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Person of Interest: Discussion Thread

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Joss' speech should go down in tv history as one of the best "gotcha" speeches EVER. I was a little disappointed that Simmons turned out to be HR the other week, and I kind of groaned to myself...here we go, we'll see him betray her over and over until the end of the season 'til she figures it out...GUESS NOT. I haven't been this surprised since they blew up John's evil old partner (who I loathed because of her ATWT role...) what'sherface.

I really liked Ladykillers, and last week's ending was okay (mostly because I adore Danny Cosgrove) but this eppy clearly upped the ante for sweeps.

I do miss Fusco though.

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Hmm....and the show had great ratings for that episode last night. It won it's time slot and the ratings went up from last week. I have it on DVR and haven't seen it yet.

10 p.m.

"Person of Interest" (12.9 million, 8.3/14)
NBC: "Chicago Fire" (7.6 million, 5.0/8)
ABC: "Shark Tank" (3.45 million, 2.2/4)

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Not that I was disappointed exactly, but for such a good set up from last week, this week's eppy wasn't all that intense. Interesting revelation with Root essentially being evil in the cause of good, that Simmons is a Russian plant in the department and the machine has a world-wide network....it just felt like something was missing to me.

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