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Look into the past - 1975


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All My Children


Written by : Agnes Nixon

Produced by : Bud Kloss


When Tara's son, little Phillip, required surgery following an accidental fall from a tree-house, Phil was happy to donate blood upon learning his namesake had the same rare B- blood that he had. Until learning Phillip's blood type, Tara was the only other known donor. Phil was astounded to learn that when a child and a mother shared this rare B- blood type it was almost inevitable that the father had the same type. He began to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Everyone had admitted that Tara was pregnant when she married Chuck, but nobody said that it was Chuck's baby - Tara and Phil married themselves years ago before he left for VietNam. Then when he was reported dead and she found herself pregnant, she married Chuck Tyler to give her son a legal father. - Little Phillip survived the spleenectomy, but while his condition was critical Phil watched Chuck comforting Tara and realized that in crisis, Chuck and Tara were like one - Chuck was her strength and virtually her life. However, when Tara's grandmother Kate told Phil that the baby was born on December 21st four years ago, Phil triumphantly admitted to himself he knew it all the time. He came right out and asked his mother Ruth if little Phillip was his son. Ruth tried to evade the question, but Phillip persisted saying he had to hear the answer from her. He wanted to protect little Phillip and realized Chuck and Tara needed each other but had to know as it would prove that Tara did not set aside her love for him as easily as he had thought she did. He could then accept not having Tara and his son if he knew the truth. After Phil promised her he would not tell another living soul, Ruth, in tears of agony, told Phil that little Phillip was his son. Phil and Ruth discussed the baby's security and Phil promised he'd never claim the child or destroy the security he had with Chuck and Tara. Indeed when Tara and Chuck dropped by to visit him, Phil managed to conceal what he had learned remembering Ruth's warning that the baby's future was on the line. Chuck and Tara feared that Phil might put the pieces of the blood type puzzle together and watched for any sign that he might know but decided that he did't. Ruth warned Phil about becoming overly preoccupied with little Phillip, but Phil replied he loved his son and would give his life for him and just wanted to get to know him. Ruth feared the overabundance of energy Phil was turning towards the boy might reveal that he knew the truth. Little Phillip recovered and was released.


Meanwhile, Phil's wife Erica, at Oakhaven Sanitarium for an emotional breakdown evolving from a recent miscarriage which she couldn’t emotionally accept, was undergoing shock treatment as she had shown no improvement at all.


Having recently returned from a world cruise, Phoebe was shocked to realize that her husband Charles' friendship with his secretary Mona had become closer during her absence. Phoebe was aghast to learn Mona had Christmas dinner at the Tyler home neurotically insisting Mona was insinuating herself into Charles' life and trying to take her place even in her own home. Phoebe's daughter Ann cautioned her that this reaction could indeed drive Charles to Mona, if she wasn't warm and loving she would lose her husband. When Ann warned her father Phoebe was out for Mona's blood, Charles angrily replied Mona's friendship was his most precious possession and he'd fight Phoebe to the end on it. However, Phoebe went on and on about the shoddiness of the relationship implying it was a shabby and embarrassing middle-aged affair, disgusting and infuriating him. Phoebe finally landed the ultimatum - either fire Mona or we could no longer live under the same roof. Incredulous at accidentally learning of Phoebe's ultimatum to Charles, Mona went to Phoebe and informed her she was resigning her job - not because Phoebe's ultimatum was justified but only to make Charles' life a little easier as he was a good friend, something everyone but Phoebe seemed to understand. But upon learning what Mona had done, Charles confided to her his feelings for her had indeed deepened beyond friendship. When Mona interjected they couldn't talk about this Charles replied his life was intolerable and he had to make changes.


Linc told Kitty he was falling in love with her. She replied that they were comfortable with each other and always enjoyed being together but she hadn't thought beyond that.


Paul was annoyed at the way Margo's daughter Claudette “didn’t lift a jewelled finger” to help around the apartment. She was visiting with them as she had separated from her socialite husband Spencer Montgomery. Margo, who engineered Claudette's marriage to Spencer, was dead set against her daughter throwing away the Montgomery money and social position. Margo admitted she raised Claudette solely to be a wealthy man's wife. Claudette, who made a repeated point of the age difference between Paul and Margo, noticed the scar behind Margo's ear and guessed about her face lift. Margo finally admitted it but warned Claudette that Paul was not to know as it would spoil everything. Claudette promised but when Paul firmly refused to be Claudette's lawyer in the divorce because Margo was against it, Claudette told Margo either Margo convinced Paul to be her lawyer or she would tell Paul about the face lift. With nowhere to turn, Margo asked Paul to represent Claudette saying she lied about visiting Claudette the previous summer, that she went to New York to think things over, hoping her absence would make Paul realize he loved her and wanted to marry her. She explained that since she didn’t visit Spencer and Claudette after all she didn’t understand until then that the marriage really should be ended. Paul forgave Margo for lying about the previous summer but added he hoped this would be the last lie he uncovered. Margo then told Claudette that Paul knew about the facelift, but was angry she lied about it so Claudette was not to mention it to Paul as it would cause tension. She hoped they would never compare notes on this.


Unable to live with Phoebe's constant interference, Ann moved into her own apartment. While working for the child-abuse program, COPE, at the hospital, Ann ran into an old friend, Stacy Coles, who brought her 2 year old son, Jamie in for treatment after a tricycle accident. After seeing the child’s injuries and the fear he had for his mother, Ann was convinced the child was a victim of child abuse. Joe was skeptical until Jamie’s x-rays showed previous fractures. He visited the Coleses, a socially prominent family, and asked to check Jamie for what Stacy called his accident-prone nature. She nervously refused but her husband Wyatt, who was upset that everytime he was away on business Jamie had another accident, agreed to discuss it with Joe. Stacy and Wyatt agreed about his heavy work schedule which she acidly pointed out still didn’t provide for her the way her wealthy father did.


Another World


Written by: Harding Lemay

Produced by: Paul Rauch


Dave was amazed when Carol turned ice cold towards him upon learning he'd agreed to be Mac Cory's best man. Since his relationship with Carol had recently become intimate, it hadn't occured to Dave that Carol was hoping her boss Robert Delaney would reconsider and be Mac's best man. Carol was interested in Robert despite his marriage to Lenore. Lenore was well aware that Carol's interest in Robert was far more than is good for her marriage and admitted to Pat she was also jealous of Carol's independence, as she, Lenore, recently gave up her career to be a housewife in order to save her marriage. Lenore was upset to discover Carol was keeping clothes in the office/apartment and spent nights there and she insisted Robert tell Carol to remove them. Robert, who'd already done this once, made sure Carol removed them immediately. When Vic Hastings suggested Lenore work at home for Frame Enterprises she eagerly accepted, but Robert was furious to learn that she was doing this without consulting him. However Steve made Robert see housework couldn't fulfill Lenore's need to feel independent and if she had to work, it was better if she worked at home than outside the home. However Lenore decided to give it up for Robert's peace of mind.


While plans had already been started for a new house for Mac and his fiancee Rachel, Rachel discovered the lovely Tudor Clayton Estate was for sale, a house she passed on her way home from school every day as a child and pretended that she lived there. Seeing what this house meant to Rachel, Mac insisted that they looked at it. Jamie, Rachel's son, adored the house and Mac insisted they were buying it to Rachel's delight.


Meanwhile, Iris, Mac's daughter, determined that Rachel, whom she felt was socially inferior, never marry her father, had brought Phillip Wainwright to Bay City. Phillip, having dissipated the Wainwright fortune, worked at compromising young women who were trying to marry into socially prominent famIlles. Iris bought a partnership at the Springview Riding Academy but announced that Phillip was the new owner, supplying a reason for his staying in town. Phillip, chagrined to find that Rachel hadn't succumbed to any of his charming passes, told Iris this might be an impossible task. However Phillip pressed Rachel to let him teach her to ride as a surprise to Mac, and Iris, with her housekeeper, Louise Goddard, laid plans to take compromising pictures of Rachel when she was out riding with Phillip.


Ada, Rachel's mother, explained to Mac Rachel didn’t realize how badly she might be hurt by the cold shoulder she would receive if she continued with her plans for a Bay City wedding and convinced him to suggest to Rachel that they marry in New York. Rachel told Mac she could care less about others' attitudes, but if this was what he wanted, she would definiteiy agree. Mac then impulsively asked Rachel to marry him the upcoming weekend at his New York townhouse adding he felt it was best to tell Iris only when it was over. As Dave Gilchrist was about to leave for New York a surgical emergency arose and had to cancel out. Instead of calling Mac's list of alternate best men, Carol called Robert and told him there was a business emergency, he had to fly to New York immediately. Only when he arrived did Carol, the maid of honor, told him he was there to be best man. Carol insisted it was too late to get anyone else and for Mac's sake Robert acted as best man. Rachel and Mac were married by Supreme Court Justice Fred Merrill in a private ceremony, with a large reception following. On her wedding day, Rachel told Carol she was afraid as everything she had dreamed about was coming true, not the material things, but a wonderful man who loved her and wanted to take care of her and to whom she wanted to be a good wife. Mac gave Rachel a beautiful mink coat as a wedding/Valentine's Day present. Rachel was thrilled but asked Mac not to spoil her. Ironically, Phillip, Iris and Louise learned of Mac and Rachel's wedding while waiting for Rachel to arrive for her riding lesson, prepared to take their blackmail photos. Iris was near hysteria and went into seclusion at her house telling Phillip marriages could be broken up as well as engagements, she wouldn't let Rachel keep Daddy. Phillip convinced Iris she would have to pretend to approve the marriage in order to stand a chance of breaking it up. Iris was appalled to overhear at John's office that Mac's will was being revised making Rachel chief beneficiary. Both she and Liz, who had hoped to marry Mac herself, were sure Rachel insisted Mac change his will in her favor, that she married Mac for his money. Liz whose whole life had become an obsession to save Mac from Rachel was encouraged by Iris' assurance she'd find a way to break up this marriage. Iris and Phillip stole a copy of Mac's will from John's office confirming what Iris overheard. Finding the will gone John confronted Iris but she denied taking it. Again Iris accused Rachel of marrying Mac for money and Rachel, disgusted, told Iris she hoped Mac never found out how vicious his daughter was. Mac was furious to find Iris had a copy of the will. He assured her Rachel didn't even know of the changes and added this insane jealousy had irreparably harmed their relationship as father and daughter.


