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Allen Gregory: Discussion Thread


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ALLEN GREGORY is a new animated comedy series that tells the story of one of the most pretentious 7-year-olds of our time. When he looks in the mirror, ALLEN GREGORY DE LONGPRE (Jonah Hill, “Superbad,” “Get Him to the Greek”) doesn’t see a child. He sees a young man who is intelligent, sophisticated, worldly, artistic and romantic – characteristics he inherited from his doting father, RICHARD (French Stewart, “Private Practice,” “3rd Rock from the Sun”). The pair share an extraordinary father-son bond – a bond that is sometimes annoyingly interrupted by Richard’s life partner, JEREMY (Nat Faxon, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, “Reno 911!”), for whom Allen Gregory has minimal respect, if any at all. They live together in a stunning architectural loft, along with JULIE (Joy Osmanski, “Grey’s Anatomy”), Allen Gregory’s adopted Cambodian sister. Although Allen Gregory has allegedly composed operas, written novels and dated Chloë Sevigny, he’s about to embark on his greatest challenge yet: leaving the safety of his father’s homeschooling and attending elementary school with children his own age. His journey will be a struggle, not only with the other kids at school, but with the faculty as well. Whether it’s the all-out rivalry with GINA WINTHROP (guest voice Leslie Mann, “Funny People”), his by-the-book second grade teacher; his unique relationship with JUDITH GOTTLIEB (guest voice Renée Taylor, “How I Met Your Mother”), his 68-year-old principal; or his desperate desire to be best friends with JOEL ZADAK (guest voice Jake Johnson, “Get Him to the Greek”), the school’s popular stud, Allen Gregory has his work cut out for him. With the help of his trusty friend and assistant, PATRICK VANDERWEEL (Cristina Pucelli, “Finley the Fire Engine”); and the support of SUPERINTENDENT STEWART ROSSMYRE (Will Forte, “Saturday Night Live”), who believes the De Longpres are a tremendous asset to the school, Allen Gregory won’t have to get his hands too dirty. ALLEN GREGORY is about an outsider. And while he may put on a tough exterior, deep down, all Allen Gregory wants is to fit in. Well, that, and for Julie to run away and never be seen or heard from again. And Jeremy too.

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: 20th Century Fox Television, Chernin Entertainment

CREATORS: Jonah Hill, Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jonah Hill, Andrew Mogel, Jarrad Paul, Peter Chernin, Katherine Pope, David A. Goodman

VOICE CAST: Jonah Hill as Allen Gregory De Longpre, Nat Faxon as Jeremy, French Stewart as Richard, Joy Osmanski as Julie, Cristina Pucelli as Patrick, Will Forte as Superintendent Rossmyre

GUEST VOICE CAST: Leslie Mann as Ms. Winthrop, Jake Johnson as Joel, Renée Taylor as Principal Gottlieb

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    • Not to mention, Melody Thomas made some phenomenal Miss Piggy faces during Phyllis's rant.  
    • Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)   Women 18-49 Rating 1. Y&R 0.36 (-.02/-.05) * 2. B&B 0.33 (-.03/-.01) ** 2. GH 0.32 (same/+.02) ** * Rounded to 0.4 ** Rounded to 0.3     Women 25-54 Rating 1. Y&R 0.59 (same/-.08) * 2. B&B 0.54 (-.02/-.02) ** 2. GH 0.49 (-.02/-.02) ** * Rounded to 0.6 ** Rounded to 0.5 Day-To-Day Ratings – W18-49/W25-54 Rating   B&B Monday: 0.37/0.63 Tuesday: 0.30/0.50 Wednesday: 0.30/0.47 Thursday: 0.39/0.63 Friday: 0.33/0.54 GH Monday: 0.33/0.53 Tuesday: 0.36/0.53 Wednesday: 0.3/0.47 Thursday: 0.33/0.53 Friday: 0.3/0.51 Y&R Monday: 0.40/0.69 Tuesday: 0.31/0.52 Wednesday: 0.33/0.50 Thursday: 0.42/0.69 Friday: 0.34/0.55 Ratings Archive If you see any errors, please email Toups at [email protected] Note: This post will be updated with historical data shortly. Note: The post Soap Opera Demo Ratings Report for the Week of March 6-10, 2023 appeared first on the Soap Opera Network website. Read More
    • What a lovely conversation with Hayley, and the surprise visit from Melanie and Mary Ellen was the cherry on top. Hayley has great energy. 
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