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DAYS: This week's guest stars...

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Principal Guest Stars: Week of Monday 6/23/14-Friday 6/27/14
Lauren Boles - Ciara Brady
Brendan Coughlin - Tad Stevens
Allison Paige - Bev Walters
Kevin Riggin - Rory
Meredith Scott Lynn - Anne Milbauer
Ned Schmidtke - Bishop White
Vanessa Branch - Giselle Van Hopper
Louis Mandylor - Ortiz (new)
David Atkinson - N.A. Speaker (new)
Greg Jackson - Jeremiah (new)
Terry James - Stunt Coordinator
Louis Mandylor appears this week as Ortiz, the much talked-about (but yet-to-be-seen) private investigator that Kate hired to look into Jordan's past...Greg Jackson begins his recurring role on Friday, June 27 as Jeremiah, a man from the Ozarks...Vanessa Branch returns as Giselle Van Hopper, the high society woman who is interested in Roman.
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