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Days - SOD Sneak Peek! (+ Jen Lilley preview)

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Kristen and Nicole become bitter rivals as Nicole and Brady grow close. At the same time, Kristen comes up with a diabolical plot to seek revenge against Marlena. John makes a startling confession to Marlena


Sami finds herself in a bind as she tries to save Rafe from danger. EJ rallies the troops in an effort to get Sami out of trouble


Stefano plots a vicious revenge on Kate's lover


Adrienne urges Sonny to distance himself from Will

New in Town

A trouble maker with ties to one of Salem's most prominent families arrive in town to shake up things in Salem. She will be played by Jen Lilley (ex Maxie, GH)

I wonder what family JL will be connected to. Like that she will be a bad girl.

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