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Look into the past - 1975


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3 hours ago, Legacy said:

Wow i never knew Peggy started acting like Lorie and jennifer or so what she thought she was doing lol, i wonder what made bell create a newer Brad later on after writting out the first Brad from the 70's

Bill liked to name characters after family and friends, so I guess when it came time for a new character he decided to use his son's name once more.

There was no possibility of Brad #1 ever returning so it was a reasonable move to make.



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2 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Bill liked to name characters after family and friends, so I guess when it came time for a new character he decided to use his son's name once more.

There was no possibility of Brad #1 ever returning so it was a reasonable move to make.



That sounds fair, also I've only maybe seen 1 or 2 clips of the Brad Eliot character so i hardly know his take on it, i know he was involved with Lorie and Leslie at some point. Was that triangle going on while lance and Lucas were in the picture i assume?

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1 hour ago, Legacy said:

That sounds fair, also I've only maybe seen 1 or 2 clips of the Brad Eliot character so i hardly know his take on it, i know he was involved with Lorie and Leslie at some point. Was that triangle going on while lance and Lucas were in the picture i assume?

Lucas turned up a few months before Brad left, though Brad and Leslie were almost done at that point. Lance came on in late 75. John McCook's first airdate was Oct 30, 1975. So it was originally Lorie/Lance/Brad/Leslie. Brad left in earlyish 1978 and it became the 4 L's at that point. I think Brad left around the same time that Leslie and Lance slept together.

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7 hours ago, will81 said:

Lucas turned up a few months before Brad left, though Brad and Leslie were almost done at that point. Lance came on in late 75. John McCook's first airdate was Oct 30, 1975. So it was originally Lorie/Lance/Brad/Leslie. Brad left in earlyish 1978 and it became the 4 L's at that point. I think Brad left around the same time that Leslie and Lance slept together.

OH yea because Lucas came on near the ending of 1977 so that makes sense Brad was already on his way out, tom selleck did come back in 2014 to be the truck driver that drove phyllis from the hospital to Genoa City. That's kinda interesting they got him to come back years later as a truck driver

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9 hours ago, Legacy said:

OH yea because Lucas came on near the ending of 1977 so that makes sense Brad was already on his way out, tom selleck did come back in 2014 to be the truck driver that drove phyllis from the hospital to Genoa City. That's kinda interesting they got him to come back years later as a truck driver

Oh right didn't know that. I wonder if they were going to try to get Tom Hallick to be the truck driver, since Brad was driven into Genoa City in a truck in the very first scene

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On 5/16/2020 at 5:25 PM, GLATWT88 said:

It's interesting to see so many soaps on CBS and NBC. I know at one point, the number of soaps on daytime were in the teens but when it's on a grid like that it really gave me a better perspective of how heavily populated the daytime schedules were with soaps at one point. NBC having 4 soaps is odd as I have always remembered there only being 2, well vaguely remember 3 with AW, DAYS and SuBe.


I will give it to NBC, they really did try up until the late 90s to get their schedule right and attempted through the years to experiment with new soaps and programming ...unfortunately at times, these experiments were at the expense of other soaps on their schedule. I believe NBC had the most soaps premeire on its network - I guess in an attempt to compete with ABC and CBS over the decades. However, I think expanding DAYS to an hour is what ends up hurting it's performance in the late 70s, especially once it starts going up against the highly rated ATWT at the time. 

Haha it’s interesting by this point I think we had reached who was going to long lasting daytime shows although we’re just a few months away from ABC launching Ryan’s Hope. 

Both ABC and NBC had by this point been down the road and trying make headway against CBS in both Daytime and Primetime. ABC at least tried to give soaps like A Time For Us and A World Apart a chance before canceling them. NBC always seemed hellbent to cancel on their first instinct, hence why NBC only had 3 shows to make it past a decade.

1 hour ago, Paul Raven said:

Tom Hallick was the truck driver not Tom Selleck. It was a reference to the first scene ever on Y&R but it was wasted on a recast Phyllis returning.

Haha don’t hate now I love Gina Tognoni but yeah it’s odd they didn’t think of such a scene the previous year for Y&R’s 40th or at very least just have Hallick play Brad again returning the favor to someone else while summarizing why he won’t go back to GC LOL.

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59 minutes ago, soapfan770 said:

Haha it’s interesting by this point I think we had reached who was going to long lasting daytime shows although we’re just a few months away from ABC launching Ryan’s Hope. 

Both ABC and NBC had by this point been down the road and trying make headway against CBS in both Daytime and Primetime. ABC at least tried to give soaps like A Time For Us and A World Apart a chance before canceling them. NBC always seemed hellbent to cancel on their first instinct, hence why NBC only had 3 shows to make it past a decade.

Haha don’t hate now I love Gina Tognoni but yeah it’s odd they didn’t think of such a scene the previous year for Y&R’s 40th or at very least just have Hallick play Brad again returning the favor to someone else while summarizing why he won’t go back to GC LOL.

I didn't know that about the NBC soaps. It seemed that NBC was so desperate to compete with ABC and CBS that it would sometimes made moves that would do a lot of harm to it's lineup. I was reading up on The Doctors and they really killed off that show with all the moving across the schedule, especially since it performed so strongly in the early/mid 70s and did decent in the late 70s to then see some pretty significant drops at the end of the decade and beginning of the 80s. 

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There is a missing page in the May 1975 so I don't have much of ATWT and the last few lines from OLTL. I'm very sorry. I found someone who had the issue so I should be able to update this as soon as possible. 


MAY 1975


All My Children


Written by : Agnes Nixon

Produced by : Bud Kloss


Those close to Phil Brent continued to wonder why he rejected the Dallas EPA job when the EPA office in Pine Valley folded. Only his mother, Ruth Martin, knew Phil was staying because he couldn’t bear to leave his son, Phillip Tyler. Tara and Chuck Tyler were unaware that Phil knew little Phillip was his. Chuck tought Phil was staying because of beautiful, Claudette Montgomery, but Phil soon disabused him of that idea. Phil took the job at the Chateau offered by his father, Nick Davis, and everyone then assumed Phil was staying to be near his wife Erica who was in a hospital after suffering a breakdown when she miscarried Phil’s child. Mona Kane, Erica’s mother, went to see Erica and found Erica had finally accepted the miscarriage, but was upset that Phil hadn’t visited her. Mona persuaded Phil to visit Erica, whose insecurity about Phil’s love and jealousy of Tara were contributing to her problems. After his visit Erica persuaded Dr. Hansen to release her, as that was the only way to ease her mind. However, Phil’s knowledge of his son had affected his love for Erica, and he admitted to Ruth he only married Erica for the child she was carrying. Erica was hurt and angry when Phil left her right after arriving home to go kite-flying with little Phillip, despite her efforts to seduce him. Mona arrived to find Erica crying in the nursery. She persuaded Erica to be nice to Phillip to get off on good footing. Erica agreed, until Phil insisted on going to work that afternoon, even though Nick had said it was unnecessary. Mona tried to show Erica that Phil was right because it was only his second day. Nick was puzzled when Phil showed up. Mona told Erica that Phil turned down a job in Dallas to stay near her. Erica was puzzled because she and Phil had talked about leaving Pine Valley to get a new start, but a call from Claudette to Phil after he had gone to work caused Erica to think Phil had been having an affair with her. Erica confronted Phil saying she should return to Oakhaven.


Phoebe Tyler was upset when she learned that her son Linc and his fiancé Kitty Shea were planning to hold their reception at Mona’s. Phoebe began a campaign to change the plans because she was still convinced her estranged husband Charles and Mona were having an affair. Phoebe lunched with Mona saying Linc agreed to the plan only to be nice, but would prefer a reception at the country club. Phoebe’s plan failed when both Kitty and Linc reassured Mona and Linc warned Phoebe to back off. Phoebe remained determined to break up Linc and Kitty, arranging one night for Claudette to dine with Linc and her at home. When Linc discovered the plan, he left. Ann Tyler, Linc’s sister, assured Kitty of her and her father’s support for the marriage. Phoebe asked Claudette to try to persuade Kitty to move in with her after their marriage. Claudette did so, but Linc was adamant they would not live with Phoebe.


Kitty’s ex-husband, Al Shea, calling himself Hal Short, who was mixed up with drugs and went to prison for it in California, was a disct jockey in Pine Valley and begged Kitty not to reveal his identity or past to anyone so he could have a chance at a new life. Torn, Kitty agreed. Hal went to the boutique looking for Kitty and suggested Margo Martin put in a line of men’s accessories saying he could put her in touch with a man in California.


The presence of Claudette in Paul and Margo’s apartment was causing increasing strain, especially when Claudette started to make advances towards Paul. Both Paul and Margo thought she was man-crazy and she confirmed Paul’s suspicions when she picked up a man at the movies and finally made an overt pass at Paul, saying she was not asking for marriage, just an afternoon in the hay. He refused and told Margo about the pass, demanding Margo have Claudette move out. To save face and to manipulate Margo, Claudette was packed and Margo asked to speak to her. Claudette marched out and arranged to move in with Kitty, without telling Margo. Claudette went to Phoebe’s after the move and found Phoebe “in her cups.” Phoebe removed sapphire and diamond earrings before going to bed. Claudette took one, denying the following day she ever saw them. Claudette dismantled the earring. When the pawnbroker asked for I.D., Claudette balked, but another man in the sho offered cash with no question so she took the cash. Claudette told Margo Paul made the pass at her, upsetting Margo more when she told her Paul visited Anne in her new apartment after Paul had said he hadn’t been there. Margo confronted Paul, ordering him to never see Anne again. Paul told Margo she didn’t own him and he would see anyone he wanted. The following morning, Margo apologized and admitted feelings of inadequacy regarding Anne. He agreed to a new start, but memories of Ann haunted him.


Paul couldn’t get Anne out of his mind since the passionate kiss they recently shared, so he went to see Anne to see if it meant as much to her. She denied it at first, but as he was leaving, she let slip that it meant a lot to her too. In fact, attempting to get Paul out of her mind, Anne had resumed a close relationship with Nick Davis, seducing him after dinner one night.

