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  1. Just my opinion but I thought Hugh Marlowe was a horrible actor. He delivered his lines like he was a sports broadcaster or something. He was monotone and, as others have pointed out, always flubbed his lines. I didn't necessarily dislike him, I just found him kind of grating. I think they should have gotten rid of Jim instead of Mary (although I don't think they should have gotten rid of either).
  2. It was syphilis. Not that it matters much.
  3. Yes, she did. The best material available out there to show the closeness of Kim and Betsy's relationship is the 1979/1980 series of episodes. The way they clung to each other after Dan's death was pretty poignant.
  4. LOL. I can just hear Beverlee McKinsey saying "nouveau riche". Only she could say it in a manner that would deliver all the term's implications.
  5. Sure does look like her. I'd put my money on "yes".
  6. Well, this is a woman who was one of Ben's biggest supporters even though she was stalked by a serial killer who killed her twin sister and had a cousin killed by another serial killer. She's either the most tolerant woman in the world or has a very bad memory.
  7. Ok. Thanks. I don't know anything about that. Grant wasn't well-liked?
  8. Wow! That's it! Thank you so much for that, Sean. I can't believe I remember that scene from my childhood although I remembered it just a bit different (of course). It must have been one of those 70s soap moments that traumatized me. There were several. Even as a kid, I couldn't figure out how the knife went in the way it did. As an adult, the physics are even more puzzling. I remembered it as the knife laying on the counter with the blade outward. I guess that's how my child's mind made sense of it and remembered it. Looking at that video, I'm not sure how she went from cutting sausage to sta
  9. Nice to know my imagination isn't as morbid as the writer's. Thank you for the information, soaplovers. I knew someone here would be able to help me. Do you have any idea of the month/year of that episode? I'd like to try and find it on youtube or something.
  10. I watched the chat even though I was a very casual watcher of Ryan's Hope and I really enjoyed the interview. The people interviewed seemed very likable and down to earth. I have a question for Ryan's Hope aficionados: Does anybody remember a storyline where a pregnant woman was on a boat and fell onto a knife on the counter when the boat started rocking causing a miscarriage? I remember this very vaguely from my childhood but don't know if I imagined it. That seems very gruesome.
  11. I agree with you so much on so many things, we must be around the same age! What the hell happened to creativity and risk-taking? It's like we've gone back to 1950s-style censorship (just censoring different things).
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