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Week of March 5th

3/5 Todd visits Starr at GH

3/7 Todd gets to know Carly on a deeper level

3/8 Starr finds comfort in Todds arms

3/9 Todd becomes aware of Carly and Sonnys history

Todd meets Carly at MetroCourt as he is checking in. He pays in cash, does not give his name. they end up bonding when Todd shares that his daughter is in the hospital and that no one will let him see her. The 2 scheme together to come up with a way to sneak into the hospital to see their loved ones

Despite her mixed feelings towards her dad, Starr is glad to see him. Todd wants to make things right for Starr. When he hears the name of Sonny mentioned as the man responsible for her pain from the loss of Cole/Hope, Todd vows to make him pay

As Sonny & Todd careen towards a confrontation, Blair warns Carly that Todd is dangerous

DePaiva says that you can tell that despite her reaction it is obvious Blair is still in love with Todd and that Carly still loves Sonny

Todd and Sonny come face to face

Todd is estranged from his loved ones who all believe that he killed Victor

Starr gets an unexpected visitor

With her daughter already reeling from the loss of Cole/Hope Blairs in protective mom-mode determined too keep anything & anyone from hurting her even more when Todd shows up she looks up and sees him, "she runs to him and stops him just short, as if she is going to run into his arms, but doesn't. Instead, she slaps him! John McBain had arrested Todd, but he's out on bail." says DePavia

Sonny is suspected in the accident & Dante ends up questioning his Dad. Maurice Benard says, "the beauty of this story is, that for the first time, it isn't my fault!" Nevertheless "There is a lot of evidence against him!"

Week of March 12th

John McBain shows up in Port Charles

He is on the trail of Todd who jumped bail to be by his Starrs side

Sam will find herself unexpectedly involved when McBain investigates the accident involving Starr, along w/ Michael Sonny and Kate

Point of interest:Anthony(w/ Sonny supposedly in chase)wasnt the only one on the road the night of the accident with Starr. So was Kate

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It sounds like this is more about feelings between the people involved than about a dead child.

I will be happy to see Blair again, and happy that it sounds like they aren't going to put her near Sonny.

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