Growing closer to Mona Kane since his separation from Phoebe, Charles Tyler asked Mona about the future of their friendship. Mona asked to take it one day at a time.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Carol Lamonte was quite pleased at the apparent success she was having in her attempts to undermine her boss Robert Delaney’s marriage to Lenore. Carol first successfully undermined Lenore’s self-confidence by sabotaging her work in Robert’s office and then she unnerved Lenore by prying into Lenore’s previous marriage to Walter Curtin. Ironically, even Carol was unaware of the enormous emotional blow this interest in Walter had caused for Lenore. Lenore had discovered just before Walter’s death that he had killed Wayne Addison, whom he mistakenly believed Lenore was interested in, and had allowed Lenore, who was pregnant at the time, to stand trial for this murder. After his death, Lenore vowed their son Walter Jr. would never learn his father was a murderer. Robert realized Lenore’s anxieties were concerned with Walter but her refusal to share it all with him drove them even further apart. Realizing from Carol’s insinuations that Robert and Carol were even more deeply involved, Lenore confronted Robert who admitted he spent one night with Carol following an argument with Lenore but this mistake happened as Carol sensed he didn’t have a complete wife. Lenore replied she could only be what she was.  Robert stated they could never have a marriage under these terms and he left alone for New York on a business trip. When Carol told Robert this break up was inevitable, it never was a real marriage and added she loved him, Robert replied he didn’t love her. Rachel Cory admitted to Mac that before her own marriage, she encouraged Carol to hurt Lenore and she was sorry about this. When Mac suggested she warn Lenore, Rachel explained she was afraid of the wrath of Carol’s revenge.


After deep thought, Lenore realized that her marriage did matter deeply to her and she decided to fight for Robert, however he had not left word on where he was in New York and Lenore painfully realized only Carol had his phone number and Carol refused to give it to anyone. Realizing the mention of Walter upset Lenore, Carol picked up a man in a bar and enticed him to play “a joke on a friend.” Following her instructions, he called Lenore, calling her Mrs. Curtin, saying he was an old friend of Walter’s and announced that he had some things to say to Wally about his father. Horrified, Lenore was sure that her fears had come to pass, that somehow someone had discovered the truth and Wally stood to be destroyed. Lenore turned to Vic Hastings for help. She explained she couldn’t place her trust in a man that she loved and that she had to leave and take Wally away for his own sake. She explained Australia with Robert was not a solution because the people who threatened Wally would know where she was. Vic secretly arranged an apartment and a job for Lenore in Washington and Lenore left secretly telling no one she was going. She left behind a note for Robert saying she had to go, it was for the best he not try to find her. Carol meanwhile was taking great delight in refusing to give Robert’s whereabouts even to John Randolph, his attorney, and Willis Frame for business reasons.


Robert reurned to find an empty house and Lenore’s note. Learning from Lenore’s mother what Carol had done he confronted her angrily. She explained he needed uninterrupted time to think and if he had wanted to, he could have called Lenore himself. Robert told Carol he loved Lenore and she, Carol, loved only herself. He fired her and ordered her out immediately. He then asked Barbara Weaver to begin a quiet search for Lenore. Carol then visited Angie Perrini at Willis’ office announcing she and Robert decided she should open her own firm and Robert suggested Frame Enterprises would give her part of the work they gave Robert’s office.


Since his brother Steven Frame made him a junior partner in Frame Enterprises before leaving for Australia, Willis Frame had been involved in a power struggle with Vic Hastings for control of Frame Enterprises’ operations. Unable to defeat Vic, Willis managed to sidetrack Trevor Harvey, the liaison for the Australia project, visiting Bay City, and tried to undermine Vic by implying Vic put his personal life ahead of business and that he was a problem to the company. Willis was upset when Alice, Steve’s wife, told Trevor in front of Willis, that Vic was definitely in charge in Steve’s absence. When Vic left mysteriousluy for Washington to set up arrangements for Lenore, Willis used this in another attempt to back-stab Vic, implying Vic apparentlu didn’t care about their conferences.


Alice had delayed joining Steve in Australia because of her concern and growing love for little Sally Spencer recently orphaned in an auto accident. Neither the police nor attorney Barbara Weaver had been able to find any trace of Sally’s parents’ past as all leads wound up in a dead end. Alice was thrilled to learn Steven was coming home for a visit and he told her via telephone that he was enthusiastic about adopting little Sally and taking her back to Australia. However, the day before Steven’s planned return, Trevor got a call from Sidney. Steve’s helicopter from the site crashed. Shortly after, Steve was confirmed dead. Willis was in great pain over the loss of his brother but managed to hold together for Alice who was devastated. Fortunately Alice had Sally with her and Sally, having recently suffered a great loss, instinctively gave Alice the love and comfort she needed. Willis and Alice agreed Steven should be burring at his family home in Oaklahoma and they went there agreeing to have a memorial service in Bay City. Willis was further hurt at learning the Australia Project had been given to another construction company. He bitingly told Vic if he had been there, together they might have been able to save the project.


Rachel, formerly Steven’s wife and mother of his son Jamie, was badly shaken by the news. She felt great pain and compassion for Alice, but realized Alice would not believe it. Jamie was hurt and angry at the news. Gil tried to make him see life went on and he had to take Steve’s place.


Beatrice Gordon, the Cory’s new housekeeper, had told Ada and Gil McGowan – Rachel’s mother and step-father – she had two sons in Scranton and in Tulsa, but her daughter Jennifer ran away 10 years ago just after starting college and she hadn’t heard from her since. Bea’s husband died soon afterwards and seeing Ada’s little daughter, Nancy, brought tears to Bea’s eyes.


Pat and John Randolph were realizing their problem with their teenage daughter, Marianne, was more serious than they thought. Marianne’s crowd had been visiting the college to attract older boys and Pat was worried about Marianne’s avid interest in Willis who was much older than she was. They were shocked to find Marianne’s schoolwork had deteriorated so badly she would need summer school in order to graduate. However, Marianne announced she was planning to skip college and get an apartment with Ellen Rogers, her best friend. When John told Marianne she was going to college and Pat insisted it was necessary for her future, Marianne stomped off to the Rogers’ where Ellen’s parents encouraged the girls to do whatever they wanted. Pat’s aunt, Liz Matthews, was determined to get involved in Marianne’s situation and sided with Marianne on the college issue. John tried to make it clear to Liz her help wasn’t appreciated at this time.


Iris Carrington, Mac’s daughter, and Dr. Russ Mattews announced their engagement to the pleasure of the Matthews family. However, Louise Goddard, Iris’ housekeeper, warned Iris she would lose Russ if he found out she was plotting to destroy Mac’s marriage to Rachel. Iris had brought Phillip Wainwright toBay City. Phillip who had dissipated his family fortune worked at compromising young women and Iris intended to use him to convince her father that Rachel married him only for his money. However Clarice Hobson, a steak house hostess, who had been living with Phillip finally pressed him to admit his tie with Iris and learning what he was intending to do, she moved out. Phillip told Clarice he needed her and loved her but Clarice replied doing what he was doing he obviously didn’t know what that meant. Clarice had been seeing architect Neal Johnson who was teaching her tactfully that pretty girls didn’t need flashy clothes and overdone make-up. Phillip tried to tell Iris that wasn’t going to work, that Rachel really loved Mac, but Iris, desperate in her efforts do destroy Rachel, insisted he succeed or she would blackball him forever in New York. Having learned from Phillip that Rachel hit him in the face with a riding crop when he made a crude pass at her, Iris made a snide remark to Rachel and Mac about Phillip being hit by a woman with a crop because her husband walked in when they were kissing. This variation of the theme unnerved Rachel badly and when Mac left to attend Russ and Iris’ engagement party, she decided to cancel her riding lessons with Phillip. Learning he had no phone, she drove there to tell him Iris had made it clear that no man could trust his wife with Phillip and therefore she would no longer take lessons. Phillip was upset that Rachel came to his house alone and insisted she get out immediately, warning her to stay away from him for property’s sake. Ironically, Ada and Gil discouvered Rachel was at Phillip’s and rused there to explain to her that this could easily be misconstrued as a compromising situation. Rachel immediately told Mac upon his return about her visit to Phillip’s and was horrified at his extreme jealousy and his conviction she went to see Phillip alone for personal reasons. When Mac implied she seemed to have reverted to the girl she was before he met her, Rachel angrily replied he has obviously been listening to the Matthewses tear her down as he did not even know her before. Seeing how badly his doubts had hurt her, Mac told her he was wrong to accuse her and asked her forgiveness. Seeing Iris was planting seeds with Mac that Phillip had a secret married lover, Louise tried to warn Ada and Gil about Rachel being even accidentally alone with Phillip, however this just raised Gil’s suspcisious of Louise. Ada did mention this to Rachel abut Rachel dismissed it as gossip. Gil later asked Louise what her remarks meant but she was guarded saying only Phillip was dangerous. Learning Barbara was taking riding lessons with Phillip, Mac agreed Rachel could resume lessons as long as Barbara was with her.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Wilmore


Lisa Shea’s love, Grant Coleman, was defending his estranged wife, Joyce, against a charge of Murder I, based on her confession that she deliberately killed a man the previous October. Joyce had told Grant she’h had only one tryst with Paget, but testimony revealed she had been having a torrid, if secret, affair with Paget from early in her marriage to Grant, devastating Grant. Chris Hughes, Grant’s partner, told Grant he had every right to withdraw from the case. Grant called a meeting to consider alternatives since Grant’s prepared defense wasn’t valid since the latest revelations. Grant refused all options, saying he owed Joyce a defense, even though his career was on the line if he lost because people would say he lost to get revenge on Joyce for making him a cuckhold. Grant put Joyce on the stand, making it clear even Joyce didn’t know whether she ran Paget down deliberately. Grant arranged for Joyce to testify under sodium pentahol, a truth drug. Under the drug’s influence, Joyce revealed she didn’t know if she deliberately killed Paget. Grant used a defense of reasonable doubt, and the jury brought a verdict of not guilty. Lisa and Grant were ecstatic and became engaged that night, planning to be married in 2 weeks, after Grant’s divorce from Joyce was final. Unable to reach Grant, Joyce, with Natalie’s help, finally cornered Lisa at the bookstore and told her she broke with Paget because she was pregnant with Grant’s child, and the baby was a boy. Lisa, torn, finally told Grant, who went to Joyce’s apartment but found she was gone. In a not, she told him she gave their son up for adoption. Grant suggested he and Lisa be married immediately when his divorce was final. On the wedding day, Lisa received a letter from Joyce.


