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Saved By the Bell

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I wasn't expecting that but I will say it makes me more interested in watching this. I loved Josie on Champions (a great show that deserved a longer run) prior to her transition and I'm happy she's still able to get work. I hope this works out!

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40 minutes ago, dragonflies said:



Interesting. And I think they did a nice job of casting Zach and Jesse sons:





Jesse's son (maybe Slater's as well, IMO, he looks like him, lol).


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I don't know how many kids they will have but I am glad they at least each have one teen. (I thought I read somewhere that Jesse/Slater would have smaller children, but maybe that was a rumor, things changed or they have them in addition to Jamie) Both Zach/Jesse are old enough to have a teenager. And truth be told Zach could have a 20 something with Kelly. If they are still together they would have been married like 26 years now. Even if they waited a few years to have kids after they married, they still could have a 20 something. 


I wonder if Jesse's son Jamie Spano is Slater's son. I could buy him as Slater's son. But if he is, I do wonder why he doesn't have Slater's last name. I could see Jesse giving him a hyphenated name like Jamie Spano-Slater, but to leave Slater's name off altogether...hmmm... I wonder what the backstory is there.


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Saved by the Bell's Lark Voorhies 'Slighted and Hurt' About Being Excluded From Revival — Watch


Gosh, I don't know what's plaguing her besides being bipolar, but with the constant shakiness and strange pauses when she speaks, she looks so fragile. I feel bad for her. 


She appears on Dr. Oz tomorrow (Wednesday). 

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That is really sad to see. I can understand them not thinking to include her due to her health concerns and the fact that she’s basically retired, but that’s why you should always ask. I hope this has a positive ending and they ask her to come back in some form. Lisa Turtle was iconic and it would be lovely to see her again. 

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The last time I saw her on video she was even worse. She's been deeply unwell for so long. But I do wish something could be done. I loved her on the show and for years never understood why she didn't get more work.

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I think the reason they might not reach out to ask her is because she might be enthusiastic about doing something, but they know that she's not really well enough. As awful as it is to say this, but going by her appearances and videos it doesn't seem like she would be able to work, but I'm not sure she realises that herself.

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