Not knowing how to explain it to Lenore, Robert for the next week said nothing about the wedding. But Carol sent him a nautical clock with a note "To the Best Man, a momento of our sharing Mac and Rachel's happiness." Lenore found the note and figured out what has happened. Robert tried to tell Lenore he had no choice but Lenore blamed Carol saying it was what Carol wanted and what Carol wanted - she got. Lenore later told Pat she was sorry she was so hard on Robert but it always made it harder when he invariably defended Carol to her. Robert later admitted to Lenore that Carol tricked him into being Mac's best man, but Lenore pointed out he was wrong in concealing it from her after it was over. She then told him that she, Lenore, had a jealous nature and that that part of it was her fault and that she’d try to change.


Having learned from Rachel that Lenore's first husband Walter Curtin died under somewhat mysterious circumstances in an automobile accident, Carol had asked Gil McGowen as well as other Bay City residents about Walter's death and had even questioned Lenore's son by her marriage to Walter, young Wally, this much to office worker Neal Johnson's disgust. Lenore was fur-ious to discover Carol was prying into her past and that she has even questioned Wally about this - Walter Curtin neurotically believed the only way he could hold Lenore's love was with expensive gifts and he became involved with swindler Wayne Addison in a scheme to fleece Walter's close friend Steven Frame. Walter eventually killed Wayne and when Lenore was arrested for the murder, he successfully defended her without revealing it was he who committed the crime. When Lenore later learned the truth Walter's shame drove him from the house and, speeding, his car crashed, killing him. Lenore was determined that no one was ever to know the truth about Walter -. Lenore confronted Carol furiously telling her to stay out of her personal life. Carol managed to twist the conversation to imply Lenore was unreasonable. Lenore, feeling she indeed might be taking things out of proportion, asked Robert for a job in his office explaining she'd feel useful and perhaps less resentful of Carol. Robert suggested a baby could make her feel useful but accepted Lenore's reply that it was unfair to have a child to solve one's problems. Carol visited the newspaper office to collect a dossier on Walter Curtin. As Carol continued to blythly break dates with Dave whenever it was convenient, he finally told her she used men and he'd had it – they were through.


Since Vic's obvious feelings for Lenore were a barrier between him and Barbara, she as much as told Lenore she couldn't get anywhere with Vic as long as he continued to have such deep admiration for Lenore. Lenore reminded Barbara Vic's feelings had never been reciprocated.


Angela Perrini, the daughter of the McGowen's neighbors, returned home after being laid off from a car plant in Ogden. With Ada's help, Angela was hired to replace Lenore in Steve's office. At Ada's suggestion, Steven's younger brother Willis introduced himself to Angela and they seemed to hit it off quite well.


John and Pat's daughter, Marianne was going through a difficult teenage period, resenting her mother's insisting she know Marianne's whereabouts. She felt her parents didn't trust her and found fault with virtually everything Pat said. At Pat's suggestion, Marianne spent time with Alice, Pat's sister, and with her grandparents, all of whom she felt understood her better than Pat did. Marianne was further upset by any disagreements Pat and John might have.


As The World Turns


Written by: Robert Soderberg & Edith Sommer

Produced by: Joe Wilmore


After a night of pain, John chaffed at Bob that nobody except Kim, his wife, ever visited him, Susan arrived and encouraged John to curry Kim's sympathy as the only way to keep her. Susan had decided to stay in Oakdale. Meanwhile, Kim told her sister Jennifer that she hated to whine about her promise to stick with John, but she was having trouble accepting her own decision. Jennifer reminded her she had a way out - leave John. Noticing an attraction between Kim and his doctor, Dan - Susan's ex-husband -, John used every opportunity to needle Dan about finding a woman, embarrassing Kim who was trying to keep her feelings for Dan in check. In front of Ellen, Dan's mother, Kim asked Dan how long John's recovery would take. If all went well, he said 3 to 4 months, but if not, John would require a bone graft and recovery would be extended. Kim was overwhelmed, and Ellen noticed the attraction between Kim and Dan as he tried to comfort her. Betsy asked Kim to attend an open-house at school because Dan couldn't. Put that way, Kim couldn't refuse, and when Betsy told Dan that Kim would attend, he said he'd try to be there too. David told Dan he'd noticed a new vibrancy in him lately and when he started to ask why, Dan told David he was not free to discuss it because others are involved. John's continual reference to their future together irritated Kim and finally she reminded John that their agreement was that she'd stay only until he recovered. He tried to back off, but Kim wouldn't allow it. He warned he'd fight for her


Tom told his mother, Lisa, that he thought Carol, his estranged wife, was a wonderful girl, cheering Lisa, but she was crestfallen when he went on that although he didn't like Jay Stallings, he was glad Carol had someone. Tom was growing closer to Natalie Bannon. Her medical tests showed a liver dysfunction and Bob wanted to begin treatment immediately, but she refused and made him promise not to tell anyone. Carol received notice of the date of their divorce hearing and went to see Chris Hughes to ask if it was too late to call off the divorce. Chris told her it was not. Jay tried to cement his relationship with Carol but she told him they'd never be more than friends. Carol called Tom and arranged to have him over for dinner. She began the evening by admitting she started most of their arguments. He assumed part of the blame but added the divorce was a good idea because people who were once in love could have things go wrong that ruin a relationship. Carol feigned a headache and Tom left. She then broke down in tears. Tom was aware that Carol was suggesting a reconciliation, but he was too involved with Natalie. The following morning, Jay was talking with Lisa about breaking his lease when Carol arrived for work. He saw something in her demeanor and broke off the discussion. Carol tried to quit her job, but Lisa wouldn't let her. Tom decided to move in with his grandparents to help assuage their feelings about the divorce. Natalie said she understood. She had another "attack” and finally allowed Bob to begin treatment, in secrecy. Tom let Jay Stallings know he didn't think Jay was good enough for Carol. Carol admitted to Jay that her marriage was over because Tom wanted it that way and accepted Jay's invitation to dinner.

When David Stewart went to see Joyce Coleman about a missing report, she insisted it was with the tests she sent him. He asked her to look and when she found it, he said one little mistake wasn't “fatal.” But Joyce went to pieces. She had also gotten sleeping pills from Bob to help her over her nightmares. Bob and Grant, her estranged husband, tried to get Joyce to see a psychiatrist about the lingering guilt over the accident she had last fall when she killed a man who'd stepped from between parked cars. After talking things over with Susan, Joyce decided things weren't so bad after all and theorized if she went to a psychiatrist, Grant might think something was wrong with her. Susan left and Joyce decided to go to see Grant, unaware that Grant and Lisa had reconciled and were having dinner in Grant's apartment. Joyce was devastated when Lisa opens the door. She murmured “So that's how it is,” and stumbled out. When Joyce didn't show up for work the next morning, David started a search for her. Grant finally received a call from the police that Joyce was there. She stumbled into the police department and made a confession that she deliberately killed that man the previous October explaining she did know him after all. Lisa swallowed her feelings about Joyce and stood by Grant. Joyce refused to see anyone, but finally asked to see Chris, asking advice on how to fire her court-appointed lawyer. Chris told her that since she wouldn't hire her own lawyer, the court appointed one to protect her. Joyce didn't like all the lawyer's questions, but Chris said she owed it to herself to tell the whole story. Joyce said she didn't owe anybody anything. Prosecutor Dick Martin, an old friend of Lisa's, was back in town and met with Grant about Joyce's case because she was refusing a not guilty plea on any charge. Grant said he had already seen Joyce to explain she might face Murder I if she didn't take her lawyer's advice. Joyce did fire her lawyer and asked Grant to take the case. He was torn.


Susan finally went to see Emmy. When Dan arrived, Susan said she'd visit Emmy only when he was not around.


Jennifer continued in remission.


