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Part of me thinks that CBS is really invested in making The Talk last long enough to not give Sharon Osbourne the satisfaction of claiming that she had the power to tank the show due to her absence.

Again, my contention is that the show was problematic from the start and minimally impactful on top of that.

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I would hazard to guess that the renewal is more about the pandemic's effect on the inability to develop new programming rather than any perceived commitment from CBS to this particular show.  Given that the panel has been decimated, there are few guests, and even fewer informational segments, the show is obviously on its last legs.  However, there's nothing waiting in the proverbial wings to take its slot and even CBS wouldn't revert to form from the 80s and show primetime reruns in daytime.  Does anyone else remember when One Day at a Time reruns were a staple of the daytime network schedule, rather than just on local or cable stations?


In my experience podcasts have taken over the "diverse cast discussing pop culture" genre.  The Talk was always hampered by the fact it wasn't live, so they were never responding in a timely manor to the day's events.  More 18-24 year olds undoubtedly listen to daily pop culture podcasts than would watch a one hour show with commercials in the morning.  And the current cast brings nothing in terms of humor, charm, or expertise to entice me to want to hear their day old take on what is happening on TV.

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With that announcement, they have officially lost this viewer of 5+ years. This was always a show for women by women. I don't want to see a man in the mix. Even before Sharon's exit, it wasn't the same show. I miss the ladies dishing around the table. The magic has long been gone and adding a man as a full time co-host is the final nail in the coffin. I'm out.

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I tend to take everything Daily Mail says with a grain of salt, but I watched that entire episode. I don't believe it. Sharon was spewing just as much venom Elaine's way as she was Sheryl's.

Still, Elaine's only been on the show for 6 months. Usually someone that new on an established show tends not to rock the boat. Maybe she feels the show is on borrowed time and has nothing to lose???

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