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Daytime Emmy One Win Wonders

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The Billboard Hot 100 has one hit wonders, singers/bands that had only one song make the chart. The Daytime Emmy equivalent would be one win wonders, those who won a Daytime Emmy on their first and only nomination. 


As of tonight, these are the Daytime Emmy one win wonders (names in italics are those who are no longer with us):


Val Dufour - Lead Actor 1977

Laurie Heineman - Lead Actress 1978

Irene Dailey - Lead Actress 1979

Suzanne Rogers - Supporting Actress 1979

Warren Burton - Supporting Actor 1980

Francesca James - Supporting Actress 1980

Leann Hunley - Supporting Actress 1986

Julianne Moore - Younger Actress 1988

Henry Darrow - Supporting Actor 1990

Ellen Parker - Supporting Actress 1993

Rena Sofer - Supporting Actress 1995

Anna Holbrook - Supporting Actress 1996

Cynthia Watros - Lead Actress 1998

Natalia Livingston - Supporting Actress 2005

Jordan Clarke - Supporting Actor 2006

Drew Tyler Bell - Younger Actor 2010

Brittany Allen - Younger Actress 2011

True O'Brien - Younger Actress 2016

Greg Vaughan - Supporting Actor 2018

Rome Flynn - Younger Actor 2018


Tonight's Daytime Emmys had three actors win on their first nomination: Max Gail, Vernee Watson, Kyler Pettis. They are not included on this list yet.



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How many of them are people who quit their show before the Emmys.  I'm also interested to know how that process works.  Do they choose their own submission?, or do they leave it up to the production?, or do they leave a note on the way out the door "use the Capwell dinner scene"?

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Vernee Watson won guest performer last year.  Francesca James also has 4 directing team nominations, 5 drama series and 2 special class nominations winning 3 times for series and once for special class.

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40 minutes ago, ranger1rg said:

There’s no way that list includes every Daytime Emmy winner who won only once. You’re saying every other winner has at least 2 Emmys?


No way.

The list are those who won in the main acting categories on their first and only nomination. There are Emmy acting winners with single wins but they also have multiple nominations.

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