Days Of Our Lives


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: Betty Corday


Having discovered her fiancee, Dr. Neil Curtis, the night before their wedding with a negligeed young woman, Amanda Howard left a suicide note at Julie’s lake house and disappeared. An all night search was conducted by friends and the police and finally Dr. Greg Peters found Amanda unconscious in a wood shed. Everyone was relieved that she attempted to save her life by seeking shelter and upon regaining consciousness, Amanda confessed that at the last minute she realized she did very much want to go on to live. Amanda's feet were badly frost bitten but painstaking treatment paid off and there was no tissue damage. Amanda refused to see or discuss Neil saying she hated him and it was all over. Greg was very upset when Amanda finally admitted to him she wouldn't see Neil as she was afraid she would go right back to him, that she did still love him. Both Neil and Laura felt Greg was verprotective of Amanda and Neil wondered why Greg had assumed so much authority where Amanda was concerned. When Laura told Amanda she had to face Neil she agreed but when he begged for her forgiveness she refused to listen. She coldly said she was returning his engagement ring and bitterly asked how much he filled in her wedding gift, the blank check, for, how much it cost her to almost marry him. He replied that he forgot the check and he'd see that it was returned to her. Amanda told Laura there was nothing to be gained in listening to Neil's side, she was through with him and with all emotional involvements. Susan, Greg's wife, bitterly told his brother Eric that Greg's priorities placed Amanda far ahead of her and their daughter Ann.


Maggie was terribly depressed that there was still no feelings in her legs following the preliminary surgery to help her regain the ability to walk – she has been paralyzed since her teens ago - but had agreed to one last set of X-rays. Maggie and her husband Marty - Mickey Horton who had assumed the identity of Marty Hansen following amnesia after open heart surgery almost 2 years ago - were shocked when Drs. Tom and Bill Horton, Mickey's father and brother, found a tumor on Maggie’s spine and realized surgery was necessary as it could possibly be malignant. Maggie was devastated but when she realized Marty was under even greater strain than she was, she calmed down and after a talk with Bill, who would perform the surgery, she agreed to go ahead. At Maggie's request, Michael was sent for and was with Marty during the surgery. So absorbed in fear and tension Marty didn’t even realize he called Tom Dad - but Michael and Tom were well aware of it.


Phyllis Anderson, trying to reach her ex-husband Bob, happened to call during the search for Amanda and learned only that Bob was staying at his club in town and that Neil was at the lake all night. She informed Bob Julie might be ill as her doctor was there. Bob rushed to the lake and learned about Amanda. He told Julie he loved her and pleaded with her to reconsider their separation. However, he was angry to find Don Craig there – Don was helping in the search - and another ugly scene prompted by his uncontrollable jealousy ensued. Julie was virtually nauseated by Bob's jealousy, at this moment she loathed him for wallowing in his jealousy rather than thinking of Amanda. Bob told Tom he knew his jealousy was destroying his marriage, but he just couldn't help it. He later returned to his club.


Persuaded by his grandmother Alice that attempting to live platonically with Trish Clayton would be bad both for their reputations and their nerves, young Mike Horton moved in the middle of the night to his grandmother's home. However, Bill, Mike's stepfather - Bill recently married Laura after her divorce from Mickey/Marty - visited Jack Clayton to talk stepfather to stepfather realizing too late that Jack knew nothing about Mike's living with Trish. Jack vented his spleen over the situation at Jeri, Trish's mother, saying he hoped Trish charged more than Jeri did. After continued insults Jeri hysterically slapped his face and when Jack threatened to tell Trish all about Jeri’s past for Trish’s own good, Jerri said she'd kill him and walked out. Jack rushed to Trish's apartment and seemed angry to find Mike not there. As he was strong-arming Trish, saying like all mother like daughter, Michael walked in and sarcastically informed Jack that he slept at his grand-mother's. As Jack tried to push Michael into a fight Jeri walked in. Realizing from Mike's remarks that Jack had been coming on too strongly with Trish, Jeri privately told him she was leaving him. He replied if she did he would tell Trish her mother was a call girl. Michael furiously told Laura that BIII had messed up his llfe by going to Jack and that he was moving back into Trish's apartment to protect Trish. In agony Jeri confided to Doug that Trish's father walked out on her when she got pregnant and when Trish was born Jeri got sick and couldn't sing. Broke and desperate, she became a call girl - that's how she met Jack - and he was threatening to tell Trish. Julie, resting at Doug's Place following the harrowing episode with Amanda, overheard this and consoled an embarrassed Jeri by saying she herself did all kinds of things the year after she gave her son away, that she could understand desperation. Julie reminded Jeri that she gave Trish the most important thing a child can have - love. Unable to tell Trish the truth, Jeri was considering leaving town to avoid all confrontation. Doug later told Julie how proud he was of the woman she was, helping Amanda, helping Jeri and being compassionate. He added if she had decided about her divorce from Bob, he, Doug, wanted to marry her. Julie was unbelievably happy at a second chance at happiness with Doug whom she had loved for so long. But feeling slightly under par, she had Neil give her a check-up. She was horrified when he told her she was 2 months pregnant. Her bitterness at being pregnant with the wrong man’s child caused her to lash out angrily at Alice who had brought Doug’s daughter, Hope out for a visit – Hope was Doug’s child by Addie, Julie’s mother, who recently died -. Julie, deciding her marriage was impossible and her future was Doug, told Neil she wanted to arrange an abortion but he insisted she think it over for a few days. Her resolve shaken, Julie prayed in the hospital chapel for Maggie’s life and for guidance in her own. She was stunned when Alice told her she had guessed Julie was pregnant and considering abortion and begged her not to do this. Julie tearfully replied she had to but didn’t know if she could.


When Neil mentioned to Phyllis his stockbroker had threatened to sell him out if he couldn’t cover his last margin call, she gave him a check insisting it was a straight business loan with interest. Neil told her he was deeply touched but he couldn’t accept a loan from a patient and tore up the check.


The Doctors


Written by: Eileen & Robert Mason Pollock

Produced by: Joseph Stuart


As plans proceeded for Dr. Alan and Toni’s wedding on Valentine's Day Alan learned that his former military chaplain, Reverand Joe Turner, who had recently accepted the position as Hope Memorial's chaplain, would perform the ceremony. But plans were being made in far off Singapore which might affect the happiness of Toni and Alan's life together. While Mike, who survived the explosion at sea, tried to decide whether or not to contact his wife Toni, who believed he was dead, nurse Dawn Eddington deeply in love with Mike, objected to the interference of Dr. Lee Chaing, her adopted brother, and sent him away when she felt Lee had thwarted her plans to live with Mike. Mike, not able to bear being the cause of friction between the two people to whom he owed his very Iffe, promised Lee he would not live with Dawn. He asked her to understand his feelings too, while he attempted to forget his love for Toni. He needed time to develop a new love for this young nurse who so tenderly cared for him through the months of his facial restoration surgery. The long awaited day of Toni and Alan's wedding arrived and everyone except young Greta, Dr. Matt and Maggie Powers' daughter, who was to be a bridesmaid, was jubilant. Greta, haunted and obsessed by the brief meeting with a stranger who spoke to her with Mike's voice - she didn't recognize her brother because of his new face - believed devoutly that the limping man was a survivor of the ship disaster and Mike's sprit had somehow entered his body. The pressures of her inner conflict to in some way prevented Toni's remarriage caused Greta to faint while the lovely and moving ceremony was in progress. Later that night, after the newlyweds departed for an idyllic honeymoon in Hawaii where Alan's parents lived, Maggie interrupted Greta, clutching baby Michael - Mike was unaware he left Toni pregnant when he ran away to sea - absorbed completely in her own seance ritual attempting to contact her brother's spirit. Maggle fearing her daughter might be emotionally disturbed, contacted the hospital staff psychiatrist, Dr. Chuck Weldon. Dr. Weldon reviewed Greta's medical history - about a possible reoccurence of a serious emotional state she had suffered from 4 years before - with Dr. Althea and was impressed with Althea's loveliness and intense compassion.


Althea, accepting Tom's invitation for a relaxing ski weekend at Stony Mount Lodge, found in her companion a kind and sympathetic ear to her problems about her alienated daughter Penny. Tom bore the scars of his unhappy childhood when his parents' constant quarreling shut him out of their lives. Tom, resenting the intrusion of Dr. Weldon into his and Althea's private plans, felt Weldon should restrict his gathering of Greta's medical history to office hours only.


Althea, still worried about malevolent Rex Everlee's control over ailing wealthy Iris Fonteyne, was upset to learn Rex had obtained a new unlisted phone number for Iris, effectively cutting off communication, and forcing Iris to miss her weekly medical check-ups. In a visit to Iris, Althea learned she had developed strange symptoms of shortness of breath and swelling around her mid-torso area in addition to her low-grade fever. Althea privately suspected heart complicatIons and was puzzled about what these new symptoms combined with Iris and her dead husband's prolonged stay in Africa could mean in the final diagnosis. Everlee, who appeared to have professional medical knowledge, had secretly diagnosed Iris' illness as a fatal African virus which insidiously destroyed the heart muscle.


Preparing to depart on her return flight to her native Germany, Karen was subjected to a sudden jolt when the airplane skided on the icy runway and she was rushed to the hospital unconscious. It was a seemingly contrite Karen who awoke to find her complete memory restored. All her medical knowledge and the bitter times leading up to the kidnapping of her little son Erich, which ended in the plane crash and her 4 years of amnesia had returned to torment her. Steve and Carolee legally adopted Erich, who miraculously survived the crash, and Carolee had raised Erich as her own child. Although Erich knew he had another mother who died, his love and security was entwined with the only mother he could remember, Carolee. Karen, anxious to reclaim Erich, suggested that when she was released from the hospital where she was recovering from the effects of whiplash from the plane accident, she became friendly with Erich and eventuany told him she was his real mother. Steve and Carolee fearing the effect all this might have on Erich, were still further upset over the possibility that Karen, who had been catching up on the new medical procedures she had missed, had regained her old job back in the hospital clinic.


