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AMC: Monday, May 20, 2013 Episode Discussion

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Angie and Jesse have diverse childhood's/backgrounds. I think that Angie is failing to know what Jesse went through with the 20 year on the run thing, which was shown with the Frankie kidnapping/Angie on the top of the roof/helicopter scene that was what Jesse was trying to prevent.

I think it is the opposite. Angie is failure to not know Jesse during the 20 year justifiable on the run storyline. Jesse's torture, trauma, sacrificing his life with Angie and Frankie to make sure of a safe life, to ensure a protected life. What an amazing person to lay down their life for the ones they love the most for their safety and security. Angie seems to be forgetting all of that right now.

Angie needs that wake up call again to force her to wake up and see Jesse and to get a better understanding on his uncondiitonal love he has always had and still has for her. True love is forgiving and unconditional, period.

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what a fucked up day for me. Ok AMC recap

David gonna do Angie on that sofa

Jesse gonna scream that he's evil

FBI agent is showing her cleavage

Celia's never seen 'Cats'

Petey wants to see her cat

Speaking of cats AJ sure wants to see a cat

MiMo is sending mixed signals

JR is faking, soon will be making w/ Cara

Binx just cursed ohmy.png

When Celia and Petey bomb, I need her to bond w/ AJ. Make it happen writers.mad.gif

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So you're blaming Angie only? Why does Jesse get a pass?

I think he fails to understand that she thought he was dead for over twenty years and had to move on. She had relationships, and had two marriages during that twenty year period. Plus, she had aplastic anemia, ran a free clinic, had a foster child that was taken away from her and Jacob, her son Frankie was involved in some radical group (during the City era), adopted a child, etc.

While she should try to understand what Jesse went through during those twenty years, I think he fails to understand what she went through during that same period when she believed him to be dead. Since he's come back, he's basically lied to her about major life changes thinking that she couldn't possible handle it, when I'm thinking that he's projecting his own fears and insecurities onto her.

I think that he needs to change as well because forgiveness and unconditional love can only take you so far. If he keeps doing these things to 'protect' her, then I'm led to believe that he doesn't think much of her.. and if that's the case, then she needs to dump him.

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