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  1. I'm surprised the ratings for Days of Our Lives were so low then. That was a really good time for the show.
  2. It probably never happened. It was probably a PR ploy back in the day to get people to tune in to see what all the "fuss" was about and it turned into an urban legend over time. The reason for so many variations of the story is because writers and actors couldn't remember what the official story was supposed to be. I've seen EF recount the story of being slapped in the street by an obviously deranged person with a laugh and a smile. I doubt that anyone who had that happen to them would tell the story with a smile and a chuckle. Nor would they just brush it off and not have the person arrested.
  3. The only Dee Stewarts I really saw were Jacqueline Schultz and Vicky Dawson. I loved Vicky and couldn't stand Jacqueline. I don't know if it's the actresses or the way the character was written at different times. Maybe a bit of both but it may be my preference for Vicky.
  4. If Marland did that, he must not have cared much if his characters lived on after he was gone. He had to know that future producers would prefer to get rid of his characters than pay him royalties. He seemed like a genuine fan of the serial format so it looks like he would want his characters to continue on. Then again, perhaps he'd rather the characters leave with him than have them butchered and twisted beyond all recognition which is usually what happened in the latter days of soaps. A lot of the characters on ATWT towards the end were the same in name only.
  5. This is the main reason these interviews are so frustrating. I don't know if he does it on purpose to keep too much personal information from getting out or if he just doesn't recognize opportunities.
  6. This made me laugh out loud because it's so true and it grates on my nerves when he says that. He wastes so many opportunities to go deeper into something by just saying "That's so crazy". It immediately stops everyone from talking. How does one respond to "That's crazy"? It makes him seem simple.
  7. I think this is most likely what happened. I mean, I know that happened due to Duncan talking about it later (Tonio hitting his head and dying) but I was just confused because the synopsis on the SoapCentral webpage makes it sound like he escaped and is in hiding. However, that doesn't really make sense because Duncan wouldn't be saying that he died if he escaped and Sabrina would have been worried about going back to Montega (which she wasn't) in the episode I just watched. The episode was Sabrina's last episode after a visit to Oakdale (Christmas 1992) and, in the end, she and Frannie were flying to Montega to live. No mention of Tonio. I think he did die. I don't know if I trust the SoapCentral synopses. The problem was that the actual "death" episode for Tonio is one of just a few missing from that time period. So, I thought I'd see if anybody had any first-hand memories of it. Thanks for the help! I can't understand why the show never brought back Frannie and Sabrina. I really liked both characters and found them interesting. Much more interesting than most of the characters they filled the show with in its last decade or so. And I really liked Claire Beckham a lot!
  8. Thank you for that, soapsuds. However, he didn't die on the operating table. I watched the episodes around this time so I'm sure of that. He survived the operation (Bob and Susan later grappled with having saved his life after he'd cause so much suffering). He came back to get Sabrina after Bob and Susan left Montega. Duncan was still there in Montega. He kidnapped Sabrina and Duncan followed after them. Tonio shot Duncan and then, at the end of the episode, Tonio was leaving and Duncan reached up and grabbed him. The episode ends there and the following few episodes are missing. Later, Duncan talks about killing Tonio. However, the synopsis I read said that Tonio survived and told Sabrina he'd be back one day and they don't have his status as "deceased". So I'm a bit confused. Did he really die or did Duncan think he killed him but he really survived?
  9. Does anybody remember? I'm currently watching the episodes which feature the "end" of Tonio Reyes. There are a few gaps in the episodes but, just going by the episodes, it looks like Duncan killed Tonio. However, when I was reading an online synopsis, it stated that Tonio escaped is apparently still alive. Does anybody know what really happened to Tonio?
  10. His acting was just as bad as his writing.
  11. Alan is a prime example that it's not what you know, it's who you know.
  12. Thank you very much for that explanation, lilyredd. That makes sense the way you told it. I forgot about Martin Guest. I guess I was confused as well by the two suicides of two men connected to Lucinda who were never seen on the show.
  13. Does anyone remember the origins of Connor and Evan Walsh? I was reading an online synopsis and it's confusing. It said that Mr. Walsh, Lucinda's husband who killed himself, was Connor and Evan's grandfather. I thought he was their father. Does anyone know which it was? Unless Mr. Walsh was really old, I would think Connor and Evan would have been too old to be his grandkids. I know ages are all messed up on soaps but that seems weird. Then again, if he was their father, how could Lucinda not know who they were? I'm just confused. Anyone remember?
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