When Matt discovered a dedicated young med student, Andy Anderson, starving because he was unable to finance his medical studies, he arranged with Pete, a local cafe owner, to have the conscientious student sing and play his guitar evenings. Lauri Everson, formerly a professional singer, and her husband, Hank, believed that the talented Andy would develop "Pete's PM" Into a student nurses' after hours hang-out.


The Edge Of Night


Written by: Henry Slesar

Produced by: Erwin Nicholson


Martha’s defense attorney, Adam recalled deceitful lawyer, Paul Fairchild, to the stand in a vain attempt to force him to admit that Taffy was actually shot after Martha left the apartment believing that she had murdered Taffy – in a private conversation with the frightened Fairchild, Mrolock admitted he was the one who shot Taffy and threatened him with force if Fairchild didn’t agree to face the charges as an accomplice when Martha was convicted. – Adam had no recourse but to plead with the prosecuting attorney Brandy and DA Ira Paulson for a continuance in the trial so he could prove his theory that Fairchild and Morlock, a known underworld hoodlum, engineered the whole plot to further entrap Police Chief Bill Marceau in order to gain syndicate favors. The only side benefit from Adam's theory about Taffy's missing hair curlers in the police photos of the corpse - Martha insisted Taffy had her hair set when she supposedly killed her - was that Martha, after the long months of feeling responsible for her adopted daughter's mother's death, could feel the personal relief of knowing she didn't kill Taffy after all. Denied the continuance, Adam prepared hls summation for the jury hoping he could persuade them of Martha's innocence. Mike, almost completely recovered from hepatitis, planned to be at Adam's side when court reconvened. Ira, who felt guilty for causing a rift in Adam and Brandy's personal relationship, agreed to go with Brandy to the Karrs’ home and offered the defense the opportunity for Martha to plead guilty and to hopefully obtain a lesser prison sentence - Brandy privately informed Ira she planned to resign as Assistant D.A. as soon as the trial was over. - Adam stubbornly refused to consider their suggestion because he firmly believed in Martha's innocence, but agreed to contact her and present her with this distasteful option.


Kevin, deeply involved with reporting the Marceau trial for the newspaper, was surprised and pleased to learn from Geraldine that he was to have a new and prestigious assignment as a world crime correspondent as soon as the trial was over. Kevin was unaware that Geraldine maneuvered the assignment to separate him from Phoebe. He told Phoebe that this trip would be a fantastic honeymoon, but Geraldine, who didn't want Kevin to marry, had her own plans for his future and wasn't pleased at this sudden turn of events. When Joe Pollock, Kevin's editor, told him he had to leave within a week's time to cover an important murder trial in London, Phoebe, unable to commit herself to hasty wedding plans, broke off her relationship with Kevin.


Wealthy and sophisticated widow Tiffany Whitney was swept off her feet by charming Noel Douglas' proposal of marriage and told Geraldine she was going to accept no matter what her objections were. Geraldine felt Tiffany didn't really know enough about the background of this disarming man and feared he might be a fortune hunter. Geraldine, further disturbed to learn Tiffany planned to move from the Whitney mansion when she married, feared being left alone to rattle around in this large house. Noel, who secretly payd intimate visits to Tracy Dallas' apartment, had told Tracy his interest in Tiffany is strictly business, and he had convinced Tracy to temporarily pick up his expenses at her brother Johnny's restaurant, the New Moon Cafe.


Johnny, double agent for the police and the syndicate, had led this dangerous incognito existence for months, with only a few close people aware of his undercover role. John and Laurie were pleased with the overtures of goodwill from Kay and Vic Lamont. Vic, Laurie's first husband, was the one person who believed in John's worth when he was released from Redstone Prison. It was Vic who found him a job and loaned him the money to purchase the New Moon. When seemingly respectable businessman, Walter LePage, Kay's father, who unknown to everyone was the head of the crime syndicate, learned that Vic and Kay had invited Laurie and John to dinner, he viciously berated John's character. Vic, in defense of the man who once saved his life - Vic was doing undercover work for the police in prison - blurted out the truth about John's double agent role. LePage, furious, contacted Morlock who arranged to have John murdered in an early evening robbery of the cafe so no suspicion would fall on the syndicate. However, it all fackfired, when Vic, who had gone to pick up the Dallases for dinner, realized the crazed robber planned to shoot John. Stepping in front of John, Vic was savagely and senselessly gunned down ! Vic died before his grieving wife Kay could even reach the hospital. LePage, enraged that the intended victim, Dallas, was still alive, ordered Morlock to take care of the matter himself. Because it was the impression of Mike and others that John was the intended victim, they planned to expose John's "cover" hoping to remove all retaliatory threats to his life. John, alone at the New Moon, waited to tell Danny his closest buddy the truth at last, when Morlock arrived to kill John. When Danny's arrival interrupted his murderous plans, the thwarted Morlock viciously lashed out with cruel innuendos about Danny's virtuous wife, Babs, who was mysteriously murdered. Morlock let slip that he knew she went to Floyd Porter's apartment. Danny lunged at Morlock and they had a brief fight before John could separate them and sent Morlock away. Danny who felt a gun strapped to Morlock's body in the struggle was worried and guessed the real truth about Morlock's late night visit so John finally told Danny about his undercover police work. Danny went to Lt. Luke Chandler who was unfortunately too preoccupied about the recent discovery of two bodies who had been identified as Vinnie and Otis, the gunmen who committed the robbery and murder at the New Moon. They were found at the bottom of a gorge after their car crashed on the winding mountain road leading to the stateline. Morlock cleverly arranged for Vinnie and Otis to use that particular car because he had disabled the brakes knowing they would be killed on the road, thus terminating the police investigation. Danny, not getting any immediate satisfaction from Luke, went to face Morlock and somehow forced the truth from him about Babs’ murder and his attempted murder of John. Morlock denied everything and, anxious to get rid of Danny so he could return an important call to LePage, demanded Danny to leave. Danny defiantly searching the room for the gun to prove that Morlock had intended to shoot John, discovered it in Morlock’s bureau, and as Morlock struggled to regain possession of his gun, they tumbled onto the bed, locked in their life and death embrace, and a shot rang out!


General Hospital


Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson

Produced by: James Young / Tom Donovan


Lee Baldwin, defense attorney for Jessie, who had been accused of the dreadful bludgeon murder of Dr. Phil Brewer, was stunned when Jim's courtroom testimony which everyone counted on to vindicate Jessie had the opposite effect. Instead of admitting he saw Phil dead before Jessie even reached the room, Jim suddenly and unequivocally claimed Phil was alive when he went to meet with him late that night. Audrey, Jim's long suffering wife, was forced to realize that Lee's only hope for saving Jessie now lied in returning Jim to the stand and publicly exposing his incompetent and drunken behavior which led to his dismissal from General Hospital's Cardiac Unit. Lee forced Jim to admit in open court that he had been drinking heavily and actually couldn't remember that night clearly because he had blacked out from his over-indulgence, thus discrediting him as a witness. Jim later cruelly blamed Audrey for his public disgrace and bitter friction developed between them, destroying what little confidence Audrey had in Jim to stop drinking and to find a new job. Audrey's desperation drove her to seek advice from Lee, a former alcoholic. He tried to convince her she couldn't face this problem with Jim alone and should seek help from AL-ANON.


Since Jim's callous testimony has damaged Jessie's case, there was little hope that the Preliminary Hearing Judge would dismiss Jessie so she wouldn't have to face a criminal trial in Superior Court for murder. Jessie's friends were very concerned over her resignation to the situation facing her. Jessie, who had become visibly sicker with each passing day, refused to care about her health, appearance, or defense. Lee and Dr. Lesley Williams both suspected Jessie might be trying to protect someone else. They were equally puzzled, however, about the character of a person who would allow Jessie to suffer so much to protect them. When Dr. Steve Hardy finally demanded the truth about Jessie's health, he discovered she had a suspected case of San Joaquin Valley Fever. He was furious that both Leslie and Kira Faulkner who knew that Jessie was gravely ill did not ignore her demands of secrecy and told him immediately. A schism developed in Kira and Steve's relationship when she told him she suffered too deeply from insecurity while married to her unfaithful husband, Cameron, to be able to compete with Steve's love and concern for Audrey, his former wife, and with Jessie, too.


Lesley, who had become involved with wealthy fiancier Cam Faulkner since she accepted his generous offer to underwrite the expenses of the Free Medical Clinic, felt caught between her desire to believe in Jessie's innocence and Dr. Joel Stratton, to whom she was deeply attracted and, who had doubts about Jessie. Lesley allowed herself to be influenced by Joel temporarily and, succumbing to his lack of faith, tried to get Jessie to admit guilt and obtain a lesser sentence. Lesley, appalled at her own lack of trust, immediately begged forgiveness from Jessie and later told Joel she felt his influence over her emotions might not always be beneficial to her individuality. Joel was still boiling mad from his discovery that Cam had Joel's life investigated, ostensibly as a routine business procedure before investing in the Free Clinic. When Lesley decided she had to move from Jessie's home to develop her own life-style, Cam helped her rent a quaint English cottage. Upset that Joel refused to make a life-long commitment, Leslie broke off their relationship.


