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23 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

The show has been a train wreck. They cancelled ATWT for this?




I don't really understand the appeal at all.


Obviously paying five hosts is cheaper than a soap but we didn't need this show. And it went so far away from what Gilbert had originally envisioned it to be.

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It was always about the money.

This show set itself up as the anti-View (a stupid move that only hamstrung future possibilities) which only worked until the veneer of feminine solidarity was stripped away by Julie Chen's husband's scandals.

Sure, the show was able to give off the appearance of resilience in her absence, then when the novelty of a new and improved show wore off, the show limped along for awhile. The funny thing about a "substance-free" talk show is that, when people are home, isolated, they may actually look for substance in a talk show--they can get cat videos and makeup tutorials YouTube. They can get gossip on vlogs or podcasts.

People still want connection, particularly when they access a program through the old-fashioned way, on terrestrial broadcast TV.  The Talk obviously could not build that lasting connection.

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