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What! MP was a classic

How awesome was Model's Inc?

I always hated how the one black girl wasnt in the final shot!

I had no idea John Barrowman was in Titans! Wow, so we had Captain Jack before Torchwood did? Awesome. Too bad Titans stunk up the ratings. I tried watching it every week.

Models, Inc. was my show! That is the one soap I always hated FOX for canceling before its time.

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Looking at some of these primetime soap themes, I have to admit when I see Charles Pratt Jr's name as "Created By," it saddens me. What the hell happened to you, Chuck? GH was alright before you left Guza to himself, but your AMC run stunk! Haven't watched Lying Game.

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Oh I loved Knots' sand castles opening! What a great idea to see the cul-de-sac in sand. I especially loved how they'd go to the recap/preview, then come back to the opening theme for the big finish.

Talk about love or hate, I LOVED this Knots opening. Our friend Sandy Dvore who designed Y&R's YR logo and did the original cast sketches did the abstract painting seen here and the Knots Landing font (see the YR similarity?).

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    • Jake and Johnny? Hmmmmm....Carson didn't plant one on him...so close....lol  
    • RHOM   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the finale? It was a 12 episode season. I guess TV has me used to 13 (or even 10) seasons now. Wow. lol.   That said...it was a good finale. Poor Alexia. I knew it was coming. But that did not stop me from feeling some kind of way about her losing her mother. And yes, I was mildly triggered. She always has something happening with her. And as this season was over, there was the drama going on with Peter's latest (?) arrest. Le sigh.   I thought it was a nice finale. It managed to close out all the stories that they had going on during the season. They had a strong sense of sisterhood among all the feuding. So I would put this right below Season 2 which is my favorite season of Miami and one of my favorite seasons of all time. It was that good. And I cannot wait for Season 5. My only problem was that they started strong with the recurring characters which was a hallmark of Miami very much. Not that the girls needed them, but it gave that extra telenovela flair.    Like POTOMAC, I miss them already. Though I look forward to the Reunion.    ALEXIA. Alexia, Alexia, Alexia. I was feeling all that drama with her mother. She thought she was going to have her wedding day after all the mess to get there. And then...life threw another curveball. One really cannot make this stuff up. And she had so much grace dealing with her mother's passing. And just as she was over that ordeal, here comes Peter again with some new mess. She was a standout during the season and I cannot wait for her telenovela life return.    LISA. Hehe. 'Hello, Green.' It was unintentional humor, but I guess I can get it. She must have been happy when someone else showed up at the mourning in a color not black. That said...she understood the assignment at the end and dressed properly. Still it feels so weird seeing her and Lenny together knowing what was going on. And seeing him smile and seem happy so le sigh...   GUERDY. Had a good season and her company has grown. And I loved that she was the glue to keep everyone together during this. After all, she knew loss.   NICOLE. I cannot believe that Marysol and her were able to put their differences (and shade) aside. Says a lot about Marysol's friendship with Alexia. Says a lot about Nicole as a person as well. I doubt any truce won't last.   LARSA. Yeeeah, she won that one. I was shocked to see her tear Adriana up. Usually it would be the other way around. But she did. Other than that, it was nice to see her go off in a new direction. And I loved the house shopping she did.    JULIA. Julia ended the season like she began it: happy with Martina. I was not hating that at all.    ADRIANA. SMH. I expected so much this week. She got good licks in at Larsa, but Larsa got her good.    MARYSOL. WOW at Mama Elsa and Alexia's mother in the same cemetery.   Bring on the reunion. 
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