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GH: Discussion for the Month of October

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Hey, Bobbie and Carly are happy!

I don't know why I chose that particular photo of Tracy. I suppose it was just because it was a different one than we usually see. Unfortunately there are not a lot of good Tracy/JE photos out there and I feel like the same ones are continuously used. And I also like her hair in that pic.

As for the rest -

Anthony: that was the first pic that came up

Liz: I had that one on my computer

Bobbie/Carly: It's the only pictre of JZ/LW

Robin: I've always liked that photo.

Monica: That wasn't the original picture I chose, but the one I wanted, for some reason, would not upload.

Johnny: He's shirtless, and I thought some of you might enjoy that!

Kate: It shows what a bad bitch MW was.

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Pressed Kelly Sullivan haters! I think she is doing very well, so glad we have a new & improved Kate ;-)

I was 3 eps behind on GH and just caught up...Lulu looks really ridiculous and JMB's acting was a bit off this time I think. I also did not like when Lulu told Lucky he should've been the one that got shot instead of Dante. WTH?? She said sorry after that but I did not really believe her. That really should not have been written at all. I know she's distraught but what a hateful, selfish bitch.

Johnny better watch his back!

Weird moment with Jason looking into the mirror. What was that all about? Probably nothing

Lol at Luke being the cliffhanger. Where are his fans?? I feel like no one cares about him. LOL. I also am not liking the Wyndemere stuff with Ethan to much. Well thank god Helena's at least apart of it

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