Despite great efforts by Mark Galloway and ex-husband Dan Stewart to stop Susan Stewart’s drinking, she persisted, increasing her tardiness and neglect of her work on the research project at the hospital run by her ex father-in-law, Dr. David Stewart. Finally, David couldn’t cover for Susan anymore and suggested if she didn’t take a leave of absence, he would accept her resignation. Susan said she wouldn’t take either alternative; if David wanted her off the project, he would have to fire her. Reluctantly, David did so. Susan went to John Dixon, recovering from a bone graft on his ankle, telling David fired her with no provocation. John pointed out she had been on a downhill slide since she relinquished custody of her daughter to Dan, and it was time she faced the truth about herself and her drinking. Hurt, Susan sought revenge by telling him she saw Dan and John’s wife, Kim, kissing. John was devastated, because he had come to realize he loved Kim and had hoped of re-winning her love. John kept quiet until he was on crutches. He told Kim he knew she was in love with someone else, but since she had stayed with him through generosity, he would be as generous and let her go, promising her, and later Dan, he intended to fight out for her love. Susan, with nothing to do, drank constantly, causing Mark to walk out on her. Finally, frightened because she couldn’t stop, Susan called John for help and John told Dan who rushed over and hired a nurse to stay with her. Susan fired the nurse. Dan and Kim rejoiced in their love and being able to tell friends. Drunk, Susan visited Kim accusing her of having an affair with Dan. Kim convinced her that was untrued. Both were stunned when Susan blurted out she needed Dan.


Nancy Hughes, who had found great satisfaction in housewifery, couldn’t understand daughter-in-law Jennifer Hughes’ desire to go to work, leaving granddaughter Frannie. Bob Hughes, Jen’s husband, explained to his mother about Jen’s illness and bursh with death, but Nancy still couldn’t understand. Jen, unable to be admitted to med-school, decide to take training to become a director of assessment for the county’s cardiac screening program, necessitating leaving Frannie three nights a week. Bob was not enthusiastic, stunning Jen. He felt Frannie and Jen might miss important time together, but Jen, driven by her need to contribute something to society, went ahead. When Nancy expressed her dismay to Chris, her husband, he said only Jen could judge what was best for her. A further rift between Bob and Jen occurred when Jen couldn’t find a babysitter for a night she had class and Bob wanted to attend a lecture by David. Jen accused Bob of not accepting his share of responsibility for Frannie. The following day, Bob told Nancy they all had to learn to be patient with Jen, puzzling Nancy.


Tom Hughes told Nancy he cared for his ex-wife Carol only as a friend. Tom asked Natalie Bannon to marry him, causing her to recall Bob’s warning that Wilson’s disease, which she had but controlled with medication, was hereditary and any man she planned to marry had to be told. Natalie accepted, swearing Tom so secrecy. Jay Stallings went to New York and persuaded Carol to return with him. Tom was upset when he saw the two of them so obviously close. Jay and Carol were married in New York. He promised to be a good husband and swore Carol had been the only woman in his life since he met her, but he couldn’t get Susan off his mind. Natalie was ecstatic at the news of the marriage; other were apprehensive. Natalie asked Bob Hughes if she had to tell Tom, even though neighter wanted children. Bob said yes, because not telling him could be grounds for divorce later.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: William J. Bell / Pat Falken Smith

Produced by: Betty Corday


Having no way of knowing Doug Williams broke off their plans for a future together because he learned of the abortion she was about to have, Julie Anderson, feeling she had no other, had reconcilied with her husband Bob and planned to have the baby. For Julie’s sake, Bob had invited David Banning, Julie’s teenaged son, to come home when his school term was over. Learning David had accepted Bob’s offer, Julie was determined to make the best of the situation and to create a real family atmosphere. She therefore tried to mend fences with Phyllis Anderson, Bob’s ex-wife and was shocked when Phyllis angrily insisted Bob wold always belong to her in his heart and only went back to Julie out of a sense of obligation. Julie was extremely hurt when Phyllis’ daughter, Mary, viciously told Julie she knew the baby was not Bob’s and half the town was wondering who the real father was. Bob was shocked to learn of Mary’s vicious attack on Julie, but Julie said she felt Mary was afraid this baby would dilute her father’s love. When Julie added that Phyllis was obviously deeply hurt by the reconciliation, Bob confronted Phyllis asking if she had indeed thought he would return to her after the divorce from Julie. She insisted that both Julie and Mary were wrong on this, she only thought of him as a friend. Bon placed half of his Anderson Manufacturing stock in trust for the new  baby. Don Craig cautioned Mary to stop slandering Julie and to give her father and his wife a chance to make their marriage work. Mary then apologized to Julie and retracted her cruel statements but later told her mother she would never accept this baby as her father’s child. Julie was apprehensive about David’s coming home again after an absence of so many years. She wondered if he would like her or resent her, if they would have any kind of relationship.


Dr. Neil Curtis, meanwhile, had kept a shoulder available for Phyllis to cry on. When she castigated herself for misinterpreting Bob’s recent attention, Neil reassured her calling her a fascinating woman and bolstering her ego with lessons on the game of life. Neil, who was in seriopus financial trouble due to a floundering stock market position, realized that Phyllis’ divorce settlement would solve his financial problems.


Doug had struck up a relationship with a young woman named Brooke who drank only ginger ale and was spending considerable time at Doug’s Place. She cryptically stated she was doing research and seemed very interested in the Horton family and their friends. However, upon meeting Michael Horton, Brooke couldn’t hide her secret. She told him she was David’s girlfriend and that he was meeting her there, but added it was a secret; David would introduce her to everyone. Brooke wired David saying, “Salem looked interesting. Did you know your mother is pregnant?” Later, Brooke happened to observe Julie and Doug talking and seemed to sense there were more between them than a stepfather/stepdaughter relationship.


Badly shaken by her recent disappointment, Phyllis broke down to Mary just before the opening of her new boutique. She confessed from the first mention of divorce she had been putting on an act, she would never get over Bob. Suddenly, they were shocked to realize that Bob had walked in and overheard the whole conversation. Phyllis tried to assured him it was not as bad as it had sounded. Bob tried to bolster Phyllis’ confidence. Even with tranquilizers given to her by Neil, Phyllis couldn’t face the opening party, so Neil used another tactic. He told her the Hortons would pity her, if she couldn’t cut it. Furious at this, Phyllis made it through the opening beautifully. Julie, shocked to receive a call from David in Salem a week early, tried to reach Bob but was told he was at Phyllis’ boutique opening. She wondered if he was determined not to let Phyllis live without him or couldn’t  he live without her? Arriving at Julie’s lake home, David announced he already knew about her baby and her separation, assumed he was an embarrassment to her because of his age and made it clear it would take time before they could be friends. Julie, who expected more than friendship from her son, was taken aback. David then announced that he had a girl named Brooke whom he planned to marry and he practically ordered Julie to get along well with her. When Julie asked what Brooke was like, David thought and replied, “Now that I see you again, I see she is a lot like you.” David brought Brooke for dinner and Brooke right off asked Julie to give her a chance to make her like her. Julie smiled and asked, “Why shouldn’t I like you?” But Brooke decided Julie hated her and ept insisting this to David, that his beautiful young mother was competing with her. David suggested Brooke was being catty and assured her Julie would okay the wedding even though he was underage. Brooke insisted that to play it safe, they put on a virginal act even though their relationship was intimate. Brooke carefully and calculatedly charmed Julie’s grandparents, Tom and Alice Horton, as well as Bob and Doug. She told Doug that Julie seemed not to like her and beeged him to put in a good word for her. Indeed Julie was instinctively aware that Booke was putting on a performance but couldn’t figure out what she was up to. But she confided to Doug she couldn’t stand David’s girlfriend. When Julie found David’s watch on Brooke’s bedside table – David’s persuasion overcame Brooke’s resolve -, instead of the angry moral speech David was braced for, she coolly informed him  that Bob was a conservative man, so in her home, he, David and Brooke were to be discreet. She added it was in David’s best interest if he was considering a career in Bob’s company. Julie was shocked when David informed her that Addie, her late mother, set up a half million dollar trust fund for him before her death and he was planning not to work at all. Julie feared David might have playboy tendencies like his late father, David Martin, tendencies encouraged by Brooke. Brooke evaded Julie’s questions about her background as she was reluctant to admit her good New England family was also broke!


Jim Phillips told David while he couldn’t touche the principal until he was thirty, he might be able to get the interest, but Julie’s consent was necessary. David also told Jim he was curious about the facts of his natural father’s death – Susan Peters, who was married to David Martin at the time, killed him while mentally incompetent after the death of their son Dickie. David died never knowing his real love, Julie, was carrying his child.- Don Craig dropped by the Andersons’ to find Brooke amusing herself in Julie’s room, in Julie’s clothes. Amused, he promised not to give her away. David was annoyed at Brooke’s foolhardiness in being in Julie’s room, but not annoyed enough to refrain from making love to her there. Learning Julie had natural enemies – Phyllis and Mary – Brooke sought them out and did her best to ingratiate herself.


Trish Clayton found a letter from her mother Jeri saying she was leaving town because she could no longer stand the contempt in Trish’s eyes since Trish learned Jeri turned to prostitution for a few months after Trish’s birth to support her. She assured Trish her father was James Stanhope, a wealthy college boy who deserted her when she told him she was pregnant. Julie helped her to understand it in perspective assuring her that Jeri would return someday. Trish, who was sure Laura Horton insisted her son Michael recuperate at home after his recent injuries following a fight with Trish’s step-father, Jack Clayton, was thrielled when Mike told her he was soon moving back to their apartment, he missed her company.


