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TV Guide Interview with GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati


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I was actually far more offended by the ridiculously leading, gushy questions from Logan. I guess I'm used to the crap from Ron. Logan is a huge embarrassment to this industry. He must be very worried about job security.



There is tons and tons of dead weight featured 24/7. Logan also knows that only showing people when they're needed is not "a new way of soap writing."

What is with this cringeworthy pandering?

What I hate the most is the way Logan, not for the first time, needs to attack fans.

Why in the hell are so many in this genre so contemptuous of the people who keep them in business? Why do they think they are somehow cool if they mock viewers?

I can smell the stench from here. And it's not just their greasy looking facial hair.

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Not to mention that soaps were built on having people around who weren't there just for a plot, but for heart and continuity and family.

This is another example of how much Ron Carlivati hates soaps and hates soap fans.

That answer was pure Sheffer. It made me feel a little queasy, just as Sheffer always did.

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They're almost all like this now. Interviews are always so elitist and bordering on self-parody. They're in little towers, throwing stale bread to the peasants.

It's funny how someone like Ken Corday, if he made these comments, would be blasted, but because Ron is seen as hip, or because some people want to have sex with him, he gets a pass.

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