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GH Promo: GH's Hot Cop!

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    • I agree with all that. BTW, I wish we had a means of giving a LIKE to posts here -- instead of having to write a post to say "I agree."
    • And I think out of those 3, the show they should've most copied from was DAYS, their sister soap. Wasn't GH starting to lose its luster around the time SB came on? I mean Luke and Laura, the main draws, were gone. And correct me if I am wrong (anyone), but I don't see many people raving about GH from the mid 80s to early 90s with the exceptions of Duke, Anna, Robert, and Holly at times. But I don't remember anyone raving about a major defining story during that stint, and most GH fans I've come across have expressed that the show didn't find its footing again until Wendy Riche took over GH. With DAYS, they churned out supercouples and big stories like it was nothing throughout the 80s. Even though the show delved into grand dramas, it still appeared to be grounded. And the cast as a whole was developed enough where you had leads and supporting--A, B, C, and D stories. I never got why Eden/Cruz and the perils of Kelly literally dominated. I think if the show was going to focus solely on the Capwells then maybe they should've taken the approach of B&B and simply been a 30 minute show with a smaller, tighter cast. 
    • Please register in order to view this content The best surprises always sneak up from behind    But this perky little one belongs to me   
    • I am happy for him, he's a talented guy and deserves to go on the bigger things, but I also can't help but be angry at how both Y&R and DAYS wasted him, especially DAYS. They had him on contact for a year and did nothing with him.     
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