Assistant District Attorney Ross Jeanelle, perplexed over the possibility of a missing matched second half to the geode, which the police were holding as the alleged murder weapon, confirmed his suspicions when Lesley explains she and Joel did have matched paper weights. Unknown to everyone Diana Taylor, tormented by memories of the night Phil died, and by Jessie's ordeal, wrestled with her conscience about revealing that she has been hiding the other blood stained half of the geode. Determined to clear Jessie, at whatever cost to herself, Diana went to Jessie's hearing, and as the Judge declared his decision to have Jessie tried for murder, she rose, proclaimed she murdered Phil dramatically producing the real murder weapon. Lab reports showed that hair as well as blood were embedded on the surface of the geode. Chase Murdock, D.A., furious with Ross' apparent bungling of the case, fired him. Jessie released Lee as her attorney, insisting Diana needed him. Lee was upset as Diana had decided to plead guilty and had waived her right to a Preliminary Hearing.


Augusta McCloud, who secretly became pregnant with Dr. Peter Taylor's child while he was separated from his wife Diana, decided to have an abortion and free Peter of any obligations to her. At the last moment, struggling against the affects of presurgical anaesthesia, she telephoned Peter who assisted her in convincing the doctors she didn't want to lose her baby after all. Augusta's only desire was to somehow bear the problems of an unwed mother, and for Diana, who couldn’t have more children, to never know the truth about this child. After Diana's shocking revelations in court, Peter told Augusta that although he felt a responsibility for her and the baby, he could only concentrate on his beloved Diana. Jessie admitted to Peter she saw Diana leave the office in a state of shock just before she, Jessie, found Phil's body. Jessie, Phil's former wife, had always felt guilty for his raping Diana and wanted to protect Diana whom she believes did kill Phil from a prison sen-tence. Peter departed stunned, and Jessie, in a sudden violent coughing spasm, collapsed unconscious.


Guiding Light


Written by: Robert Cenedella

Produced by: Lucy Ferri Rittenberg


A ten year old boy known only as T.J. was found by the police living alone on the streets suffering from malnutrition and ulcerated legs. Admitted to Cedars he refused to eat or allow himself to be touched or treated. Finally Dr. Joe Werner realized the ulcers had to be treated and had T.J. sedated to clean the sores making him even more distrustful. Joe sent his wife Dr. Sara MacIntyre, among others, to try and get through to T.J. and she felt she apparently also struck out. However Louise Johnson, welfare case worker, told Joe that Dr. Maclntrye was the only person who did make an impression on the child and asked Sara be assigned to the case. Sara was reluctant to assume the responsibilities of T.J.'s case as it would require a great deal of time and emotional involvement, but eventually agreed. T.J. told Sara his father split before he was a year old and his mother abandoned him. She used to go off with her boyfriend Harry for days at a time but there was food in the house. However, the last time she never came back and when the food ran out and the rent was due he had to live in the streets. He also added that Harry had hit him with a board. Sara told Louise about T.J.'s background. Louise explained the best they could do was to find a foster home for him realizing he'd probably run away anyway. To please Sara, T.J. allowed his legs to be treated and agreed to eat so the IV tube could be removed.


Peggy had lost all faith in Roger after he foolishly put her life and her son Billy's in danger when he got involved with loan sharks. However, Billy, who had grown to love Roger, secretly visited him asking why Peggy told him she would not be seeing Roger anymore. Roger carefully tried not to contradict what Peggy said then went to Peggy pleading that their breakup was hurting Billy. She replied it was her fault for letting Billy get to know and love Roger, who wasn't worth it, and when he asked for another chance she told Roger he blew his chance. Billy blamed Peggy for spoiling everything. Roger's firm was in bankruptcy and he vowed he'd pay back every cent. He was trying to get any type of work he could. Adam meanwhile could no longer afford his nonsalaried job as full time board chairman at Cedars - Adam and Adam's step-daughter Holly Bauer each put up half the money to bail Roger out from the loan sharks. Holly's share came from her inheritance, but Adam had virtually destroyed the investment portfolio upon which he and Barbara lived - . Adam told Ed he had to take consulting jobs as he wouldn't accept a salary from Cedars as the hospital couldn't afford it


Janet Norris was finding her job as administrator at Cedars' Outpatient Clinic very rewarding personally as well as easing her financial situation. However her estranged husband Ken tried to get Janet to resign at the clinic and take a legal secretarial job with a friend of his. When she adamantly refused he confided his resentment to his sister Holly who told him Jane was not worth it, reminding him Janet was driving the car when they had the accident which blinded him. Ken suddenly rea]ized that his vision was beginning to spontaneously return. Despite his doctor Ed Bauer's - Holly's husband - admonition that he had to be told if this occured in order to medically aid his vision recovery, Ken concealed this and suddenly told Janet he was a burden on Barbara and Adam and would like to take her up on the offer she made after the accident - he wanted to return to their house. Janet was stunned at this request and told Ken she had to think about it.


Dr. Tim Ryan told Bert Bauer that pregnant Pam Chandler had underlying kidney disease condition and they had to take her baby prematurely to make sure she lived, as she was toxemic and ran the risk of fulminating eclampsia which could be fatal. Tim grew increasingly upset as he couldn't convince Pam she was risking her life. When Pam developed exaggerated reflexes, hyperflexia, Tim, did an amniotic tap determining the baby's chances of survival were 25 percent. Pam still refused to allow surgery saying that was not good enough. Tim asked Dr. Ed Bauer to obtain a court order to do the surgery over Pam's objections but Ed made it clear that this could only be done when a patient was not conscious. Tim's roommate, Ed Bauer and Dr. Jackson told him his emotional involvement in this case meant he had lost his objectivity and unless he could get a grip on himself he would be removed from it. Agitated to learn Pam's hands had been trembling for 2 days, a final symptom before eclampsia, Tim again tried to pressure Pam into surgery and again demanded Ed apply for a court order. Steve suggested anticonvulsant treatment materials be kept secretly in Pam's room but warned Tim no surgical decision in Pam's case was to he made without concurrance from a senior surgeon. Steve and Ed privately agreed Tim was too subjective to be allowed to operate on Pam. However when Pam collapsed in eclampsia Tim immediately ordered an OR and assembled his surgical team. He told the OR charge nurse he had verbal surgical consent from Pam - thus deterring him from calling Steve - and performed a brilliant caesarean on Pam. Her baby, a girl, however, weighed only 3 pounds and had an Apgar Score of only 3 indicating survival was doubtful. There was also a possibility of Hyalene Membrane disease. Ed and Steve learned of the surgery just as Tim was finishing and notified him he was under suspension for deliberately violating direct instructions and procedures pending an investigation of this matter. 


How To Survive A Marriage


Written by: Margaret DePriest

Produced by: Peter Engel


Monica Courtland became so insulting when Chris told her mother that she was going to remarry Larry Kirby that Chris asked her to leave, but she found no relief when she went to Noah's Ark because J.B., the owner, told Monica that life was too short to waste it running the lives of others. Larry and Chris continued to have small spats, but Chris was determined to see this through even though Larry constantly tried to assert what he felt was male superiority. Chris was also having trouble with Susan Pritchett, the office nurse, but was developing the ability to survive Susan's caustic tongue. Dr. Robert Munday could see that Susan was trying to make Chris appear an unfavorable idiot in Dr. Max Cooper's eyes and told Susan that if she didn't lighten up he'd explode and the fallout alone would wipe her out. Larry told Chris it was obvious she'd have to quit working for Max and she agreed to look for another job. When Larry came by the office Susan sew seeds of doubt by saying that Chris was behind closed doors with Max, as usual. Chris seemed to have the prewedding blues and needed a couple of drinks the day before her wedding. She explained to her daughter Lori that Monica might not want to come to the wedding, so Lori called and got her promise to come. Monica was telling everyone that this would never work and she had tried to talk sense into Chris when Chris walked in and told Monica she could only stay if she made no more cutting remarks. When the judge pronounced them man and wife in Fran Bachman's living room on Valentine's Day, Monica, repulsed, hastily left. When Chris returns to work she asked about sterilization since she and Larry had decided to have no more children. Max was telling Chris how much more sensible a vasectomy was when Susan walked in. Susan was sure to tell Larry when he called that Max and Chris had been discussing his vasectomy. Of course Larry exploded at Chris and would not accept that she was asking medical advice, not discussing intimacies. Larry equated masculinity and sterility and felt Max was trying to castrate him. Larry got so angry that he confronted Max telling him to stay away from Chris and to fire her. Larry was accusing Max of still being involved with Chris when Susan, who had dropped in earlier, slipped out of the bedroom. Larry was so humiliated that he got drunk at Noah's Ark and cried on Sandra's shoulder. Johnny McGhee, the bartender, tried to tell Sandra that the affair she had with Larry was in the past and he had just remarried, but Sandra was still a glutton for punishment. Max called Chris telling her to solve this problem within 24 hours or she'd be out of a job because if he was going to be cast as the other man he wanted the pleasure of being the other man. When Larry arrived home drunk, Chris started drinking to provide him with a mirror. Larry and Chris' breakfast discussion started with a fight over Chris working for Max and ended in an argument in which Larry claimed that no one would give him a vasectomy because it was the woman who got pregnant. Chris went to Fran for support, but Fran gave her two pieces of advice - a husband came before a job and forgive a husband a long ago infidelity. When Chris asked Johnny, he said he wouldn't allow Maria to work for a former lover. Larry and Chris tried very hard to understand each other. Chris assured Max that Larry had no say over her job and he would not interfere again. Monica felt that it was not important to follow Dr. Munday's instructions about her high blood pressure because no one cared what happens to her. Dr. Munday replied a mother was always a mother, she shouldn't be ashamed of that.