Mickey Horton, suffering from amnesia for the past 2 years, had returned to Salem as Marty Hansen where his crippled wife Maggie was undergoing therapy to enable her to walk again. He had experience frequent periods of spontaneous recollection and remembered both his affair with Linda Patterson and his heart attack. In fact, certain familiarities with his past made Laura, his ex-wife, Bill Horton, his brother and Laura’s husband, and his father, Dr. Tom Horton, uneasy as they felt he was remembering. But Mickey assured them he was not and told himself he had to not admit it for Maggie’s sake as she was very insecure about his past. Seeing Linda talking to Marty, Maggie intuitively knew Linda loved him. Pressed, Bill told her the whole story of the affair and Maggie was further depressed feeling Linda was one more threat to her marriage. When Maggie’s big day arrived for the first time on crutches since the surgery, she was suddenly so insecure and terrified at falling she couldn’t make herself try to stand. Learning of Maggie’s setback, Linda went to Maggie’s room, telling her she was involved with Mickey but the caring was all on her side. She explained she had come to Salem to reconcile with her husband Jim for her child Melissa’s sake and added she was no threat to Maggie, that Marty adored his wife. Bolstered by Linda’s words, Maggie, alone in her room, attempted the crutches again and succeeded. Linda later told Marty and then Maggie that despite what the Hortons might have said about Laura and Mickey’s marriage, he was not entirely happy with Laura and never loved her the way he loved Maggie. Linda made every effort to become Maggie’s friend and, in bolstering Maggie’s confidence in her marriage, made sure she encouraged Maggie to reevaluate the need for Laura’s psychiatric help. As a result, Maggie told Laura her therapy was inhibited by her awe of Laura. Laura agreed that was not what an analyst wanted but realized Laura had been undermining Maggie’s therapy. When Marty inevitably asked Linda how she could be sure Melissa was Jim’s child, since they were having an affair at the time, she lied, saying Laura told her during her own therapy that Mickey became sterile after Michael’s birth. However, when Jim later warned Linda that Mickey had to never know he had always been sterile for Laura’s sake, Linda accused him of having a thing about Laura and added she despised Laura and always had. Jim, who had temporized about a reconciliation with Linda, realized he could never forget that Linda loved Mickey. Linda later continued her campaign by pointing out that Laura would get praise for helping Mickey recall the past, but that she, Maggie, fit in only as Marty’s wife, not Mickey’s in the Hortons’ professional/social world. With Linda’s support, Maggie managed another milestone – walking on parallel bars into Marty’s outstretched arms.


Laura, who was pregnant, received word her mother, institutionalized in a catatonic state since Laura’s childhood, had taken a turn for the worse. Laura and Bill flew to Chicago where they found her mother still unreachable. Just had Laura giving up all hope, Mrs. Spencer had a glimmer of charity and called her “Laura,” and later when Bill told the catatonic woman of his love for Laura, she reached for his hand. Radiantly hopeful Laura arranged to stay in Chicago and work for a breakthrough with her mother. Bill would return to Salem – they would be miles apart but always together.


Susan Peters was upset to discover her husband Greg had started Amanda Howard on lab work as this was how she and Greg fell in love at her David Martin Clinic. But when Susan tried to point this out, Greg accused her of not only being jealoud of Amanda and him, but of Eric and Amanda and added her obsession to her home and to her child had made him feel he no longer had a wife. Susan, in therapy, told Laura before she left Salem, that Amanda seemed to have taken everything from her, that what Greg felt for Amanda and wouldn’t admit was breaking her heart. Laura warned Greg his marriage was in trouble but Greg replied he didn’t seem to have a wife anymore. Greg and Susan continued to snipe at each other. He made insinuations about her closeness with Eric, about baby Ann – Anne was actually Eric’s child, not Greg’s – and she continued to press the point of his letting history repeat itself with Amanda. When she accused him of avoiding her sexually because he wanted Amnda, he retaliated by declaring her jealousy made her undesirable, then added he was moving out because they were destroying their marriage. Susan, shocked, told him it was obvious he had thought out a separation and it was what he wanted. When Susan stormed out to Phyllis’ boutique opening, Greg went straight to Amanda who pressed hm to make it up to Susan pointing out the only thing Susan had ever wanted was his love. She convinced him to go to the opening and see Susan but Susan was livid that Greg arrived at the opening with Amanda and she wouldn’t let him explain. Eric, who had been dating Amanda, was also annoyed to see Greg with Amanda. Greg later told Amanda that his anger at Susan’s obsession over Ann might be due to the baby’s not being his and that Susan couldn’t have any more children; he light need to have his own children. Amanda was upset to hear her former fiancé Neil arranging to sit in on a poker game and learning Neil had told Greg he couldn’t pay him this month, Amanda told Greg Neil had a gambling problem – speculation stocks and table stakes poker. Greg was upset to see Neil still had a strong affect on Amana – indeed she admitted she still wanted Neil and he knew it even though she continued to tell him to stay out of her life.


Coming home to pick up his clothes, Greg was annoyed to find Eric cooking lunch for Susan. He played the enraged husband ordering Eric out but it was only when Eric mentioned Amanda that Greg hit him. Eric coldly floored Greg with a karate chop and left.


Don Craig took Amanda to dinner where they ran into Neil with Phyllis. Amanda’s presence unnerved him and realizing this, Amanda and Don enjoyed the situation. When they returned to her apartment however, Susan arrived looking for Greg. Don took her home while Amanda notified Greg. But Greg decided to comfort Amanda for Susan’s intrusion rather than comfort his distraught wife. When an intoxicated Neil showed up he made a few innuendoes about Greg’s presence, was set straight and left. Greg and Amanda laughed at the ludicrousness of all this but Greg suddenly said he wished Susan had been right, that he had been with her, and as she demurred, he said he couldn’t help it and took her in his arms.


The Doctors


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Joseph Stuart


Althea Davis realized she hurt Tom Barrett deeply in mistrusting him the night they spent together after he rescued her from Rex Everlee. He accepted her apology but was further exasperated when she refused to indulge in an affair with him because she knew he would want a commitment she couldn’t give. Maggie Powers told Althea an affair would be good for her. After agreeing to repllce Nick Bellini as Chief of Research since Nick was evasive about his return after breaking up with fiancé Ann Larimer, Tom decided to pursue Althea anyway.


Ever since Maggie Powers and Rev. Joe Turner discovered Mike Powers was in town last November, Ton Powers Stewart had withdrawn from her husband Alan in confusion. To allay Toni’s fears that Mike was still alive, Matt Powers contacted Police Sergeant Ernie Cadman, who devised the theory that the man wasn’t Mike but one of the other survivors who was going to imitate Mike until he realized how impossible it would be to pose as a doctor and left. Toni didn’t buy the theory, postualating insteat that Mike found out she was going to marry Alan and left so as not to interfere with her happiness. Meanwhile, in Singapore, Mike wrote to Toni explaining he was alive and returning soon. Mike was being torn apart because he was returning only to claim his son by offering Toni a divorce for custody, even though he knew how much Toni wanted Michael Paul as evidenced by her putting her life on the line to give birth. On his way to mail the letter, Mike was mugged and the letter was stolen. Mike was unconscious for a long time, but when he discovered what had happened to the letter, he sent a cable that included his favorite nickname for Toni: Babe, recounted the plastic surgery and gave his address – The Madison Hotel. With the help of Rev. Joe, Tony and Alan reconcilied. When the cable arrived, Alan and Cadman put surveillane on The Madison, determined to grab the “impostor” before he could get to Toni. Toni agreed to stay home from work to prevent the “impostor’s” reaching her there. Greta overheard the discussion about the cable, so Maggie decided Greta would have to meet the man to dispel any ideas that he was Mike. When Hank told Toni he had not made up his mind about the “impostor,” she tried to change plans, but was dissuaded by Alan and Matt, but continued to feel responsible for Mike’s death. A man on the plane tried to tell Mike that Toni’s marriage didn’t mean she didn’t love him. Maggie cautioned Alan to keep his cool.


Hank Iverson passed his boards and was on senior staff. As Andy Anderson and Stacy Wells grew closer, Andy finally got the story of Stacy’s rejection by her mother Doreen from her. When he finally saw Stacy brushed off by Doreen, Andy promised nobody would hurt her again, and asked her to travel the road to becoming a doctor with him She told him about her ill-fated romance with Peter Terrell, and said she was not ready for promises. He agreed to be patient.


Ann Larimer returned and was staying with the Aldriches, making the subject of Nick Bellini off limits. Carolee Aldrich and Karen Werner had a professional squabble over a student of Carolee’s that was really a reflection of the strife between the two women over Erich who was Karen’s natural son, whom Carolee adopted when Karen was thought dead. Karen told Steve that Carolee was not being cooperative about her seeing Erich, whom they had agreed would be told Karen was his mother only when all three agreed. Karen saw a lawyer, then persuaded Steve to swear an affidavit regarding Erich’s birth, parentage, etc. Carolee felt betraued, sarcastically thanking Steve for cutting her off as Erich’s mother. Erich overheard, and, not understanding, felt Carolee no longer loved him or wanted him. To ease the suspense of not know how or when the court would return Erich to Karen, Carolee decided that the three of them would tell Erich immediately. She arranged to take Erich to lunch to help prepare him. Steve and Karen rushed over to make sure Carolee didn’t tell Erich without them. As they arrived, Carolee accidentally let it slip that Karen was his mother. Karen was sure that Carolee planned it that way, and Steve, torn between the two women, found it hard to believe Carolee, as he so confided to Ann. In discussing her medical problems with Matt Powers, Ann told him that Nick was insensitive, then went of that only she could see the pain of Steve Aldrich, a very sensitive man.


