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Soap Stars that Follow You/That Have Tweeted You!

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I know some of us here have been followed by some soap stars, so why not start a thread? What soap stars follow you? What soap stars have tweeted you?

Stars that Follow Me:

Daniel Goddard

Vincent Irizarry

Ric Herbst

Real Andrews

Soap Stars that have Tweeted Me:

Melody Thomas Scott

Tricia Cast (twice!)

Sonya Eddy

Julia Pace Mitchell (multiple times)

Jackie Zeman!!!!

Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

How about you all?

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Rebecca Herbst has tweeted me, Jen Lilley has favorited alot of my tweets to her, and tweeted me a few times. Yes she is a sweetheart

Melody Thomas Scott has tweeted me.

Soap stars who follow me:

Stuart Damon

Ric Hearst(aka Herbst)

Melody Thomas Scott

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No they don't - if you follow them they can DM you pretty much whenever. If they follow you in return then you can DM them back. If you try to DM them and they don't follow you Twitter will basically tell you that the message can't be sent since they don't follow you.

It happens all the time with me and prime time celebrities.

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No major soap stars following me...

Have gotten tweets from:

Thaao Penghlis

Molly Burnett

Crystal Chappell

Judi Evans

Peter Reckell

Lauren Koslow

Jen Lilley

Ari Zucker

Valerie Wildman

Lexi Ainsworth

Lexi has also DM'd me (she's a big Oklahoma City basketball fan and we tweeted back and forth a couple times during the NBA Finals).

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I got a lovely tweet from Eden Riegel. She tweeted about the rejection of auditioning and I resplied with the story of a rejection I had recently gotten in...ahem...a romantic matter and she tweeted me back with a very supportive message. I've gotten some cool tweets from other actors I love but Eden's the only soaper. That said, I only follow a handful of soap actors and they're almost all from AMC.

I also got a very cool tweet from Tom Casiello. He said that he was a "fan" of mine from when he used to come here to SON and that shocked the hell out of me. Granted, I'm as guilty of PWI (posting while impaired) as anyone. However I stand by most of what I post on the internet and would have no problem saying it to people's faces. But the idea that someone who wrote for soaps actually read what I had to say and took it seriously made me feel a little vindicated as a fan. I've often said that one of the problems with soaps is that "TPTB" don't handle feedback the way primetime shows do, so it was nice to know that someone who was a member of TPTB heard what I had to say.

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Gotten tweets from Many

But those that follow me:

Freddie Smith (Sonny, DOOL)

Sonya Eddy (Ephifany, GH)

Jon Fleming (Dante's Cove)

Kate Caprio (Devanity)

Brian Gaskill (AMC, PC, BB, ATWT, GL, The Bay)

Afton Boggiano (Empire)

Nate Golon (Workshop)

Susan Ferrera (Then We Got Help)

Derek Stusynski (The RAS)

Sandra Dee Robinson (AW, Sube, BB, Days, GH, The Bay)

John Wesley Shipp (GL, ATWT, SB, AMC, LOVING, OLTL)

Rick Hearst (Rick Herbst) (Days, GL, YR, BB, GH)

Julie Ann Emery (Then We Got Help)

Greg Turner (Empire Creator)

Louise Shaffer (RH, EON, AMC, SFT)

Beth Chamberlin (GL, Steamboat)

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