Johnny and Maria decided that they needed a relaxing vacation to produce the much wanted increase to their family. After having been jealous of Sandra, Maria was surprised to find she liked her when she met her. Johnny resented being maneuvered into managing Noah's Ark by J.B. Maria told him to either take it or quit, so Johnny confronted J.B. telling him that he not only didn't like that, but felt there was something shady going on. He added he was going to lose his temper soon and he once killed a man when he was a boxer and didn't like being pushed around by guys delivering envelopes. J.B. agreed when Johnny said he'd only be a bartender and waiter. Maria thought she was pregnant and went to Max's office where Chris stepped over Susan's head to ask Max to see Maria. He agreed she was probably pregnant, but had to wait for the test results. J.B. offered Johnny extra money to do a liquor inventory figuring that when Jerry Nelson came to get his cut from the counterfeit money Johnny would blow up and hit him. Sandra thought this was fishy since an inventory was taken last week.The plan went awry when Jerry sent a hood to pick up the money who threatened J.B. with a knife. When Johnny arrived the hood thought he had the money and came after Johnny who exploded and knocked the guy out.


Fran Bachman, a widow, found that her daughter Rachel was growing aware of human relationships. Rachel said she wanted a loving relationship like her mother had with her father. Fran had not realized that time was passing quickly, Rachel was going to college in the fall and Greg was in line for a scholarship to a boarding school for gifted children. She felt restless and Johnny told her to get into the mainstream of life.


Joan Willis was enjoying her new daughter at home and was sure she was perfect, but would not leave the baby's side. Peter asked Fran to babysit so that he could take Joan to dinner. The evening was a flop because she worried about Joyelle the whole time. Peter felt neglected.


Love Of Life


Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Produced by: Jean Arley


David Hart, who was institutionallzed after killing his father, made a major breakthrough when he admitted to Dr. Bryson he had spent his life trying, but failing, to please his father. He said that his father, Mayor of Rosehill, made him angry by hurting Cal, David's fiancee, and so he shot him. Cal told Van and Bruce Sterling that David told her that he was coming home next week and she was going to give him the real Christmas that he never had. Bruce told her she should get confirmation from Dr. Bryson before she started her planning, but the doctor was out of town. Meg, Cal's mother, was wallowing in self-pity and talking of leaving town until her sister Van agreed that it might be a good idea, then Meg decided that she would not leave her son and daughter in Van's hands. When Meg heard that David was coming home she vowed to put a stop to it. She called Dr. Bryson from Cal's and had him tell Cal that David only said he was coming home to please Cal. David tried very hard to please Dr. Bryson and ignored Cal, finally telling her that he wished she wouldn't come to see him because she upset him. Dr. Bryson told Cal that David knew he was far from well and that Cal wanted him to be well soon. Cal began to feel she was following in her mother's footsteps - ruining the life of any man she loved. Learning from Cal and Dr. Bryson he was not to be released yet David became obsessed with leaving to the point of hysteria and had to be restrained.


Ben Harper knew that he and Arlene had to come up with a way for him to get engaged to Betsy Crawford so that his mother, Meg, would make the investment with Rick Latimer in the lodge at Beaver Ridge and Ben could be set up in the pro shop. Arlene said Betsy would show interest if Ben could fake a fall and injury. Ben became over-zealous and hit his head when he fell, but Betsy and Meg were very concerned and Betsy accepted his proposal. He set up a June wedding because her parents would be back from a sabatical then, but after Betsy considered how Cal and David had been kept apart she wanted to elope the day Ben got out of the hospital. Ben took her to Van and Bruce's knowing they would talk them into waiting until June. Ben went to tell Rick and found that Rick had tried to get Arlene drunk in order to find out about her, but failed. Just as Ben felt Beaver Ridge was falling through Rick convinced Meg that it was her experience not just her money that he wanted. She signed the contract and Ben was ecstatic. When Rick took Meg to his house for the afternoon he proved that money was not all he wanted from Meg. At first Meg was afraid to commit herself, but then it changed her outlook on life. Ben asked her for the 550,000 she promised him to start the pro shop, but was flabergasted when she offered him $500,000. When she stipulated that he had to marry Betsy and prove his maturity first, he told Betsy that it was degrading for both of them.


Diana found out that Jamie lost his job in the CIA's office because he became involved with her. She felt Jamie was dissatisfied with his career and it was her fault. She called D.A. Howard who said that if their relationship was legal he'd take Jamie back. After clearing the air with an argument, Diana and Jamie made a vow to love each other. Di asked Charles for a divorce one more time. Felicia Fleming had changed Charles' thinking and he agreed to the divorce much to Di's surprise. Johnny, Charles' grandson, couldn't understand why things couldn't go on as they were, as he was always hoping that she'd eventually come back home. Diana assured him that she would see more of him, but he gave back the watch that she had given him so that she'd think of him when she looked at it. Now that Charles was free of hatred, he professed his love for Felicia, but in return she became hysterical and asked him to leave. Sarah Caldwell, who was looking after Johnny and Charles since his heart attack, convinced Charles that he should call Felicia since she was probably taken by surprise. Felicia agreed to lunch the next day and agreed to be friends, but was afraid of anything more than that because of hurting him. Jamie took time off to spend the week in Alabama with Di while she got her divorce. Everything seemed to be going right until he remembered that he had to locate Sally, his wife who left him.


Although Dr. Ted Chandler gave Kate Swanson several chances to leave the ghosts of her dead husband and child in Rosehill and no to Monterey, California, Kate couldn't tear herself away. He felt fate delayed his plane in New York, but still Kate refused. When he called her from California Kate said that when she thought things out she'd call him. Beatrice, Kate's mother, finally told Ted she'd keep him informed but he should not call Kate, thereby making her very lonely and vulnerable. Kate was almost beside herself when she realized that she really loved Ted. She tried to call him, but couldn't reach him because he was actually right there in Rosehill. She quickly agreed to marry him and admitted that she was ready to take a trip to California to throw herself on his mercy.


One Life To Live


Written by: Gordon Russell

Produced by: Doris Quinlan


The morning after baby Megan had an attack - which her mother Cathy Craig had to cope with alone -, Steve Burke came by and asked why Cathy didn't give in to Joe Riley's demands that Cathy hospitalize Megan until her operation. Cathy refused because she needed to mother Megan and was capable of providing the same care Megan would get in the hospital. Joe, having heard of the attack from Julie Toland, arrived to find Steve holding the baby and again demanded Cathy send Megan to the hospital. Cathy refused, and the ensuing argument upset the baby. Steve left, and Cathy threw Joe out, telling him to leave them alone and not to come hack. Cathy confided to Susan that she thought Joe blamed her for Megan's condition. Joe wandered over to his sister Eileen's to try to calm down. He found her redoing the family album and he asked questions about people he didn't recognize, discovering his family had a history of congenital heart problems like Megan's. Inconsolable, Joe went to the carriage house he and his wife Viki had been renovating, brokenheartedly recalling their plans for children. Inadvertently, Joe missed a business dinner with Victor and Viki, adding to Victor's bad feelings about him. Joe arranged a meeting with Dr. Larry Wolek telling him of the family medical history. Larry tried to reassure him, but Joe was sure he was to blame and said Megan meant then even more to him, which Viki overhears.


Susan talked to Larry, volunteering to spend evenings with Megan, to relieve Kathy. Larry refused, saying she'd not be able to do justice to her job at the hospital, but Susan needed to feel part of a family and interpreted Larry's refusal as a rejection of her, so she went back to her apartment and began drinking. Larry sensed something was wrong so he followed her and found her drunk. She said she felt there was a wall between her and the rest of the world. Larry sobered her up and promised to help her. She refused group therapy, and finally rejected Larry when she found Danny and Larry were still devoted to Meredith's memory. Larry finally reassured her.


The Woleks' cousin, Jenny, a nun, arrived for Vinnie and Wanda's wedding and to take courses at the university. Vinnie was sure she was no nun because she was young, attractive and "out of uniform.' Cathy was concerned about Jenny's reaction when she learned about Megan's illegitimacy. Jenny told Cathy that she can't condone her getting pregnant outside marriage, but felt she was a good mother. Wanda received a telegram from her brother Paul saying he couldn't give her away. Jim Craig agreed to fill in, cheering Wanda a bit. Everyone was ready for the ceremony but at the appointed time, Vinnie hadn't arrived. Larry couldn't find him. Eileen finally had to tell Wanda, who started into hysterics. But, Vinnie arrived with Paul who would give her away, a wedding surprise for Wanda from her bride-groom. Wanda and Vinnie were then married. Susan caught the bouquet and, speechless, ran out the front door. Wanda was a nervous bride.