Penny Davis, Althea’s daughter, told her father Dave she wanted to beat Althea at her own game by studying medicine at Hope University and be a better doctor thant Althea. Dave warned Penny that was not a sound basis on which to found a career or a life. When Althea learned of it, she assured everyone she only wanted what was fair and best for Penny, but knew having Penny around would be painful.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Repentant over his foolish attempt to abduct his son Timmy from the boarding school, Capitol City publishe Mark Faraday allowed attorney Adam Drake to act for the distraught Srena Faraday and convince him toi return the 7 year old boy to his mother. Mark, embittered by what he claimed were 10 years of marriage to a constantly unfaithful wife, warned Adam he could only be hurt if he pursued a relationship with the appealing Serena. Insisting she had to repay Adam for all his help, Serena arranged a dinner date at her apartment after she returned from the long journey of driving her son back to boarding school. Adam, arriving at the apartment at the agreed time, discovered Serena not home and learned from the superintendent that although she arrived home, he saw her leaving shortly afterwards with a suitcase. Adam learned from the recently married Tiffany Whitney Douglas, Serena’s closest schoolfriend for many years, that as a teenager Serena experienced memory lapses. At the popular New Moon Café, a group of particular boisterous patrons arrived and one of the flashy young women, Josie, who looked remarkably like Serena, made persistently obvious plays for owner Johnny Dallas.


Adam, learning of assistant D.A. Brandy Henderson’s distinguished appointment as liaison between the police department and the Crime Commission, made a point of congratulating her as Adam suddenly realized how much he had missed Brandy since their separation after the Marceau/Sims murder trial. The renewal of his sister Brandy’s romance with Adam troubled Quentin Henderson, psychiatrist, because he felt Adam might hurt Brandy badly again.


Tiffany decided to pay her old school chum Serena a visit in Capitol City and found herself involved in more than just a restful holiday. When Tiffany and Serena returned to Serena’s apartment, the women found the apartment in shambles and a terrifying warning written in lipstick on the living room mirror, “Prepare to die.” Since nothing appeared stolen, Serena accused Mark of this vindicative act but flatly refused to press charges when the police arrived. Serena made a tearfully desperate plea for Tiffany to go to Adam and somehow convinced him that Serena needed his help, not only in legal matters but to take charge of her life and to put some oreder back into it. Serena claimed that all of her life she had needed someone with Adam’s strength and kindness, and fearing her relationship had been ruined because of a misunderstanding – Serena denied leaving her apartment, insisting she fell asleep after the fatiguing round-trip to Timmy’s school and was upset  that Adam didn’t somehow awaken her instead of believing the superintendent’s story. – Later that night, Tiffany was aroused by a phone call from Mark whi had taken back the large oil portrait of Serena he sent to Adam, frankly to both Adam and Brandy’s relief, and wanted to return the portrait to Serena. Tiffany discovered her hostess had dressed and disappeared! Tiffany returned home deeply troubled by Serena’s strange behavior and by what she believed was Mark’s irrational vindictiveness towards Serena, and arranged to speak to Adam who reluctantly agreed to get in touch with Serena. The seductive Josie returned to the New Moon and found a receptive ear when Gerald Kincaid, the mob’s silent partner in the New Moon, was attracted to her fictious claims about her relationship with the happily married Johnny. Later, when Mark, using his own key to enter Serena’s apartment replaced the painting and left, Josie entered, found a pair of scissors and frenzied, slashed Serena’s portrait!


Johnny found himself entangled again with the underworld when Kincaid threatened the life of Laurie by graphically showing Johnny how easily a bomb could be placed next to his wife anytime. Kincaid demanded John spy on  his father-in-law who headed the Crime Commission and discover the name of the secret witness who planned to expose everything about Monticello’s organized crime in return for his freedom from further mob obligations and complete ownership of the New Moon.


Laurie Dallas, desperate to replace her lost pregnancy with a viable one, convinced herself that she had become pregnant again. However, when the medical tests proved negative, Laurie became completely hysterical, confirming her mother Nancy Karr’s feeling that Laurie should wait awhile to completely recover emotionally from the unfortunate miscarriage which followed so closely the tragic death of her ex-husband, Vic Lamont. Both Mike and Nancy empathized with their daughter’s suffering but wished the could make her realize she was not in any way guilty or responsible for either the miscarriage or Vic’s death.


Newspaper reporter Kevin Jamison who accidentally left with Noel Douglas’ forgotten briefcase opened it in an attempt to discover Noel’s whereabouts and return it to him, discovered a lease to a luxury apartment signed by Tracy Dallas. Kevin, along with Mrs. Geraldine Whitney, who had had her misgivings about the charming, but secretive Noel, learned of Noel’s infidelity when the doorman at Tracy’s apartment confirmed Kevin’s suspicions. Kevin who couldn’t quite bring himself to tell Geraldine whom he considered almost family was badly shaken when it appeared Geraldine had had a possibly heart attack brought on by her concerns for Tiffany’s welfare. Geraldine’s “attack” was indeed a secretly well-planned attempt to keep Kevin from leaving after his marriage to Phoebe Smith, newly employed by the handsome and eligible Dr. Quentin Henderson.


General Hospital


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: Tom Donovan


Free at last from prison, Diana Taylor returned home to the loving arms of her husband Peter Taylor and to her little daughter Martha. Diana, realizing how important her family was to her – a source of strength while implisoned contemplated the adoption of another child to complete their family. Diana’s self-inflicted injuries to bring on Martha’s birth required a hysterectomy making it impossible for Peter and Diane to have their own child.


Augusta McLeod, confessed killer of Dr. Phil Brewer, awaiting sentencing, feared for the eventual decision she had to make regarding the birth of her baby. Attorney Lee Baldwin informed Augusta that after the birth of the child in prison infirmary, she had two options – foster home care until she was released from prison and could reclaim the baby, or the permanent situation of allowing the baby to be adopted and raised by loving parents who would never divulge the truth that the baby’s mother was a murderer. Diana, whose life was so full and joyous, bore no ill will towards August andwas overwhelmed with pity for the lonelu woman who claimed she killed Phil while acting in the Taylors’ behalf trying to prevent Phil from destroying Diana’s marriage to Peter. Augusta, contemplating a third solution for the care of her baby, asked Peter, who couldn’t forgive Augusta for allowing Diana to go to jail, to adopt her baby, since unknown to all the baby was also his, and thay way she would know the baby would be well cared for and she could observe its growth. Lee warned Agusta she had to make up her mind quickly because her sentencing date was coming up. He questioned her plea of self-defense when the autopsy clearly showed Phil was struck with the geode twive, and while one blow would have been sufficient to stun and stop him, why did she feel it necessary to deliver the second murderous blow?


Jane Dawson was indebted to Augusta’s quick actions when recognizing Jane’s little’s daughter’s illness had taken a turn for the worse, had Joanne admitted to the hospital. Dr. Henry Pinkham lent his support to Jane when the diagnoses showed serious kidney and possible heart complications.


Jim Hobart successfully persuaded Audrey to take him back and promised he wouldn’t drink around the apartment of their young son Tommy. Audrey, hopeful that Jim had turned over a new leaf, even believed Jim would find a job and their severe financial woes would soon be solved. When Audrey discovered Jim’s hidden liquor bottle while tidying up the apartment, she turned to the assistance of the AL-ANON group when she found great comfort in dealing with her problems. Fearing for Tommy’s safety and her future Audrey had to decide whether the talented surgeon she married could ever be salvaged from his present wasted life.


Jessie Brewer, returning to work on the 7th floor completely recovered from her serious illness was pleased for her close friend Dr. Steve Hardy’s decision to marry T.V. newscaster Kira Faulkner. Suddenly Steve and Kira’s future happiness was clouded by a malpractice suit involving Joel Stratton when the widow of Salvatore Pizzara claimed her husband was turned away from hospital treatment by Joel because the unemployed Pizzara couldn’t pay his hospital bills. Joel claimed Pizzara’s EKG tests showed no indication of heart trouble so he was not admitted, only requested to rest and return for further testing. Unfortunately when Pizzara wes later rushed back near death from a heart seizure and subsequently died, Mrs. Pizzara acting on the advice of Margaret Colson who had been rebuffed by her former lover, Joel, contacted Kira to start an investigation into General Hospital’s admitting procedures and possible incompetency of certain doctors. Kira incurred the wrath of Steve because he claimed she was reporting unsubstantiated rumors which had mushroomed, provoking other former patients to submit complaints in the hope of cashing in on the possible lawsuit. Kira defended her right as an investigative reporter to expose the truth whatever the consequences but feared their conflict of ideals had affected their romantic relationship. Mr. Thurston, administrative head, directed his assistant Margaret to keep all patient files under lock despite the fact that Steve wished to review the files to prove his and other doctors’ innocence.


Privately making the agonizing decision to end his romance with Lesley Williams because of his recent discovery of heart trouble, Joe abruptly severed their close relationship. Distraught, Lesley pleaded with Joel to defy convention and to take her as a lover, no strings attached. Joel refused because he believed Lesley would regret her decision and that she should have a future including a family.


Cameron Faulkner, hurt by his ex-wife decision to remarry, turned to the vulnerable Lesley whom he admired. Cam’s financial support of Lesley’s free clinic and his long standing animosity towards the rival for Lesley’s affections, Joel, caused Cam to tempt Joel with offers of another job out of town if he resigned, to supposedly spare the clinic of bad publicity regarding the Pizzara case. Cam tried to convince Lesley that Joel’s cooling off of their relationship coincided with Joel’s renewed interest in his former lover Margaret Colson.


The Guiding Light


Written by: Robert Cenedella

Produced by: Lucy Ferri Rittenberg


Dr. Joe Werner had just operated on Dr. Ed Bauer who was shot by his brother-in-law Ken Norris. Joe found the bullet had grazed but not cut Ed’s spinal cord, however the nerves were badly contused and Joe realized there could be paralysis. Surviving the surgery, Ed was moved to intensive care. In the midst of his deep concern over his brother Ed, attorney Mike Bauer, insisted that Barbara and Adam Thorpe call his friend Harry Davis to represent Ken. Ken was in the prison psychiatric ward at the City Hospital. He had been in a catatonic state since the shooting and Dr. Everhardt explained Ken suffered from paranoid schizophrenia advanced to acting out his dilusions – that his wife Janet was having an affair with Ed – and finally resulting in a catatonic withdrawal. Everhardt cautioned Barbara not to assume Ken’s guilt on herself – no one thing could have caused this. Ken would be charged with shooting Ed, but could avoid conviction if he was found able to be helped medically and if the victim, Ed, requested the charges be dropped. Holly, Ed’s wife, visited her brother in the psychiatric ward and was crushed at his total lack of response. When Janet later visited the surgical floor, feeling guilty and responsible, to bring her support to the Bauer family, Holly lashed out at Janet saying her concern was too late, “My brother is in a prison ward because of what you’ve done to him and if my husband has to pay for it with his life – it’s all your fault Janet! You’ve cost me my brother and maybe my husband too.” Janet recoiled as if slapped and ran out. Before Holly’s marriage to Ed and Ken’s marriage to Janet, Janet and Ed were in love.


