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B&B Spoilers for week of Oct 17


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Eric talks to Rick about his relationship with Stephanie. Stephanie feels awkward when Stephen updates Pam about their honeymoon. Stephanie notes the affection between Pam and Stephen, which she and Eric are sadly lacking. Bridget and baby Logan return from an extended Hawaiian vacation, causing havoc at Jackie M. Nick and Bridget remember good times shared together. Jackie welcomes back Owen with romance and news concerning their marriage, and she asks the unthinkable of him. Eric and Jackie take a trip down memory lane.


WTF!?!? Stephen and Pam went on their honeymoon? I hope this is about him talking about their future honeymoon bc I will be majorly upset if they married offscreen

Glad to see Bridget back but HELL NO to Nick redux. I cant beleive that she is the woman that was mentioned as being brought on for him. I hope Logan is a beautiful dark haired baby and not a blonde if you get where Im going with that

I wonder what the unthinkable is that Jackie asks of Owen

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