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  1. I just watched the interview and was coming to write this very thing. I never liked VI because I never liked the way he came across on screen. I guess it was his characters. He seems very likable in real life.
  2. It's not like they went out with a bang. They went out with a whimper. It's like they're celebrating the death of the show. Why would they want to celebrate and remember when the show was at its worst? I don't get it. It's not like a prime time show that decided to end their own run and go out in style.
  3. Right? That was my first thought. Who cares about the last episode? It was the last episode for a reason.
  4. Holden Snyder, ATWT (unless Emma and Iva were introduced at the same time but I'm thinking they came later).
  5. How depressing to know only of soaps post '97. If that's all I knew of the genre, I would never had been a fan.
  6. Yeah, I could have filled in the blanks out of sheer frustration at Alan's interviewing skills. I tend to do that a lot with his interviews.
  7. It's interesting. The only place in Florida I would want to live in is Miami Beach (which I did for several years) but I know A LOT of people would rather living anywhere in Florida EXCEPT FOR Miami Beach. To each their own. I THINK, and I could be completely wrong about this, that Andy Kavovit said he lived in the Tampa area. He said during his interview but it wasn't clear because someone was talking over him (probably Andy). I think that's what I heard but, like I said, I could be completely wrong.
  8. Interesting. I wonder what she did after she married Ned in 1941. There's no storyline mentioned for her after that. I guess she just hung out.
  9. I can't speak for the ABC soaps because I never watched them but it was very rare for any soap that I watched at any time. Easter was just rarely mentioned in soaps except maybe The Guiding Light when they would have a sermon or sermonette on Good Friday. Part of that had to do with Easter not being a major holiday like Thanksgiving and Christmas and part of it had to do with Easter obviously falling on Sundays when the show wasn't on. I think for those two reasons, it was easy to just skip over Easter. I remember originally watching them celebrate Easter on ATWT during the 80s and thinking it was strange. Great but strange.
  10. I suspected as such. Thanks again, Paul!
  11. Yeah, I think that Variety review you posted is the only place that says it was a divinity student. Everything else I've read (2, maybe 3, other sources) said it was Ned. Who knows? As I've lamented before, there's a lot of misinformation in those history synopses. I would probably go more with something that was written at the same time that the story was actually being told which would be the Variety article I suppose. Where did you get those episode summaries? I knew the June 12, 1940 episode existed but I've been unable to find it. I never knew, however, that the May 7, 1945 episode or the August 14, 1945 episodes even existed. Is that from a museum website or something? Thanks so much for posting that! It gives me hope that there's a lot more out there than I'm aware of!
  12. Thanks Jam. What a weird article that last one is! LOL
  13. No, go right ahead. I'm just teasing. I agree with you. Plus, as Alice Roosevelt Longworth said...
  14. I don't know if I've ever agreed more with a post.
  15. One of soaps' first "back from the dead" storylines (which I hate). I was not happy that they brought Claudia back from the dead even though I liked the character. Morse should have either not killed her off in the first place or left her dead. It may have been OMF's first "jump the shark" moment. The other one being Cousin Jediah. I can't remember which came first. Although at least this back-from-the-dead storyline made logical sense as opposed to most modern ones (I'm looking at you in particular Days).
  16. Mitch, I'm starting to get the feeling you don't like Justin Deas. 🤣
  17. No. She suffered brain damage after she was thrown off a bridge and hit her head but the evolution from fun-loving to evil bitch to crazy was never explained. The brain damage came after the crazy stage.
  18. Yes. He ended it VERY quickly after whatever was later edited out was said. He actually seemed angry at whoever said it (probably Pratt).
  19. Welcome to the world of radio soap opera history. LOL. Shoddy and careless record keeping, misinformation, deceased players, poor memories, lack of original source material, etc. Although trying to piece it all together can be fun like a mystery or a jigsaw puzzle. I don't have the names of actors off-hand but I'll try to find the names later. Slick did a good job. Although Jonathan McNeill was a medical doctor, not a reverend. Any characters you specifically had in mind? I'm not sure about Ned and Mary. They aren't mentioned in the story synopses after they got married even though Rev. Ruthledge was still in the story a couple of years after they got married. Perhaps they moved away? I know that Ned went to Selby Flats to present the friendship lamp to Rev. Matthews after Rev. Ruthledge died but he didn't stick around. No mention of Mary. Of course, I'm going by the storyline synopses. I'm sure all these things were explained and talked about on the actual show but we will never know.
  20. The mid-40s was a weird time for the show. Even though the setting was still Five Points, the focus went off the Ruthledges and Kranskys and seemed to focus solely on the story of Tim, Claire and baby Ricky. Ricky was Claire's adopted son who turned out to be the biological son of Tim (the man she was romantically involved with). Tim didn't know he had a son because his ex-wife Nina had kept it secret that she was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption while Tim was overseas fighting in WW2. It was by chance that Tim met Claire after he got back from the war. I don't know how they figured out that Ricky was Tim's biological son. I guess Nina told them. Greg was just a guy that was vying with Tim for the affections of Claire. I think Nina was trying to get back with Tim. I don't remember. Anyway, everything focused around Tim and Claire. Tim and Claire got married and Tim died in a plane crash and then Claire wound up marrying Jonathan. Claire and Jonathan were the only characters to make the jump to Selby Flats. Peter was one of the few characters still left from the first years of the show. His name was Peter Manno. I don't know anything about his storyline in the first couple of years on the show. I think he was just a member of one of the poor immigrant families in Five Points that Rev. Ruthledge helped out. He left the show after a couple of years but he came back on the show later as a lawyer. Angie was his wife, I believe. Reverend Gaylord took over for Reverend Ruthledge at his church when Reverend Ruthledge went overseas to serve as chaplain during the war. I'd be curious to hear how the transition worked as well. All of a sudden, there just seemed to be new characters and all the old characters were gone. The next transition seems like an easier jump to make. The show left the air for almost a year and, I believe, when it returned production was in Los Angeles and the setting of the story changed from Five Points to Selby Flats, California with a whole new cast of characters for that location. That makes a lot more sense. I don't really understand what was going on around 1943/44. It just seems like from 1942-1947 The Guiding Light was in a very long transition period. And I don't know what would allow the Kranskys to move up the social ladder either.
  21. I wish all the guests were as honest as Susan. She's great. Did anybody watch this live? Something got edited out at the 1:07:49 mark when they were talking about the death of Maureen Bauer. Right before Alan says "I don't think she'd like to hear that". I wonder what got cut out. Must have been good for Alan to censor it.
  22. Do you know if Right to Happiness was set in Five Points?
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