Joe found Ed’s fever was unexplainably rising despite the lab indicated antibiotic medication he had been given. Joe ordered more sensitivity tests. As Ed remained near death, Holly recalled his telling her how much it meant to him that they had a going marriage. Holly pleded silently to unconscious Ed, “Don’t die. Maybe I can make up for some of the lies I have told you.” Holly had a nightmare that the child she was carrying, Roger Thorpe’s child, would be born too early and would look like Roger, thus making it apparent to Ed the child was not his. Dr. Sara McIntyre and Barbara reminded Janet that Ken refused professional help, his illness took a whole lifetime to become this serious and she had not to blame herself. As Ed’s temperature reached 105°, Joe gravely informed the Bauers they might call their minister. As the family prayed Ed’s temperature finally went down a degree and the fever started to break. Joe was still sure the pathological report was wrong, that Ed survived only due to his extraordinary will to live. As Ed finally regained consciousness, he had no feeling in his left arm. Dr. Steve Jackson was called in on an neurological examination and found Ed had limited feeling in two fingers. Ed told Holly his desire to see his child kept him alive. The crisis past, Ed began a rapid recovery but was desperately upset over the mobility of his hand so necessary for his neurosurgical career. Sure there was a neuroma requiring resection of the nerve root he pressed Steve to perform corrective surgery. Steve stressed the inherent risks in this procedure and insisted they waiting for confirming diagnostic tests but promised if it was indicated, he would do the surgery. Janet decided to go to her mother’s in San Diego to gain some perspective.


Sara feared young T.J. had left Springfield for good. The boy had recently run away from his newly assigned foster family the Coopers. However, T.J. was brought into emergency with a broken arm he received defending the puzzle Sara gave him. T.J. was again hostile towards his social worker insisting the Coopers weren’t his folks and he wanted to live alone when the hospital kicked him out again as they did the time before.


Roger apologized to Peggy for confronting her about dating Dr. Tim Ryan at the wrong moment, but he explained he meant the criticism because the situation hurt him. Peggy was confused wondering why she couldn’t stop thinking about Roger’s telling her their relationship obviously meant more to him than to her. Peggy, who was deeply hurt by Roger’s inadvertently endangering her life and her son Billy’s when he got involved with loan sharks, asked herself if she could ever believe Roger again, but realized she wanted to. Seeing his mother looking at the picture of Roger and herself Billy gave her for Christmas, Billy went to Roger’s apartment insisting Peggy did want to see him even if she wouldn’t admit it. Billy explained that Tim had offered to go to his school play tonight with Peggy, but Billy begged Roger to come too. Roger said he couldn’t, he had to work, but Billy saw that Roger still kept the picture of him and his mother at his bedside table. The evening the the play, Billy and Tim reached rapport with Tim’s commiseration over Billy’s stage fright. Billy was grateful he was there but admitted to Peggy he wished Roger had been. Peggy told Billy truthfully that Roger was there – she saw him slip in and later quietly leave. Roger was offered a financially profitable opportunity in Acapulco, but told his father he didn’t want to be that far from Peggy.


Pam Chandler had brought her baby Samantha home to Bert Bauer’s house. Tim had decied to switch his speciality from OB/GYN to neurosurgery.


Love Of Life


Written by: Margaret DePriest

Produced by: Jean Arley


David Hart had overheard his fiancé, Cal Aleata, talking with Rick Latimer and told Cal that his father “warned me about you, but I killed him for you and now I hate you.” He told his step-mother, Cal’s mother, that Rick was a devil and he was going to the river house to get Rick out of his mind. When Cal went to Meg, her mother, for help with David, Meg said she was at fault for neglecting David and running to Rick all the time. Jamie Rollins, David’s lawyer, got him to agree to continue therapy on an out-patient basis if Dr. Bryson would see him away from the hospital because he was afraid they would try to keep him there. Van felt rejected when Cal would no longer confide in her because everyone thought she should commit David. Van decided to contact the one person Cal still had a lot of respect for – Eddie Aleata, her step-father, by sending cables to all his home. Cal was delighted when she found Van had thought to cable Eddie and he had dropped everything to come to her.


The Crawfords were very concerned about Ben Harper, their future son-in-law and his values since on the wedding day he would receive $500.000, but they decided that they couldn’t tell Betsy about their fears. Plans for the wedding progressed and Ben became increasingly nervous about being guilty of bigamy, but this was the only way to get his ½ million. Meg, Ben’s mother, was concerned about his relationship with lounge singer, Arlene, Ben’s wife – only Rick knew this -, and asked Rick to fire her, but Rick said the club was his domain. He told Ben he had to go through the wedding and stay away from Arlene. Arlene got an invitation to the wedding even though Ben had forbidden her to come. At Ben’s bachelor party, Jim Crawford became so distressed at Ben’s attitude over money that he told Ben if he found Ben had drawn Betsy into a society of loose morals, he would tear him limb from limb. Ben celebrated the rest of the night with Arlene and a bottle of champagne in her bed. The following morning, Meg showed hm the cashier’s check, but refused to give it to him yet. Everyone was wondering where Cal was, but she arrived after driving to the river house to ask David to come to the wedding. He became upset when he found Rick was going to be the Best Man in his place while Cal was Maid of Honor. As the ceremony started, David arrived in time to see fidgeting and Rick smiling at Cal. Everyone made it through the wedding but the wedding reception had a few hitches. The Crawfords were concerned about Ben’s responsibility; Meg was fuming because she felt Eddie Aleata was trying to embarrass her; Rick was concerned about Arlene drinking too much champagne and Vivian Carlson was trying to listen to all the gossip. Rick saw Arlene drag Ben off to the coat room and decided to show Meg that Ben wasn’t responsible enough to handle $500.000 and that six months of marriage to Betsy without the money would mature Ben and discourage Arlene. Ben approached Meg about the check after Arlene told him he had exactly five minutes to get the money before she went to Meg herself. Meg said things were too hectic and they would discuss it after Ben and Betsy got back from the honeymoon she had planned for them. At their hotel in New York, they would find tickets to “somewhere in the sun” as a gift from her. After the reception, Arlene confronted Rick accusing him of being responsible for Meg’s change in plans. He claimed to have known nothing of this new plan, but said Meg wouldn’t go back on a promise and Ben would have to come home for her and the money. David found Arlene drinking in Rick’s office and listened to Arlene talk about Rick managing everyone. Arlene called Ben’s hotel room, but when Betsy answered she said nothing, then passed out. David slipped back into the Club Victoria while Meg was moaning about Eddie being in town and after they left, David set fire to the lounge while Arlene slept in the office.


Charles Lamont and Felicia Fleming were finding that their relationship was growing even though Johnny, Charles’ grandson, disapproved. Felicia agreed to think about marriage, and after she caught the bridal bouquet at Betsy’s wedding, she agreed to a summer wedding but not to a definite date.


Diana Lamont was the subject of much gossip because of her relationship and living arrangement with Jamie, who was not divorced yet. After her appointment as Director of Family Services, she found Vivian and Henry Carlson, owner of the local paper, had asked for her dismissal. Although Di would resign in Bruce, the Mayor of Rosehill, thought it best, he continued to support her. Until she told Van and Bruce that she was expecting, Bruce felt she was a very good chance, but there would be more pressure. Bruce accidentally let it slip to Charles, Di’s ex-husband, who thought she should get an abortion. When Charles toasted the future at Betsy’s wedding, Jamie toasted to Di’s baby. Vivian Carlson overheard and made sure that Diana and Jamie knew that she knew before she starts telling the whole reception party. Diana again suggested to Bruce that she resign, but Bruce and Jamie both made her see that to resign would be unfair to those participating in the Family Service program.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


Intecepting fugitive Mark Toland before he had the opportunity to confront powerful financier Victor Lord at his palatial estate Llanfair, Dr. Dorian Cramer led him to the nearby cottage, where he informed her of the desperate life he had led as a wanted criminal since his disappearance after the accidental murder of Rachel Wilson. He told her that while hiding in a rundown San Francisco hotel, he was amzed to see Victor Lord sneak into the hotel room of an elderly woman, Dorothy Randolph and how, unobserved, Mark eavesdropped on their private conversation. Apparently, many years ago, Dorothy and Victor had been loves, but when she discovered she was pregnant, they quarreled, Victor rejected her, and she disappeared. Somehow Victor had traced Dorothy to the old hotel years later, but still embittered by his treatment, Dorothy wouldn’t give Victor any information regarding her or the child, and sent him away. Mark who opportunistically befriended the old lady, one day found she had died peacefully in her rocking chair and stole all the family photos and other credentials proving Victor had a long lost adult son with the hope he could somehow make it pay off for him. When Lt. Ed Hall turned up in San Francisco, Mark was forced to flee to Central America where he had to lie low for many months. Finally with a forged passport obtained by the stake he won gambling, he returned to Llanview to extort $50.000 from Victor for the information regarding his son so that he could purchase a medical practice in Central America and begin a new life. Dorian warned of Victor’s severe heart problems and bought some time so she could tell Matt McAllister about the stunning turns of events. Matt immediately fearing what a long lost son might mean to his and Dorian’s revengeful schemes to control Victor Lord’s financial empire, went to Mark and successfully convinced him to trade his documents for blackmail against Viki Lord Riley concerning Joe’s serious hereditary heart problem which Matt learned from Dorian. Matt promised that Viki would pay anything to prevent Joe from ever learning about his inability to father a healthy child without the fatal heart condition that would eventually claim baby Megan’s life despite what everyone believed to be a successful operation on the child. Mark delivered the ultimatum to Viki - $50.000 in 72 hours of Jack would be told! He left a book of matches from the Llanview Motel where he was registered as Mark Rutherford and departed warning no one had to know that he was in town. Viki, terrified and puzzled as to how Mark could have got this confidential hospital record, suspected Dorian despite Mark’s vehement denial Dorian had nothing to do with him and that she didn’t even know about his return. Unable to raise the entire amount demanded, Viki went to Dr. Larry Wolek and poured out her dilemma. Larry suggested telling Joe the truth to end the blackmail attempt, but Viki feared for Joe’s emotional health and jer marriage because she felt he would demande a divorce to free her to have normal children. Larry insisted on going to Mark and trying to reason with him, and Viki, fearful of trouble, decided to go also. Susan Barry who felt she had been cut out of Larry’s life had begun drinking heavily and was disturbed to find she couldn’t always remember what had happened. Susan, resentful of Larry’s preoccupation with Viki, followed him to the motel where she, unknown to anyone, observed Larry enter room number 124 and eventually leave with Viki. Later when she asked about seeing his distinctive car in that area, she was further upset when Larry lied about never being out that way. Viki desesperately tried to raise the money. As the deadline drew closer, Joe noticed a change in Viki’s personality and repeatedly asked her what was wrong.


