. Tony told Ginger he needed her and his work because both made him feel successful, and success at work demanded long hours and some neglect of his family. He asked her to be patient.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Lorie Brooks had a plan to help Mark Henderson, who admitted that he couldn’t be intimate with any woman because his young bride died in his arms on their wedding night. Since then he had dated only very young girls so that he wouldn’t have to face his problem. Lorie used sensitivity therapy: drawing articles of different texture across his bare back to make him more aware of his sense of touch.


Jed Andrews, Lorie’s agent, told her that her published was financing a small vacation to New York to meet her. Jed offered Chris Foster, Lorie’s sister, a one time modelling job, posing as a mother for a baby food ad and Chris was amazed to make $150 for a morning’s work even though the photographer said it was a rough business and she should stay out of it.


Leslie Brooks Elliot stopped in Chicago to see her mother on the way to her concert in Boston. She couldn’t remember seeing Jen so happy. Leslie didn’t realize that her arrival could cause so much attention, but reporters from all media were waiting for her. The beginning of her concert tour got very good reviews. She suggested her husband, Brad, asked her sister Lorie to come to her New York debut and talked to the Maestro about the job as publicist with the orchestra because they were grateful that she gave up writing the book that very much paralleled their lives – a concert pianist, who had been in a mental institution, with a writer sister and they both vied for the handsome doctor who had given up his profession.


Lorie decided to accompany Brad who was going to the concert, since Jed backed out as her escort, telling Brad she had an appointment their anyway. Jed arrived to take her to the airport, but Lorie said she was going with Brad and he should go home to his pregnant wife. Jed let it drop that Betty lost the baby 4 months ago, and 2 months later they were divorced, after telling her that since Leslie, not Brad, was responsible for the offer of concert publicist, she should drop all thought of having the book published. In New York, Lorie visited Mr. Park, her published, who read the final chapters she brought with her and then said they had to be changed because the ending wasn’t consistent with the character development. He insisted that it wasn’t the writer who got the man, but the concert pianist. Lorie explained how she meant all this and refused to change it since it was her story based on fictional characters. Mr. Park said they would tear up the contract and she could return the $5.000 advance. Since Lorie was beginning to feel badly, she had decided this might be for the best. She visited the Maestro and liked, but had committed herself to, the job, yet.


Stuart, Leslie’s father, called Brad to say that since Jennifer, his estranged wife, wasn’t coming, he and Leslie’s youngest sister, Peggy, would arrive for the concert and meet them in the hotel suite, just as Jennifer called Leslie to say she and Bruce – Jen’s lover and Stuart’s one-time best friend – would come for the debut and were invited to the suite. Snapper Foster suggested that Chris use her modeling money to go to New York for the debut. Jen, Bruce, Stuart and Peggy arrived early and were shouting at each other as Lorie arrived. She told them to be quiet because this was Leslie’s debut and nothing had to spoilt it.


Accidentally, Lorie slammed the door on Leslie’s fingers. Nothing seemed to be broken, but she couldn’t play the piano. Brad wrapped and packed them in ice because Leslie refused to give up the concert. Lorie blamed herself and was sure that Leslie did also, but Leslie said it was only an accident. The swelling went down and Leslie’s concert was beautiful. At the party afterward, Leslie sang and theatrical agent Eric Bronson asked her to get in touch with him.


Bronson later called, wanting to speak to Leslie about her career, but she asked Lorie to see him and find out what he wanted. Jed flied in to convince Lorie that if she didn’t rewrite the last chapters or refund the $5.000, Park Bros. would sue her. Lorie received a commitment from Brad for the money, but during the interview with Bronson, who refused to talk business with Lorie, Mr. Park called to inform Lorie that his superiors had decided to publish the book as it was.


Before the hearing to determine who actually was Mrs. Phillip Chancellor, Ruth, the housekeeper who was with Kay Chancellor the night she signed the divorce papers, told everyone that Mrs. Chancellor was not intoxicated. So Greg Foster, Jill Foster Chancellor’s brother and lawyer, was sure that the case would be dismissed. Van Richmond, Kay’s attorney, finally cornered Brock, Kay’s son, who didn’t want to testify and would commit himself to no opinion before the hearing. Richmond told Greg that there was no chance the suit would be dropped, so Jill had to come to the hearing.


