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<b>Executive Producer</b>

Ken Corday

<b>Executive Producer</b>

Tom Langan

<b>Supervising Producer</b>

Stephen Wyman

<b>Written by</b>

Sally Sussman Morina

Marlene Clark Poulter

Dena Higley

Dorothy Ann Purser

Victor Gialanella

Meredith Post

Joyce Rosenblad

Peggy Schibi

Maralyn Thoma

Bruce Neckels


Fran Myers

<b>Story Consultant</b>

James E. Reilly

<b>Directed by</b>

Randy J. Robbins

<b>Senior Coordinating Producers</b>

Jeanne Haney

Janet Spellman-Rider

<b>Coordinating Producer</b>

Tom Walker

<b>Technical Director</b>

J.C. O'Neill

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