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What Were MAB's Biggest Blunders?

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As somebody who was not watching Y&R at all until the last six months, I've stated on multiple occasions how perplexed I am regarding MAB's terrible reputation (given that I think Y&R is easily the best soap currently airing, though I'm sure it is not nearly as good as it was in its heyday). What exactly did she do to trash the show, and what were her biggest mistakes? The only thing I am somewhat familiar with is that Y&R badly misued the talents of Maura West.

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Where do I start?

- Adam gaslighting Ashley for no apparent reason

- Adam causing Ashley to have a miscarriage

- Adam throwing a fetus into a fireplace

- Adam having Ashley sexually abused by a gyno with a history of molesting his patients

- Adam "sleeping" with Rafe (oncamera, they barely even touched), nothing but a shock value story, given disturbing undertones because she cast a Menudo member as Rafe

- believing her own press

- making grand promises about gay storylines (gay characters will be treated like everyone else) which she never delivered on.

- bringing Philip Chancellor back from the dead and saying he had abandoned his infant son, all because he hated being gay. This all turned into just angst for Cane. They undid one of the biggest moments ever on Y&R for absolutely nothing.

- killing Colleen so that Victor could have her heart

- having Victor swear vengeance on the Abbotts about six months later, for no given reason

- aging characters by 10-20 years for no good reason, completely decimating age groups Bill Bell and Kay Alden had spent generations setting up

- terrible casting across the board

- allowing the show's signature element, complex female characters, to be turned into brain dead, constantly humiliated whores

- allowing the show's signature element, a strong black cast, to become shockingly stereotyped, ghettoed extras.

- allowing Hogan Sheffer to completely obliterate any family or friendship on the canvas

- allowing Hogan Sheffer to completely give up a pretense of telling a storyline

- a parade of endless psychos, all of whom served no purpose and brought no drama

- the truly vile and horrific Patty Williams return

- butchering Sharon, Bill Bell's last great heroine, beyond all repair

- stunt casting, including pity jobs to friends like Daisy Duke, who only ever got on TV because some men had the hots for her in the Carter era

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And Carl's list is just the beginning.

Remember back when MAB first took over - she had a scene where Katherine was reading the newspaper with the headline 'Crime rate in Genoa City lowest in years.' as some sort of a remark on how back LML's run was. Who knew that MAB/Sheffer/Hamner would take crime to a whole new level with never-ending arrivals of psychos, mistreating of women, deaths, etc.

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Carl, I sincerely appreciate your extraordinary post. Without this perspective, the hatred that so many have for MAB makes little sense to new viewers. Since she is a female herself, I am shocked that she would want to portray fictional members of the same sex as weak.

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Her first couple months were dreadfully boring. (When she first appeared in the credits with J. Griffith alongside of her. No one knew who she was! It was a total surprise). Her first couple months were not great. Anyone remember Sabrina (or Manbrina)? There were a lot of scenes of Victor drooling over her while talking about art in French or something stupid along those lines. Although still an improvement over Lynn Latham's sophomoric, cheap rendition of Y&R that she had been producing up until the writer's strike when she walked out and never returned although it is pretty much assumed the Bell family wanted her gone anyway. But things began to pick up with the return of Adam (played by Chris Engen who was much, much better than Muhney) and the Kay/Marge tale that was probably Y&R's best story in the last 6 or so years (although it doesn't have a lot of competition in that regard). To positive fan reaction, Nina returned to the fold and there was that great scene where Lauren apologized to Traci. Plus Nikki was back on center stage. Things however fell apart with the Rafe/Adam debacle and totally fell off the wagon when Phillip jr. returned in one of the most idiotic stories ever.

Furthermore, MAB has bugged a lot people because she promised to respect Y&R's history and specifically Bill Bell's original vision of the show. She promoted herself as some kind of heir to the kingdom, as opposed to Latham who she basically called a hack. Yet MAB followed along Latham's course most notably with giving Lauren her own crazy double (the previously unmentioned Sarah Carter). That was a real low point that nearly matched the fiasco that was Pheila.

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