Kay testified that she was drunk because she found an empty vodka bottle beside her and didn’t know that Phillip, her then husband, had been there. Greg suggested that if she was drunk, then Phillip was a scoundrel and tricked her, but Kay protested. Brock fenced with Richmond while being questioned and said his mother could have been asleep when he came. Ruth was called and said she was there when Mrs. Chancellor signed the papers and finally admitted that Mrs. Chancellor had been drinking a lot and she told Brock that his mother had passed out, but Greg brought out that the bottle was empty and Mrs. Chancellor passed out when Brock arrived 3 or 4 hours after she had signed the papers. The judge said he would consider all the facts and give them a decision. Both sided knew that it could go either way.


Bill Foster, Jill’s seriously ill father, heard about the lawsuit and visited Mrs. Chancellor in her hotel room telling her how much Phillip really loved Jill and that if she would drop the lawsuit so that Jill could remain Phillip’s widow, she could have the estate and the inheritance to which Kay finally agreed, but Jill refused this, since she could never visit Phillip’s grave on the estate. Kay called to say she had changed her mind and would not drop the suit. Brock refused to see his mother, so Kay went to him promising to give up living in the past including the suit if Brock would help her. Richmond called to say the verdict would be in at 10:00 in the morning, but Brock told Kay she was to tell the judge that she was dropping the suit first.


In court, Kay sat silently when Brock said she wanted to address the judge. After reciting all the evidence, the judge found that Kay, not having had a drink for some time, was therefore susceptible. The divorce and marriage were invalid. After threatening Kay, Jill was informed that she had 10 days to move off her property. Bill Foster told the family that Mrs. Chancellor promised to let Jill visit the grave, so they should all move out. Chris, against Snapper’s wishes, was going to do some modelling to help the family. Bill was touched when Snapper called him “Dad.”


Jill was having Phillip’s grave moved to a small cemetery when Kay arrived with a court order to stop Jill. Kay would have Jill put in jail if she set foot on the property.

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On 5/28/2020 at 7:43 PM, Legacy said:

Were the Henderson's completely gone before lance came on? I find it funny how both lance and his brother were in this triangle with lorie and leslie for a few years and all of them went there own ways to probably never speak again lol

From what I saw by going through quickly my issues, Mark was our in January 1976, Lance arrived during fall 1975. I was also surprised to see that Jennifer Leak came back as Gwen in the early months of 1976 before she was signed to play Olive on AW.

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5 hours ago, FrenchFan said:

From what I saw by going through quickly my issues, Mark was our in January 1976, Lance arrived during fall 1975. I was also surprised to see that Jennifer Leak came back as Gwen in the early months of 1976 before she was signed to play Olive on AW.

This again is fantastic material, i wonder if on screen when Lorie slammed the door on leslie hand if it came off like she wanted to or if it really was an accident? It probably was an accident but i say that because she wasn't too fond of leslie in that time period.


Interesting chris brooks was brought up during the Kay/jill/phillip lawsuit i wonder if she was going by the chancellor house during the time the fosters had it? I would assume so and how many times has chris tried modelling it never seem to work out if you think about it lol


I thought gwen Sherman was gone by 1974? If im correct i wonder. What she showed back up in 76 for? 

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22 minutes ago, Legacy said:

This again is fantastic material, i wonder if on screen when Lorie slammed the door on leslie hand if it came off like she wanted to or if it really was an accident? It probably was an accident but i say that because she wasn't too fond of leslie in that time period.



I remember seeing this scene. She didn't slam a door on her fingers. She slammed the covering of the piano keys down on her fingers while she was playing the piano. She definitely did it on purpose. She did it violently on purpose in a fit of jealous rage. That description above is strangely wrong. 

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26 minutes ago, Legacy said:

This again is fantastic material, i wonder if on screen when Lorie slammed the door on leslie hand if it came off like she wanted to or if it really was an accident? It probably was an accident but i say that because she wasn't too fond of leslie in that time period.


Interesting chris brooks was brought up during the Kay/jill/phillip lawsuit i wonder if she was going by the chancellor house during the time the fosters had it? I would assume so and how many times has chris tried modelling it never seem to work out if you think about it lol


I thought gwen Sherman was gone by 1974? If im correct i wonder. What she showed back up in 76 for? 