Eileen and her daughter Julie continued at odds over Eileen's continuing relationship with Ben Farmer, causing Eileen to back off from Ben a bit. So he took Julie to lunch to help ease her mind, but blew it by blaming Julie for the breakup of her own marriage to Mark. Eileen finally told Julie to mind her own business, widening the rift. Eileen's son Timmy arrived home from college, supposedly on a break, but he was disillusioned about lawyers and didn't intend to return, but couldn't bring himself to tell Eileen. Ben was anxious to begin his own business, but had no money, so Eileen volunteered but had to get Joe's permission since he was executor of her late husband's estate. Julie was livid, saying Ben only wanted Elleen's money. Julle decided to move out. Timmy was surprised Ben was younger than Eileen. A rift begins between Joe and Viki when she overheared him tell Julie that no matter how many children one had, the first was always special. Viki wasn't assuaged by Joe's insistence that their child will be special because it's theirs. Viki's fertility tests showed she was normal, but more tests would be taken. Victor chided Joe, his son-in-law, for paying more attention to Cathy Craig's baby, Joe's illegitimate child, than to him and his own wife, playing on Joe's own feelings of guilt over neglecting Viki. Joe let Victor know he was aware that Victor was still angry because Viki chose him over Steve Burke. To try to recement their love, Viki and Joe move into their home immediately. Victor was also upset with Matt McAllister for seeing Dorian Cramer, claiming Dorian was no good because of her actions during the trial. Matt stated his intentions of moving out of Llanfair to an apartment, then let Victor “persuade" him to stay, his plan all along. A larger breach opened between Joe and Victor when Joe disappeared for many hours instead of attending a business dinner. Viki warned Victor to stop getting so involved with others' problems or he'd have another heart attack.


John Douglas refused Steve's offer of the editorship of the Sunday supplement, but Victor was determined not to give up so easily. Dorian cashed in a life insurance policy to pay John back because she didn't intend to be indebted to anyone. John asked her not to cut him out of her life too, but she asked to be able to run her life the way she saw it. Foolishly, Matt tried to press Victor for the editorship, but Victor warned him not to aspire to things beyond his talent and experience. Matt made love to Dorian, but she refused a continuing relationship. Found guilty of perjury she was given a $3000 fine, which she didn’t have. She also received notice of a rate increase at Melinda’s sanitarium, necessitating her sister’s transfer to a state institution. Dorian received permission to practice in another hospital, but had no patients yet. To stay close to Dorian despite her continual rejection of him, John accepted the editorship. Upset to learn that Matt was seeing Dorian, Victor stormed to her home where he experienced a pain in his arm and breathlessness.


Search For Tomorrow


Written by: Ann Marcus

Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim


Jennifer’s father threatened to ruin Scott professionally if he didn't give up her case. Scott weighed everything and decided he belonged with Kathy, his wife, and told her he'll stand by his promise to break off with Jennifer if she'd hold off taking a lease on the Whiting house. Jennifer was not adjusting to prison life even though psychologist Mrs. Jackson had tried very hard to show her that if she followed the regulations she'd get out sooner. The doctor had given her tranquilizers because he claimd she was nervous, but Jennifer confided to her friend Marie she was hiding them. When Jennifer and Marie were put on kitchen duty Jennifer fainted and Marie talked back to the indifferent guard getting herself a week in isolation and Jennifer ended up in the infirmary where after a series of tests they told her she was pregnant, She assured Mrs. Jackson that Scott would be thrilled. Scott went to the prison to set Jennifer straight. Scott had lied about loving her to keep her from another suicide attempt, but she broke her news first. She becomes hysterical suggested an abortion. Scott asked her to think about it and gave up the idea of telling her he didn’t love her. When Scott told Kathy that he had asked Jennifer to get an abortion, Kathy replied that it was too late and not to say he loved her because it was not true. She sublet the Whiting house and moved in, with John Wyatt's help and support in this trying decision. She couldn't understand why Jennifer, who was weak and dependent, should have everything and she, who was strong and independent, should lose everything. Jennifer told Mrs. Jackson that Scott was delighted and was going to divorce his wife right away so they could be married. She felt that if she told the truth they'd want her to get rid of the baby too. Scott hit bottom when Kathy files for to be divorced. Deciding he had ruined enough lives, he told Jennifer he wanted her to have the baby and he would stand beside her. When she asked him about the divorce, he told her that he and Kathy were going to be divorced, but failed to mention that Kathy was the one who filed. But when he told her that Marie wrote him about the tranquilizers she was hoarding and asked her to get rid of them she accused him of lying and claimed he only pretended to want the baby to get her pills.


Amy Kazlo gave a party for Liza and Bruce's engagement and to celebrate the return of her roving brother Steve. Liza grew less and less sure of her feelings for Bruce when something kept her from letting Bruce make love to her. The night of the party she told him he shouldn't be stuck her because there had to be something wrong with her. Liza was instantly attracted to Steve, but Amy assured Bruce they had nothing in common. Liza arrived at Amy's apartment for dinner and found herself attracted to Steve enough to let him kiss her. When Bruce and Amy arrived she feigned illness to leave early, but daydreamed about the kiss and fantasized on a more intimate relationship with Steve.


Jo felt she couldn't return home until she had completely thought through her situation. As Jo sat in a motel room, Stephanie figured a way to tell Wendy that Tony was her father without putting herself in disfavor. She told her ex-husband, Dave, that if he wanted a down payment on the $15,000 she'd agreed to pay him for lying about Wendy's parentage he had to tell Wendy he was not her father. Dave took Wendy out intending to tell her, but remembered Jo asking him how he could disown anything so wonderful as Wendy. He went instead to Tony telling him the whole plot Stephanie devised to break up his marriage using Wendy as a magnet to attract him. Tony realized how unfair he had been to Jo and asked Dr. Rogers for a couple of days off. When Tony told Stephanie that Dave confessed the truth she tried to lie her way out of it, but finally said she loved him and that was worth any price. He ordered her out saying that the only love he had was for Wendy and for Jo and if she were decent she'd leave town. Stephanie threatened to send Dave to jail for nonsupport since he double-crossed her. Jo finally decides it was silly to worry everyone and went home but she couldn't make the first move. She sat and waited for Tony to come to her, much to her sister Eunice's dismay. After pleading, to no avail, with Bob Rogers to transfer Stephanie to another hospital for everyone's sake, Tony went to see Stephanie. He got so upset when Stephanie used Wendy's love to try and get around him that he flied into a rage and had a heart attack. Jo stood by during Tony's crisis and assured him that she loved him and they had their whole lives ahead of them. When Jo ran into Stephanie outside Tony's room checking his chart she admitted that she would always love Tony, but he had chosen Jo and Stephanie felt that it was important that Jo knew that he was at her apartment that night trying to get her to leave Henderson.




Written by: Winifred Wolfe

Produced by: Lyle B. Hill


Eve told Ned Paisley she was glad she returned and spent the night with him. When he asked if he was able to make her forget about Julian she told him Julian and she were never lovers and thanked Ned for making her feel free.


Scott MacKenzie told his new secretary, Jill Grant Farmer, how much her being around meant to him. She showed she was attracted to him too. Scott's son Skipper went out to Indian Point to sketch, met Jerry Kane, and helped Jerry do chores, resulting in pain. Jerry persuaded Skipper to rest, and Skip explained about his heart condition. Ellen Grant noticed the growing closeness between Scott and her daughter Jill and was hurt because she was beginning to fall in love with Scott - Jill and Ellen were both recently widowed -. Jill and Scott returned from a date and found Skipper unconscious on the floor. Scott called Dr. Stan Kurtz, who was having dinner with Terri at Ellen's. Skipper was in heart failure. Stan called Jerry, telling him he was the only one who could help Skipper and he was responsible because he let Skipper carry logs. Jerry tried to get another doctor to fly in, but the weather was too bad. He then recalled part of the Hippocratic Oath and started for town. He hesitated, but his girl, Heather Lawrence, encouraged him to go on. Jerry stopped the heart failure and ordered an OR. He realized Skipper had to have a heart valve replacement, but it was the same surgery he performed on Wendy who died in the OR in New York. Jerry gained Skipper's trust and Scott agreed to surgery. After a few anxious moments, Jerry began surgery which lasted 6 hours. Skipper survived the operation and Jerry refused to leave until Skipper was out of danger.


Unaware of the crisis at the hospital Ned persuaded Eve to spend another night with him and the following morning she served him breakfast in bed. Ned told her he took her seriously and was close to falling in love with her. But Scott called with news about Skipper's operation, upsetting Ned enormously, as he was Skipper's godfather. Eve told him to get dressed, she'd drive him to the hospital. She never thought about how she was dressed - in her evening gown - until Julian arrived at the hospital for the story. Eve confided her embarrassment to Ellen, who observed that Eve was most worried about Julian's reaction and asked if she was not still in love with Julian. Eve admitted she'd always love Julian, but couldn't let that run her life. After a business meeting with Julian, Eve told him of her embarrassment, trying to feel him out. He was disappointed that she and Ned were lovers and brought up Ned's reputation. Angry, Eve told him she'd sleep with whomever she wanted, anytime, any place. Eve later admitted to Ellen that she'd always love Julian.


