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Y&R casts new AA male role


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I don't think he's related to Winters. I'm pretty sure his story is with Lily though. They hire a photographer that just happens to be black as soon as lily starts modeling for Brash and sassy.  Telegraphed a mile away. He could have a past with hilary though. I won't rule that out.  Sally seems to want a lily versus hilary rivalry and they can't fight over devon like she wants since lily can't sleep with him. So, insert new guy. Maybe? 


He's 27 though. Good age. The show needs young men. 

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37 minutes ago, Soapsuds said:

This is already doomed to fail if it involves Lily.


Don't worry. They'll quickly insert Hilary (and Devon) to try to float it. I wouldn't doubt him ending up as Hilary crazy ex husband. Lmbo 


But I do love that casting. 

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52 minutes ago, MoTheGreat said:


But, didn't they use to hire dark skin characters?


In the 80s.


Honestly, I think Tonya Lee Williams was the last actor that did not look bi-racial to be hired.

Before Stephanie E. Williams (as Amy) was beautiful, graceful but somewhat marginalized.

Nathan Purdee had some decent storyline for awhile but perhaps he saw what was in store for his character and left for greener pastures (OLTL).


After Olivia and little Nate, it really hadn't been the same since.

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Did I say I didn't like Ravi? That's not what I said. At all. Go back and read any/all posts written by me concerning him and you will find the sentinent is quite the opposite. 


And my expressing that I hope it works out for both was clearly meant to include both men.


Seriously, am I being misunderstood? Is there some way to further clarify so that this ceases to happen?

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