When Julie Toland and Wanda Wolek were downtown arranging a trip at a travel agency for the high strung Julie, who had never forgotten her intense love for Mark despite everything, they observed Mark getting into a cab after leaving the travel agency. Julie, learning that the man was registered at the motel, insisted she must go there to see if it was Mark, positive that she might be able to help him. Julie demanded secrecy from Wanda and told her she would call Wanda when she had returned from Mark’s. Hours passed by and when Eileen Siegel, Julie’s mother, who had just ended her affair with Ben Farmer, arrived, Wanda tried to persuade her not to interfere in Julie’s life again. Eileen, unable to wait longer for Julie’s call, left Wanda’s apartment. Tim Siegel arrived home to find Julie on the verge of suicide. He forced the truth from the hysterical girl who told him of being completely rejected from Mark whom she loved deeply. Tim, enraged, left to confront Mark. Mark, frightened that others might also know his whereabouts since Julie recognized him in town, decided he was foolish allowing Matt to talk him out of his original plan of blackmail. Taking hs own key, he went to Dorian’s and retrieved the Randolph documents. Leaving the cottage, he was observed by a puzzled Victor Lord. Julie barely recovered from her suicide attempt impetuously decided to return to Mark’s.


Fighting to keep Viki from having to borrow money from an underworld loan shar, Larry told her he would go again and plead for Mark’s leniency. Susan was distressed to learn from young Jenny Wolek that Larry had gone out again with Viki. Viki, realizing there might be serious trouble between the armed Mark and Larry, decided to go to Mark’s.


Matt and Dorian, discovering the valuable Randlolph documents missing and realizing that their plan had fallen through, departed separately for Mark’s. Meanwhile, Mark had contacted Victor and demanded mysteriously that he come bringing his checkbook.


Wanda, frightened for Eileen and Julie, confessed to Vinnie about Mark and he left speaking of avenging his brother Larry’s treatment as a murder suspect in Rachel’s death. Wanda, her fears heightened by a suden electrical storm, called Lt. Ed Hall to go after Vinnie.


While the storm raged, the motel desk clerk was so deeply engrossed in a violence-filled detective program that he resented being interrupted first by Tim, then by Victor, both wanting Mark’s room number.


Terrified of what might have happened to the missing Julie, Eileen was stunned when Julie arrived home and hysterically told oh finding Mark’s body near his motel parking lot where he had been fatally shot. Julie, almost incoherent, claimed she took the gun and threw it away because she feared her brother was responsible for the murder. Eileen, totally panicked over the frightening implications, invented a story that both Tim and Julie were at home al evening with her and Julie further claimed she changed her mind about going to the motel at all. Ed, puzzled about why Toland would risk returning to Llanview, was even more inquisitive about the possible people who knew about Toland’s return – certainly Julie was admittedly one, along with Wanda and Vinnie.


Vinnie, who admitted to Ed about going to Mark’s, claimed he never saw him. However, when Vinnie exposed the fact that he saw Larry driving away, Larry was forced to lie about his reasons for being at Toland’s. In order to protect Viki’s secret and Viki, who privately admitted to Larry she went to Mark’s but never went out of the car, Larry invented a story of trying to get to Mark, who called him, to give himself up to the police. Ed’s thorough search of Mark’s room turned up three interesting clues, a very expensive, fancy umbrella, an expensive jade medaillon, and an address book. Further checks showed Mark, who had stayed in the motel for 6 days, made phone calls to Victor Lord and Joe Riley’s house.


When Ed questioned Dorian while Victor was present, Victor defensively protected Dorian and provided an alibi by claiming they spent the entire evening together. Dorian, puzzled by Victor’s willingness to lie, was interested in Victor’s answer that it was for their “mutual benefit.” Matt and Dorian quarrelled about destroying the Randolph documents, which Matt claimed he easily retrieved from Toland’s room while Mark was missing that night. Matt warned that a son suddenly returning from the past would ruin her plans of gaining control of Victor’s wealth.


Tom and novitiate Jenny, who was grieving for her former patient, Mrs. Schmidt’s neglected death, were arrested for disturbing the peace at a city council meeting organized to discuss nursing home practices.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Peggy O’Shea

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Clay Collins had disrupted the whole hospital since his accident by turning it into an office and upsetting the nurses. When Clay saw how efficient Stephanie Wilkins was, he told Bob Rogers, the Chief of Staff, that he would withdraw their financial support if he didn’t get her as his private nurse. Stephanie finally agreed to the demotion from Head Nurse when she found that Mr. Collins was willing to pay extra. Janet Collins, Clay’s sister-in-law, invited him to spend his convalescence with them, hoping that Wade and Clay would become close, not knowing exactly why the two brothers were so unfriendly. When Wade visited Clay to tell him their father’s will was to be read and he had a lawyer, Clay asked him about “Karen and hier mental problem.” Clay decided he would have a lawyer too, and called Scott Phillips since his father, Doug Martin, was the best lawyer in town. Scott figured some of his problems were solved having a client like Clay Collins. When the will was read, Clay couldn’t believe that Wade, a psychiatrist, had been given 51% of the stock in the Collins Corporation and he, Clay, would manage it, but only had 49%. Wade couldn’t understand this and wanted to give Clay part of his stock until he read a letter from his father saying he was afraid that Clay’s only interest in the company was financial and he would sell stock and merge if given the power so Wade would hold this power. Wade decided to do as his father asked, much to Clay’s ire. Clay told Scott he had to break this will and then he would give him all the business. Scott tried his best, but he couldn’t find a way and was fired when he wouldn’t agree to find an illegal way. John Wyatt, Wade’s lawyer, did some investigating and found that Clay was going to merge with a company soon to be indicted and close the the Ohio plant putting many people out of work; two decisions old Mr. Collins was against. John suggested Wade vote against Clay, but Wade was uncertain that he wanted to further jeopardize his relationship with Clay. John told Wade that Clay was still very hung up about Karen and maybe he could help straighten him out while he was recuperating. When Clay was released, Janet took him the their house, the old Collins family home.


Eric was not only a problem for Jennifer, but was becoming a problem at school also. Jennifer visited his teacher while Scott was away only to find when she got home a note from Eric, saying he was spending the weekend with Kathy, Scott’s ex-wife. Jennifer accused Kathy of using Eric to see Scott but Kathy said she would give up seeing Eric it if would help him adjust because she was only concerned with him. When Scott lost Clay as a client, he got drunk and fought with Jennifer. The following day, he asked Kathy to take Eric until school was out and told Jennifer that they had to all use this time to sort their problems out.


Clay told Stephanie she would never meet any men if she worked at Osmond’s Maternity Clinic and offered her a job as his assistant. She told Dave he could call off the suit to keep her from leaving the country with her daughter Wendy because she was taking Clay up on his offer. Dave was despondent because he didn’t feel he had a chance with a millionaire in the picture.


Steve Kaslo told Liza that he had decided to leave town because he was not ready for an all or nothing relationship and she deserved much more than he could ever give her materially. She wanted to go with him, but he refused. Liza was miserable and no one could help her. Steve’s sister, Amy, told him that Liza was not like his first wife who left him when his injured knee kept him from being a football hero, that Liza really loved him and although he was afraid to admit it, he loved her. She noticed that his knee was bad, but he packed up to leave town only to fall down the stairs. While he recovered from an operation on his knee, both he and Liza pined for each other but they were both afraid to make the first move. Liza’s grandfather told her that Steve felt unworthy of her and not to let love slip through her fingers because of her pride. She found the courage to go to the hospital where, without words, they moved into each other’s arms. Steve confessed to Liza that he really loved her when she admitted that she couldn’t play it cool. Janet, Liza’s mother, was upset when she found Liza and Steve were back together. Bruce, Liza’s ex-fiancé, poured out his troubles to Amy Kaslo who had been in love with him for a long time and found him apologizing for using her when he took her to bed.


Dr. Tony Vincente had written a prescription for anticoagulant pills stronger than his doctor ordered because he was trying to function at a greater pace than he should after his heart attack. Jo, his wife, persuaded him to visit his doctor who prescribed complete rest because his condition was deteriorating rapidly. As soon as he agreed, he was called in for an emergency.