Gwen came back just as she was about to take her vows, but she began having feelings for Greg and planned to leave the convent. Then she felt a miracle happened with a young boy and decided the church was for her after all. This story was pretty much the end for Jim Houghton as Greg as well. Brian Kerwin would be in about six months later 

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1 hour ago, BillBauer said:


I remember seeing this scene. She didn't slam a door on her fingers. She slammed the covering of the piano keys down on her fingers while she was playing the piano. She definitely did it on purpose. She did it violently on purpose in a fit of jealous rage. That description above is strangely wrong. 

Oh wow, but she must have explained it away as an accident right? What I had always read was Jennifer, Bruce and Stuart and maybe Peggy were arguing, Leslie came running back to see what was going on just as Lorie slammed the door shut to avoid the arguement being heard. Is it possible Lorie smashing her sisters fingers in the piano was a fantasy followed by it actually happening with the door?


Lorie was having multiple fantasies about things in the Aug 75 episode that was posted. Which would have been right after Leslie's hands were hurt.

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18 minutes ago, will81 said:

Oh wow, but she must have explained it away as an accident right? What I had always read was Jennifer, Bruce and Stuart and maybe Peggy were arguing, Leslie came running back to see what was going on just as Lorie slammed the door shut to avoid the arguement being heard. Is it possible Lorie smashing her sisters fingers in the piano was a fantasy followed by it actually happening with the door?


Lorie was having multiple fantasies about things in the Aug 75 episode that was posted. Which would have been right after Leslie's hands were hurt.



That's a very real possibility. After all, I saw the scene in the 70s as a child. All I do remember for sure is Lorie angrily slamming the piano key cover on Leslie's fingers while she was playing. I don't remember anyone else in the scene. If I remember correctly, Lorie was yelling at Leslie and Leslie was playing the piano louder to drown her out and that's when Lorie slammed the covering on her fingers. The only thing that makes me think it wasn't a fantasy and the door scenario is wrong is the fact that I have the episode where Leslie is playing her first concert after the incident and somebody remarks about how good it was that her fingers healed in time. Leslie gives Lorie a knowing look and Lorie looks very guilty. If it had been an accident, I don't get where the accusatory look and the guilty look would come into play. I also think I would remember the door scene since I remember the piano key covering scene. Both would be impressionable and I was watching every day at that time. Even though i'm going on a very old memory, my gut tells me that synopsis above is wrong. I've noticed that in other synopses over the years. Things are just wrong sometimes. And no, it wasn't explained away as an accident. Lorie was remorseful and Leslie forgave her but it was clearly no accident. I think Leslie told others it was an accident to let Lorie off the hook. My sister also remembers the piano key covering scene and doesn't remember a door scene.

Edited by BillBauer
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3 minutes ago, BillBauer said:



That's a very real possibility. After all, I saw the scene in the 70s as a child. All I do remember for sure is Lorie angrily slamming the piano key cover on Leslie's fingers while she was playing. I don't remember anyone else in the scene. If I remember correctly, Lorie was yelling at Leslie and Leslie was playing the piano louder to drown her out and that's when Lorie slammed the covering on her fingers. The only thing that makes me think it wasn't a fantasy and the door scenario is wrong is the fact that I have the episode where Leslie is playing her first concert after the incident and somebody remarks about how good it was that her fingers healed in time. Leslie gives Lorie a knowing look and Lorie looks very guilty. If it had been an accident, I don't get where the accusatory look and the guilty look would come into play. I also think I would remember the door scene since I remember the piano key covering scene. Both would be impressionable and I was watching every day at that time. Even though i'm going on a very old memory, my gut tells me that synopsis above is wrong. I've noticed that in other synopses over the years. Things are just wrong sometimes. And no, it wasn't explained away as an accident. Lorie was remorseful and Leslie forgave her but it was clearly no accident. I think Leslie told others it was an accident to let Lorie off the hook. 

Your memory sounds very vivid, thanks for sharing. Whether fantasy or not that scene sounds pretty crazy and something I really want to see.

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I'd like to see it again too. It's mind-boggling to me why Y&R and DOOL kept every episode they ever made just to let them sit around and collect dust. They should make them available to the public. Surely there's a market. It would be better than nobody seeing all those episodes. What's the point? Everybody laments the fact that so many soap episodes of shows like ATWT and GL were not saved but what's the point of having saved ones if nobody gets to see them? 

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