Julian askes his new wife Kate if she'd like to have a baby. She did, but Julian asked her to think carefully about the impact on her life, hinting he'd expect her to curtail her professional life. Kate didn't agree to that, cleverly changing the subject to the joys a baby would bring them. Julian did the story on Skipper's heart surgery, and sent Greg Mercer for a follow up story.


Late the following day, Skipper opened his eyes and talked. He asked to see Scott and both were delighted to hear Skipper would be able to lead a normal life. Skipper was puzzled about why Jill and not Ellen was with Scott. Greg arrived to follow up on Julian's story and was hurt to see Jill in Scott's arms. Heather finally persuaded Jerry to go home to sleep. At home, Eve arrived to congratulate Jerry, and indicated he was ready to answer her questions. Heather intervened and sent him to bed. Heather told her mother Jerry would answer questions another time. Greg arrived, and Heather told him to go. Jerry woke up, and against Heather's wishes, told Greg the whole story, saying he knew he was not responsible for Wendy's death and Greg could do what he wanted about the story. Greg told Julian the story. Kate wanted to run the story, but Julian said as long as he was editor, the Register would not print that kind of sensationalism. Kate was angry and the following day brought it up again, implying the Argos was cutting into their business and would print the story if they didn't. Julian again refused to print the story. Eve was angry because everyone seemed to know about Jerry but her. Ellen went to visit Skipper when he was out of intensive care and was hurt when he painted a glowing picture of the fun he, Ellen and Scott would have, because she was increasingly fond of Skipper, but knew Scott was attracted to Jill, not her. Ellen was glad that Jill had found someone, but was afraid Jill's attraction to Scott was a father complex. She admitted to Eve she was fond of Scott, but wasn't ready for love yet.


Heather's living with Jerry was not a secret, but only a few close friends were really aware of it, so Heather was mystified when she received a note saying,"Those who live in sin die in sin." It upset her enough that Jerry destroyed it with Heather watching. Subsequently, Ellen and Stan were eavesdropped upon in their offices at the hospital. With Stan's encouragement and Heather's approval, Jerry decided to return to medicine because he was needed. He then demanded Heather and he heal the breach with Eve. Heather went to dress for bed and returned hysterical because she found another note - in her bathrobe pocket.


The Young And The Restless


Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: John Conboy


Newlyweds, Brad and Leslie Elliott had gone to Palm Springs for their honeymoon where, unbeknowst to Leslie, Maestro Fausch was in concert. Leslie felt very insecure on her wedding night, but found she enjoyed being a wife. Brad arranged the newspaper so Leslie saw the ad for the symphony. Since Maestro put down her restaurant and her singing so badly after she quit the symphony she did not feel she wanted to attend the concert. Brad tried to tell her that if she wanted to be a concert pianist it needed not interfere with their marriage and then she would not be in the position her mother was now. As they sat down to dinner in their room the Maestro's wedding present arrived -three strolling violinists, and Leslie promised to attend the concert the following night. Using the excuse that the house was full the Maestro had them stand in the wings and then drew Leslie onto the stage where he made her promise to give one more concert. But when he visited them just before they left for home she claimed she promised under duress and surely he didn't expect her to keep it, but he replied he wanted to hear from her soon. They stopped to see Brad's parents on the way home.


After overhearing her husband, Phillip, tell her companion, Jill Foster, that if she were suspicious, his wife would confront him and he could ask for a divorce, Kay Chancellor, an alcoholic, had listerilng devices installed in the house under the pretence that the staff was stealing. Her son Brock found her reading the Bible and explained that it was not what book she used, but she had to find Him; He couldn’t be given to her. Kay admitted she had always been jealous of Brock because his father loved him more than her and Brock was glad that Kay has finally felt a need for him. Phillip bought Jill a new dress and took her to dinner in a private dining room. He didn’t realize that Lorie Brooks saw him kiss Jill until Lorie explained the premise of her new book using Phillip's situation. Kay decided that she would fight for Philip by courting him again. She had Jill fix her hair, dressed in a striking evening gown and ordered Philip's favorite dinner. She asked Jill and Brock to dine with them, but when the maid became ill, Kay asked Jill to serve. Jill removed her plate, served dinner and ate in the kitchen. After Brock took her home Jill cried for Kay because she was trying so hard but Phillip loved her, not Kay. Kay overheard Phillip tell Jill that she had nothing to feel guilty about because he approached her with his love. She felt that she had wronged Jill, but had to still try to win Phillip back. Kay decided to play on Jill's conscience by asking Jill's mother Liz to lunch and using the close relationship between mother and daughter to bring out her guilt. Over lunch Kay went into how wrong she had been, how glad she was that Phillip had stayed with her and how she was going to court and win him.


Lorie had a rough time after Brad and Leslie's marriage, but Brock tried to show her it was futile to go on rivaling her sister and very futile to go on loving Brad.


Jennifer Brooks had a feeling of discontentment and was seriously considering going to Chicago to see her former lover, Dr. Bruce Henderson, who wass also her husband's best friend when Bruce's son, Mark, told Jennifer that his father was considering a divorce since his mother and father had never gotten along. Ironically Mark told Jennifer that his father was still in love with her. Bruce came to town under the pretense of seeing Mark, but told Jennifer that he knew what she needed and could give her understanding. Jennifer still felt a duty to her husband and children. Stuart Brooks finally realized that something was wrong with Jennifer, but she refused to tell him her problem. Against her better judgement Jennifer had lunch with Bruce at an out of town inn where she was seen by Lorie. Upon returning home Jennifer was shocked when Lorie agitatedly confronted her saying mothers didn't have lunch with other men in love nests. But when Jennifer told her she might be in love with Bruce, Lorie sympathized. Leslie realized that something was wrong and sent Brad to see her mother who sent him out of the house when he asked if there was another man. Leslie questioned Lorie until she admitted that their mother was in love with another man. Stuart finally realizing that Jennifer was deeply troubled offered to go away with her, but when she refused he told her that he had never taken the time, to tell her how much he loved and needed her. She decided to go to Miami and at the airport Leslie told her that she knew and wanted her mother to remember that they loved her.


Chris Foster was upset when Snapper went to check out a hospital in Chicago when his illegitimate son lived. She didn't want him to promise that he wouldn’t see Chuckie in case he couldn't keep that promise. While he was gone she got involved with a tenant-landlord stuation which brought to light a small boy whose mother claimed had bruises due to a fall, but after a follow-up visit Chris was thrown out for accusing the mother of abusing the child. Snapper had been persuading his mother to declare his father dead, but even though he walked out on them 9 years ago, his brother, Greg was against it. But Liz asked Greg, a lawyer, to draw up the forms which she signed and decided it was better this way because she really felt he was dead and could face it. Liz explained to Greg that Snapper's hatred toward his father came from loving him so much, that when he left he felt betrayed. Meanwhile, a much alive Bill Foster had been given the word that he had 3 to 6 months to live and should contact his family. He couldn’t bring himself to call, but finally wrote a letter to Snapper asking if he might come home for a few days. Snapper, seeing Liz's peace of mind, said nothing.

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7 minutes ago, RavenWhitney said:

Wasn't Ann Howard Bailey the head writer/creator of How to Survive a Marriage?  Did they replace her in the last few months with DePriest?

Yes Bailey created the show but she didn’t stay very long as Rick Edelstein was head writer a few months and then Margaret De Priest until the end. Afterwards, she replaced Labine and Mayer at LOL when they went to create Ryan’s Hope.

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Thanks so much @FrenchFan for sharing these, much appreciated!!!!


The child actor T.J. Hargrave  who played TJ Werner on GL later passed away as victim in the 9/11 attacks. 

I never realized just how long Mary Ellis Bunim was EP at SFT. In spite of the number of HW’s the show went through I suppose she was the stabilizing factor and why the show still managed to flourish. 

Lorie Brooks saw Phillip kissing Jill and was writing her latest book based on Phillip Chancellor? @YRfan23 Bell sure did love writing those scandalous publication stories from the start! I have to wonder if the all the furor that the original Peyton Place novel caused back in the author’s home town was the inspiration for him. 

Reading those details for Katherine/Phillip/Jill it must have been insane and thrilling  watching that play out, with Jill even doing Katherine’s hair and both of them feeling guilty afterwards.

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Reading these, I wish I could have seen 1975 Days. (I was just 2 in January 1975.) No serial killers as romantic heroes. No brain chips. Just good old-fashioned soap based on friends, family, love, and deception.

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4 hours ago, soapfan770 said:

Thanks so much @FrenchFan for sharing these, much appreciated!!!!


The child actor T.J. Hargrave  who played TJ Werner on GL later passed away as victim in the 9/11 attacks. 



I was just reading the summary for GL and wondered how the story played out on screen. Sad about TJ. How did you find out about his passing? Just curious. 


Thanks @FrenchFan for all the work you put into writing these up for all of us. I definitely appreciate it. 

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2 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

On Y&R the Lorie/Phillip connection was dropped. I wonder if Lorie was at all involved when Phillip died or it was even referenced by her?

No idea yet. We will see in the upcoming months I guess. Lorie seemed to be in a transition after Brad and Leslie’s wedding.

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