Written by: Don Appell, Doris Frankel & Frank Salisbury

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


Eve Lawrence, hospitalized after a car accident caused by someone’s draining the brake fluid in her daughter Heather’s car, which Eve was driving, was told it was too soon to tell whether her vision would return. Her son-in-law, Jerry Kane and Stan Kurtz agreed part of Eve’s problem was emotional, partly brought on by Ned Paisley’s sudden neglect of her. As Ellen was visiting one day, a bouquet arrived for Eve with a not, “Sorry about the accident. It wasn’t meant for you.” Ellen covered. Heather and Ellen both tried to find out from Ned why his attitude had changed towards Eve. He was polite, saying he valued his freedom and this was a good time to change his relationship with Eve – as Eve was regaining consciousness, she thought Ned was Julian and told him she never loved Ned. – Eve’s vision remained poor, until Julian arrived one day, and overhearing Eve in a rare moment of self-pity, assured her everything would be fine. Eve opened her eyes and could see. Since his time was not devoted to Eve, Ned began to make more demands on his employees to fill the empty evening hours. Ned demanded Tony and Ginger Cooper join him at the last minute for dinner and he arranged evening meetings with Tony. Ginger chafed, whishing Ned had someone to occupy his time. When Eve was released from the hospital, she went to Ned’s office, but he brushed her off, so she went to his house where she was humiliated to find another woman. When Eve left, Ned reflected on how well Eve suited his house. Eve dreaded facing Ned again and until Ellen pointed out Ned might be dreading facing her. Ned’s sister, Victoria Paisley, returned to Somerset and made a discreet play for Julian, who was at the airport with his wife Kate. Victoria liked men.


Jerry and Heather Kane felt safer in their apartment at the Dover House because of the doorman and a switchboard to filter calls, but they still received another threatening call. Lt. Price had them install a private line with an unlisted number they could put a tracer on. Vic Kirby, the old man who lived on the mountain and acted as a caretaker for Jerry, appeared to be the chief suspect. He asked Jerry to call off the cops. Heather demanded Jerry stop protecting her by keeping things from her. He agreed, and that night they found Muffin’s collar on their doorknob. Price decided to make a thorough search of the cabin but the night before, Dorothy, a woman who was married to Jerry, got into the cabin and retrieved the tape recorder. She was determined to kill Heather because Jerry belonged to her. Jerry became Price’s chied suspect when it became clear that only Jerry could have timed things so well. Dorothy had a gun and floorplans of the Dover House. She explained to Muffin how she could get close to the Kane windows and shoot Heather. Dorothy worked as a nurse to put Jerry through school. After their breakup, she escaped from a hospital and got a job at Somerset hospital, which she had left when Jerry came on staff. Jerry decided it was time to tell Heather about Dorothy but was stopped by the memory of Heather’s contempt for a young intern who was playing around on his nurse wife. The night Dorothy planned to kill Heather, Jerry had emergency surgery. Dorothy stood outside the apartment window and shot.


Tom Conway persuaded Jill Grant Farmer to work in her father’s firm which he was running since Ben Grant’s death. When Greg expressed jealousy, Jill told him she never led him on and she didn’t want to be more than friends. Greg thought there was something sleazy about Tom. After earning her first by-line, Carrie Wheeler called home because her mother was very ill. Carrie expressed hatred for her father, whom she blamed for her mother’s condition.


Dr. Porter, Kate Cannell’s obstetrician, was confused by Kate’s attitude towards her baby. Kate told her Julian didn’t want the baby, but that idea was dispelled when a solicitous Julian arrived to take her home. Dr. Porter told Kate to make sure she wanted the baby for herself, not just for her husband.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Liz Foster had decided not to let her husband Bill who deserted her 9 years ago and whom she thought dead come home, but when her daughter Jill was so excited at the prospect of seeing him, she gave in and let Greg go to Chicago to bring him for a visit. At first, Snapper refused to go to the family dinner but then, afraid that Jill and Greg would make things hard on his mother, Snapper and Chris did attend. Afterwards, Snapper told his father how hard things were and much they needed him “before,” but not anymore. Jill took him home to meet her new husband who asked him to spend the night. After a bad respiratory attack in the morning, he told Liz he was not going to stay and Liz, Jill and Greg told him they wished he would never have come back if he was only only going to stay one day. He got no further than the porch when he collapsed. At the hospital, Snapper realieed that he was trying to keep them from worrying because he only had one lung and was dying. While they were praying he would recover, Liz asked Jill about her marriage to Brock. Jill said Brock married her knowing that she still loved another man and had asked nothing of her. Liz said they weren’t really married because Brock performed it himself. Bill Foster asked Brock to keep Jill from the hospital in the morning because he was going to leave. Snapper was telling the family that his father didn’t want them to know he was dying and so would leave the following day. Brock announded that he and Jill would ask him to leave with them. It took a lot of convincing but Brock managed it. Liz couldn’t tell Snapper why, but she insisted that she had a good reason why Bill shouldn’t stay with Brock and Jill – Liz didn’t feel it was right as Brock and Jill weren’t really married. – Snapper had had feelings of guilt over pushing his father away as he was dying and so agreed that the only logical place was at home. Liz called Sam, who had been waiting at the newspaper office to hear from Liz, and asked to see him. She explained that Bill was dying and she had asked him to come home. Sam understood and said they could wait.


Lorie Brooks had started her second book which in some ways paralleled her sister Leslie’s life : a concert pianist who was in a mental insistution. Leslie asked her not to finish it, but Lorie said she would read it before it was published. Leslie’s husband, Brad, took the “only” manuscript to read and found Leslie so upset with her memoried of the institution that he burnt the copy, but Lorie had another. Leslie gave her father something to look forward to wen she told him she was going to do a concert in town and would like him to critique her practice since he would be recovering from his heart attack at home.


Peggy Brooks was hostile toward her mother and protective of her father since his heart attack because she knew that when he was well, her mother would ask for a divorce to marry Stuart’s best friend, Dr. Bruce Henderson. Stuart wondered why Bruce hadn’t called to see how he was and was surprised when he found out from Bruce’s wife, Regina, that he had asked her for a divorce. Peggy became so hostile toward Jennifer that Stuart noticed. Jennifer and Peggy had a fight when Peggy informed her mother that she was going to stay at home with her father instead of working for the paper as usual. She told Jennifer she should get out because she was going to leave him anyway. Jennifer told Brad that she was not going to be able to take this much longer, but Brad told her Stuart’s heart was not strong enough to stand the strain of a divorce. Jennifer told Stuart not to be too hard on Peggy.


Regina Henderson came down from Chicago to visit Mark and asked him why he didn’t tell her that his father was going to ask for a divorce. When she got no information from him, she visited Stuart where she met Jennifer for the first time. She told them Bruce could be leaving her for another woman – a nurse at Bruce’s hospital in Chicago.


When Lorie heard that Jill had married Brock, she called Phillip Chancellor and asked him to lunch. Lorie made herself available as a confidant so that Phillip spent his extra time with her. He asked Kay, a recovered alcoholic, for a divorce, but she couldn’t understand why since she had reshaped her life for Phillip and especillay that Jill was no longer available. Kay was so distraught Phillip stayed on at the house. Brock ran into Phillip at Lorie’s and then went to see if he could help his mother through this without her turning to alcohol. The day after his marriage she had given him a checking account because she had promised to make the family money available when he married Jill, but when she called the bank to see if she needed to deposit money, she found he had not yet cashed a check. Brock said he married Jill “only” because he cared for her. Brock was supporting himself and Jill on the money he made singing part-t-ime at Leslie’s club, “The Allegro.”


Phillip spent much of his time with Lorie as he had made the break with Kay and finally took her advice about living with Kay. He told Brock he felt Kay could start making a new life if he moved out and asked Brock if he and Jill would move in with her, but Brock hadn’t told Jill yet that Phillip had asked Kay for a divorce. Brock is at the Chancellors’ when Phillip told Kay he was moving out. When he refused her pleas of a little more time she headed straight for a bottle of scotch shouting at Brock to leave her alone, but he insisted she really didn’t want to drink herself to death. Brock’s singing of a religious hymn reminded Kay of her new-found faith and she cried as she smashed the bottle.

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Oh wow, so Phillip asked Kay for a divorce before Jill even knew she was pregnant. I always thought it was after. Lorie also seems to have played more of a part in the story than I thought too. 


And the elusive Regina Henderson. I could never figure out when she appeared on the show or what her storyline was. She seems to have been there for a split second. Glad to finally have sold that mystery


@FrenchFan Thanks again for sharing these. Fills in a lot of missing info

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59 minutes ago, will81 said:

And the elusive Regina Henderson. I could never figure out when she appeared on the show or what her storyline was. She seems to have been there for a split second. Glad to finally have sold that mystery


I often saw or read that Bruce Henderson was Liz Foster's brother but it never appears this way on summaries. I always found it weird. 

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8 minutes ago, FrenchFan said:


I often saw or read that Bruce Henderson was Liz Foster's brother but it never appears this way on summaries. I always found it weird. 

Same. I think it is mentioned for the first years summary and never again. He apparently came to town when Liz had cancer (uterine cancer, I think) along with their mother. 


There doesn't seem to have been any cross over between Bruce and Liz post 1973.


What is interesting is that the Henderson's were supposed to be "the other family" in town initially. Bruce, Regina and Mark were all mentioned in press from the week the show debuted. 


I am also curious if Regina is Mark's mother. Jodean Lawrence or Russo as she was known then and Steve Carlson are only ten years apart, though in film and tv that doesn't always mean anything

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56 minutes ago, will81 said:

I am also curious if Regina is Mark's mother. Jodean Lawrence or Russo as she was known then and Steve Carlson are only ten years apart, though in film and tv that doesn't always mean anything


I assume she is. TV age and real age are always weird. We have so many exemples.

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5 hours ago, will81 said:



There doesn't seem to have been any cross over between Bruce and Liz post 1973.


What is interesting is that the Henderson's were supposed to be "the other family" in town initially. Bruce, Regina and Mark were all mentioned in press from the week the show debuted. 


I am also curious if Regina is Mark's mother. Jodean Lawrence or Russo as she was known then and Steve Carlson are only ten years apart, though in film and tv that doesn't

always mean anything


That’s interesting and I am not sure if Regina was in fact Mark’s mother but I assume she was. And I’m not entirely sure what happened to the Hendersons in the end either. I think Bruce dies later on but not about sure Mark. I know he leaves town but I’ve seen one website in the past cited he passed away from an undisclosed illness after leaving. No clue if that is fact or fiction/error. 

Did Gwen Sherman have any connection to Mitchell Sherman? I can’t remember if she did not, I do know she was played by Jennifer Leak, best know as crazy Olive on AW after leaving Y&R. It seemed to me a lot of early Y&R actors did AW as well. 



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