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AMC: Friday, August 12, 2011

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I like the way Cady is playing this now.

Of course JR is a victim in this. It's all Marissa's fault that JR can't see his son, not the fact that he is a violent, abrasive, alcoholic that his son doesn't want to be near. rolleyes.gif

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So Dixie remembers everything now?

JR has always struggled? laugh.png

No joke. What these 'parents' need to realize is that JR has always been self-destructive and start helping him by making him deal with the realities of life. No getting him out of jail free cards and 'protecting' him from punishment for his actions.

I really like Micheal E. Knight in this scene. Of course Dixie doesn't get it so she is just off to coddle him again dry.png and further exacerbate the problem. Babe enabled him, Dixie enabled him, Adam enabled him, Annie enabled him, it's just a further pattern.

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