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  1. How am I just now seeing this thread?! Zed Diamond was my EVERYTHING. Could never phatham how Julie could stay married to Tyler McCandless (sp?) when she had Zed in the wings waiting for a sign, any sign... LOL
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    Doctor Who

    Loved the video. You're right, it is first rate. . I will miss Amy and Rory. I loved them as individual characters, as well as a couple. I would have preferred they leave on their own as well, but I'll take what they gave. I avoided spoilers this portion of the season and I'm so glad I did. And I agree about MS. IMO, he surpasses DT as the Doctor. Even though MS is in his 20s, he has the aura of an old soul, which makes it easier for me to believe that his Doctor is 900(+?) yrs old. I never felt that way about David T.
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